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October 27, 2017 8:12 pm

Edge Wood Terrace Families Call for Sidewalks

Monday, November 21, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The  families who live in Edgewood Terrace  between the Nechako River and North Nechako Road,  are calling on the City of Prince George to  install sidewalks  to ensure  the safety of pedestrians.

In a presentation that includes  a video  of “walking to school”  which  illustrates some of the hazards  pedestrians face on a daily basis,  and a petition signed by nearly 100 residents of the area, the delegation  is calling on the City  of Prince George to include sidewalk construction in the  Edgewood Terrace region  in the  2017 capital plan.

Roads and  snow removal will also  be up for discussion at this evening’s regular meeting of City Council.

An  update on the  road rehabilitation plan will provide  details of the work that was completed this year,   while another  update will give Council  information on the  snow  removal plans for this winter.

There is  good news in the snow removal  presentation as a lower than normal  snowfall  from January to March of this year, means the snow removal budget still has a healthy balance.   The first three months of 2016  ate up  just  under $2.6 million dollars.   That leaves  about $4.4 million  dollars to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws our way between now and the end of December.

Council will  also  be asked to deny an application  to have  16  oversized signs  placed on the  property adjacent  to the access road from the Cameron Street Round About to  highway 97 north.  City staff say the  signage would be a  distraction for drivers ” The subject property is located in an area of the City which requires significant cognitive attention from drivers. At this intersection, drivers are asked to maneuver a roundabout, an on-ramp and merge lane to the provincial Highway 97. ”


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