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October 27, 2017 8:15 pm

Another Business To Make Downtown P.G. Home

Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- There is another new business that has made the decision to set up in downtown Prince George. Kask, is a  new test kitchen and craft beer tasting  business that will  open its doors on 4th Avenue  today.

More and more businesses are making the decision to  open  in  downtown Prince George,  an area of  the City  which has seen more than its share of  challenges.

Investment in the downtown  has been  growing,  with  façade  improvements ( the old Photo Fax building  on George Street a prime example),  the resumption of  construction of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel,  the addition of  a pizza outlet to Nancy O’s on Third Avenue,  façade improvements underway at the corner of  Third and Quebec,   the  decision by HomeWork to  return to  downtown,  the opening of  Jim’s  Clothes Closet  on 4th , the  development of  Crossroads Brewery on George Street and now Kask.

The  opening of Kask on 4th means  4th avenue   has no retail vacancy  space available.  That’s the  first time that has happened in  several years.  “This  innovative business will play a pivotal role in redevelopment of  downtown” says Mayor Lyn Hall.

Kask’s owner, Ross Birchall  says  his outlet  won’t be in competition with Crossroads Brewery, in fact,  CrossRoads product will be one of  the craft beers featured.

Over the past year,  several developers have remarked that  it is clear Prince George is open for business and Birchall  echoes those comments “The time  is right  for doing business in this  city.  A cooperative Mayor and Council, incentives such as the Façade Improvement Program,  several young entrepreneurs that I’m pleased to call my friends and an appetite for change  makes all the difference.”

There are other  plans in the works  to help  further the revitalization  of Downtown  Prince George,  including developing student housing,  and a park  next to  the  Wood Innovation and Design Building .


Cool. So there’s a new bar opening up downtown.

Great! Looking forward to visiting.

Great news. Go PG Go!!

That park should really do the trick… lol

The homeless downtown allowed in?? heyyy cheap beer

Check out their new sign on the roof!!

Drinking establishments downtown are nothing new. At one time in the not too distant past we had.

1. National Hotel
2. Astoria Hotel
3. MacDonald Hotel
4. Canada Hotel
5. Columbus Hotel
6. Europe Hotel
7. Croft Hotel
8. Prince George Hotel (Plus Lounge)
9. Simon Fraser Hotel (Days Inn) plus lounge
10. Inn of the North (Plus Lounge)

These hotels were all located between 1st Avenue and 8th Avenue, along with numerous restaurants, clothing stores, etc; etc; etc;.

So we have a history of downtown being a bustling business area. No doubt it can be again if people go about it the right way.

    Long time since Gary Fjellgaard played the Simon. They was good times!
    You forgot the bootlegger in South Fort.

    You forgot the Ramada Hotel – Coach’s Corner and Lounge

After the parking ticket, you can get 2 beer for about $60.00+ tip.

    Pretty sure those parking limitations end at 5:00pm, and not on the weekends… but if you’re drinking at 1pm on a Wednesday, more power to you.

      I’m pretty sure anyone drinking for 3 hours at 1:00 pm on a Wednesday will be slamming back more then 2 beer. :)

The restaurant is called “Kask Taproom & Eatery”

The owner went to Council to get their support for extended hours on Friday and Saturdays to 3am. They received approval.

The license is a food primary, not alcohol primary. Therefore it is not unlike most other restaurants in town.

In fact, they are located where Humus Brothers was.

Many moons ago (some of you may recall) the same location was occupied by Village Pandora which was one of several restaurants which was open longer than these days when we have restaurants that basically run out of customers by 9pm to 10pm, with a few exceptions.

Where is the problem, folks??? We are finally coming back around where it was 40 years ago.

When we get out of the late movie around midnight, those of us who are not little kids anymore and are allowed to stay up a little bit later will have one more place to hang out to have a snack. There is nothing which forces us to have a drink, just as that was not the requirement when going to Village Pandora or a few of the Chinese Restaurants which used to be open after the late movie as well.

    Do people still go to movies??

BTW, I understand “Crossroads Brewery” will only provide some snack type of food, so it is a different kettle of fish.

When we are in Vancouver we always stop at biercraft.com On Commercial Drive. Look it up. Great place for mussels in about 6 or so varieties. Best mussels anywhere!! And yes, we have a beer as wel to go with that and some Belgian Frites.

Great atmosphere. Crossing our fingers Kask Taproom & Eatery will get close to being that good.

    Initial reviews are saying it’s good.

BTW. this is a new business, but it is a replacement what used to be there. Therefore there is no net growth.

I wish we had some reports from the City of downtown businesses over the years which shows the ups and the downs and the up as time passes.

Actually gopg2015 it is a new business not a replacement. New owners, new business and new business licence.
Have a look at city website for business licence comparisons over the past few years to get an idea of business license trends.

You don’t have to be at the place for 3 hours. If you are downtown for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon and the spread is more than 3 hours, there is potential to get a $50 fine. Already happened to me

the Generator comes to mind

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