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October 27, 2017 7:56 pm

Vaping Bylaw One Step Closer to Reality

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

e-cigarettePrince George, B.C. –  Council for the City of Prince George, has  passed the bylaw that would add restrictions on where  people can smoke,  or “vape”.

The Province  already has  restrictions in place   when it comes to  where  people can vape or light up,  but,  the City  has the authority to  expand  those regulations, and this new bylaw does just that.

The bylaw  duplicates  Provincial  rules which ban smoking and vaping from:

  • transit  shelters
  • within 6 metres of doorways, windows or air intakes
  • hospital or health board property
  • places of public assembly ( building or portion of such a building)
  • vehicles for hire.

The new bylaw  adds the following areas in Prince George  where people  are not to  smoke  or vape:

  • within 6 metres of a transit sign post
  • in an outdoor customer service area ( patio)
  • playgrounds, public parks, sports fields, recreational areas, and trails  held by the City

The key  challenge whenever a  bylaw is created, or  changed,  is enforcement.  The City  expects  to  enforce the regulations on a complaint basis.  There would have to be a lot of signs erected in parks and   recreation  sites throughout the City.

Council has unanimously approved  the final reading of the  bylaw, but it will take a while for it to come into effect.

City staff will now  start a major public education  plan  that will lead up to the implementation date of  May 1st, 2017


What about medical pot smoking??

Smoke is smoke

There will be a lot of $’s made just with patrolling the hospital.

if “smoke is smoke” then of course running an internal combustion engine and exhausting it must be covered as well then.

am i correct? or are all these so called ‘anti smoking’ laws/bylaws really just ‘no natives’ laws/bylaws?

    Race bait alert…

They haven’t enforced the law as they sit,
why should we believe they will enforce the new ones.
They won’t

The provincial bylaw already covers smoking on hospital property. I see that it is not having any effect, or enforcement.
Does council really believe that more unenforced rules are going to make a difference?
Let us first consider these pollutants in the Prince George airshed:
-3 pulp mills
-Oil refinery
-2 chemical plants
-Not one, but 2 railyards where locomotives are left idling around the clock when they are not moving train cars.
-a comparatively large number (over other towns) of diesel engines: log trucks, chip trucks, commercial trucks, heavy equipment and personal vehicles.
-Also, (according to the air quality round-table committee) dirty ol woodstoves and road dust.

Now let us remember that these pollutants are held into the confines of the downtown area thanks to the local topography. Please City Council, I dare just one of you to tell us how these new bylaws are going to make the air we breathe safer. This new clean air bylaw is kind of like removing one beetle killed tree from an entirely dead forest and then saying “Oh looky here..we have reduced the fire danger!!” GOOD JOB COUNCILLORS..

Holy off topic stupidy

    Cougs, I went to an out of town event for my kids soccer team. This is when I realized that PG’s air quality was a considerable issue. A large number of my kid’s soccer team packed ventolin inhalers and many would need to use them at some point. I cannot say the same for the teams from other interior towns.

    Might I suggest that you first try standing near an outdoor smoking area, then go take a drive down PG Pulpmill road to the refinery and pulpmills. Which situation makes you more concerned for your health?

    I do not condone smoking or vaping, but in the bigger picture I fail to see how moving the smokers back 6m would make the air downtown any cleaner…

    I am surprised that there has not been a move towards a bylaw that would have everyone move their exhaust pipes to the left side of their cars!! This move would certainly keep the air in the bicycle lanes clean and pure..HAHA

“holy off topic”? tobacco is sacred, and directly on topic. holiness is part of the issue/topic.

rather than making blanket ambiguous judgements, please expand and explain why the minimal sacred quantities of smoke should be prohibited but the hugely more voluminous of much more toxic gas, diesel and other smokes should be exempt from such blatantly racist laws/bylaws.

A ‘vaping’ bylaw, even if enforced, is merely pandering to the wishes of a few people.
I dare say that many people feel the same as myself about ‘vaping’
(that is, who cares?)
From what I have seen in my limited exposure to “Vapers” those who ‘vape’ are just trying to look cool and trendy.


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