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October 27, 2017 7:52 pm

Electricity Demand Hits New High

Friday, December 9, 2016 @ 11:24 AM

smartmeterPrince George, B.C.- BC Hydro says  the cold temps have pushed province wide electricity  demand  to a new high for 2016.

Last evening,  demand peaked at 9,869 megawatts  between 5 and 6 p.m..  That’s the highest demand  seen  in all of 2016  and is 18% higher than it was  during the same time period  on Thursday of last week..

The all time record high  for electricity demand  was set in November of 2006, when  it peaked  at 10,113 megawatts.  That record remains intact.

BC Hydro expects demand will remain higher than normal as the cold weather continues.


Energy demand comparison:

Date Increase over last week
Tuesday, December 6 12 per cent
Wednesday, December 7 15 per cent
Thursday, December 8 18 per cent


Why is this considered news? I wondered the same thing when the Citizen had this “news item” posted.

Of course electricity demand is up. Why isn’t it news when we have warm winters and the demand is down.

Is this BC Hydro trying to make something out of nothing or media trying to sound alarmist?

    Just realized my post sounds really grumpy. Sorry about that Elaine. I do like 250 News and will try not to be so grumpy next time.

Yeah, I bet natural gas usage is up too. haha.

We have a lobbyist trying to make a case for Site C. Better get down to Princess Auto and pick up a light plant before they are all gone.

So in your world only lobbyist against site c should be heard?

    seamutt. I asked you a question on the FFFA. I asked you why you are upset at the change coming for the $10 bill ? Is it it because it will have a picture of a women on it, or are you upset because the lady was black ? Maybe call the Rebel help line for an answer.

    Now I’m going to quote you. “I’m waiting”. “I’m waiting”.

Not sure why this is news….when it’s cold we need heat..when it’s dark we need light..when it’s hot we need water..hungry we need food…

And me not even a scientist ….lol

Best make it news before the whole thing crashes, more homes on the grid and everyone figures electric cars are the way to go …. guess what …we need site C.

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