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October 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Input Sought on Student Code of Conduct Policy

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George School Board is working towards moving its student code of conduct policy into the digital ageschool board

Last night the board approved a staff recommendation to have proposed revisions to its current policy fanned out to reference groups for input.

The board has taken this step to ensure its aligned with new provincial standards for codes of conduct including updates to the province’s human rights code.

The draft policy was distributed to all elementary and secondary principals and vice-principals for review and input.

Some of the proposed changes include redefining what bullying is. The proposed revision for example would reclassify what bullying is – from a single targeted or repeated incidents to being a pattern of unwelcome or aggressive behaviour.

Also new are rules that consider ‘sexting’ and ‘sextortion.’ The latter defined as involving individuals who coerce youth into sending sexual images or engaging in sexual acts via social media or electronic device and then blackmailing them with the threat of distributing the sexual images/video if they do not pay money or provide more sexual images/videos.

It also proposes “restorative practice” defined as “a strategy that seeks to repair relationships that have been damaged.” It also “attempts to bring about a sense of remorse and restorative action.”

Reference groups will report back to the board with input in the new year.


Having had nieces that were bullied in the schools they attended it was quite disheartening to see that why they had programs in place to treat and help bullied kids the schools basically had nothing in place to deal with the bullies and often all that was said is they are just acting out.

Sure if acting out means punching and kicking an eight year old kid and calling them names most adults won’t say sure ok they are just acting out. Personally I feel the parents of bullies should be held responsible but of course it won’t happen because it might adversely affect the child as I was told by a school official. Great policy you have

“if acting out means punching and kicking an eight year old kid”

Based on that, it appears that the first people who need to be educated are the teachers who think that is what acting out means.

Why is the student acting out in that fashion? Look at the home first.

While the article describes acts which should not occur at school or outside of school, I fail to see what powers the school has to enforce any response, other than to call parents as well as police.

Are they going to take the phones and check them and thereby breaking a right to privacy law?

I think police or reps for the RCMP should make more frequent visits, speeches and or/information sessions with children in schools. Remind them what assault is, what the laws are, and the consequences they could face from their actions. I know the parents should be educating their children on these topics, but often it is better heard and absorbed by the children coming from others and those with legal authority. Only a suggestion!
Parents definitely need to monitor their kids phone’s. Things seem to escalate quickly if not.

Time the school board realized they are not police officers.
If the kids break the law let the police deal with it.
if it happens on school grounds, maybe, a different matter, but once again if illegal call the police that is their job.

I just hope that the principals and vice principals get some of their advice from the kids themselves.
Amazing what simplicity and wisdom can come from kids. As well, some of the worst bullies learned their attitudes at home, so keep that in mind too.

I remember having a girl in my care who was continuously bullied physically and mentally. One day after a threat to “Beat the living s***t out of you” she had had enough, and armed herself with a piece of rebar. The bully ambushed her and karma was initiated. The Bully went to the school and registered a complaint,my girl was suspended, police were called and charges were laid. After great expense to defend the girl at court the bully failed to show and the case was tossed. I tried for re-instatemenst but the school said they could not take a chance with the two in the same school due to their code of conduct but kept the bully, All her friends were at this school and she struggled at the other school and subsequently dropped out of the system Yeah you know where you can stick your code of conduct

My child was a victim of bullying back in the early 2000’s Some of the things that he had to put up with would have made people sick today! We were told “kids will be Kids” This seems to be the same message that school districts preach today. Nobody wants to take responsibility! At what point is the School district, teachers and parents going to take responsibility for the kids under their supervision! And people wonder why some of the bullied take action into their own hands to deal with this.

Another policy, that should really help.
Meanwhile, the problem continues.
I think that sometimes the school board members are just practicing for the big leagues (think Shirley Bond)

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