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October 27, 2017 7:43 pm

Ospika Traffic Slowed by Collision

Saturday, December 17, 2016 @ 5:29 PM
Vehicle sits atop median following collision at 22nd and Ospika Saturday afternoon.  Photos 250News

Vehicle sits atop median following collision at 22nd and Ospika Saturday afternoon. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Traffic was tied up at Ospika Boulevard and 22nd Avenue late this afternoon following a two-vehicle collision at the intersection.

While details of what exactly occurred are not available at this time, there were no serious injuries in the accident.

An SUV with some damage ended up on the median at 22nd and Ospika pointing north.  A Salvation Army van ended up on the same median, also pointing north, but several metres north of the SUV.


Police, fire and ambulance crews responded to the collision.  The heavy traffic of supposed holiday shoppers was slowed considerably around the accident scene.

With a fair bit of snow in the forecast tonight, Sunday and Monday motorists are urged to drive with caution and according to road conditions.


I used to use this intersection daily. Stupid people are the cause of crashes here.

There seem to be a lot of impatient people making hasty choices at this intersection. I am NOT saying that is what happened here. Coupled with the usual rate of speed of traffic on Ospika (80km/h is not uncommon even in winter for some people!) I’m actually surprise there aren’t more accidents.

It could use a re-think maybe. #1 cause of problems in general seems to be people trying to make left turns off of 22nd and merging onto Ospika, in either direction.

With traffic speed the way it is, and the lack of room to loiter in the middle it is very difficult to make a left turn at most times of the day. Not sure why people think it is ok to loiter in the middle, obstructing traffic – if you can’t merge into your desired lane, you probably should stay at your stop sign.

I’ve seen people leave their stop sign, blocking two lanes of traffic on Ospika while waiting for a break in the traffic from the other direction. Disallowing left turns would be unfortunate, as at different times of the day it is possible to turn left safely, but it may make it a safer/better intersection if it wasn’t possible to turn left at all onto Ospika from 22nd.

I am NOT saying that is what happened here, just pointing out that the intersection is a bit of a gong show.

Yup seen 2 this afternoon same intersection cause of both were people driving well above the conditions then trying to stop at a slippery intersection as if it were summer.

People need to learn that it is winter not summer vehicles do not stop on a dime and almost every intersection is slippery sadly about half the drivers out there haven’t quite figured out that nugget of information and my insurance rates are going up because of said stupid drivers.

I use that intersection most everyday. Hard to see through the shrubs and slight corner while turning right onto Ospika to head north. Usually all vehicles are speeding heading north, look pull out, see no one then some right on your ass. As much as I hate traffic lights at every intersection, there should be one there. Another would be 22nd and the Bypass, put a left hand turn signal in and close off Westwood on to 22nd.

In my opinion winter tires are a contributing factor, people think because they have winter tires they can drive like it is summer, a “false sense of security” if you will. I recall going to the auto wreckers in my younger days and buying bias ply tires for my vehicles cause that was all I could afford and never had a problem.

    Absolute genius. Have you applied to Mensa?

      Nah, I let my 4 million accident free kilometers in commercial and private vehicles speak for itself.

    I recall those tires, went thump, thump, thump until they warmed up a bit. It’s like headlights, people don’t see headlights, they think there’s nothing coming. All the conveniences new vehicles have don’t help the inattentive driver.

Look at the heavy traffic. One would really have to watch your driving habits.

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