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October 27, 2017 7:45 pm

Heading Out for the Holidays? Some Airport Tips

Friday, December 16, 2016 @ 5:48 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Classes  at SD57  schools wrap up today for the  Christmas break,  and that means many a family will be  heading  out of town   to spend  Christmas with family or  friends in other locations.

For those planning on catching a flight out of YXS,   some  extra time at the airport  might be a good idea,  as  this will be a very  busy  time at Prince George Airport.

The Prince George  Airport recommends  you check in  an hour to an hour and a half  before  your flight is scheduled to  leave.   Check in and baggage acceptance with Air Canada, Central Mountain Air and WestJet closes  45 minutes prior to  the scheduled departure time.

This is the time of the year when   aircrafts may  board passengers  early  so there is time to de-ice the plan before take off.   Listen   for the  security announcements for your flight to ensure you  have plenty of time to  get through Security.

You will need  identification,  either  one piece of valid government issued photo ID  or,  two pieces of Government issued ID.  If planning to head  out of Canada,  don’t forget your passport!

Baggage allowances  differ depending on  your airline,  check with  your airline to make sure  you know what is  allowed,  and what extra fees may be  involved. You  should also check  your airline to see what the allowance is for carry on baggage.

If you plan on carrying  gifts on board  your flight,  don’t wrap them.   Security will  want to see just what’s under that  beautiful wrapping paper  to ensure it’s something that’s allowed on the flight.   if you want to avoid  re-wrapping,   perhaps placing the gift in a gift bag  will help.  That way the gift  can be  viewed without  destroying  a wrapping  job.

If connecting to  flights ,  be patient,  The weather can impact the arrival and departures of  those planes.





While a good portion of travellers are able to follow the rules or at least smart enough to find out what the CATSA and airline boarding rules are there is and always be a certain percentage that don’t know or listen to the rules. I do find it funny that people who wrap their gifts for carry on are always told that it needs to be unwrapped, put in checked luggage , left in the garbage or give to someone to ship.

Unfortunately these same people always hold up flights too because they don’t listen or learn and they also piss off their fellow passengers with their inability to understand the rules of flying then often choose to argue the point as well

why don’t they hire security with IQ’s above room temp, so the lines can move at a normal pace? Doing a patdown on a 8 yr old girl isn’t doing anyone favors, and isn’t helping anyone but the doofus enjoying the procedure.

    Not exactly up on current security trends are you Leroy everybody regardless of age goes through the exact same procedure for pat downs

    It is one of the side effects of air travel caused by various security threats throughout the world and the rules are set forth by the federal government.

    If you don’t like the way pat downs are done then complain to your MP, ombudsman or to CATSA otherwise learn to deal with it as most countries do the exact same thing with their travellers

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