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October 27, 2017 8:22 pm

President -Elect…Donald Trump

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 @ 12:07 AM

The race was close and not all electoral votes were in but the writing was on the wall and at 2:30 eastern time this morning Hillary Clinton conceded .

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence called it an ” Historic night” saying he was deeply humbled and honoured to serve as Vice President, then welcomed President Elect Donald Trump to the stage.

The ballroom at the hotel erupted in cheers as Trump took to the stage. He opened his speech by giving credit to Hillary Clinton for working so hard and said she was owed gratitude for all her years of service.

Then Trump said it was time to “Binde the wounds” as he recognized this election was divisive.  He called on all Americans  to pull together to make America great again.  He promised the US will work with all nations and seek partnerships not conflict.

He promised he would be a President  for all people regardless of race or religion. “While the  campaign is over, our work is just beginning. “


No matter who won this race they would/will have a tough job ahead of them. As the nation wide vote shows, it is a country deeply divided. Is Trump up to it? Maybe, only time will tell. Hopefully cooler heads in the RNC prevail & he doesn’t surround himself with the likes of Chris Christie & Guilliani. A protectionist Trump administration does not bode well for Canada.

    Probably one of those two will lead the Justice Department and the prosecution of the Clinton Foundation. I hope he picks Buchanan for his chief of staff and Huckabbee for Secretary of State.

It has been proven time and time again protectionism and isolationism does not work

I heavily dislike Trump and the Republican Party and now that they control both houses and the presidency it gives them basically free reign to do whatever they want. I for one think it is bad for the rest of the world

I am extremely happy I am not American and that I do not live down there but the American populace voted him in they made their bed now it remains to be seen whether it was worth it or not

    Except that America was a protectionist state for its first 200 years until Kennedy… with an average 35% import tariff. In that time they became the worlds most powerful economy and nation.

I do recall him saying this election was going to be rigged.
Maybe he was right?

I think the world is in trouble now.

If he does build a wall, it still wont keep the Americans out of Mexico.

Did anyone notice that once again the US president has been elected with fewer votes than an opponent? Their system is so screwed up that a minority of voters can elect “The most powerful person in the world.”

Clinton 47.65%
Trump 47.52%

    In Arkansas, where they know Bill and Killary the best, Trump got 60.4% of the vote and Killary got 33.8%!

Congrats to Donald Trump. The people of the USA made their choice.
Its time a businesse man runs the country . Its interesting how Canadians
have lots to say when we have a librarian for a leader in Canada that has
no clue how to budget or spend. We need to concentrate more on who is going to run Canada properly. Never mind the USA, it will improve. This is a great day today.

    I’d prefer a businessman whose companies haven’t gone bankrupt 6 times.

      So, are you saying he has had only six companies and they have all gone broke????
      Again, cherry picking is in vogue with this poster.

      No. I’m saying I’d prefer a business man in charge who hasn’t had 6 companies go bankrupt.

      And one who doesn’t stiff the smaller businesses he works with.

Must be the year of the hair. Both Trudeau and Trump must use the same hair dresser.

List of recent “impossible events”:

-NDP win in Alberta provincial election.

-Trudeau jr. wins federal election.

-Chicago Cubs clinch World Series.

-Donald Trump, no political experience, made billions and paid no taxes, degrades women and is disliked by many… has now been elected POTUS…..

So, I am going to win the lottery… and fund the creation of a unicorn ranch… and raise pet dodo’s as my side hobby!

Moral of the story: Anything IS possible, dont let anyone crap on your dreams..

    I forgot to add one more impossible event:

    -November 8,2016.. Prince George’s daytime high temp +18C..

      Why is that an impossible event?

    Paid no taxes? hundreds of millions in business taxes. Watchdog I suppose you do not take any tax advantages?

Record highs in the Interior yesterday. Flood warning for the Coast today. Trump elected President. When does the 4th horseman arrive?

    Trudeau has arrived.

    When the Cons get around to selecting their new leader.

I wonder if he’ll help us pay for our wall or if we’ll be on our own like the Mexican’s?

Stop whining and keep your eye on the ball . The Canadian and the New Zealand immigration sites have been going down off and on since 3 o’clock this morning . It would be interesting to hear from a few realtors in our area . they certainly are not whining .

Listed to cross country check up on Sunday, there was a caller from Dawson Creek, an American, who wants to be a Canadian citizen; he says that it is not so easy to obtain citizenship, that even marriage to a Canadian is not guaranteed to become a citizen.
So much for all those who would supposedly move to Canada if Trump were become the pres.

Americans sure had a way of proving a point
They gave their country bowel cancer for four years. Let’s hope it doesn’t become incurable.

Malcolm Gladwell predicted a few days ago that within a year Donald trump will be in jail whether he wins the whitehouse or not . Check it out at YouTube.

    That’s a very valid talking point. Mr. Trump or his campaign are under investigation on a few fronts. Trump University (fraud), his campaign( soliciting a foreign power for voter manipulation), The Trump Foundation ( misuse of charitable funds & possible fraud), Trump Enterprises (destroying court mandated & demanded documents)….While he most probably will never see the inside of a jail cell there certainly is the spectre of impeachment.

      Insanely , he projected his own criminality onto Hilary and it worked because the majority of people are to stupid to spot reality .

      What has struck me as odd & always has with Americans is their reluctance to cross party lines. I have some family & several friends in the States & it is frustrating as hell to try to get them to, first, understand the implications world wide of their voting actions (or inactions), second, that nothing prevents them from voting with their conscience. I don’t believe Americans are stupid but I do believe that they are willfully ignorant. What they have said to their own nation & the world is that for whatever reason, they have validated sleaze, misogyny & racism.

      @ Dow7501

      I haven’t and don’t need one; however, it is obvious you have found a “safe space”, considering how far your head is up your a**. You are obviously one of those rare ones who have no trouble breathing in that condition. LOL

    Who is Malcolm Gladwell Ataloss and why should anyone care what he says?

      You could read all about Malcolm or anything else that interests you at Wikipedia . Then you won’t have to whine for research that others do . He has an extensive bio . Probably not as extensive as yours but he’s still got a lot of miles in him . You can write him at The New Yorker .

    Impossible. The guy is a blow hard. An American president can not be charged with a crime, they can only be impeached.

      A sitting American President can most certainly be charged with a crime. That would, if found guilty, lead to impeachment, then prosecution for any number of high crimes like treason, bribery or any high crime or misdemeanor.

Just a week ago, Russia held mandatory nuclear evacuations with over 40 million people participating and over 300,000 soldiers on standby.
Russia then made a mandatory announcement calling back home all Russians currently residing within the United States as they prepare for war with the US. Russia has made it clear that they have no intentions to start a war nor do they want one, however they said that they would do whatever it takes to protect their country while they also stand by and support Syria.
Russia claims that if Hillary Clinton gets elected that there would likely be nuclear war as Hillary wants a mandatory no fly zone over Syria while Russia says no.

Yes, because Putin would risk destroying his entire country and everything in it, for a half-life of 10,000 years, over a no fly zone in a fly speck of a country. Man, talk about swallowing the Kool-Aid.

    Apparently Hillary would risk all that to defend her terrorists in Aleppo. Russia would merely shoot down American airplanes with their S400 area defence missile system. How Hillary responds to that would be predictable… If Hillary was willing to risk all out war for terrorists in Aleppo than she is clearly a high risk for control of the football.

Geez HAHAHA are you back? please stay away from the sites where adults freely exchange their thoughts and opinions of which you clearly have nothing to offer

    Geez, I’ll give your advice serious consideration, Grandpa. Whoops, on second thought, no I won’t.

I think your mom said to put out the garbage, clean your room and not to stay up till after 1:00 pm like you did last night.

    Speaking of children that nothing of worth to say. What are you? 10? LOL

So predictable the protests tonight. I could have called it by ten am this morning after Hillary and Obama gave their respective speeches where they dog whistle called this vary scenario by saying ‘their supporters lost but should not give up and continue to be heard with a loud voice’ … As soon as I heard it for essentially both of them in different code it was obvious they were calling for civil disobedience against a Trump presidency ala Black Lives Matter meme’s.

Poor losers. Chanting campaign slogans of hate and involking phrases like fascist with clueless intent.

    What would Trump supporters be doing if the shoe was on the other foot? Obama & Clinton are doing what any responsible leader would do, tell their supporters to not give up, not be silent & not give in to bullying & intimidation. Several of your posts over the last 24 hours have been mocking the Clinton campaign & it’s supporters, one of the best coaches I ever had taught me a long time ago, ” the only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner.” Which I find ironic as only a couple of weeks ago you were saying what a bad candidate Trump was, now you have changed your tune?

I think the big fear with Trump will be the degree at which he deregulates… It’s kind of like he opposes free trade because multinationals can profit through arbitrage of labor and environmental laws which involve leaving manufacturing in America and shopping the world for arbitrage profits offshoring to third world free trade regimes… But, I suspect Trump has no problem with arbitrage, so long as it does not involve the relocation offshore of production… and so how best to achieve this then is to deregulate on par with the third world nations within America proper so globalist so don’t have the regulatory need to offshore… Aka the race to the bottom.

Its Okay HAHAHA the Ritalin will kick in at any moment the we can all get some rest

    Oh. So you are saying the dose you took is about to kick in? Thank God for that.

EagleOne: There seems to be a lot of evidence of clueless intent if you know what I mean HAHAHA

    Could you give yourself another dose? The first one you took doesn’t seem to have done the job.

The dose i took was Pepto Bismal in order to try to read an adult thread that is constantly interrupted by your verbal diarrhea

Go to bed young man you have been weighed on the scales and found to be wanting

You could always try ignoring comments that you don’t want to read. It is what an actual adult would do, nut I guess that doesn’t apply in your case.

Well someone had to make you stfu

Wow! WOW!

Those on the left, our Liberals and NDP and the Democrats in the USA are constantly bleating about the importance of tolerance, patience, kindness, peacefulness, blah, blah, blah! And yet, in spite of all of that, what do we see happening this evening in the good ol’ US of A?

Protests! Riots! Riots in the streets! Fires! Destruction! Broken Windows!

Man, the lefties are such a wonderful shining example of all that they espouse!

They really do seem to follow the mantra that we are all entitled to our own opinion, except when it differs from theirs!

I am so glad to be a right wing Conservative right now!

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