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October 27, 2017 8:05 pm

Wait Times for Treatment Increase

Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 6:01 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Fraser Institute has  issued a new report which   indicates   patients  having elective surgery  are waiting longer than ever to have the procedures done.

Based on interviews with specialists in 12 medical specialties in  10 provinces, the report  “Waiting  Your Turn: Wait Times for Health Care in Canada” indicates  that  nationally, the median wait time between  being referred by a General Practitioner to  treatment by a specialist  has increased  to  20 weeks this year,  compared to  18.3 weeks in  2015.

The report also indicates it is taking longer  to  get that  first consultation with a specialist.  The wait time was  8.5 weeks last year,  and this year it has  grown to 9.4 weeks.

The wait times vary among  Provinces with  Ontario patients  having the  shortest wait time  to treatment at 15.6  weeks,  and New Brunswick  facing the longest at 38.8.

In B.C.  the  wait time  from GP referral to  treatment by a specialist is listed at 25.2 weeks


GP Referral to  Specialist Treatment Median wait Times By Province:

  • New Brunswick         38.8
  • Nova Scotia              34.8
  • P.E.I                          31.4
  • Nfld/Labrador            26.
  • B.C.                           25*
  • Alberta                      22.9
  • Manitoba                   20.6
  • Quebec                     18.9
  • Saskatchewan          16.6
  • Ontario                      15.6

*While the BC Ministry of Health does have a website  that  outlines  the  most current wait times for elective surgery in this Province  in specific Health Authority regions,  that  website was not available as this story was being written.  The site  is “down for maintenance”  so   immediate  numbers  for the Northern Health region  are not available.   A follow up story will be written  when those numbers become available.

The Fraser Institute’s  report also notes wait times differ  greatly   depending on the  area of specialty.  The median wait time  for  medical oncology (cancer) treatment is 3.7 weeks,  followed by radiation treatment which has a wait time  of 4.1 weeks.





These must be best case figures?? 6 months to see Orthopedic surgeon in PG and 47 weeks after that for hip replacement surgery, so I really wonder how these figures are derived??

    I agree. Out of the last 5 people that I personally know that went for joint replacements, only one got it done within a year. Wait times just for consultation with a specialist are commonly 8-16 months unless you eant to drive to Kelowna or the coast.

    Many hositals are so underfunded that entire sections of a hospital will sit empty while they are putting patients out in hallways in the active wards. Our health care system is a joke. I really feel for the front line staff as they are trying to work within a system that is failing the very people that need their care. Our provincial health care system requires a complete overhaul.

The first paragraph talks about wait times for “elective” surgery. If you want your elective surgery faster, there are opportunities to pay for it yourself and jump to the front of the line.

    There are a couple of private clinics in Prince George that if your willing to spend the money you can get elective surgery done in short order.

    That being said if you use the private clinics the BC medical system will not pay for your recovery costs and medicines it will all be on your own dime

Just think of Paul Ramsey and the NDP and what he did to our health care in this town. And how much better they have it in vancouver. Some people have short memories.

    Oh, please! Paul Ramsey and the NDP started the planning for an updated and expanded hospital. If you actually tried to use some of the other hospitals in this province you would see that PG is not the worst, by far. Compare it with Nanaimo and Duncan for instance. A large part of the problem with health care in BC is that ever since they promised that health care would be when and where you need it, the provincial Liberal government under Campbell and Clarke have systematically downgraded hospitals into treatment centres, removing ALL the beds and no longer taking patients, such as Ladysmith. They have also systematically deliberately underfunded health care so that features available under the NDP are not longer valid. their so-called “fair” pharmacare strategy being a typical example – reduce benefits and make the patient pay more, and more, and more. A decade and a half of that kind of systematic bungling has brought us to where we are today. Remember that the Liberals have controlled health care in this province during that time and they have had plenty of time to resolve the issues being complained about. They do not want to, that is the fundamental problem. And why are we still being taxed extra for MSP payments to fund health care. Why is BC a standalone province when all the others fund health care from general revenue. So we can be gouged by our Liberal friends, of course.

      Oh, please! I haven’t seen the “Multiplex” filled up SRO for healthcare since the NDP left office. Must have slipped your mind – June 22, 2000 – the election to usher in the Liberals was May 16, 2001 almost a full year later.

Christy and the Libs will soon turn long wait times into a good news story.
After retirement the gov’t plan is to just let people die while waiting for life saving surgery. Their thought is it saves the system money.

LOL, only 20% of doctors responded to the Fraser Institute’s survey on surgery wait times, but I guess that is something they forgot to mention.

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/health/fraser-institute-wait-time-survey-critique-1.3867927

Meanwhile the following description, for most all of the Fraser Institute’s “studies” and “reports”, remains valid!

ht tps://twitter.com/lhubich/status/519690462639058944

Thank God. If the other 80% spent time replying to these surveys, the wait times would be even longer!

FYI I had my hip replaced in 2014… it took 10 months to see the surgeon then another 17 months till the operation.. best thing I ever did :)

    A friend just had hip replacement surgery. Was up and walking the same day. It is just local sedative and a tiny incision, cost is 16 g notes in the states but he says worth every penny

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