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October 27, 2017 7:49 pm

Police Detain Nine More Impaired Drivers

Monday, December 12, 2016 @ 10:27 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Another busy weekend for the Prince George RCMP CounterAttack traffic services team.policecarnew

Stats released this morning show four drivers were taken off the road for drunk driving and another five for being impaired by drugs.

Here are the complete results from Friday and Saturday nights:

  • Four impaired by alcohol – One 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP), with 30-day impoundment. Two three day IRPs and one 24-hour suspension for alcohol.
  • Five 24-hour suspensions for drugs
  • 22 speeding violations
  • Two intersection-related violations
  • Three distracted driving violations (cell phone use)
  • Two seatbelt vi0lations
  • Two driving without a license
  • Three no insurance violations
  • One driving with consideration
  • One driving without due care and attention
  • One stunting violation (with impoundment)
  • 21 administrative violations
  • One vehicle equipment infraction
  • Four vehicle inspection orders for non-compliance
  • Three drug seizures (no charges)

The nine drivers taken off the road for alcohol or drug use was up from seven last weekend when six drivers were nailed for being impaired by alcohol and one by drugs.

On the opening weekend three drivers were found impaired by alcohol and one by drugs.

According to the provincial government 66 people on average are killed each year in B.C. due to impaired driving.


Excellent work.

To all of you whining about roadblocks at a busy intersection etc…looks like it caught a few..and in turn possibly saved your life…

    It says ON THE WEEKEND.. Didn’t say it was all due to the one by the Casino.. There were numerous roadblocks over the weekend


      “driving with consideration’ is an error for what is described in the statute (144(1)(b)) as driving “without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway”. 144(1)(a) is the more familiar driving “without due care and attention”.

Good job!

Difficult to believe people are really that stupid. Anyone caught driving while impaired should lose their licence for life.

    Love your double standard, more of what’s wrong in society.. people like you.

    A guy blows .081 and he should lose all his driving rights, therefore his job.., his income. Yet, some tool almost OD’s and he gets applause and a pat on the back when he leaves the gutter. They never lose their license, and can spit out kids left right and centre.

    I love you people like you won’t forgive a guy who maybe is just over the legal limit, but you goto bat in every article about drug abusers in this town.

    Amazing. You must be a politician.

      The “tool who almost OD’s” was not driving and endangering the lives, persons, and property of other people. People who drive while high are in fact treated like drunken drivers.

      I don’t think I’ve commented on any “article about drug abusers in this town.” You can look it up for me.

      Yes, someone who blows .081 should lose all his or her driving privileges. If their stupidity costs them their job, that’s their own fault. They’ll have to start cabbing or busing it. And while they’re sitting on that bus they can be thankful they didn’t kill anyone.

      druggies are killing themselves, impaired are killing others.

      “The “tool who almost OD’s” was not driving and endangering the lives, ”

      – Oh, so meth addicts don’t endanger lives now? Priceless. Who knew drug abuse was a victimless crime? Any more pearls of wisdom? I love the comments here, always good for a chuckle. Hey everyone, doing whatever it takes for your next fix rarely includes crime including theft, violence, prostitution and other wonderful things in life. Who knew? Guess the crime stats got it all wrong. Those junkies are doing all these things for other motivations, not drugs.

      “Who knew drug abuse was a victimless crime?”
      Nobody said that. What I said was that a drug abuser who is not driving is not directly endangering lives like a drunken driver is, and that is quite true. Most of the crime associated with drug abuse is property crime that does not endanger lives.

      There is another difference as well. The danger caused by drunk drivers is the direct result of the use of alcohol. Most of the crime associated with drug abuse is due not to the use of drugs itself but to the criminalization of the drugs.

      “I don’t think I’ve commented on any “article about drug abusers in this town.” You can look it up for me.”

      Have you looked this up yet?

    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on people driving while sleep deprived? Working an extended shift at the pulp mill or a nurse at the hospital, for example. Studies have shown that 17-19 hours of no sleep people begin to function similarly on tests to people with a BAC of 0.05 (0.08 near 21 hours). Should someone working an OT shift at a mill lose their license driving home because of endangering others due to sleep deprivation? Should they just sleep in their vehicle in the lot and go straight back to work? I’m not trying to excuse ANY drinking and driving, it’s moronic, but it’s also not the only way people drive impaired.

    Source: (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1739867/)

@ Hahaha, any words of wisdom on this topic today?

    There was no break down of the numbers, so who knows where those people got caught; however, I’ll assume that a number of them got caught there, so good job. Maybe next time someone phones one in, that is imminently about to kill someone, you will respond as fast or faster to it than you do when you are driving to Tim Horton’s for a coffee break.

    Well, except for P Val, Hart Guy and two or three others on here. You can take your time with those guys. They will be very understanding of why it took you so long to respond if they get hit by a drunk driver that had been reported an hour ago, assuming they survive that is.

Was the stunting ticket given to someone trying to learn icy conditions. Usually the driving with out due care and attention is an accident. Probably that truck that flipped over on the 97south on ramp.

    Presumably it is “stunting” if you do it on a public highway where it puts others at risk and “trying to learn icy conditions” when you do it elsewhere, where you don’t put anyone else at risk.

and what about you, BeingHuman?

I wonder if either you or Hahaha are grateful that those taken off the roads this weekend weren’t left out there to possible cause harm to you or your loved ones?

I’m absolutely amazed that you two bleeding hearts are actually critical of the police and their CounterAttack road block!

You guys should crank up the heat, as the cold is surely affecting your thought processes!

    People who are “critical of the police” probably have dealing with the police..lol..

    I posted two comments on Saturday’s counterattack story, in “neither” comment was I critical of police or the counterattack roadblock. My comments were focused solely on Mike Morris, in fact, I may as well use this opportunity Hart Guy provided to re-post one of those comments. :-)

    Posted on Saturday, December 10, 2016 @ 6:55 PM by BeingHuman with a score of 0

    You are correct NyteHawwk, every year the RCMP have this roadside counterattack, but we must ask ourselves; is it every year we have our Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Morris out manning those RCMP roadblocks / checkpoints here in Prince George?

    We must also ask ourselves; has Mr. Morris “ever” manned an annual roadside counterattack checkpoint over the last nearly four years he has been in office? The answer of course is a big fat NO! So then we need to ask ourselves two final questions; why this year? And… could it have something to do with the election coming up just five months from now?

    So many questions… so few answers… oh and by the way, nice character assassination attempt by northman, the only person who would have had “dealings” with the police was probably him, why else would it come to his mind?

      Did you ask Mr. Morris or are you making assumptions?

      He has been the Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General since Dec 11, 2015 so not for 4 years.

      December 15, 2015? Why that was just in time for last year’s counterattack holiday campaign, oh well makes for good copy having Mike out on the line this year for pre-election publicity purposes.

      Oh and NyteHawwk, you were suppose to respond to slinky’s troll comment comment as Hart Guy, see what happens when you get yourself all worked up?

      After seconds of meticulous research I found that the 2015 Counterattack campaign was launched on November 27th 2015.

      But don’t let something like facts get in the way of you painting everything our hard working MLAs do based only how it will affect the outcome of next years election.


      After an even more meticulous search, I found out; CounterAttack campaigns run in July and December, so where was our top cop during the 2016 summer Counterattack campaign? Then there was most of the 2015 December – January Counterattack campaign before that, when he was nowhere to be seen… but now 5 months before the next election he is front and center in this one, I just find that quite the coincidence! But that’s just my opinion.

      ht tp://energeticcity.ca/2016/06/police-beginning-summer-counterattack-campaign-weekend/

      Did you research Mike’s whereabouts on the day the 2015 summer campaign was launched? Was he in Prince George? Victoria? elsewhere on government business? Personal vacation? Looks like your research anything but meticulous.

      I can see why you are so focused on members of the ruling party as those in opposition have been noticibly absent mere months away from the next election. Last I saw Waldo Horgan he came out of his hiding place to announce that he supports Woodfibre LNG and just as quickly disappeared as the green dippers started to jump ship. This is a tried and true dipper election tactic as it worked so well for Dix.

      I bet Horgan has been busy making a chain mail vest to protect himself from the long knives that will come out after another dipper loss in 2017.

    Don’t feed trolls Hart Guy

Drunk drivers versus texting? .http://www.icbc.com/about-icbc/newsroom/Pages/2014Sept04.aspx

While it’s surprising to see so many fools driving, that’s probably only 10%. Glad to see it, but, oh, the paperwork.

    I bet you’re right, the numbers are probably only a fraction of how many people are out there drinking/drugging and driving.

    The ones with no insurance worry me some; What happens in case they take out another motorist?
    If they have no liability insurance, who pays the costs of the innocent party?


      That’s why you get the extra insurance for under insured motorist. That way your covered under your own insurance. Stupid how it works, while the guy with no insurance walks away.

      What happens is they end up in court in some cases with an order owing ICBC a pile of money, then it’s no DL or insurance til it’s paid off. But it doesn’t really do anything, they keep doing what they do.

I’m a little confused by point #9 on the list. Is this new for this generation ? -” One driving with consideration “

    called a typo….

      Thank goodness. Thought I was going to have to drive more aggressively.

Thanks Carpenter.
That makes sense. Now I’d better check my various vehicle policies to see what the coverage is.

Just read a story on CBC about a guy in Kamloops who did not have comprehensive insurance (thus no theft coverage) on his ’96 pickup. It got stolen, he figured oh well, it wasn’t worth much anyway. Months later the truck is found wadded into a ravine near Abbotsford. It must be removed from the ravine as it may pose an environmental hazard, apparently.
The guy in Kamloops is expected to pay for the recovery, about 2 grand.
If he had theft insurance, ICBC would pay for the recovery, apparently.

He said the truck was worth 1,300.00 so why would anyone put theft on that?
I definitely think the same regarding older vehicles that I insure, but ow maybe not.

Now we know why you should put theft insurance on even an old beater.

Smarter but poorer.

I’m not into feeding TROLLS…In fact this particular TROLL does such a good job of feeding himself that he has to keep inventing new identities just so he can keep up with the overflow!
Nice try though!

Highest Incidents of Alcoholism is from people who are law enforcement officers yet you never here of any getting busted for DWI, nudge nudge wink wink

Just cut through the crap!! Liberals until 2021! Maybe by then, the NDP might get thier $hit together!!

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