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October 27, 2017 8:21 pm

Highway 16 Transit Plan Reviewed

Thursday, November 10, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The  transit plan to  link communities along the  Highway 16  corridor between Prince George  and Prince Rupert  is expected to  see  its  first  buses on the highway  in early 2017., but Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall says there  are still  issues to be addressed.

The basic routes have been   developed,  many bus shelters have been  erected   and  Prince George Mayor  Lyn Hall  says he  will be discussing the plan with  the Regional District and  the Lheidli T’enneh  to see how they feel about the proposed  routes.

The issue  for the City of Prince George is contributing to the operational cost of the service.  While all communities  along the  Highway 16  corridor  will be  contributing to the operation costs of the service, right now,  it looks like the City of Prince George will be expected to contribute $50 thousand a year  but it’s not clear  how many years the City will be  expected to make that contribution.

Mayor Lyn Hall says there is still a “tremendous amount of work to be done”.

Councillor Merrick  says some of that work  is centred on  including  Prince George at the discussion table,  in particular,  the Bulkley Nechako Regional Transit Committee “Prince George has a lot to offer in  experience in  operating a major transit system  and we have experienced  staff  at that level, and many of the proposed routes  are  tentatively linked to our community.”

Councillor Jillian Merrick  and Mayor Lyn Hall  have been selected by Council to  sit  seats on the  Bulkley Nechako  Regional Transit  Committee.  The Mayor says being on the Committee will give  them the  opportunity to get more information about the financial commitments, the term of  that commitment,  and  the contributions being made by the Province and  BC Transit particularly on the capital side of this project.


what a crock more tax payers money down the drain

AND this is for ….

” experience in operating a major transit system”
Really? They mean City Transit? A little different than highway. I wonder if there’s a few retired Greyhound bus drivers around who could assist.

What a complete waste of tax payers money. If i can’t afford to go out of town? I simply don’t go. I don’t and nobody else should depend on the government to get transportation to another town. Local transit I agree with. This is just ridiculous.

Why is it that taxpayers should foot the bill for those who can’t afford to travel between these communities? I mean really it’s been highly publicized that women go missing on this why but has that stopped them from hitchhiking? Nope. You can’t tell me that the taxpayer should pay for the bad choices of others. There is an established bus system as well as the rail system okay the schedules may not be great but one can make their plans around those schedules. This system will not work women and men continue to hitchhike this Hwy and will continue too because the schedules don’t fit their lifestyle.

    There will actually be less service with this plan. I believe that Greyhound has one trip daily each way between PG and PR. As they lose money on this route will apply to end service as they will be competing with a government subsidized service. The proposed highway 16 service will be 3 days a week so if Greyhound has their way service will be less than half of what it was.

The city already has a transit system with service going as far west as Parkridge Heights. The logical end point for the eastbound highway 16 service should be the transit exchange across from Wal Mart and the passengers can then tranfer to city busses to access the rest of the city. It would be a total waste of money to run a duplicate service with stops around the city.

If this were done there would be no costs to the city and the 50 grand could be used to fix one of the crumbling buildings they own…..or make a sign for a newly named park:P

You guys all seem to have comments when it comes to wasting tax payer money. The problem here is that none of you are suggesting any solutions to help prevent a major problem that is affecting our taxpaying parents and families. How much tax money is used over decade’s investigating and researching these incidents and solutions for them.
Wait until its your daughter, son, mother, aunt etc… Not everybody lives the same righteous lifestyle you preach.
If you are not part of the solution…. you are definitely if favor of keeping the problem??

    Here is a solution. EDUCATE your children about the dangers of hitchhiking. Why is it someone else’s responsibility to get your children from one town to another?

    Dejgun, rather than casting stones tell us what YOUR solution is ! BTW, staying away from potentially fatal hitchhiking has nothing to do with leading a “righteous lifestyle” and everything with common sense and being cautious and avoiding risky choices. Especially when there are signs urging not to ever hitchhike.

All good comments I think.
We are certainly headed for a nanny state though, with governments expected to provide anything and everything that the average citizen might need to keep them safe and warm.

As usual, the response of our leaders is to react to the symptom (the missing and murdered) instead of doing more about the problem (criminals)

This issue has received a lot of attention in the last few years, and well it should, but providing a few free rides is not addressing the root of the problem.

I do not see where there has been more effort put into trying to catch the predators.
Even this transit system, obviously not everyone who could or should use it will do so. Many will continue to hitchhike, some will disappear.

Do they think the predators will just go away because “everybody” will be riding the bus?


Nobody, absolutely NOBODY wants to see another person go missing and fall prey to a predator! Absolutely NOBODY!

With that being said, what will all of the proponents of this new transit system say and/or do if and when the next victim is taken?

We could ask the predators to stop their preying, but that’s about as useless as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! So, what’s the answer, because I don’t think this new transit system is it?

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