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October 27, 2017 7:42 pm

City to Start Work to Clear Channel for Nechako Flow

Monday, December 19, 2016 @ 12:44 PM


Prince George, B.C. –  Cottonwood Island Park is off limits now from the  Cameron Street  replica bridge to the boat  launch  as  the City prepares to  clear some ice  to allow water to flow  through the  channel   under the replica bridge.backchannelThe closure is in addition to the  area  marked off limits last week  when a portion of the Heritage trail was closed because of ice  build up and potential flooding.

The City will start excavating  ice this afternoon  from the  Nechako where it  meets the  replica bridge back channel .

City Hall spokesperson, Rob Van Adrichem says the City is maintaining  its  level one  emergency operations status  and continues to monitor  water levels  on the Nechako River.

The  long cold snap caused  ice to form  along the Nechako , and  stationary ice  is now  about 12 kilometres in length from the confluence with the Fraser River upstream to Pharaoh Road  which is at the west end of Toombs Drive.

The Nechako flow levels at Isle Pierre  remain in the  200 cubic metre per second  range.


So, are we going to be seeing this again, or some other form of floating backhoe?

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    In the back channel they should be able to clear it with backhoes from the edge of the channel. It is not all that wide.

City Hall Spokesperson ? Rob Van who ?

When did we get a spokesperson ? :-)

Every time I hear about the water rising I think about the garbage dump that used to be down there. Wonder if any of that crap is leaching in to the river.

    More than likey it is. Unfortunately, every town along every river is dumping “treated” sewage and storm water into the watershed.. Just as alot of industry is dumping “treated” process water and effluent. While an old dumpsite may be leaching runoff, it is significantly less harmful than what gets released on purpose into the water every minute of every day.
    Our parent’s parents unknowingly started a legacy that only our children’s children will ever fully realize the consequences of. Only in the past 2 decades did we start thinking that certain things should not be put into landfills. Someday dumping unclean water will be a taboo as well.

      WAY off topic, I know.

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