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October 27, 2017 8:06 pm

$6.7 Million for Affordable Housing in Quesnel

Saturday, November 26, 2016 @ 2:36 PM

Quesnel, B.C. – The provincial government has announced a multi-million-dollar investment for affordable housing projects in Quesnel.


Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes

$6.7 million will be spent on 68 new affordable housing units at the following locations:

  • 30 units – 255 McNaughton Ave. (Quesnel Lions Housing Society)
  • 38 units – 424 McLean St. (Dakelh and Quesnel Community Housing)

“BC Housing will work with the successful proponents to fully develop the project plans and ensure the proper rezoning and consultation is considered and confirmed before construction,” reads a government news release.

Since coming to power in 2001, the Liberal government says its invested $4.9 billion to provide affordable housing for low income individuals, seniors and families across the province.

“The addition of these affordable housing units strengthens our rural towns and allows seniors to stay in the communities they know and love,” said Cariboo-North MLA Coralee Oakes. “I’m proud that through strong fiscal management our government was able to make such a significant investment in Cariboo-North.”



Sure tell when there is a election coming.

    So the Liberals have been preparing for the 2017 election by spending $5 billion on affordable housing since 2001- a 16 year campaign effort to assure victory in May….. and I thought the elections south of the line were long.

    Ya think maybe,just maybe,that is a normal program to help those less fortunate that has gone on year over year regardless of election timing?

      Making logical comments like that takes all the fun away from those who are only able to make such stupid statements. ;-)

      Luckily our elections are not as long as in the country south of us. They have one every 2 years. Every single election period of 2 years would come with continuous comments like that from the peanut gallery.

That works out to $98,529/unit. Are they providing manufactured homes at that price, or is the City or some other “partner” participating?

I assume the City is providing the property and services.

    Probably a mortgage from the non profit housing providers. The government investment being a one time grant for money down equity into the investments. The non profit housing providers providing the long term maintenance and management of the properties.

    Good thing for Quesnel. They really needed some new investments in their housing stock.

    I don’t think “affordable housing” implies that we are giving houses away. Rather, they government is covering some of the costs allowing them to be affordable. It’s a hand up vs. hand out.

I think most of us understand the concept of affordable housing, what would be interesting to know is how the provincial Liberal Government determines, where in BC, millions of dollars in affordable housing is spent.

What are the numbers relating to people on social assistance, or poverty rates, within each area / region that justifies the investment of millions of dollars in affordable housing in those locations? One would hope that these kinds of funding decisions are based on evidence and identified need, rather than… oh I don’t know… maybe trying to get a local MLA, who happens to be Liberal, re-elected?

    Your post is just a more verbose version of the earlier one by doneright based on nothing more conjecture and political bias.

    If you want a fact about the poorest postal code in the country look at the actions Jenny “air miles” Kwan and her ex husband and what they did with money from the Portland Hotel society. Dipping into funds meant to help house the most down trodden people in the country to pay for trips to SoCal and Europe.

    Gave herself a short timeout till the dust settled before wallowing back in to the public trough. Any person with even a sliver of dignity or honor would have tendered their resignation.

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