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October 27, 2017 7:47 pm

AQ Advisory Continues for P.G. and Vanderhoof

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 @ 9:24 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  The weather pattern that has  pushed  cold air into the region  persists,  and that is  the main factor  behind  an  air quality  advisory  that remains in effect for both Prince George and Vanderhoof.

At 9 this morning,  the  24 hour rolling average  of levels of PM2.5 were 42 mg/m3 in Prince George and 40 mg/m3 in Vanderhoof.

While  there may be some  relief tomorrow morning with an increase in wind,   this weather pattern is expected to  stick  with the region until at least the weekend.


So you tell us the air quality in Abbotsford smells. Well at least wont make you sick.


    I’m sure that the people of Abby, Chilliwack and Hope just absolutely love breathing all of the GVRD exhaust emissions that are constantly blowing inland from the coast! The GVRD gets a nice gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean, cleaning it’s airshed by blowing everything in to the end of the valley, packing the emissions in, right on top of those lucky Fraser Valley communities!


    You are forgetting about the ozone … that is the yellow haze one can see.

In the past, I remember driving down 15th ave from Central and hitting the yellow haze at Carney street. yuk

I think the yellow school buses are the worst. I gag and almost puke when ever I get within five truck lengths to one. I swear one school bus puts out more exhaust than twenty highway tractors. Biggest road polluters by far.

    That one pickup in town that leaves a big black cloud whenever the throttle is stepped on is maybe a bit worse.

So our air is cleaner, eh?

This too can change quicker than we think.

It is weather dependent. Get a couple of good years and the annual AQ reports will show an improvement. We still have not found a way of controlling the weather.

A multi week period of a long lasting cold snap, minimal snow cover on the streets, the City putting fines onto the initial icy streets left to get blown around by tires and the air vortexes caused by traffic coupled with no natural wind action to clear the air and we get climbing particulate counts primarily traffic caused I would assume.

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