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October 27, 2017 7:46 pm

Friday Free for All – Dec. 16, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Time to speak your mind.

It’s  the Friday Free for All,  where   you are invited to speak  up on issues that have   touched a chord over the past week.

You pick the topic,  but obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


It is the first time in a decade that the Parliament’s independent ethical watchdog has asked a sitting Prime Minister to defend his integrity!

Globe editorial: Justin Trudeau’s latest cash-for-access explanation is worse than the last

Sunny ways! Sunny ways, indeed!

ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/editorials/justin-trudeaus-latest-cash-for-access-explanation-is-worse-than-the-last/article33327831/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=Referrer%3A+Social+Network+%2F+Media&utm_campaign=Shared+Web+Article+Links

    I am not a Trudeau supporter by any means, but this outrage by Mighty Righties over his so-called “cash for access” is a bit two faced, isn’t it. The same people who defended Christy Clark’s “cash for access” and the provincial Liberal Cabinet’s “cash for access” in 2001 and said it was perfectly legal and OK are now outraged over Trudeau doing the same. It’s almost as if there were two sets of rules: One for the provincial right wing and another for the centrists.

      It is wrong no matter the stripes, using a straw man to defend it is typical though.

      What is even more wrong, or doubly wrong, is accepting a donation to a family foundation from one of the attendees to the dinner. Access is one thing but to top it off with what could be construed as a bribe is another. This isn’t Mexico,one does not bribe the cartel

      ammonra, we’ve seen this before!

      Say it with me, all together now……..The Clinton Foundation!!

      Hart Guy, this is Canada not the US. In Canada and BC it is primarily the Federal Prime Minister and his cabinet, and the Provincial Premier and her cabinet that charge for access. My reason for finding it so deplorable is that the Prime Minister and the Premier personally decide how billions of dollars are spent so the whole deplorable “money for access” process is rife with negative possibilities instead of being above board. Before you say so, the same would apply if the NDP’s Horgan becomes Premier next year. At that time his control of billions of dollars as Premier would make it just as wrong if he were to behave the same way.

      To reiterate, Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are a red herring and have nothing to do with Canada’s cash for access scandals of the most senior elected officials. They are only brought up to distract attention away from them.

      ammonra, when elected as Prime Minister, our great leader Justin laid out what he claimed to be some very strict guidelines with respect to “ethics”!

      It would seem that perhaps as a direct result of Justin’s extremely poor attendance record in the House since the election, that he has perhaps forgotten his guidelines! If he showed up more often, I’m sure that those in opposition would be more than happy to remind him!

      In any event, his actions of late are cause for concern. Read this today, from the Globe and Mail:

      “Trudeau invited Liberal donors to official dinner for Chinese Premier”

      ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/trudeau-invited-liberal-donors-to-official-dinner-for-chinese-premier/article33343988/?click=sf_globefb

      A bit more commentary on the matter at hand:

      “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited five dozen Liberal Party donors to an official dinner in honour of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in September – giving them the opportunity to mingle with senior cabinet ministers and top officials of the Chinese government.”
      “Many of the Liberal donors have direct dealings with China either through their businesses, law firms, lobbying activities or close connections to the Chinese government, The Globe and Mail has learned.”
      “Conservative Foreign Affairs critic Peter Kent said in an interview ‘It doesn’t look good no matter what the Prime Minister says.’”

    Just finished reading the Dermod Travis article titled; ‘Pumping Out the Messages” it was a very interesting and factual read. It really does underscore the Christy Clark Liberals desperation to win favour with the BC electorate; 7,700 news media releases were sent out by her government announcing some of the most menial items, like; a new floor for a school, new air conditioning for another school, new windows for yet another school. Then there is transportation, with over 400 media releases some of which announce the building of new highway rest area toilets, which is where this government’s reputation is in right now!

    Poor Christy Clark government, fresh out of pie-in-the-sky dreams to sell us, the LNG pipe-dream turned out to be exactly that, a dream… along with the promised Billion Dollar “Prosperity Fund” from LNG revenue along with those 100,000’s of promised jobs. Now her government is forced to “scrape the bottom of the barrel” announcing minor renovations to schools, and the building of highway rest area toilets! I guess we cannot fault them, with absolutely nothing else on the go, they can make all the liquor law and regulation change announcements they want. However, some of us are still waiting for something, anything, more substantially important!

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-ndp-calling-for-prohibition-on-liquor-announcements-1.3896611

    Yep and dear leader charged the ethics commissioner $1500 for his time to be investigated. Yep we got a real winner.

Safe week end to all.
If you’re going to celebrate whatever with a couple of drinks, please consider not driving home.
Bus, cab, operation red nose, designated driver, you get the idea.

Good post Hart guy. Good reminder metalman. And a safe weekend to you and all of yours too.
I can’t imagine the regret someone would go through, knowing that a careless decision on their part caused untold grief on another innocent family or even their own, by having an accident from drinking and driving or even just being high on something.

Talking or texting on a cell phone is the same thing. Your awareness and judgement is impaired by distraction.

Please friends, think about these things and don’t be a part of it. Thanks. Let’s all have a good safe Christmas season.

City hall has their priorities wrong trying to find very expensive land downtown to buy and built student residences in a scheme to assist the land values of downtown land owners.

Students come to PG to study not to I cure more debt spending money floating the downtown business owners. It says a lot about how bad things are in PG if this is the great hope for our downtown. The lets house the out of town university students at third and George mentality because they will make our downtown great again strategy. In line with our mayors community building education strategy of closing 26 local schools while chairman of the school board.

I look at Ospika between 15th and 22nd a ensues and see 90% of the land owned by provincial government agencies that could easily be relocated to other industrial areas of the city like boundary road or Willow Cale and ask why can’t we have that land donated by the province for student housing and get the city out of the real estate speculation business?

The ministry of forests and lands for example right across from CN centre… Why doesn’t the city work to have these ministry jobs located in the downtown and have that building converted to student housing for the trades program nearby?

Bad planing by the city that will leave a legacy of failure is all I see coming from city hall and their real estate planing.

    Also my brother just got back from BCIT. His company sends him to that trade school because they have on campus housing dedicated to the trades program and as a result companies find it continent to send their employees to that school making it a school of choice for employers that helps the school get a reputation for excellence.

    When a company has a choice to send their apprentice to a school with on campus or dedicated to capes housing rather than a school that relies on public housing markets for a two month rent each time… Guess which school they choose?

    If PG wants to become a centre for trades training than we need to have dedicated student housing for out of town trades students. They don’t fit the regular post secondary schedule so should have their own residence to accommodate the 12 week cycle times they go to school each year.

    My cousin from the Kooteneys did his first two years of heavy duty mechanics here at CNC but could never find good accommodations on short notice so stayed with family. He finished his ticket somewhere else where the mine he worked for had accommodations arranged with the school.

    If we are to grow the school population and programs then surely we need to get on with providing those out of town students with dedicated student housing rather than the private basement market of uncertain availabilies. Otherwise we undermine the institutions and their potential and with it the city as a whole.

Also be interesting on Monday to see if the Clinton, Soros, and CIA inspired coup is successful.

IMO Trump would be wise to disband the CIA once in office. Use the military intelligence and the FBI until he can get a new civilian intelligence organization that isn’t controlled by the deep state politicizing the intelligence.

The whole Russians hacked the elections, Trump is with the Russians… Is nothing but the propaganda of zionist, and communist globalists that want to inspire a coup by the college of electors. It could only lead to civil war and just goes to show how irresponsible they all are with their scorched earth policies as losers.

First off there is zero evidence the Russians hacked the vote. The vote was legitimate. What these traitors to the constitution are really saying is that Ruusia hacked the emails that Hillary and Podesta had illegally on a private server exchanging classified information with almost no security measures to protect the data. They allege that these emails were then used to undermine her campaign and therefor it must have been the Russians that exposed her crimes, and their actions to undermine the process… So the Russians flipped the election by exposing the Clinton campaign in emails that have never been proven false and could be proven false just by releasing the actual accounts to an independent third party, but they won’t because it’s much easier to blame the Russians than prove weakileaks wrong.

Worse yet it according to those at weakileaks it was’t the Russians at all that gave them the emails, but rather US Intel at the CIA that did’t want the corrupt Clinton camp elected.

In any event the Americans voted on Obama care rates going up two weeks before the election, immigration open borders, and the deplorables comment, as well as Trumps direct message to the people. So the effort to delegitimization Trump and orchestrate a coup is on false grounds and the work of those that want power at all cost. IMO

    I’m sure as a GRU/FSB agent, you would be very happy to see the CIA disbanded. How is the weather in Moscow?

      Where are those weapons of mass destruction? CIA still looking for them?

    Hillary was not using the official (more hack proof) government email she was supposed to be using! This morning they had as a CBS NEWS item Obama saying that Russian hackers hacked Hillary’s private email account!

    Whose fault is that? She already admitted that it was a bad idea and that she would not do it again given the opportunity.

    Icy relations between Russia and the US are the last thing this troubled world needs!

      Podesta emails got hacked by a simple email requesting a password change. Yep some real bright lights in the DNC.

    “military intelligence” …. I always considered that to be one of the classic oxymorons.

    The other one in that league, of course, is “military justice”.

    “IMO Trump would be wise to disband the CIA once in office. Use the military intelligence and the FBI until he can get a new civilian intelligence organization that isn’t controlled by the deep state politicizing the intelligence.” Funny thing though, the FBI is now agreeing with the CIA assessment that Russia was involved & complicit in hacking DNC & associate e-mails & potentially influenced the results of the election. It has been pondered for quite some time as to why only DNC related content were hacked & not the Republicans. After all Trump has shown, repeatedly, that not only can he not tell the truth, but rwally shows he cannot distinguish between truth or lie. Turns out the Republicans were compromised but nothing of their “dirt” was released. Eagleone, did you not denounce Trump as not a good leader or Presidential candidate just a few months ago?

So Eagle ….how is that Bush family plot to assassinate tRump going ? What’s new in the world of fake news. FBI found anything in those e-mails yet ? No ? Maybe disband the FBI also ? Maybe after tRump is done with his “I’m the King” tour , he can prepare to govern by twitter. If he’s not to busy attacking anyone who doesn’t bow before him. Oh, wish Vladimir a merry Christmas for me would you . Thanks.

    That was a really dumb comment. Sounds like you are doing alright with your own fake news. The FBI can’t do anything on the emails until there is a new attorney general that lifts the immunity. Her hacked emails are enough to send her to prison for Rico violations, but time will tell.

    As for Vladimir, he is Russian I have nothing to do with him. I am sure he would be glad you wish him a merry Christmas.. BTW Being that he is a true Christain unlike some of our spineless leaders here in Canada that sell out Christmas for happy holidays.

      “Her hacked emails are enough to send her to prison for Rico violations, but time will tell.”

      That is your opinion based on absolutely no credible information. It is not a news item based on any credible information. You might want to start by waiting till someone goes through each email to see which ones can be corroborated as being originals and were properly classified at the time they were written/received/sent.

      Even Presidential candidates are innocent until proven guilty.

      This is not military justice. The USA is still a country of due process the notion you do not seem to understand.

      Even Trumps tweets would have to be under scrutiny to determine who actually tweeted them if they became important in an action against him.

      The public statements he made with the media there to record them and report them where he invited the Russians to hack US political emails during an election, well, that is another matter because anyone can hear his words. Couple that with what now seems to be a fact that such activity happened, and one has a good shot at sedition hearings which is an indictable offence leading to impeachment.

      In case you do not know what sedition is: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state; incitement to rebel; subversion.

      Putin is a true christian…..has sent the poor people of Allepo an early christmas present…..Bullets and Barrelbombs. Better still he shows no favorities sharing equally between men, women and children. Even orphans huddled in basements are not left out. What a guy.

      Has made sure that any political opponent that presents the slightest threat never has to worry about the aches and pains that come with old age. Same story with any journalist who criticizes him to heavily. No wonder you have such a mancrush and feel all tingley when he rides his horse bare chested.

      But a true christian none the less…. doG will forgive him.

      Oh wow ! You actually called my comment dumb and then went on to religion ? Sorry but I’m not going to spend Friday night re-posting past Eagleone bat chit crazy comments. I would love to pee in your Corn Flakes however that product is made by Kelloggs , and I know all you Breitbart types are boycotting Kelloggs products.
      Hmmmm….Eagleone….Happy Hanukkah.

I would like to see Highways 16 and 97 within the city boundaries restrict heavy truck traffic to the right/curb lane. This will improve safety and save one lane from getting beat up.

Now, if the city doesn’t want to go there, at least trucking companies can instruct operators to drive in the right/curb lane.

Day after day you see heavy trucks ‘drag race’ down the street…..they are essentially racing, or at least cause a rolling road block.

    It seems like racing maybe. Usually it’s an empty truck passing a loaded truck that then gets held up by a lane change that blocks the passing truck from passing. Far safer to pass the loaded truck in town with passing lanes than to follow it out of town and try to pass on the highway.

    Far as I can tell loaded trucks do all stay to the right in town and don’t pass one another. It’s company policy already for most companies.

      This has not been my observation, this also extends to the few passing lanes on Hwy 16 west, two trucks side by side for the entire length of the passing lane whether its 1 or more kilometers long.

      E 1 you don’t get out much or you have an agenda.

      E1 drives/drove trucks.

      However, I have seen trucks loaded with logs sitting side by side in the city as well as on highways.

      Trucking has increased over the past decades. Highways are really not built for such heavy trucking traffic anymore. They need to be four laned with an additional passing lane at uphill sections which would allow the left lane to be truck free.

      “Far as I can tell loaded trucks do all stay to the right in town and don’t pass one another. It’s company policy already for most companies.” he…he…ha..bwahahahahahaha. Can I tell that to the two loaded logging trucks blocking both lanes from the lights at the bypass at Spruceland straight through to the lights by the Pine Center yesterday afternoon? Or the two fully loaded Slomac chip trucks doing the same two days earlier? Loaded heavy truck haulers occupying both lanes through the bypass is a regular occurrence.

    Loaded loggers are constantly in the left lane. Most empty trucks have equal acceleration to most cars and pickups and I have no problem with them being in the left lane. One truck is as long as 5 or 6 four wheelers. If it were 5 or 6 four wheelers in the left lane doing the same speed as the empty truck it isn’t a problem is it? Because it’s a truck, it’s a problem, right?

That is a good point Eagle one on campus and schools all in one This should be apply here too.

    I agree. Thanks ;)

Just to piss us off.
How many coal plants are out there, not counting South America
Europe has 468 plants and building 27 more, for a total of 495
Turkey has 56 plants and building 93 more, for a total of 149
South Africa has 79 and building 93 more for a total of 103
India has 589 and building 446 more for a total of 1036
Philippines has 19 and building 60 more for a total of 79
South Korea has 58 and building 26 more for a total of 84
Japan has 90 and building 45 more for a total of 135
CHINA has 2363 and building 1171 more for a total of 3534!!
But here comes the Alberta NDP and Justin Trudeau, to save the planet and shut down 5 coal plants in Alberta. In the process put more strain and stress on a fragile Alberta economy.
Justin Trudeau would rather drop $10,000,000 dollars in Africa for the feminist cause rather than spend it on our health care programs.
Justin Trudeau took a bribe of $1,000,000 to the Trudeau foundation and sold access to himself for these Chinese communist billionaires for $1500 dollars a plate.
In 2016, just foreign donations to the Trudeau foundation has exceeded $1.5 million.
Nothing here is passing the smell test.

    China has the problem that it has a lot of coal and not much oil and natural gas. The Chinese would love to move away from coal because it presents a huge environmental and health problem. I’ve been in industrial cities like Tianjin where there was so much coal dust in the air that if you left a book on your desk and picked it up a couple of days later, you’d get your hand dirty. Coal dust at those levels causes a lot of respiratory problems.

    This is why China is so desperately trying to expand its economic zone in the South China Sea. Those rocks are worthless – what China wants is control of the oil and gas in t he surrounding waters.

      I have never seen where China would love to get away from coal generation, do you have a link? In fact China is investigating sending their coal generated electricity to Europe.

      A modern supercritical coal generating plant virtually eliminates pollution.

      China’s air pollution is from older plants, industry and vehicles with no anti pollution devices.

      Coal will be China’s energy back bone for a long time even with their large nuclear power development.

      China wants control of oil and gas? I thought the consensus on this site is oil and gas is dead and will be extinct in 10 years….

      So you (seamutt) are ignoring the comment made by billposer about the coal dust being everywhere. I would like to believe that “supercritical” coal generating plants are virtually pollution free and that the Chinese have been building them! Why are Chinese citizens wearing masks when the air is so thick with pollution that it can be cut with a knife? CO2 is invisible. China exporting their coal generated electricity to Europe??? Under the oceans transmission lines?

      yes PG lots of coal dust, old tech. Coal dust can be mitigated if there is a will.

      You really should check facts before commenting, lookup super critical coal generation plants.

      Read my post again about pollution.

      Go to google earth, look for China, look for Europe. I take it geography was not your best subject.

      Again you really should check facts before commenting.

      Here’s an article on China’s shift away from coal: http://www.iied.org/flipside-chinas-shift-away-coal

      Explain to me how China is going to export its coal generated electricity to Europe, according to your first comment!

      If it is so easy to mitigate coal dust, why aren’t the Chinese doing it? By the way the website link you posted is one that gives pushes its own agenda without paying attention to anything else. Period. Not much credibility, if any at all.

    Have you noticed how the media our politicians and the media, when talking about shutting down our coal fired electrical plants, always seem to show a picture of a coal plant belching out huge plumes of back smoke! They always seem to neglect telling us that the pictures are from Chinese plants, or from somewhere else OTHER THAN IN CANADA!

    You won’t see a Canadian coal fired electrical generating station pumping out huge plumes of black smoke, because they DON’T pump out huge plumes of black smoke!

    Our Canadian coal-fired electrical generating stations, like our Canadian oil and gas industry operate under some of the most stringent environmental standards in the entire world!

    The Alberta NDP think they are saving the world by shutting down Alberta’s coal fired electrical generating stations, the cleanest operating ones in the world! If the Alberta NDP and the rest of the climate change alarmists really want to save us all, why aren’t they over in China, Turkey, India, etc. picketing and protesting where they might actually make a difference?

    Anybody got an answer to that?

      In most cases those plumes of so called smoke is actually water vapor, notice how fast the plume dissipates. The picture taken at a certain angle or a little photoshoping can make those plumes lot real nasty. Though in China with old plants with no modern pollution updates they can be nasty. That is old tech not modern controls. Their new plants are much cleaner.

      CBC is a fan of using Photoshoped pictures to make water vapor plumes look nasty.

      ” …… Alberta’s coal fired electrical generating stations, the cleanest operating ones in the world!”

      Prove it!!!

      How do they compare to the one in Nordjylland in Denmark, for instance. It claims to be the most efficient plant in the world at the moment?

      There appear to be 10 coal fired power stations in Alberta.

      The plant name, the period when in was built and renewed as well as the capacity is shown below

      1.Battle River Generating Station Units 3-5 :1969–1981 689

      2.Sundance Power Station :1970–1980 1,566

      3.H. R. Milner Generating Station :1972 158

      4.Genesee Generating Station 1&2 :1989–1994 820

      5.Keephills Generating Station 1&2 :1983–1984 766

      6.Sheerness Generating Station :1986–1990 780

      7.Battle River Generating Station Units 1&2 :1998 56

      8.Wabamun Generating Station Units 1–4 :2003–2010 570

      9.Genesee Generating Station 3 :2005 466

      10.Keephills Generating Station 3 :2011 450

      Any plant that is older than 25 years is considered to no loner meet standards in Germany, for instance.

      The first six are older than 25 years and their efficiency quality standard is questionable.

      Sort of something like going from a 65% efficient gas furnace from 30 years ago to a 98% efficient gas furnace of today which no longer needs a flue.

      GOpg2015 What are you talking about. Germany was supposed to be “green” and are now sacrosanct for building coal plants. They found out very expensively solar and wind does not cut it. Look at Ontario, electrical rates skyrocketing since shutting down coal plants, or do you deny that?

      Germany building new plants yes so you agree they are better than older plants. Well Alberta could be building newer more modern plants but instead will get out of coal all together to their determent.

      I don’t know if Alberta has the cleanest but I have never seen a smoke plume when driving by. Matter of fact I have seen coal plants in Alberta, Ontario, Texas, Australia, England and never saw a smoke plume.

      Anyhow molten salt nuclear may be the wave of the future once developed and even has the potential of being cheaper than hydro electric. Look it up for details.

      Hart Guy, you are making some good points followed by a question. When Alberta set a target of CO2 reduction it has to curtail CO2 emissions if it wants to meet the target.This is an issue very different from pollution emissions. CO2 is not considered to be a pollutant – it is considered to be a GHG contributor, a green house gas. That is why Alberta is phasing in a carbon tax! It is an encouragement to develope non fossil based energy, such as from wind, solar and geothermal sources. Pollution reduction will be automatic and in reality a bonus.

    A coal plant is not a coal plant.

    If a coal plant can be replaced by hydro, that is the best trade. The problem is, not every location on this planet has access to hydro.

    So, when one see that Germany, for instance, is building new coal plants, they are replacing old, inefficient plants. If you read the linked article you will see that Germany is not only shutting down its nuclear plants, but also replacing coal plants which are mostly over 25 years old.

    One cannot just put out coal plant numbers. That is far too simplistic.

    We need someone to do better research than going through a list for numbers. Give the whole story. A partial story is total misinformation.


You will only piss 10% of people off with this post! Technology is great when applied to green energy, but technology is not great when applied to perceived dirty energy!

    Panasonic and solarcity is reopening panasonics moth balled solar panel factory in Osaka Japan because of overwhelming demand ahead of the Buffalo NY PV GIGA factory opening in mid 2017 . The major demand is driven by pure unadulterated financial self interest . Solar and batteries are going to eat all other forms of energies breakfast , lunch and supper . The fossils have to limit production in order to prop up their price fixing . In any other industry that would be illegal but the fossils are above the laws of man .

      Elon and Solarcity is building a large solar facility and they think they can get the price down to 8 cents a kWh. If what you say is true that solar is so much cheaper than fossil fuels for producing power is he price fixing?

      Ataloss is smart he got in on solars basement. Seeing solar only supplies less that 1% of the worlds energy and that is only when the sun is shining. Outside of solar companies failing the sky is bright for solar.

      Do I need a sarc tag?

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/12/the-truth-about-energy-subsidies-solar-gets-436-times-more-than-coal/

      Any disagreements please refute with facts and links

      Still waiting, still waiting.

      Ataloss, hate to break it to you, but it looks like there is still some life left in the fossil fuel industry!

      Just this week:

      – Husky Energy to spend $1 billion on new heavy oil projects in Saskatchewan (Alex MacPherson, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Saskatoon StarPhoenix  12.14.2016)

      …and last week:

      Cenovus Energy revives Christina Lakes oilsands project –
      Calgary-based company will restart expansion of Christina Lake oilsands project

      ht tp://www.leaderpost.com/husky+energy+spend+billion+heavy+projects+saskatchewan/12527542/story.html

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/cenovus-spending-boost-oilsands-christina-lake-1.3887065

      Britain’s increasing reliance on “intermittent” renewable energy means that the country is facing an unprecedented supply crisis, a senior Ofgem executive has warned.

      Andrew Wright, a senior partner at Ofgem and former interim chief executive, warned that households could be forced to pay extra to keep their lights on while their neighbours “sit in the dark” because “not everyone will be able to use as much as electricity as they want”.

      He warned that in future richer customers will be able to “pay for a higher level of reliability” while other households are left without electricity.

      Mr Wright said that because Britain has lost fuel capacity because of the closure of coal mines, there is now “much less flexibility” for suppliers.

      In a stark warning about the future of energy supply in Britain, Mr Wright said that consumers could be forced to pay more if they want to ensure they always have power.

      ht tp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/12/11/britain-facing-energy-crisis-could-could-see-families-pay-extra/

      The BBC, that bastion of slanted reportage on all things green, has an article about a new solar power plant entitled “The Colossal African Solar Plant That Could Power Europe“. It’s full of all kinds of interesting information about the plant, located in Ouarzazate, Morocco.


      The reporter talks about a variety of things, including the fact that on the day the reporter visited it was overcast … but somehow, despite hyperventilating about just how awesome and gosh-dang wonderful the plant is and the difference this will make to the planet, the reporter never got around to talking about the cost. Funny, that.

      Being a congenial sort of fellow, at least on a good day with a following wind, I figured I’d give them a hand. The relevant numbers are available at the Wikipedia page—the plant cost $3.9 billion dollars US ($3.9E+9, much of it a gift from hard-pressed European taxpayers diverted by guilty CO2-obsessed European liberals), and it produces 370 gigawatt-hours per year (370E+9 watt-hrs).

      Now, in the US a power plant typically sells its product for something like six cents US per kilowatt-hour. Multiplying that by 370 GWhr/year gives us an annual value of the energy produced of about $22,000,000 dollars per year.

      And at twenty-two mega-bucks per year, how long will it take to pay back the $3.9 billion dollar cost of the plant?

      Er … um … breakeven time is a hundred and seventy-seven years … but only if there are zero maintenance costs … and if there is no interest on any borrowed funds … and if you don’t count avoided income available from investing the four giga-bucks elsewhere for a century … ooogh.

      However, I do note that on the Wikipedia page it says that they are selling the electricity wholesale at US$ 0.19 per kilowatt-hour. Not good news for poor people in Morocco. This brings the breakeven time down to a mere fifty-six years … again if there are no maintenance costs, no interest costs, and no avoided income.

      You know, people keep selling these plants on the basis of saving the world, but at that horrendous cost and huge breakeven time, I’m not sure we can afford to keep saving the poor thing time after time …


      Both cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-benefit analysis indicate that the project is not economically justified under prevailing economic conditions.

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/12/10/ouarzazate/

did you fact check your 10% number or pull it out of your hat?

9 out of 10 people I talk to agree. Lol

    You are talking to the wrong people. ;-)

Isn’t it wonderful how the Telus try to make changing an optik tv subscription as difficult as possible. If you want to add channels that is easily done online but canceling service is a totally other exercise in frustration.

First you go to chat online with the thought canceling can be handled easily. Now you wait in queue for several minutes, even up to an hour. Once you finally get through to a service representative they inform you that they can not cancel the service. Canceling service is done by the Telus customer loyalty group. Don’t expect to now get transferred. Nope. The representative takes your info and passes it on to the loyalty group who will now call you within 72 hours.

Having to go through this type of Telus dog and pony show hardly generates customer loyalty.

Oh for the days when a simple phone call to a human handled outstanding issues in a matter of moments.

    Your new subscriber takes care of the cancellation and switch to their service. If they do not why switch to them, your future service with them is doomed to be attrocious?

With this cold snap and record cold in Metro Vancouver the warmers are sure quiet. Guess they are all snuggled under their blankies, fingers to cold for typing.

    @ seamutt, I’m sure that they are all nice and cozy in their polyester fleece pj’s and blankets!

    I wonder how much electricity would be required if we were all using it to fuel our cars, heat our homes and hot water, etc. during this long cold spell? When you consider that all of BC and Alberta has been COLD, I would imagine that the demand would be huge, Site C HUGE!

    I’m sure that nobody has been feeling guilty warming up their carbon powered cars and trucks and turning up the thermostat that controls their natural gas or propane powered furnaces!

    Can you just imagine the amount of smoke that would clog our airshed if we were all burning wood to heat our homes and water? Never mind the amount of wood that we’d be cutting down!

    There is no cold snap here in Abby. Its just your imagination. This is lotus land. Good air quality as well

      Did your account Get hacked?

      Gee Retired 02, you been drinking already? For crying out loud, it wasn’t even noon yet when you posted!

      Give ‘im a break! It was noon in Newfunland!

    Seamutt, haven’t you learned yet that when it’s record warm it’s catastrophic, human caused global warming, but when it’s record cold, why that’s just weather.

    Besides, this cold weather is due to global warming. Yeah, ’cause global warming altered the jet stream so that it pulls cold air down on us.

The Trudeau government made a big deal about having a woman’s picture on the ten dollar bill for political points. They made it out it has never happened before and I pointed out the five dollar bill was the only denomination not to have had women on it at one time or another.

Digitus then posted this

“Are you and Ezra upset at the change to the $10 dollar bill because a woman will be on it or are you upset because she is a black woman” ?

All I did was point out an observation and he turned it into a black thing, interesting.

    Really ? Didn’t you post a link to Rebel Media on that topic for us ? The rant on that site led me to believe that your issue is because it is a woman or coloured woman. I mean geez seamutt, whenever 250 news has a story about aboriginals, you and a couple others comment and then the moderator closes the comments. How could I not get the impression that you are one of the cranky old white people that think women and coloured people should only be seen and not heard, and that tRump is going to return the US to its 1950’s greatness ?

      Digitus I must be hitting the target, all you can throw is mud.

      It was not a rant about who was on Canadian bills but just a fact and pointed out by a woman. But exaggerate if you must.

      As for aboriginals it might be a good idea for you to withdraw your statement equating me with making statements against natives.

      How about a mature debate if you are capable which going by past examples you are very immature. Mud slinging seems to be all you are capable of.

35 years (give or take).

That’s how long it took for to finally get some lighting on the darkest stretch of road in our city. Foothills to Highland drive.

Nice touch!

Kudos :)

    Turn on your head lights.

      Usual bed time for people of your age is shortly after the 4 o’clock blue plate special so doubt that you would even know if Crapitsford has working street lights.

      Having lights on Foothills will make driving safer no more so at this time of year when it gets dark so early.

      The fact the PG installed them should be no concern of your as you have not lived here for years. Just keep to your regular schedule down there, morning trip to confess your sins to a villian in vestments and a trip to the drug store every couple of weeks to stock up on denture adhesive and Preparation H.

      And for doG sake don’t get the two mixed up again:D

      Put your flippin’ glasses on!

    Good comment.

See Abby made the top ten in Canada. For impaired drivers. Must be a side effect of the smell. Where is PG? way down the list.


Nice to see RCMP catching speeders on the new 5km raceway call Boundary Rd.

Also, I have not had cable for 2 years now and let me tell you I do not miss it one bit. Kids neither! With all the other options out there now a days, Netflix, Showbox (free TV or Movies) etc… I save over $100/month and I never see a commercial nor do I have to flick through channels to find something to watch. Reno’s are getting done and kids seem to sit down and chat with us more, along with getting their homework completed before gaming or watching a movie. I can read all the news I want online.
I am not even sure why people still subscribe to cable services. Seems to be a rip off these days.
Have a safe weekend all!!

Thoughts on Mayor Hall and Council’s big push for the bulk of NDIT’s money to be dumped into the Marriott Courtyard’s hotel project downtown?

Interesting read in yesterday’s local paper!

Last week I had a thought about Russian influence operations in canada , so I asked and of coarse ……. Crickets! So I’ve done the work of trying to find stuff . We are so lucky so far . Or so we imagine . Maybe their new guy in the White House might trade one of our northern island for Moscow hotel rights . There is a bit in Wikipedia. Like Russian sleeper cells operating on our passports in the states . I’m not surprised that our righties have pointed at Putin for getting Trudeau elected because Putin is your guy . He called your Stevie a gas bag .

. I’m not surprised that our righties (haven’t ) pointed at Putin for getting Trudeau elected because Putin is your guy.

Did the Chinese plant big money into the Pierre Elliot Trudeau foundation in order to discredit Justin Trudeau ? After all he has no control over any aspect of the foundation . The butterfly effect springs to mind .

    Man, are you grasping at straws with that comment! Trudeau’s an idiot and the Chinese know that Justin is more than capable of discrediting himself, haha!

    Bet you are a fan and supporter of the Clinton Foundation!

For those of you on Facebook, have you noticed that Facebook has recommended unsolicited articles and ads from the BC Liberal Caucus and the Provincial Government extolling their great and wonderful Oz magical benefits they claim to be providing for BC.

One: I did not ask for these to be sent to me, but I am getting them anyway. I have most certainly not made the Liberal party, nor the Liberal government my friends on Facebook, so it raises the next question.

Two: Is Facebook being paid to send them to BC residents? Does the Liberal Caucus pay for those sent under its name with no tax money involved? More importantly, does the government pay for the ones sent out in its name from tax dollars?

Three: Will all of these ads, because that is what they are, be removed during the election period next year, particularly if paid for out of tax funds. At the moment, ALL tax funded web sites must be removed, although the Liberals have been very lax about that in the past and left back doors.

    Four. Is it in mark Zuckerberg’s interest to get Clark re-elected as it was for him to get trump elected ?

      How many meddlers are there ?

    I only get ads about midgets in compromising positions on my Facebook feed…

    Seriously though, no, I haven’t noticed a single Government ad on Facebook. Doesn’t mean they’re not there, I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring ads.

    What are FB ads? Google “FB Purity” install it and end all ads on your FB pages.

    I get all kinds of ads on FB, Liberal, Conservative, NDP, pro-global warming, anti-global warming, all of them unsolicited. I accept it as a necessary evil – that’s how the bills get paid so I can be on for free.

    Facebook ads are mostly targeted, they use your history and other clues on your browsing habits to tailor the suggested post on your interests. It appears by the facebook ads you are getting you have been spending a lot of time researching the BC Government, and being from BC the ad machine rocks your world.

    I get a ton of NHL ads and computer ads because I was searching for a computer online recently and I watch NHL on youtube.

God night to all you lovely people in George Hope you find your way home from the bar safely.

    Remember when you open your eyes in the morning to check to see if you are looking at the blades or the roots of the grass. Better check twice as you might get confused with the snow on the ground:P


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but some of us taxpayers can only spent limited time on here! So the wrong people I talk to are lawyers, doctors, business owners , teachers, conservation officers, pulp mill workers, sawmill workers, engineers, politicians, bankers, miners, loggers,labourers, accountants, forest ministry staff,First Nations, mayors, millwrights, mechanics, welders………etc. basically tax paying Canadians! So yes 9 out of 10 agree! But I haven’t spent any time in the EI or welfare line so you are technically correct, that it may be less than 9 out of 10

China has finally made a CO2 reduction commitment in Paris, as has the USA. How on earth is China going to meet its target if it starts to export electricity from coal fired plants? The whole idea is ludicrous. It is completely opposite from what China needs to do in order to even being able to supply its own domestic industrial, commercial and consumer requirements.

Coal mining it a very dangerous industry, kills thousands of miners annually, not to mention those who die from Black Lung disease.

    China had expected to triple its emissions over 15 years at which point it expected that it’s rate of emissions to begin to drop.

    By contrast, their commitment to reduce CO2 emissions involves tripling emissions over 15 years at which point the rate of emissions will begin to drop.

    The party in Paris means nothing, does nothing. Just a party where despot leaders from despot countries line up for hand outs from the likes of our dear leader.

    China does not have to do anything until 2030 even then it is not binding, no enforcement.

    Besides like I have said before and no one has refuted me, there is no provable verifiable science showing how c02 affects climate if any at all. It is all about wealth distribution which for most lefties is fine, getting money for no effort.

    What is happening in climate now is nothing new. Give climatic history a read and one will find nothing new. The earth has actually been in a cooling trend for the last 7000 years.

    Again try to refute what I have posted with proof, well keep trying.

Hi y’all,

I’ve been out all day. Didja miss me?

Now, what can I stir up?

Here is something first published in 2002, now reproduced with updates.


Here is our predictive track record, from an article that Dr. Sallie Baliunas, Dr. Tim Patterson and I published in 2002 in our debate with the Pembina Institute on the now-defunct Kyoto Accord.

Our eight-point Rebuttal includes predictions that have all materialized in those countries in Western Europe that have adopted the full measure of global warming mania. My country, Canada, was foolish enough to sign the Kyoto Protocol, but then was wise enough to ignore it.
[Our 2002 article is in “quotation marks”, followed by current commentary.]

1. “Climate science does not support the theory of catastrophic human-made global warming – the alleged warming crisis does not exist.”
NO net global warming has occurred for more than 18 years despite increasing atmospheric CO2.

2. “Kyoto focuses primarily on reducing CO2, a relatively harmless gas, and does nothing to control real air pollution like NOx, SOx, and particulates, or serious pollutants in water and soil.”
Note the extreme pollution of air, water and soil that still occurs in China and the Former Soviet Union.

3. “Kyoto wastes enormous resources that are urgently needed to solve real environmental and social problems that exist today. For example, the money spent on Kyoto in one year would provide clean drinking water and sanitation for all the people of the developing world in perpetuity.”
Since the start of global warming mania, about 50 million children below the age of five have died from contaminated water, and trillions of dollars have been squandered on global warming nonsense.

4. “Kyoto will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and damage the Canadian economy – the U.S., Canada’s biggest trading partner, will not ratify Kyoto, and developing countries are exempt.”
Canada signed Kyoto but then most provinces wisely ignored it – the exception being now-depressed Ontario, where government adopted ineffective “green energy” schemes, drove up energy costs, and drove out manufacturing jobs.

5. “Kyoto will actually hurt the global environment – it will cause energy-intensive industries to move to exempted developing countries that do not control even the worst forms of pollution.”
Note the huge manufacturing growth and extremely polluted air in industrial regions of China.

6. “Kyoto’s CO2 credit trading scheme punishes the most energy efficient countries and rewards the most wasteful. Due to the strange rules of Kyoto, Canada will pay the Former Soviet Union billions of dollars per year for CO2 credits.”
Our government did not pay the FSU, but other governments did, bribing them to sign Kyoto.

7. “Kyoto will be ineffective – even assuming the overstated pro-Kyoto science is correct, Kyoto will reduce projected warming insignificantly, and it would take as many as 40 such treaties to stop alleged global warming.”
If one believed the false climate models, one would conclude that we must cease using fossil fuels.

8. “The ultimate agenda of pro-Kyoto advocates is to eliminate fossil fuels, but this would result in a catastrophic shortfall in global energy supply – the wasteful, inefficient energy solutions proposed by Kyoto advocates simply cannot replace fossil fuels.”
Governments that adopted “green energy” schemes such as wind and solar power are finding these schemes are not green and produce little useful energy. Their energy costs are soaring and many of these governments are in retreat, dropping their green energy subsidies as fast as they politically can.

All the above predictions that we made in 2002 have proven correct in those states that fully adopted the Kyoto Accord, whereas none of the global warming alarmists’ scary warming projections have materialized.

Scary times in the states with Obama, his wife, Hillary still fighting the election. Accusing the Russians for hacking but not saying much before they lost. They have not yet shown any proof, not saying there isn’t any but show it. Assange keeps saying the hacks did not come from the Russians but keep getting ignored by the left wing media.

Democracy is under threat from the Obama’s and Clinton and hopefully will be investigated.

Obama will be shown as the worst president ever. That will be his legacy.

Did ya see Obama describing how he told Putin to stop it, the hacking. wow I bet he had Putin shaking. Obama Putin would eat you.

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