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October 27, 2017 7:39 pm

Thieves Target Firearms

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 @ 3:24 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Make sure you secure those firearms.

That from the Prince George RCMP after guns from two homes in the city were stolen in the past few days.gun-1

Cpl. Craig Douglass says the first break and enter occurred late Sunday night at a home on the John Hart Highway.

He says officers arrived to find four firearms and ammunition was stolen including:

  • 12-gauge shotgun
  • 7 mm rifle
  • .308 rifle
  • SKS rifle
  • Bling Shot 12 gauge shells (two cases)
  • Winchester 7 mm ammunition (two cases)
  • Winchester .308 ammunition (three cases)

Then last night at around 9 p.m. officers were called to the scene of another break and enter at a home on Walker Road.

Douglass says the following items were stolen:gun-2

  • 270 Browning rifle
  • 12 gauge 870 shotgun
  • 55-inch flat screen TV with sound system
  • PlayStation 4 gaming system
  • Mail

“Investigators are concerned that one or more persons are targeting residences in the hopes that there may be firearms,” he adds.

Considering these thefts, Douglass is offering the following tips:

  • Always secure your firearms per Canadian law;
  • Secure your firearms at another location (someone with a firearms licence) if you take a vacation;
  • Secure your firearms safe to your residence and keep the keys with you or at another residence;
  • Take photos of your guns including the serial numbers. Store the photos somewhere other than on a computer;
  • Don’t talk to people about your guns or where you store them;
  • Install a good security system, preferably monitored;
  • Do not leave firearms unattended at remote/seasonal cabins.

If you have any information about these thefts, you are asked to call police at 250-561-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



errrr…those sure look like legitimate hunting weapons…

    Why do they have to look like legitimate hunting weapons? Who are you to define what a legitimate hunting weapon looks like. Please tell us why the pictured firearms can’t be used for hunting.

      Don’t worry about it, Summit clearly has too much freedom of opinion and too little education on this subject.

      They can be used for hunting. Minding that, a circle-feed 12 gauge wouldn’t be my choice for most hunting.

      What I am trying to get at is that sketchy people are attracted, by and large, to sketchy things like the guns above. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with the guns, but what I am saying is that there is a very high probability that the people/person owning these ones is not an upstanding citizen.

      PS: I understand guns, and probably own more than you. Hugs and kisses!

      What a juvenile assumption “probably understand guns more than you”. There is no way you could know that and by the way, im a peace officer and own all of these guns. Nice attempted backtracking, your initial statement clearly was not implying what you now try to state.
      Hugs and kisses back, clown.

      my mistake for misquoting you, Summit. however, you still cant assume you own more than anybody and you dont need to be a genius to own many guns(clearly).

      Well….my SKS looks similar to the one pictured above. I consider myself an upstanding citizen…not “sketchy” at all…..

      I don’t hunt but I do enjoy shooting as a hobby. I also enjoy modding my guns to look better. It’s a hobby that I enjoy.

      I think it’s cute that your name is Mercenary and you talk about how civil you are.

guns don’t kill people..people kill people

    unless a crate of firearms fell on you….

Are these random pictures of guns used for this article or pictures of stolen guns?

    I wonder about that as well seamutt. We all know the RCMP would love nothing better than to confiscate every single gun in Canada, what better way than to show “scary looking” guns being stolen to scare John Q Public and gain support to ban all guns!!

“at a home on the John Hart Highway”…oh my, how shocking. A set of dentures and a snow shovel are also reported missing, reports of an abducted hound dog and a 250 Elan are yet to be confirmed.

    That was way too funny! LMAO!

I enjoy feeding kibble to all the rednecks.

OMG scary guns. That is a maverick pump action shotgun

Scintillating* 250 News comments aside, some folks will probably appreciate being alerted of what may become a rash of firearms thefts.
*brilliantly and excitingly clever or skillful

Spend the money, buy a heavy vault and thieves will not access any firearms. Why firearms are stolen is because they are poorly stored.

    A heavy vault, like an ATM? We know those never get stolen. There is nothing that will stop a determined thief, but I agree, at least make them work for it.

I for one would appreciate being informed as to whether there has been a rash of gun thefts. As to the photo, there is no way of knowing if those were the actual guns that were stolen. But propaganda has been used very effectively by different governments and yes Law Enforcement too as a scare tactic when it serves their purpose. Why is there not a picture of the flat screen tv, or the 7mm,or the .308 that were also stolen. Or maybe the scary looking play station 4 gaming system.
As for the comment about people who own these types of guns pictured being “sketchy people”. What an idiotic statement. I don’t seen any problem with these firearms at all. Lots of people own these types of guns and enjoy shooting them. Lots of folks that don’t hunt shoot for fun and competition. As well there is nothing wrong with owning firearms for home defense if you so choose, although the police would have you believe that it is up to them to protect the public from the bad guys.

Sorry that don’t fly with me. These types of guns would not be my first choice for home defense though. So I think the photo was chosen very carefully for the article to further a mindset that some ( not all ) folks in law enforcement have.

Typical RCMP fear mongering, this organization (at the administrative level) is all about power over the citizenry under the guise of public safety. Eventually we will have a police state unless this organization is fractured as they make their own laws. Yup, unelected group enforcing their own rules to further the agenda.

Much better to have ‘policing’ at the local or at least regional level, this will help keep the ‘power’ in the hands of the people.

That said, the shameless propaganda spread by them does alter rational thinking by the citizenry, it’s an old game that has been played out by many dictatorial organizations through out history, we should be aware of this.

For example , how many units in a case……1000 or 20, you are left to fill in the blanks depending on how much of the fear you have caught from this organization. No sight of ‘traditional wood/blue rifles just ‘black firearms, built in racism there .

The men and women, at the local level, in the RCMP are quality hard working people who have a crappy job to do as they daily have to deal with the margins of society with the attendant dangers there in. Kudos to them, not so much for the political police in Ottawa.

First, I do not believe the guns in the pictures are the ones stolen. Both would probably be illegal in canada as they have magazines that are prohibited in Canada. (Unless they have metal pins in them) Second, securing the firearms to the building does nothing to prevent theft. One screw with a cable is good enough. They are there to reduce children’s access. The best thing is to put your guns away and not on display.

    When they talk about securing firearms to a house, it’s about bolting the gun safe to the studs or concrete wall. These guns are legal. Just because they are shown with large magazines does not mean the gun owner uses those particular magazines. Every gun owner I know takes pictures of their guns and I have no doubt this is where the photos come from.

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