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October 27, 2017 8:02 pm

Province Takes Step to Assist McBride Council

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 @ 1:10 PM

McBride, B.C.- The  Minister of  Community , Sport and Cultural Development, Peter Fassbender,   has  outlined some steps  that have been taken  to  assist  Mayor Loranne Martin and the lone remaining councillor for that village.

It’s been  nearly two weeks  since  Councillors Sharon Reichert, Ralph Bezanson and Edith Tracey  resigned.   That action left only the Mayor Loranne Martin and Councillor  Rick Thompson at the helm.  That’s not  enough  for  quorum, and virtually tied the hands of the  Village  when it comes to doing business.

Minister Fassbender  has signed an order that will allow the  remaining two  to  constitute a quorum until a byelection  has been held.
He says   until  newly elected persons can be sworn in,  the Mayor  and remaining  councillor  have been advised not to make any long=term decisions, including  any that might  create legal or financial liabilities for McBride.

Mayor Martin and Councillor Thompson  have  been advised to “take immediate steps to appoint a chief electoral officer and deputy chief election officer  to run  a by-election”  Once the appointments  are made,  the  election is to be  held  no later than 80 days  after the appointments and must fall on a Saturday.

The Province has also  put in  a place a “municipal advisor”  to work with the  Village staff, council and the  community to  “help stabilize municipal operations in the short term.”   Minister Fassbender says the advisor will “also support the community and council in the long term by recommending strategies for a successful and stable future.”

The inspector of municipalities will  be visiting McBride to “meet with  council and staff to provide them with additional information about the role of the municipal advisor ” says Fassbender.

“It is imperative that there is a clear path to order and good government so  that community members interested in stepping forward as candidates in the  by-election will have confidence in their road ahead.”



Minister Fassbender–create legal or financial liabilities for McBride. Are you getting a little worried after all the tax payer dollars you wasted fighting the teachers in BC? Minister you are a very poor example to be giving advice.

Fassbendering the rules of our democracy . Good move . Maybe make mcbride a dictatorship . Who needs a quorum when you can have one leader rule or two leader rule . Let’s rewrite the Roberts Rules in the image of Christyism .

Geewhiz that was easy. Maybe the govt should sign an order that solves our revolving door justice system problem.

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