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October 27, 2017 7:38 pm

P.G. FireFighters in Your Stocking?

Friday, December 23, 2016 @ 5:42 AM

firefightercalendar1Prince George, B.C. – They  were pretty sure it would be a hot item,  and they were right.

Prince George members of  International Association of Fire Fighters Members  Local 1372,  beefed it up,  and  showed it off  for a 2017 fundraiser calendar.   With sponsorship sales paying for the printing  of the  calendar,  all  dollars raised from  calendar sales  go to  paying for  the  Prince George  suite at the new  Burn Fund centre in Vancouver.

The  new centre  is a home away from home from those  recovering from, or  receiving treatment for  burn injuries.

To say the calendar  has been selling like hot cakes would be an understatement.  1500 were printed, and  campaign  coordinator  Bryan Burleigh says  they  have been   a good seller “We had  done a calendar in previous years  and  that  effort was successful,  but  we were pretty sure the 2017 version  would  hit the mark”.  And hit the mark they  did  as Burleigh says there are just 100 left  “At  this point,  they are  only available at  Save-On  and Canadian Tire.”  But  with this being one of the last shopping  days before Christmas,  the calendar just might make for  a perfect stocking stuffer  in addition to helping  a worthwhile cause.



nice headlines, I’m sure there are some people thinking thatit would be nice to have a firefighter into their stockings. LOL

Love the sexist double standard. If someone proposed a ‘Hot Nurses’ or ‘Sexiest PG Waitress’ Calendar, there would be hell to pay by the Libs in this community.

    The same Libs who screamed about Trump being sexist, are lining up to by these calendars.

      isthisreallife and Leroyjenkins, I’m sure that you are both absolutely right with your comments.

      Funny thing, double standards!

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