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October 27, 2017 8:20 pm

Cooler Temperatures on the Way

Saturday, November 12, 2016 @ 3:29 PM

Prince George, B.C. – It looks like the warm spell Prince George residents have been enjoying this month will soon be over.

Environment Canada meteorologist Lisa West says the Pineapple Express has ended and things will likely return to normal shortly.

“As we get into next week we’re going to see a bit of a dive, going down to only a high of plus 4 on Monday and then highs of plus 2 and plus 1 as we get into the mid week.”

This after Prince George enjoyed 10 days of temperatures in the double digits up to November 11, including a record breaking 18 degrees on Tuesday.

That surpassed a previous November high of 17 degrees set back in 1981. The average November temperature in Prince George is negative 2.5.

But despite the return of cooler temperatures she notes in the short term at least, we’ll avoid snow.

“We’ve got one last major system coming onto the coast which will move into the interior on Sunday, but we still have a high of 6 so that’s just going to fall in the form of showers.”


Just saw the 30 day forecast on the weather channel, nothing lower than -2.
Animals in the bush are fattening up with this weather.

    Forecast is -4 tomorrow night and -8 Thursday night, -9 Friday night…

Sure making a muck mess of our road. Guess this is making up for that early spring. Who ever is doing the rain dance, could you please stop now..Lol

I for one, like this climate change. Keep it up folks. Lets get rid of the carbon tax and pump a bit more CO2 in to the greenhouse.

Helped butcher a muley yesterday, more fat than I’ve seen on an animal in a long time. Same with the rabbits I got this morning.
Late fall, healthy for them, means good wintering.
And as I am led to believe, shorter season or no season for some species next fall, should aid in recovery. Happy, happy, happy!

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