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October 27, 2017 8:14 pm

New Chair Elected to UNBC Board

Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 4:10 PM
UNBC graduate Tracey Wolsey is the new chair of the university's Board of Governors.  Photo courtesy UNBC

UNBC graduate Tracey Wolsey is the new chair of the university’s Board of Governors. Photo courtesy UNBC

Prince George, B.C. – The Board of Governors of the University of Northern British Columbia has elected a new chair.

At its meeting Friday the 15-member board elected UNBC graduate Tracey Wolsey its new chair.  Wolsey, who was appointed to the Board of Governors by order-in-council in December, 2015 takes over from Ryan Matheson who in 2015 became the first UNBC graduate elected to the position of board chair.

Wolsey is the Director of Stakeholder and Aboriginal Relations with Suncor Energy in Fort St. John and serves as Co-Chair of the Northeast Energy and Mines Advisory Committee.  She holds her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary and a Master’s degree in Political Science from UNBC.

Yet another UNBC graduate, Sean Simmons, has been named vice-chair of the Board.Simmons’ resume includes work as a contractor for Forest Renewal BC and as a Fisheries Biologist for Industrial Forestry Service.  He serves as Chair of the Innovation Central Society and is a public advisor for the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.  He holds a Masters of Environmental Science from UNBC and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.

Chair Wolsey says “it’s an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility of providing governance leadership at such a terrific institution as UNBC.  One of the board’s main responsibilities is to work with the President in implementing the board’s strategic vision.  I am pleased with the work that is being done at the university under Dr. Weeks’ leadership and look forward to continued success for UNBC as a top-ranked university in Canada.

Wolsey replaces Ryan Matheson who had served as Board Chair since June, 2015.  In February, 2016 the UNBC Senate passed a motion of non-confidence in Matheson over his handling of the highly-controversial and polarizing appointment of James Moore as Chancellor of the university in November, 2015.  At the time Senator Michael Murphy noted that the motion, which had no power to force a change in the appointment, was a symbolic message that change was required at the highest levels of the institution.  Moore assumed the position of Chancellor last May.



What I find interesting here is that someone who is actively working with the fossil fuel industry is being appointed as Chairperson of the Board to one of the “greenest” Universities in Canada! Why can’t they finding capable people for the University Board who are at least interested and capable of thinking “green”? Hmm… she seems to be a welcome addition to a recently appointed Chancellor, who sat as an MP and Minister of Government that denied Global Warming even existed, and was actively involved in muzzling our scientists.

We need to keep an eye on what is happening in our institutions of higher learning, because an industry as ethically challenged as the fossil fuel industry is definitely interested in exerting influence within our UNBC “green” university. Perhaps someone from Canfor, rather than Suncor, would be more appropriate, after all… Global Warming, and warmer winters, are definitely having an adverse impact on our forests and their operating bottom line. Companies like Suncor are the cause of global warming, and are far from being “green”, I say keep them away from our “green” university!!!

    Companies like Suncor are the cause of global warming?

    Prove it!

Global warming, glad you agree since the world is still recovering from the little ice age. For some people like you bh I guess the LIA should return. What do you consider normal?

Actually normal is a temperature variance of about 5c

Green uni? Define green, false words for money collecting and taxpayer paid trips to exotic locations for climate bs parties, whoops, meetings.

Maybe now they will revisit the policy of denying WiFi to their supporters while on campus. Crap, even McDonalds has WiFi!!

    Nope ! Too easy to fact check .

I wonder what madam Christy will make Ryan do next ? Green university ? Did you know that oil is priced in U.S. Green backs ?

hmmmmm Big oil getting their foot into education??

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