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October 27, 2017 8:13 pm

Province and Feds Working Together Against Overdoses

Sunday, November 20, 2016 @ 6:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  The Province and the Federal Government  have  signed  a Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis.

The agreement follows two days of  talks between the Provincial Government and Federal Minister of Health Jane Phillpott.

The Province brought the issue to Ottawa,  and B.C.’s Minister  of Health,  Terry Lake says the crisis  “is one of the most severe public health emergencies of our time, and while the situation is most acute in British Columbia, no jurisdiction is

Since January of this year,  622 people in B.C. have died  as a result of an overdose.  That is twice the number of  deaths  from car crashes in all of  2015.

The Province has been calling on the Federal Government  to  repeal  Bill  C-2 to make  it easier to set up safe injection sites,  and to  ban  pill presses.  “We also need to speed up the approval of new forms of treatment for opioid addiction, so people have more options to find what works for them” says Minister Lake..

The Province has also called upon Ottawa to  help stem the flow of fentanyl into  Canada by  stepping up  diplomatic negotiations with countries such as China and Mexico,  and equip Canadian Border Services and the RCM with the tools they need  for border control and to  get fentanyl off the streets.



…equip Canadian Border Services and the RCMP with the tools they need for border control and to get fentanyl off the streets.”

The tools are available already for the RCMP to better identify the traffickers but the civil rights of these pukes might be violated.
Better for Christy or the attorney general to address the judges and crown counsels in a rather stern fashion that a ‘promise to appear’ is merely a license to continue trafficking. And jail sentences measured in years would keep more than a few ratbags off the streets.
As well, 250 and the Citizen should closely follow the court progression of the dealers to expose how lame the judges and crown are in dealing with drug trafficking.
Survivors of overdoses could help as well by identifying whom they got the drugs from. One minute on the waterboard would really encourage them.


    “the dealers”

    All those words describe the people you are talking about very well!!

    When you start using words like “pukes” and “ratbags” and go on to state “One minute on the waterboard would really encourage them.” You are crossing the line and showing your hatred. Those terms add absolutely nothing to the conversation other than exposing your hatred and mindset.

    It is no wonder that people who reflect your mindset and feel they can solve the worlds problems with such mindsets and thereby “make the world great again” get elected.

    It is not the type of world some think was ever great.

      Hatred against drug dealers and traffickers may be justified.

      Problem is when the politically correct crowd race in and think a stern talking to and some rose petals for their feelings is harsh enough punishment. The mindset that criminals get a punishment that fits the crime – and I don’t think water boarding is a fitting punishment but neither is a promise to appear – is not hatred. The hatred is toward the policies that have allowed it to get so bad.

      Ever heard of the “American Dream” in the past? Ever heard of it recently?

      I get that you hate Trump but he hasn’t even taken office yet, maybe in a year or two you can reflect on the administration to be – but as you say keep the hatred in check for now.

      “Hatred against drug dealers and traffickers may be justified.” No doubt most people do not like drug dealers and traffickers and would like to find a way of stopping drug trafficking.

      Hatred against no one should be seen as justified. Hatred does not add to solving the problem. It makes the problem worse because it stops reasonable discussion of the problem and focuses on fighting each other when both parties actually do not support the problem activity.

      What hatred does, however, is to typically end in reactionary solutions which do not go to the heart of the problem. Hatred ends up in the baser characteristics of humans taking over rather than to attempt to render a solution which will be effective. Solutions springing from hatred typically make matters worse by suppressing the real causative factors.

      “Problem is when the politically correct crowd race in and think a stern talking to and some rose petals for their feelings is harsh enough punishment.”

      Political correct crowd?

      Why do you refer to a civilized person or group of people as “politically correct”?

      When was it that we stopped talking about simple civility and started to replace it with “politically correct”? There is nothing political about a person or a group of people being civil to each other.

      “politically correct” is simply another label which pits one group against another. We are seeing the culmination of a decade or two of that kind of thinking to the south of us with the rest of the civilized world looking on and shaking their heads of how this could happen in a country which was the “leader of the free world”.

      “I get that you hate Trump but he hasn’t even taken office yet, maybe in a year or two you can reflect on the administration to be – but as you say keep the hatred in check for now.”

      Who said I hate Trump? I think he is a spoiled child who has not grown up yet. I think he is showing loud and clear that he does not understand government and does not understand the leadership role of a head of state.

      Then add the fact that I was born in Germany at the end of the second world war and I am a product of a generation that has grown up with collective guilt, something which people in Canada and the USA know nothing about when one looks at how both countries still treat the aboriginal and how the USA still treats the offsprings of the slaves they brought over from Africa.

      I know more intimately of how dictators come to power without having to overthrow a government by military means. Sociopaths know exactly how to disarm those they wish to control. A year or two is all that it takes to allow a change to take place which reverses everything which made America great in the first place and turn it into a hell that will be difficult to undo.

      There is no hatred to keep in check. What you call hatred is vigilance.

      Too many forget history and fail to understand the nature of true leadership required to govern a complex nation in a complex world while listening to the many diverse points of view prior to making a decision. Dictators surround themselves with others to protect themselves, but rarely listen to advice. They know much better what to do, or so they think until things go wrong, when they start to lash out at those around them and the rest of society.

      Hatred of something brings about change in today’s society nothing will change that. Hatred in something brings about the discussion otherwise there would be no need to have the discussion.

      The politically correct crowd are those who think that any language or practice that may offend someone be eliminated.

      Just because you were born in Germany does not make you an expert on all things Hitler. Many things Hitler did are not parroted by Trump, in fact most things are not.
      Just because Trump wants to stop refugee entry until they figure out how to do it better does not make him akin to Hitler, just because he wants to put a lid on illegal immigration does not make him akin to Hitler. If you actually do study your history you will note during Hitler’s time citizens were not entitled to own firearms – they even went so far as to disarm “unreliable” persons. Wasn’t it was Hillary that wanted to introduce stricter gun laws as a part of her platform? Maybe she is the true “Hitler” of the two (not to mention our Liberal caucus)

      Maybe a further study of history will show you that Reagan was not a scholar of all things political and the world did not end with him becoming president.

      Maybe do a study of why those who were vocally opposed violence during the election campaign are the ones committing it not the other way around? Who actually needs to “grow up”?

      You are making the mistake of equating Trump to Hitler as we know him after the fact.

      When I talk about the comparison of a dictator’s rise to power, I am talking about a dictator who rose to power through the political system.

      That was Hitler’s rise as well as a few others.

      The other thing is that Trump used the same rhetoric speaking to a population which was downtrodden after the first world war. Factories were dismantled, production was hindered, jobs were scarce, etc.

      We have similar situations in the USA today.

      Make America great again is no different than the rhetoric of the mid thirties – make Germany great again; give people jobs again; make Germany productive again. The goons Hitler had around him are no different than than the biker, the KKK and other goons that supported Trump.

      The German government of the day were doing nothing for the people except the rich. The fault was that of the rich corporate giants and business people who kept the working man down. It was a party of the working people.

      The similarities are there, unless one is blind, even down to the presence of the socialists, the liberals. Those who saw it in time got out of the country and immigrated to England, the USA, some even to Canada.

      One does not hang around to see where it is going to go in times like that.

      You really do not know very much of history.

      I am not saying Trump will go that far. It all depends who he has around him. While Pence is not ideal, he is at least knowledgeable of how a government in the USA operates and will do the best he can without flying off the handle in the case of an international crisis.

      It is that part I am worried about, the international situation. What happens domestically, I really do not care about unless it affects other countries. Internal politics is nothing we can do about nor is it anything we should do about.

      “Just because Trump wants to stop refugee entry until they figure out how to do it better does not make him akin to Hitler”

      You do realize, of course, that the USA was shut down after 9/11. They have Homeland Security who look after such security matters.

      One cannot prevent a USA citizen from gaining an extraordinary interest in a movement coming from outside which wants to keep on fighting and doing what they can to continue to terrorize the Citizens of the country.

      They have been unable to pull off another world trade centre like attack.

      They can’t even pull off a McVey type of domestic terrorist attack. The amount of hatred there is in the USA of others, especially of those who are the progeny of the slaves of yesteryear is phenomenally high compared to other modern countries.

      Russia wants to be great again. Britain wants to be great again. China wants to be great again. Now Turkey want to be great again.

      Others will emerge pretty soon and we will not go forward but backwards and who knows where it will end.

      And Canada is sitting here with untapped resources to help a country become great again in the old fashioned way.

Agree contractor, but I would go one step further. The dealer knows there is a great chance of overdose and death to his customer when he makes the sale, so bring back the death penalty for these guys. Eye for an eye might just have the desired effect of this conversation without costing much money. Just use the dealers own fentanyl on him! This probably won’t pass the PCHR smell test though

After all this is 1st Degree Murder, but this seems to be getting ignored

    So would you deem the safe injection sites as accesorry to murder..so take the gov to court?

    %95 who ends up shooting drugs all start with alcohol.. that’s where the education has to start..just because it’s legal doesn’t change it from being a drug…..

Stop using drugs…is that to complicated.

DO NOT DO DRUGS end of crises !

The Province and the Federal Government have signed a Joint Statement… speaking of joints I heard Christy said she found fentanyl in her marijuana. And here I thought her creepy joker style perma-grin was from her undergoing that smile lift surgery that was popular in South Korea a few years ago.

Saw an interview with a UBC prof on CTV, he said prescribe pure heroin to patients instead of fentanyl. He says the addicted hate fentanyl and just sell it on the street to buy heroin.

What of the new drug imported carfentanil?

So the whining Liberal, crybabies want the border secure, for drugs… and thats ok.. but you all blast Trump for wanting to secure that border and kick all the filthy illegal drug dealers out of the USA? I love your back peddling. You people are such puppets.

Start by building that wall, kicking the filthy animals out of the USA, and get tough on drugs on our own border.

Oh, and has E Hastings thinned out yet?

It took our governments of every level a few hundred years to realize that tobacco addiction was and is a health care issue . They are reacting to that addiction with abatement drugs that in some cases are free because getting people off tobacco is a good thing for us all . Maybe one day we will have people in government that are bright enough to realize addition to to any substance is a health issue . Walls , fences , more police , deportations will do nothing but make the problem worse . There is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel . There are many grown up counties around the world that have figured this out . I’ve read the above comments . The time is far over due for the adults in the country to speak up . The health care option is also the most cost effective for both the economy and society as a whole . Criminality of the drug trade would disappear. The addicted could be returned to being productive members of our society . Deaths from overdoses should also lessen . Grow up canada ! Your almost 150 ! Act your age ! stop parroting the U.S. !!!

    Abatement drugs are not the holy grail answer to addiction. Many addicts get free abatement drugs but trade those for the real drug. Decriminalizing drugs will go the same route as booze and smokes, we can see how that has gone but refuse to learn from it. Let’s just legalize everything and the world will be a utopia

    Criminality of the drug trade will not disappear with any amount of beds in a hospital. Do research on recidivism of people who have gone through rehab, most of the data you will find is for people who were arrested and forced into rehab and then the rates of rearrest afterward. The data is based on the amount of people who return to crime afterwards and not the ones that actually remain drug free. The conclusions assume only those who return to a life of crime are the ones who slip back into a life of drug use. And those rates are anywhere from 45-65 percent on average just two years after rehab, what are the rates of actual return to drug use?

    More drug overdoses happen through pharmaceutical drug abuse than opioid use in the US (we need some good Canadian studies on the subject).

    The answer is not so black and white

Follow the money Taxing these drugs is an option,but it legitimizes the use.I’m just throwing this out there,what if we got rid of paper money and made the 10 dollar coin the biggest denomination.imagine the dealer paying the distributor and the distributor paying the importer with coins.would this also curb other forms of crime and corruption.I suspect we would soon find out who really benefits from all this cash floating around.

Perhaps drug dealers should put labels on their drugs saying that said drugs could cause instant death. Then informed adults could ACT THEIR AGE and purchase at their own peril.

El Chappo of the Mexican drug cartel said he was just a good business man to make money. He has never hurt anyone selling drugs

The war on drugs has been going on for many, many, years. It seems to me it was a **Big Deal** back in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Seems we cannot (or will not) win this war. There is huge money involved.

We have now progressed to the point where these drugs are killing people at an alarming rate. Had we actually got serious about drugs years ago when we should have, this problem would have been seriously diminished, if not eliminated, however we played **Ring around the rosy** while the criminal element played hardball. So we lost.

We can still make some progress, however I doubt if sitting around a table, with newly elected politicians, coming up with less than stellar solutions is the answer.

As a starter we need to know where the 622 people who died of an overdose fit into society. Were they mainly street people, or were they middle class workers, professionals, government employee’s etc.

We need to know who are the people who are using these drugs, how often they use, and where they get their drugs. Once you identify the main users, then perhaps you can target the area where the drugs are being sold, etc;

We certainly can see the results on street people, because they are out in the open on a daily basis and are easy to identify, however I doubt if there are enough street people to support the drug industry in this country.

So, lets shine some light on the users, and try to get them to change their life style. Take away the market, and you kill the supplier.

Nice outlook on life some of you have as I read your comments that refer to drug users and dealers being scumbags, pukes, and the like. Nice attitude you have saying; “hey it’s their fault they are dying in large numbers, why should it concern me?”

Perhaps if the rest of us adopted your cynical views and values, we could just forget about, and ignore all the world’s problems… oh sure those problems would still be there, and would probably get worse because now less people would care enough to address and solve them.

We as a society have a serious problem on our hands, and that problem is the epidemic rate at which people (family members) are dying from fentanyl overdoses. Belittling these victims, and blaming them will not solve the fentanyl overdose problem. I suppose if the rest of us adopted your cynical attitudes, many scenarios can be played out. I could be walking down one of our city sidewalks, as I often do, and someone in front of me could keel over from a heart attack, sure I have a level 3 first aid certificate, and could perform life saving measures on this person… but first I need to stop and judge him like the rest of you are doing to these fentanyl overdose victims.

When I look at this person lying on the sidewalk, I see someone who is obviously overweight, and probably does little exercise, I judge it to be this person’s fault they are having a heart attack, and so I walk away, thinking; why should I use my life saving skills on someone who obviously does not care about their health? Not my monkey, not my circus… so who cares right?

    Maybe do some rereading, the “ratbags” and other comments are directed at the dealers and traffickers not “users”

      Who cares???? they are not terms to be used for ANYONE!!!! It stops meaningful discussion.

      How so? Language does not stop meaningful discussion, it just precludes you to think you are conversing with a “hillbilly” who has nothing to further on the topic

      Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016 @ 12:45 PM by Ryder with a score of 0

      Illicit drugs users always use “extreme caution” yeah right. This fentanyl “crisis” should do wonders to clean up all the dirt bags around. If your stupid enough to continue to use drugs after all the warnings enjoy! One less loser out breaking into houses and shooting at each other.

      Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016 @ 12:57 PM by PMack with a score of 0

      right on!

      Our society is getting “sick”, and this time I am not referring to the Fentanyl overdose problem, I am referring to the sick and twisted morals and values on display in some of the comments on this subject. I am glad these sociopaths are a minority in our society, and by sociopaths I mean by definition: “a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.” Yes, judging by the comments, there are some of you have no conscience indeed!!!

      You have to back to August to try and prove a point?


    Estonia has the highest user/death rate of fentanyl. After 10 years, they appear to have turned it around.

    As it states at the end of the linked report:

    “Now 41, he is an addictions counsellor (and ex addict) sharing his experiences with people who are trying to find a way to leave fentanyl.

    But he is also concerned about the generation ahead.

    “If I would say one thing about the future of drugs in Estonia it’s that even if naloxone has solved a bit of the problem of overdosing, it has not solved the problem in the long run,” he says.

    “The dealers, they have other drugs. I’m sure they introduced more than a 100 different types in Estonia last year. It’s not about the drugs. You need to deal with social factors, the psychological factors, the spiritual factors that lead people to drugs.”

      Naloxone only stops overdosing for a period of time, some of these drugs bring on overdose after the effects of naloxone wears off. No, naloxone alone is not the solution but a temporary bandaid until one can work on a solution.

      Once mary jane is legalized how long before it becomes regularly laced with fentanyl or carfentanil? Not everyone is going to pay the prices at a government depot, those producing illegally will always be cheaper and will continue to produce and lace to get their customers to come back.

      “Once mary jane is legalized how long before it becomes regularly laced with fentanyl or carfentanil?”

      Remember that there is a difference between regulated drugs and what is being sold now on the black market. It works the same as alcohol.

      Marijuana sold in stores in Washington State and Colorado are controlled and require to meet FDA standards of content. Drugs sold from licensed stores will not be laced with anything such as fentanyl.

The governments have been making noises along the line of supplying free , pure drugs to the addicted.
free and pure ,
sounds like it is time to become a druggie.

What a Statement to make ” IT all starts with Alcohol “

    Indeed. Especially since IT actually all starts with sugar

      It all starts with water,.

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