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October 27, 2017 8:22 pm

CNC Students Help Mark Remembrance

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 @ 1:06 PM

Student Shane Vanderlinde welds a new flag pole – image submitted

Prince George, B.C. – Five  trades departments at the College of New Caledonia are working with the Canadian Legion Branch 43  on  developing  new flag poles for the  flags of honour that have been used  to line the streets  during  special community  gatherings.

The welding, carpentry, metal fabrication,  automotive, and motor vehicle  body repair  departs are  each playing a part in the  project.

Each of the  poles  bears the name of a member  of the  Canadian Armed Forces  who lost their life  as a result  of injuries suffered  because of their service.  Most  reflect losses  that  occurred  during the conflict in Afghanistan. “It’s hard to quantify how a piece of wood and a cherished name can stir such deep seated emotions of someone’s sacrifice” said Joe Elliott, executive veteran  with Legion Branch 43  “In this age of instant gratification, somehow everything we are, is owed to what they were,”

The wooden  flag poles have suffered some damage over the  past  few  years,  and that’s where the trades students at CNC  come in.   They are  working to build new metal bases for the 161 flagpoles,  make new aluminum  flag poles and build storage units so the  poles and their bases  will be  better protected from damage in the future.

While  there is too much work to  be done to have all the  new flagpoles  ready in time for Remembrance Day, a prototype of the new  poles will be  on scene  for  Friday’s  Remembrance Day Services.  The balance of the work will be completed   in the weeks following Remembrance Day.




Those students will remember this small service they are giving for a long time.
It is a deed well done and appreciated by a great many.

“The welding, carpentry, metal fabrication, automotive, and motor vehicle body repair departs are each playing a part in the project.”


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