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October 27, 2017 8:11 pm

Could be Banner Year for Building Permit Values in P.G.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  The  building permit values for October continue  to  show positive activity in Prince George  and  it is likely  2016  will  wrap  up  at,  or  above,  the $120 million dollar mark.

The latest stats  show  that  from January to the end of October,   there have been 407  permits issued  with a total value of  just under  $119.9  million dollars.   That is  more than twice the  year to date values  for 2015  which were at  $77.7 million  for the  same  time period,  and   ahead of  the first 10 months of 2014  when  values totaled  $112.3 million.

Comparing  last month to  October  of 2015 and 2014  show  the  numbers are down .  Last month there were 34 permits issued  with a value of  nearly $5.1 million  compared to  45 permits valued at $7.7 million  in October of last year,  and  and 49 permits worth  just under $8.5 million in  2014.

The contributing factors to  this year’s ten month performance   are;  new housing construction,  the Riverbend Seniors complex and new  commercial construction.

There have been 133  new single family dwellings started  so far this year, compared to 103  in same period a year ago,  and  99 in  2014.

The new  construction  of the Riverbend complex added $20 million  to the  year to date total   while  a dozen new commercial  projects  account for  nearly $26.9 million .




Awesome news. PG has things going on. Go PG Go!!

Anything under 300 homes a year is PG in decline for a city this size. A normal market for PG prior to the long decline that started 25 years ago was over 400 homes per year. Since then we have lost twenty percent of our cities population and averaged about 130 homes a year.

If there is one thing you can always count on in Prince George, it’s that the 250 Doomsday crowd has a negative spin on every single story.

What-don’t like to hear the truth?

Prince george is a good choice to build. I have been developing a nice piece of commercial land for my own. Concrete getting poured right now. It might actually be the tallest bldg in the hart, or second tallest for sure. I am building it solely for myself and an investment for the future . Now is the time to develop because i am seeing the cost to build going to the moon!

Truth, I hope the day never comes when all I do is post negative things on line on news stories and call it the truth. Just because Oldman thinks the truth is that the sky is falling and there is no such thing as good news these days and the whole world is going down the drain doesn’t make it so.

I really don’t consider Eagleone to be an authority on what constitutes growth and good news. To say anything less then 300 homes is a decline is ridiculous unless there are more then 300 homes being torn down a year. New home usually include rental suites and many homes are renovated to add on rental suites.

Like it or not, the city is growing and it is good news. I have witnessed the prices of vacant lots nearly triple in my own neighborhood over the last 5 years – and those vacant lots for infill housing are getting harder and harder to find. I have seen two old and run down single family homes get torn down and replaced with four multiple family homes this year alone.

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