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Friday Free for All – Dec. 30, 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It is the last one for this year!


It’s time for the Friday free For All.

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Happy New Year everyone!

A happy and safe new year to all.
Stay warm!

While I hoped MSM would get back to having some integrity and reporting news rather than their own bias in the new year, but it’s a hopeless cause after this week.

John Kerry on Wedensday gave one of the most honest straight forward much needed speeches on American foreign policy as it relates to Israel that any American politician has given in four decades. It was a solid speech and I couldn’t argue with any of it. He detailed very well how the settler issue negates a two state solution, makes a mockery of it, and how this leads to either Israel not bring a Jewish state or not being a democrac. Exactly the argument I have laid out probably ten years ago now.

The MSM media rather than report on the speech, which was monumental in its importance, gave all the press time too zionist zealots that twisted everything he said and perverted the whole reality of his position the coverage for anyone that listened to the actual speech was cringe worthy of something out of 1984. Absolutely terrible bias that threw the American Secretary of State and current president under the bus. It basically says don’t trust a word that comes from fake news MSM.

Funny thing is I think Kerry gets the last laugh. He gave the zionist zealots a Phiryc victory. Essentially underlined why the two state solution is dead and put the ball in the one state solution area for Trump to address how the rights of the occupied will be addressed in a single state with citizens and non citizens… Essentially the last thing the zionists want is to absorb millions of Palistinians as citizens, and yet this speech was Kerry saying this is the only option they are leaving for them selves.

Who knew the guy had brass balls after three years of doubling down on Obama and Clintons foreign policy mess.

    Last year I called for an end to political correctness.. I think the pendulum has swung somewhat and that was a good thing. This year would be nice to see MSM collapse on their own biased reporting and from its collapse hopefully we get some diverse media ownership that puts honesty and integrity in reporting news as it actually happens first and foremost in their journalism.

    The complete moral collapse of CNN, the NY Times, and the Washington Times has been astonishing in 2016. Their Russians hacked the election narrative and attacks in John Kerry for bringing some sanity to the Mid East debate are some great current examples of propaganda manipulations that are dangerous for a free and open society. Also the $800 million dollar CIA deal with Washington Post all but relegates that organization to a shadow government version of Pravda IMO.

    Kerry’s speach plan: blame the Jews, pretend that Palestinian terrorism and incitement isn’t representative of the actual Palestinian government, and then blather for 69 more minutes. His speech razed facts to the ground in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.

    Here are ten of the worst lies and lies-by-omission Kerry purveyed in his ode to lying and self-indulgence:

    1. Equating Jewish Settlements and Palestinian Terrorism. Israel has been wracked by a wave of stabbings and shootings and rocket attacks from Palestinian terrorists over the last two years. Kerry spent a few minutes on that, but only in order to draw moral equivalence with Jews building additional bathrooms in East Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Before there were any Jewish settlements – when Israel did not control Judea, Samaria, or Gaza – the PLO called for the “liberation” of Palestine, meaning the complete destruction of Israel. The problem isn’t people building homes. It’s Palestinians murdering Jews, and refusing to accept that any home built by a Jew ought to exist in the Middle East.

      2. “If The Choice Is One State, Israel Can Either Be Jewish Or Democratic. It Cannot Be Both.” This is patently absurd. There has been one state in the area between the Jordan and the Mediterranean for some 50 years. That state has been democratic. This lie rests on two absurd contentions: first, that if Israel were to annex all Judea and Samaria, Jews would be outnumbered by Arabs. False – Jews outnumber Palestinian Arabs outside of the Gaza Strip by a factor of two-to-one, and Jews now have the equivalent birth rate of Palestinian Arabs, and will soon have a higher birth rate meaning that Jewish majority status will increase, not decrease.

      3. Peace Will Only Be Realized With a Palestinian Terror State. The notion that peace depends on the establishment of a Palestinian terror state – and that’s what will be established, given that the unity government of the Palestinians now includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad alongside Fatah – is asinine. Israel has had to blockade Gaza because Hamas controls it, and is attempting to take military shipments from Iran. Adding another Iran-backed terror proxy state to the Middle Eastern map is a great way to encourage a two-front war against Israel, given the presence of Hezbollahstan on Israel’s northern border.

      4. “No American Administration Has Done More For The Security of Israel Than Barack Obama’s.” To put it mildly, LOL. LOLOLOLOLOL. Funny guy, this Kerry. Here’s a timeline of Obama’s “support” for Israel. That timeline doesn’t even include the Iran nuclear deal or the current UN resolution hubbub.

      ht tp://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/03/20/a-complete-timeline-of-obamas-anti-israel-hatred/

      5. Israeli Intransigence Is The Problem. Nope. Not even close. In 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered 94.2 percent of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, a corridor that would link that territory to the Gaza Strip, land swaps that would increase Palestinian land holdings, a formula for division of Jerusalem. Abbas refused the deal. In 2000, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered a similar deal. Yassar Arafat refused it. Palestinians have never accepted any deal offered by the Israelis. Israelis continue to offer. But the problem is clearly the mean, nasty Israelis. And by the way, that awful Netanyahu fellow offered to freeze settlements early in the Obama administration, and the Palestinians responded with violence.

      6. Settlements Are Illegal. No, they aren’t. Kerry declared over and over that Israelis settling east of the so-called green line are living there illegally. That’s patent nonsense. He also suggested that no Jews would be allowed to live inside a new Palestinian state, because Jews would object – ignoring, of course, that Palestinians would quickly murder any Jew remaining in a Palestinian state, and Jews have a slight objection to being murdered. Right now, over a million Arabs live inside Israel. Virtually no Jews live in the Muslim world because they were expelled, and quickly absorbed into Israel.

      7. Equating Palestinian Government With Israeli Government. Perhaps the most insane spectacle was Kerry suggesting that the Netanyahu government is beholden to the “most extreme elements” in Israeli politics, while pooh-poohing Palestinian government support for terrorism. Kerry suggested that Hamas was a troublesome rogue group as opposed to an integral part of the Palestinian unity government.

      8. Israel As Purported Burden To The United States. Kerry spent serious time talking about how the United States had subsumed its own interests in order to give military aid to Israel. Of course, the Obama administration has also given aid to the Palestinian unity terror government, and attempted to block weapons shipments in the middle of the Gaza terror war. And even the Obama administration says that such aid is good for the United States defense industry; a huge percentage of American aid to Israel is a subsidy to domestic defense contractors. Israel is America’s only democratic ally in the region.

      9. The UN Resolution Changed Nothing. Kerry kept stating that the UN resolution didn’t do much to change the status quo. That’s false. This UN resolution said that all territories outside the 1949 Israel armistice lines – the “Auschwitz borders” – are occupied, including Jerusalem and holy sites like the Western Wall. It calls for all settlements in those areas “flagrant” violations of international law. There’s a reason Kerry pushed this thing through: of course it changes things.

      10. The Obama Administration’s Maneuvers Help Peace. This is the opposite of the truth. America’s position for two decades has been that it would not cram down a peace deal on the Israelis and Palestinians – all issues would have to be resolved through bilateral negotiations. By placing the onus for all concessions on Israel and making Israel subject to the possibility of blowback from the International Court of Justice, Obama just allowed Palestinians to abandon any pretense at negotiations and stand on their newfound “rights.”

      Kerry’s speech was chock full of lies and that suits you just fine, Eagleone, because you would love to see a second holocaust.

      How precious of you to cite the ultra-right wing news blog of an anti-semite to try to prove that Obama’s administration was anti-Israeli.

      Yeah, the 10+ billion dollar arms and support agreement Obama’s administration made with the Israeli government sure shows how much Obama hated Israel.

      An observant, orthodox Jewish anti-Semite???

      Well I suppose we shouldn’t expect anything more than ad hominems from you, they are your forte.

      Krauthammer on UN Israel Resolution: ‘This Was a US Operation All the Way’

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDQZt523bOk

      I would bet you didn’t even listen to the speech from what you are posting. Just found a link to cut and paste from a know zealot that fits your bias.

      Said that you would take up so much space with not so much as a single original thought that I could reply too. If I wanted to debate Google search I could do that too.

      Listen to the speech first hand and do yourself a favour by trying to understand the concepts he is trying to hammer home for the perpetual racists in Israel. If you can’t at least try to understand first hand then it’s no point making yourself look like you are one of those zealots too.


    I was talking about you siting an article from an ultra-right wing news blog owned by Steve Bannon, an anti-Semite. Try to keep up and quit using the term ad hominem if you don’t understand what it means. Nobody here thinks you are smarter because you have the ability to constantly type two words of Latin when it suits you to.


      You didn’t try to refute anything I posted, just denigrated the source. That makes it an ad hominem.

      And I cited a yarmulke wearing, Jewish columnist and activist by the name of Ben Shapiro. Try to be correct when making accusations.

      ht tp://www.dailywire.com/news/11968/10-lies-secretary-state-kerry-told-during-his-big-ben-shapiro?utm_source=shapironewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=070516-news-title&utm_campaign=lead

Why are you so anti Semitic, what’s your issue with Israel. You are able to write some thoughtful ideas then spoil it your anti semetic rants. Israel is one tiny country surrounded by aggressors that have vowed to destroy Israel. The only democracy in the area.

The Jews have more history in that area than Muslims, check your history.

What would happen if Israel laid down their arms? They would be destroyed the next day and the anti Semitic Obama would let it happen.

What would happen if the surrounding muselem countries laid down their arms against israel, nothing except there would be peace at least in Israel. The other countries would still be at each others throats as usual.

Again why so anti semitic?

    No kidding!!

      Agreed, 100%!!

    The Jews have more history in that area than Muslims, check your history.


    Since we’re checking history, what’s your take on our First Nations peoples, their experiences under European settlement, their relative standing in our country today, and the extent to which our population allows them to seize control of their historical lands and advance their societies?

    Do you see any conflict or irony between the stated positions of many folks on O250 with resect to the situation in Israel and Palestine and our own domestic issues with respect to our relationships with First Nations peoples?

      natives are not surrounded by people vowing the exterminate them at this time.

      So you’re OK with genocide against Jews because Europeans invaded and conquered FN people? Like two wrongs make a right?

      So you’re OK with genocide against Jews because Europeans invaded and conquered FN people? Like two wrongs make a right?


      No, I’m no okay with genocide against Jews. In fact, I’m not okay with any genocide. Why did you arrive at that conclusion based on what I asked?

      I also don’t agree with you that Europeans invaded what is now Canada and conquered First Nations peoples. The fact that you take this position makes me question whether you understand the depth of the questions I posed to you.

      Perhaps you can find something on Google to paste into your response to this post like you did for your “10 worst lies” response above. That’s much easier than reflecting about something and advancing your own thoughts.

      natives are not surrounded by people vowing the exterminate them at this time


      That’s true, but I think you could argue that much of the extermination has already taken place, at least culturally.

      From that perspective, there should be some level of recognition that re-establishing that lost culture is an important aspect of any lasting reconciliation between the people who have to share the land moving forward. I don’t think we’ve gotten there yet, not by a long shot.

      Posted by NMG

      No, I’m no okay with genocide against Jews. In fact, I’m not okay with any genocide. Why did you arrive at that conclusion based on what I asked?
      That was a question, not a conclusion. Guess you missed that.

      A lot of FN people would agree with me that Europeans invaded what is now Canada and conquered them. A lot of them even call Canada occupied land.

      My “10 worst lies” response above was not from googling. It was copied and pasted because it nails the anti-Semites so much better than my own thoughts would do. I didn’t supply a link because I wanted to see what kind of ad hominem would show up, and it did.

      How does Euro/First Nations relations in Canada resemble Israeli/Palestinian relations? Let’s see.

      We come over here and boot the Natives off of land that they have occupied for generations.

      We create enclaves for them and force them into them, all the while telling them that the little patches we gave them are their land and won’t be touched.

      Unlike the Israelis, who immediately start encroaching with illegal settlements upon land supposedly meant to be Palestinian land, we don’t start grabbing reservation land. Oh s**t, just a minute, that’s right, we actually do steal reservation land by building settlements whenever precious resources such as gold are found “their” land.

      Dammit, we ARE Israelis after all. LOL

      Actually no, we’re the Palestinians. The FNs are the Israelis.


      Nope. Sorry, but you have it wrong as usual. The Jews were dispersed across the globe in the diaspora. Palestinians occupied that land for generations, until the Zionism movement successfully used political arguments and terror to re-constitute the greater state of Israel on land that the Jews haven’t owned or occupied for generations. In fact, many Orthodox Jews opposed the creation of a greater Israeli state by political means, as they believed reconstitution of the state of Israel was a matter for God to decide.

      Anyway, the Jews, now Israelis, moved into Palestine and forcibly kicked Palestinians off their property, without compensation. So, no, FN people are not the Israelis. They are more similar to the Palestinians in that they lost land that they occupied for generations for little or no compensation.

      Wrong, Hahaha. Do some historical research.

      From the Land of Canaan to the Kingdoms of David and Solomon; from the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples on the Temple Mount to the Maccabees revolt in the first century B.C.; from the fall of Masada in 73 A.D. to the Bar Kokhba Rebellion in the first century A.D., the land of Israel has always been the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. Despite various invasions by disparate and now defunct empires throughout history, Jews have been the single constant in that land – and for thousands of years before Muhammad came along on his winged horse.

      Israel’s historical context cannot be understated. It is, after all, why the Jewish State was established where it is, and not for instance, in Sudan.


      Legal scholar and expert on Israel’s founding Alan Dershowitz – a man who, despite his brilliance, naively believed Obama’s vow to “always have Israel’s back” – has written extensively about Israel’s legal foundation, noting that from the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to the League of Nations Resolution in 1922 to the UN Partition in 1947 to its lawful establishment as a Nation State in 1948 – no other country’s “birth certificate” is more legitimate than Israel’s.


      In 1948, no sooner was the ink on Israel’s lawful establishment dry that the major Arab armies – Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as well as local Palestinian Arab factions – waged an illegal war on the fledgling Jewish State.

      Leading up to the War of Independence, a transfer of populations took place. Roughly 700,000 Arabs (now referred to as “Palestinians”) fled the region. Some of the most affluent left in order to preserve their wealth while the majority were encouraged to leave by Arab leaders who told them they could return home once the Jewish State was destroyed in war.


      What is conveniently never mentioned, however, is that Jewish leaders urged Arab residents to remain in their homes and become citizens of Israel.


      None of the major Arab nations – not Transjordan, not Syria, not Egypt, not Lebanon – took in their nomadic Arab brethren. More pointedly, there would be no Palestinian “refugees” at all had they simply accepted to live side by side with the Jewish people back in 1948. But they refused, like they always do, and then complained about the fallout.

      Another historical fact conveniently relegated to the dustbin of history is that the only genuine refugee population in the region at that time was Jewish.

      In 1948 the Jewish population of the Middle East and North Africa totaled roughly one million, but generations of Islamic anti-Semitism combined with Nazi collaboration in the years prior culminated in a revitalized sense of Islamic supremacy. Soon, 850,000 Middle Eastern Jews (referred to as Mizrahi or Sephardic) were expelled from the countries they’d called home for centuries, in some cases, millennia.


      Until 1967 the term “Palestinian” never even entered the lexicon; rather, inhabitants of the region were simply referred to as Arabs. Such a generic term, however, was hardly good for PR.

      Under the tutelage of Russian propagandists, Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat invented the narrative of a distinct Palestinian people who, in their so-called “struggle for self-determination,” sought liberation from their Israeli oppressors.


      Arafat became a skilled propagandist and heeded the advice of Ho Chi Minh’s chief strategist, General Giap, who instructed that the key to annihilating Israel lay in turning “your terror war into a struggle for human rights.”

      “Then you will have the American people eating out of your hand.”

      Arafat understood that the world loves an underdog. Of course, the world loved Jews once too, but only when they were being led from cattle cars into gas chambers.

      ht tp://www.truthrevolt.org/news/their-final-hours-obama-and-kerry-resurrect-jewish-question

      The UN recommendation to partition Palestine was rejected by the Arabs. Many commentators today point to this rejection as constituting a missed “opportunity” for the Arab’s is patently ridiculous. The partition plan was in no way an opportunity for the Arab’s.

      First of all, as already noted, Arab’s were a large majority in Palestine at the time, with Jew’s making up about a third of the population by then, due to massive immigration of Jew’s from Europe ( in 1922 by contrast, a British census showed that Jew’s represented only about 11 percent of the population.

      Additionally land ownership statistics from 1945 showed that Arab’s owned more land than Jew’s in every single district of Palestine including Jaffa. where Arab’s owned 47 percent of the land while Jew’s owned 39 percent and Jaffa boasted the highest percentage of Jewish owned land of any district. At the extreme other end, for instance, in Ramallah Arab’s owned 99 percent of the land. In the whole of Palestine, Arab’s owned 85 percent of the land while Jew’s owned less than 7 percent, which remained the case up until the time of Israel’s creation.

      Yet despite these facts, the UN partition recommendation had called for more than half of the land of Palestine to be given to the Zionists for their Jewish state. The truth is that no Arab could be reasonably expected to accept such an unjust proposal.

      There was no “land of Palestine”, just the area called the Palestinian Mandate, and the Arabs had already been given their portion of that, namely Jordan. Yet when the time finally came for the Jews to get their much smaller portion of that area, half was taken away and given to the Arabs. Even then the Arabs weren’t satisfied, they wanted it all. And they still do.

      Yet when the time finally came for the Arab’s to get their much smaller portion of that area, half was taken away and given to the Jew’s. Even then the Jew’s weren’t satisfied, and they wanted it all. And they still do.

      Your just in denial, aren’t you? Completely ignoring the fact that the area called Palestine included all of what is now Jordan and Israel. It was divided into Arab and Jewish countries in the 20’s. The Arabs were given theirs at that time, the Jews were refused. Anti-Semitism, one can only surmise, no reason was given. Why won’t you acknowledge the truth? Oh, right, you’re just like Eagleone.



    I don’t think it’s anti Semitic to be consistent with human rights and dignity for those that don’t involve themselves in the violence. Collective punishment is wrong wither it be a holocaust or aparthid.

    The prescident set in Israel belies the treatment our own governments later suggest are okay in our own countries by the norms they create. It undermines our whole concept of human dignity and governments of and for the people.

    I don’t hate Israel, but I do hate the idea of a country that is designed to be racist for one supremacist view of a people and religion, a people that are held captive by an ideology so as to protect world bankers that want a one world government and all power to control the lives of everyone through their ill gotten gains of a ponzi financial system.

      A country that is designed to be racist for one supremacist view of a people and religion, a people that are held captive by an ideology. Yeah, that would be every Arab country. Israel, by contrast, has freedom of religion and rights of citizenship for non-Jews. In fact, Arab citizens of Israel have far more rights and freedoms than Arabs in Arab countries.

      No, you don’t hate Israel, Eagleone, you just hate Jews.

    Why do you use the term “anti-Semitic”? Are not the Arabs racially “Semites”, too? Is supposed animosity towards the Jews always based on race? Are they even a race? Why not say “anti-Judaic”, which would express an animosity towards the philosophy behind Judaism? Or “anti-Zionist”, an opposition to the policies of Zionism? Stated, and hidden. Perhaps most people don’t really understand that philosophy, or those policies? Perhaps those who seek to further both find it useful to operate under a moniker that diffuses and disguises their real purposes?

      Arabs are not Semites. I’ve heard that the Iranians (Persians) are. All rather confusing, but the term anti-Semite refers to Jews only in common usage.

      As I understand it, Shephardic Jews are the only Semitic Jews, and are of the same racial stock as the Arabs. They are supposed to all be descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah, (the Ark guy). Most of the modern Israelis are Ashkenazi Jews, which are not of the same racial origin as the Hebrews of the Bible (Shephardic). The Ashkenazi were Khazars, originally from a land north of the Black Sea, who converted to Judaism before being driven westward into Europe. They really have no ancient claim on the land that’s now modern Israel.

      And it is rather confusing. The question is, was it intended to be that way?

      “Ashkenaz” in Hebrew refers to Germany, and Ashkenazi Jews are those who originated in Eastern Europe. (Sephardic Jews, by contrast, are from the areas around the Mediterranean Sea, including Portugal, Spain, the Middle East and Northern Africa.)

      I looked it up.

      But they all originated from the ancient Jews of Israel before they ever got to those parts of Europe.

Wow giving kudos to Kerry, now that is a stretch. He and Obama being the sore loosers they are may have just laid the ground work for WW 3.

    And, there is nothing funnier than a person calling another person a loser…. and not being able to spell it.

      Now “that,s” a comeback!

      Digius, that all you got, so weak. ever try typing on a phone combined with spell check.

      But, with your small hands, it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe try eye glasses ?

    Oh, and WW-3 won’t begin until after January 20/ 2017.

      WW3 is over. That was the Cold War. WW4 is the fight against surging Islam. Next world war will be WW5.

What is it with drivers as soon as they get into town on the main roads they slow down and strive to do the speed limit or just under and as soon they leave the main portion of town it’s back to being a speed demon. Same with any of the arterial roads off main highways as soon as many drivers get onto the arterial roads they will go from 60 km off the bypass then get onto an arterial road which is 50 km an hour and step on the gas going up to 80 km on the arterial roads.

And it’s just not a few people doing it either it is a huge portion of drivers that do it.

I’ll never understand the mentality of drivers

    because they are self entitled jerks

    Maybe the speed limits are artificially low? I dunno, just sayin’

    go back down into your darkroom and play with your race car set

      Slower traffic keep right!

      ooooh. personal attacks. are you maybe one of the people the above poster is talking about perhaps?
      Sad people have to do personal attacks rather than comment on articles.
      You have good day there ice

2016 is coming to an end, it was a year of great loss as many well-known celebrities (musicians, actors, and actresses) left us over this past year. Yet, it is not those famous people who have left us that I will mourn the most.

For me, 2016 will always be the year of the fentanyl overdose crisis, where 755 souls left us far too early in our province. Some of us believe these people deserved their fate, some of us would dismiss them as; wastes of skin, losers, and scum of the earth.

I believe it is time to put faces to these 755 overdose victims, for those who have the courage please look at the faces of these lost souls, and you will see these victims really can be our family members, and our friends. It starts with a 17 year old girl who was a high school honor roll student who made one bad choice, it ends with a collage of victim’s faces who could have been anyone of us, or a person we love.

ht tp://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/vancouver-island-teen-who-died-of-suspected-drug-overdose-was-honour-student-led-astray

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/a-year-of-overdoses-7-charts-that-show-the-scope-of-b-c-s-drug-crisis-1.3910246

    I say GOOD RIDDINS! Let ’em go. You want to dance with the devil, there may be some consequences. The first responders are saving the same person several times a day. The one’s who do survive are lying in the hospital on life support at $5000 a day. In the meantime some poor soul needs a new knee or a hip or MRI & they have to wait 2 or 3 years.
    Some kid with allergies needs a $600 epi-pen with 30 cents worth of medicine or a child with type 1 diabetes needs an insulin pump, the parents are on the hook for ALL the costs.
    The govt is spending MILLIONS on a losing battle, these “poor souls” are taking the needles out of the anti-dote kit & using them to shoot up and throwing the kit away. It’s time to re-arrange our priorities.

      Would you say that if one of these people was a family member? Walk a mile in those shoes.

      ntkr14, I agree with Hillbilly171. I have family members in that situation but that was their choice, that was the path they chose so too bad for them.

      What’s a riddins? I believe you mean riddance?

      totally in agreement

      I guess some of you figure you will never be in the position of suffering pain so bad that opiate painkillers are the only way to control it. If you do end up in that position, you will be so superhuman that you will never be in danger of becoming addicted to them, because you are not a “loser” like those other “wastes of skin”.

      To be so sure that it could never happen to you must be an amazing feeling. I mean, some of you should go into the fortune telling business, since you are so sure of what the future holds.

      Your words indicate a lack of compassion for people you don’t even know.
      Does their anonymity to you make it easy to hate?

      Posted by Hahaha:

      I guess some of you figure you will never be in the position of suffering pain so bad that opiate painkillers are the only way to control it.

      Yeah, right, all those overdoses were because they were trying to control pain. Riiiiight.

      Well said!

      Some use drugs as a means of escape from a tortured life, I know if some of you were in my family, I would probably be shooting up everyday to numb myself from your presence!


      I think you need to take some remedial lessons in reading comprehension, because that is not what I was saying or inferring in the slightest.

      Hahaha, you might want to take that remedial reading course yourself. The conversation is about all the overdose deaths. Perhaps that escaped you.


      This conversation was about a sad excuse for a human being saying that people dying from overdose deaths was entirely due to them consciously becoming addicts ergo “dancing with the Devil has consequences”. Said BP entirely ignores that many people can become addicted to narcotics from their use as a normal pain control method. That is what I was pointing out.

      So I guess you think a person who becomes addicted to narcotics because of health circumstances and ends up dying of an overdose is a matter of “good riddance to bad rubbish”, because it was their choice to become addicted. If that is the case, may you and the sad piece of work that made the original comment of “good riddance” have the “joy” of ending up in the place some of these other people have and may the last words you and him hear be, “Good riddance”.

      Actually no, Hahaha, this conversation was about the large number of fentanyl deaths. No-one said that people dying from overdose deaths was entirely due to them consciously becoming addicts. Nobody consciously becomes an addict. The 17 year old girl who was a high school honor roll student that BH used as an example wasn’t an addict. The point I made was that the vast majority of these cases was a result of using the drug recreationally, not as pain relief. Bad choices by people who should know better. Get real.

    Good comments, BeingHuman.
    Caring about the fate of our fellow man should be a natural default position for our civilized society.

I finally figured out why the city was in such a hurry to get all the bike lanes marked.
It actually had nothing to do with bikes. The city still plows the sidewalks for them.
They wanted the lanes to store the snow from the roads and it is easier for them to ticket or tow vehicles parked in bike lanes than those who park where they want to plow.
No, I never got ticket or towed but I do see piles of snow in the bike lanes.

Happy New Years all.

    Now here is an idea. Prince George seems to try and emulate la la land, Vancouver, one way is by designating bike lanes at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did ya see the masses of riders using those lanes? I must have missed them somehow.

    After all that money spent the lanes are buried under snow for a good part of the year. Now to emulate Vancouver here is the solution, do not plow the side walks plow the bike lanes instead, have property owners clear the sidewalks and fine them if they don’t.

    In lalalal land here is the plowing priority, 1. main arteries 2. transit routes 3. bike lanes, sidewalks and side roads be dammed.

    Dam, I may have given a certain councilor ideas.

      maybe that Councillor will quit after all she got all her wants done already. Can’t say I will miss her

beinghuman, last week I asked why you would be opposed to a convicted child molester having a GPS chip implanted so the police will be alerted when the convicted child molested went near schools, playgrounds or anywhere else children are, you skirted the issue in true left fashion by saying the right were getting off topic. Well on the free for all I pick the topic, so please tell me why a convicted child molesters should not be implanted with a GPS chip?

    Speaking as a person with a true left attitude, I would agree with implanting such a chip.

    Now perhaps you can explain what that idea has to do with a left versus right debate.

      BH made it a left vs right last week, ask him. But that being said everyone knows the left is more “hug a thug” than the right.

      By “hug a thug” I presume you mean attempting to modify behavior so they can be productive members of society. From your use of the term I also presume you do not agree with that approach and would prefer to shove people in prison at taxpayers’ expense. Why then do you propose a “hug a thug” resolution of implanting a GPS chip and freeing pedophiles? It seems to me you are talking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time.

      And… Everyone knows that “Everyone knows” is just another term for BS.

      Ammonra, actually I would love to see pedophiles executed but I know that will never happen and these creeps will be released one day. Yes I would like to shove them in prison for the rest of their miserable lives unlike you apparently. What I am saying is “when” they are released they should be monitored by a GPS implant. You want an example of “hug a thug”? Karla Holmoka. But I am guessing you as a lefty would say she served her time.

    BH are you against people under house arrest wearing a GPS device?

      seamutt, I will probably get an answer from BH about the same time as Ataloss reveals his solar power system to you.

    they have an ankle bracelet that has been around for years and that is supposed to do the same thing but they seem to find ways around that so having a goof cut out a gps chip is not out of the realm of possibility either.

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, the whole concept of taking it one step further, instead of just giving them a superficial tattoo to track them, have a GPS tracking device implanted under their skin… Hitler would have been so proud of your ingenuity!

    ht tp://tinyurl.com/h7hrlnn

      BH, still waiting for my answer. So just to clarify you are saying you are okay with someone like a convicted pedophile being released into society with no monitoring? I like your idea of putting a tattoo on their forehead though, makes a pedophile easier to spot. Maybe if Graham James moved to PG you guys could get together for a BBQ.

Speaking as a person with a true left attitude, I would agree with implanting such a chip.

Now perhaps you can explain what that idea has to do with a left versus right debate.

Getting tired of the city hall having all these bylaws and not in forcing them.
We have a house that is a rental in our area that sublets, to others and they have up to 7 vehicles at 1 time blocking and congesting the street.

Happy Friday too all that had to work most of this week!
Happy New year to Everyone!!

All drivers have been told, warned and further reminded to “shift into winter”… but did anyone tell the City or YRB that winter is here? I have driven PG to Ft St James and then to MacKenzie in the last 2 days and I am wondering if maybe all road maintenence have shut down for the holidays. Maybe our Minister of Public Safety can put some pressure on those in charge BEFORE a catastrophic accident ruins what has been a quiet holiday season.
May you all have a Safe and Happy New Years.

    I drove to Mcleod Lake and back yesterday through a snow storm and I thought the roads were in good shape mayhap you were wanting to go faster than road conditions allowed?

    As to the city go to the top of 250 news there is a huge banner there linking to the cities snow clearing plan and we only have had 2 snow storms so far this winter.

    They have bankers hours on the PG side. Don’t leave before 8am if you want serviced roads.

I wonder how the wine sales are going in the grocery store in PG?

They certainly missed the mark with me, I expect supermarkets to offer regular table wine in big jugs or boxes at supermarket prices…..like the rest of the world.

But NO, a boutique retail winery, 750 ml at ~$15 and a supercilious person looking down my nose wine expert telling me that they do not offer anything more than a 750 ml sized bottle…..this is just an average supermarket.

No convenience here, still have to make two stops when getting groceries.

    Where is the beer? Whats wrong with selling beer? Would not be misconceived class distinction now would it?

How Barack Obama fooled the Jews and betrayed them once he had their money

“(President Obama) called me into the Oval Office before the election and he said to me, ‘Alan, I want your support. And I have to tell you, I will always have Israel’s back.’ I didn’t realize that what he meant was that he’d have (Israel’s) back to stab them in the back.”

So spoke this week a livid Alan Dershowitz, the famed Harvard professor, legal scholar and criminal lawyer whose judgment American Jews have long trusted and respected. Dershowitz now realizes that Obama had repeatedly duped him, and that through his endorsements of Obama, Dershowitz in turn duped many American Jews, helping to secure Obama’s election and re-election. Now Israel has been compromised as never before, with the United Nations through Obama’s manoeuvrings having declared that Jews have no right to live in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, which they have inhabited for the greater part of 3,000 years, and that Israel has no rights to its holiest sites, including the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/lawrence-solomon-how-barack-obama-fooled-the-jews-and-betrayed-them-once-he-had-their-money

    Well, Obama had to wait until he Constitutionally couldn’t be re-elected to be President again to do that, now, didn’t he? In any case, what the Israelis really need more than visible friends are visible enemies. Supposed ones, that is. That’s how the tribe is kept in line ~ always has been, always will be. Want proof? Just look at the experience of our own Conservative Prime Ministers who got a little too visibly cozy with Israel. Joe Clark moved the Israeli capital to Jerusalem before it even was. Mulroney sucked up to them visibly, too. And Harper? Well, look what happened afterwards. All gone. Down to defeat in the following election. Dealing with that bunch you need to give them what they REALLY want, which isn’t open friendship. It’s hidden in the shadows.

    That’s not what the UN resolution says. Only a zealot with a racist agenda and no idea of reciprocity could twist facts to that agenda. Dershowitz is a complete racist of the first order and has spewed more hate speech in the name of holier than thou, than almost any other human being.

    Obama just gave Israel $36 billion in military aid. The largest military aid package in American history and these guys still say he is leaving Israel to be attacked by terrorists. Talk about a people with no loyalty or appreciation for anyone that does help their cause. The story here is that Israel will betray even their strongest supporters if a supporter in anyway questions the racist land theft policies of Israel. It says more about the zionists than it does about Obama or Kerry IMO.

    I didn’t realize dirtman buys all that bunk he reads on the Internet, otherwise I would have responded earlier to provide him with an alternative view point based on actual history and not the fake news of Israeli zealots, which could enlighten his critical thinking abilities beyond cut and paste tripe propaganda from the worlds greatest haters.

      We know you for what you are, Eagleone. You make it plain here quite often.

      Sadly, Eagle, the only way the REAL purpose of Zionism will ever be defeated will likely have to come from within itself. Any frontal attack on it will only strengthen it, and further its ulterior aims. Which are primarily a One World Government dominated by “High Finance”, those who currently hold and want to maintain at all costs, their worldwide Monopoly of Credit. And the future of the people of Israel in that overall scheme is only secondary. A rotten system however, even devoid of active enemies, can’t long prevail.

Re: cottonwood park closed to public
There are fools everywhere!
The city should close Third Ave, people walk in front of my car all the time.
So the path along the river that my dogs and I love to walk is now not available to me.
Please give us the park back!

    Agreed. I use the trail all the time. The trails aren’t dangerous. Idiots are. This really pisses me off.

    Hey city close the outdoors, it’s dangerous out there!

    Only takes a couple fools to screw it up for everyone. The stupid 10% are the reason we have so many laws and regulations.

    Signs are just a suggestion… I would Mae my own judgement on that one.

2016 has been a year of great changes for humanities future . The four main gains for us all are either happening or in the process of happening . Driverless transport trucks on on the road in many more places in the world and growing rapidly . LED lights have become more efficient, cheaper , and more light wave tuneable . Then there is the doubling of battery density . You can now have a battery the has the same energy storage at half the size or you can have the same size battery twice the density . And ,” Stranks’s solution: a mineral coating, called a perovskite layer, that’s applied directly to a typical solar cell to boost its efficiency. “We could take a silicon solar panel with a lab record efficiency of converting sunlight to electricity of 25 per cent, add a perovskite layer, and boost the power generation by a fifth,” says the 31-year-old. “For a solar cell, the maximum efficiency is around 30 per cent – but with one of these perovskite ‘tandem’ layers it could go up to around 50 per cent.”

    I do really like the improvements in LED lights, much better than those horrible curly fluorescents.

    Agreed Ataloss, for me the biggest break through in 2016 was when solar became cheaper than fossil fuels. Now the fossils have one less argument / reason for not accepting alternative energy. The sky’s the limit now!

    ht tp://www.usatoday.com/videos/tech/2016/12/26/solar-energy-now-cheaper-than-fossil-fuels/95851778/

      Solar cheaper that fossil fuels??? Bwaaahahahaha!

      And so reliable too! (/sarc off)
      This power plant cost $975,000,000 to build ($8.9 million per MW, ten times the cost of a natural gas fired power plant). Taxpayers are on the hook for 76% of this cost through Federal loan guarantees. The 25-yr wholesale price guarantee of $135/MWh, about 30% higher than the average US retail price (all sectors). This is the “good news.”

      While the production will almost certainly improve this summer, “SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes Project in Tonopah, Nevada [isn’t even] quietly providing clean, green solar energy to 75,000 homes in the Silver State even when the sun [is] shining”…

      The average U.S. residential utility customer uses about 900 kWh per month.

      75,000 homes * 900 KWh/month = 67,500,000 kWh/month = 67,500 MWh/month

      In its best month so far, Crescent Dunes generated 9,095 MWh… About 3 hours of electricity per day for 75,000 homes. This is the Venezuela version of 24/7.

      ht ps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/06/21/worlds-first-247-solar-power-plant-powers-75000-homes-for-3-hours-per-day/

      The South Australian Government been forced to beg fossil fuel operators to bring mothballed plants back online, to contain wild swings in electricity spot price caused by unstable renewable production, prices which last month peaked at $14,000 / MWh – up from more normal prices of $100 / MWh which prevailed before political favouritism towards renewables messed up the market.

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/07/14/14000-per-mwh-the-price-south-australia-pays-for-renewables-madness/

      If only switching from expensive fossil fuels to cheap renewables wasn’t so damned expensive!

      The geniuses in the UK government decided to take £10,800 from every UK household to cool the world by a figure which, rounded to the nearest tenth of a degree, is 0.0 degrees C a century from now.

      The radical shift to green, renewable energy will have cost £319bn by 2030
      •The huge sum is three times the annual NHS budget for England
      •The policy will be adding an average burden of £584 a year to every household by 2020 and £875 by 2030
      •Shocking report takes its calculations from official figures issued by government

      The real cost to poorer families paying vastly higher electricity bills might be measured in terms of people choosing second best health options, putting off treatments, foregone holidays, going cold, and for some on the brink, perhaps divorce or worse. (It’s hard to imagine how forcing people to do £10k of pointless work will improve mental health stats). If the UK government came knocking at doors asking for cash, how many households would choose to spend £500 – £800 a year to slow storms and hold back the tide for their grandchildren by a factor too small to measure?

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/12/if-only-free-energy-was-free-uk-govt-spending-319bn-to-change-future-weather/

By the time siteC is built there will be no market for its power . The double density battery is already commercially avalible at solidenergysystems.com . How many more exponential turns will battery technology take before siteC transmits its first electron . The graph suggests twice . Consensus for short/ long wave solarcell converters is topping out at ~ 66 percent .

    Willing to put a wager on that prediction/

      I read predictions . I don’t make them .

      I didn’t say it was yours, but you seem to believe it. So tell us, are you willing to put a wager on that outcome?

    So how will those batteries be charged? You do realize batteries store power, not generate it. Your knowledge on energy density seems weak.

    Still waiting for information on your system Ataloss.

    Still waiting.

      How will they charge ? One electron at a time . I’m still waiting to read about your thorium nuclear reactor (S) .

Site C will be needed to power all those electric cars with no heaters that are coming. At least the Bird Slicers will not be killing as many birds in the winter because they will not be turning and the geese are all gone. And for solar power we all know how well that works in our winters.

    No, I have to admit I don’t know how well solar power works in our winters. I doubt that you do either, since I’m sure you don’t have a system and have probably never seen one work, regardless of the season.

      hahaha,then you shouldn’t comment at all about solar.

      @ Seamutt

      I’ll take your words under advisement. Wait! No I won’t. But, for the record, my commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of Solar have been relatively minimal. And, frankly Seamutt, you probably have no idea on how our winters affect solar power generation either, since you don’t have a system and figure nobody else should bother with one either. So, I’d say that you are unqualified to speak on the subject of solar power as well and should stop posting your opinions on it.

    Did you know that you don’t have to let your electric car run for awhile for the internal explosions to heat the fluid system that cools the engine so that you can get heat ? In an electric you just flip the switch and presto just like your old tech ceramic heater , instant heat , no waiting .

      I agree on the presto part! Flip the switch and presto, instant heat, no waiting!

      And then in our cold winter weather, in about 30 minutes or so, PRESTO, battery DEAD!

      Between the cold weather affecting the battery’s performance and the huge draw from the electric heater, you might make it from Prince George to Hixon, but not to worry as I’m sure that there is a charging station or two in Hixon!

      The electric heat needed to heat the cabin is miniscual. The problem with the enormous off charging to run the electric motors is heat . The batteries and motor run better if they are cold . It’s the same as transmission lines , the colder they are the more efficient they become . At absolute zero there is no resistence ( for reference ).

      Not sure what planet you are from but here on earth, cold weather does have an effect on batteries! They DO NOT run better if they are cold!

      From MIT Technology Review:

      Electric Vehicles Out in the Cold

      Electric vehicle range drops in cold weather, and technological solutions are years away.

      “Cold weather presents two main challenges for electric vehicles: cold air limits battery performance, and running the heater drains the battery. As temperatures go below freezing, some drivers accustomed to traveling 250 miles on a single charge have seen their car’s range drop to 180 miles. Drivers in extreme climates might see the range decrease even more.”

      ht tps://www.technologyreview.com/s/522496/electric-vehicles-out-in-the-cold/

To all my fellow posters both for and against. :). .. I wish you and you family a safe and happy 2017

River, 30 plus years ago, there was Media attention given to Electric Power Project resulting from Kennedy Dam, Kemano One some twenty years prier. Than the idea was the need for more of the River to support another Project, Kemano Two, but there was lots of objection. No more water was to be taken from the Nechako River, that water was needed down stream. The benefit of the Dam; could add water for fish spawn and hold water when the Fraser River is high, but the opposite seems to happen, when Vanderhoof flooded more water came, Ice Jam happens more water comes. Makes one wonder is there a tactic here.
Now with Climate Change less snow cps to melt, less water to contribute to our rivers, makes sense to let Mother Nature control the water, our Politicians making our decisions, is there a benefit or a need down stream fot that Dam anymore

    I doubt it would much affect anything downstream since there are already two dams upstream that changed the natural flow of the river.

    Less snow, less water, really. Back that up with historical facts.

    Did someone mention less snow, less water, and about that warming

    ht tp://notrickszone.com/2016/12/30/veteran-meteorologist-warns-europe-winter-to-make-global-headlines-tremendous-amounts-of-snow/#sthash.HMomquzn.dpbs

      seamutt….did you read the whole article or just the headline ?
      Here is the last sentence from the article you posted the link to.

      ” And of course mistakes are made, that’s all part of the weather forecasting business – especially when forecasting more than 7 days out.”

    That’s the Kenney Dam.

From the Prince George Citizen, October 31, 1966: “There were 1,173 dwellings started in 1965 in the greater PG region (that included College Heights and the Hart as well as other areas which were later amalgamated to the present PG city limits. There are presently 960 housing units under construction (1966)”

I just thought I would like to remind people of the number of housing units (which would include apartment suites and duplexes) which used to be constructed in what is now the amalgamated City of PG.

I post that in light of the recent proclamation by City Council is buoyed by building permit levels that included the announcement that 143 permits were issued for the construction of single family dwellings to the end of November, 2016.

Then Councillor Brian Skakun states that he thinks the total construction value is a record amount. He forgets we have to consider inflation by using a constant dollar adjusted for inflation. On top of that he forgets the history of the level of development of this City during the time when PG was considered to be one of the proportionately fastest growing communities in Canada.

One can view the number of SFD built in PG per year since 1990 at princegeorge.ca/citybusiness/currentplanning/statistics/Pages/CPDStatistics.aspx

Even during those more recent years and using only SFD figures, the highest figures were in 1992 at 393 units, a far cry from this year’s figures.

    Back in ’65 houses were a lot smaller too. 1000 sq. ft. or thereabouts. Now they’re 2800 with a double garage.

We have to wait till mid February to find out what the population and dwelling unit figures are for Census 2016 count.

Just saw a head shaker on Malaspina Ave. Some idiot, (father) driving a quad with his kid on the back coming off Princeton Crescent and not wearing helmets.

    That’s normally where a social worker comes in and apprehends children.
    Idiots learn the hard way sometimes.

Beer in all Stores, no we can’t have this ,Wine only the kind we aprove, you are a Child and we will tell you what Gov. Store can sell it to you and we tell you the Hours of Sale! Welcome to the LCB Kinder Garten, the LCB has all the Answers for you my Child! I have better Words
but can’t say them on this Site!

    Grocery stores can only carry BC wines from what I heard, Save-on has a nice selection. Beer and most other liquors can still be bought in cold beer and wine stores which were only closed Christmas day, usually open until close to midnight

And a Happy New Year to all my friends George and others. As a note of interest Santa refused to stop in Abby as the smell was unbearable. Thought he might also pass up George as the air quality was in the dumper. So let me know if he did. Sorry that its so late in the day for my post.

    I heard Santa was about to land in Abby but bunch of people started shooting at him.

      Do you mean Shouting??

      Not to worry Digi, they only wounded Blitzen and Rudolph! They’ll be fine by next year!

Blissprojects.ca just discovered it . Pretty impressive . And right in PG . You’d think their net zero structures/housing would be talked about . I’d sure like to build a new house .

I want to thank all of you who contribute to the website. I like reading your comments and opinions. I find that my visit’s to the site are few and far between and I only come back to read the Friday forum.

Knowing what’s going on in our community is important, especially with City Hall but Opinion 250 seems to have moved away from that format and onto a generic news media format (CBC, Newswire, etc.) Will one of you take on the challenge and dig down into the cesspool of politics, business and social services for the rest of the PG citizens? I see a few of the people posting on this site that have the talent for digging for info.

My 2 cents,
Kindness for your fellow man (I agree)for a time. A person must help themselves too. I’m one person and let’s face it, I’m tired of everyone picking out of my pockets. We have so many charities in town (including businesses) no one is paying taxes anymore except the average joe. Bad call City Hall when it comes to interfering with the hotel. I will not pay for a bad business plan. If there is profit to be made, businesses will come to our fair city.

City Hall the city is doing well but at the expense of AB communities. What we fail to talk about is that all cities are competing for the same resources and businesses. I for one did not elect Council so they can bribe businesses by offering them 10 tax free years (on improvements) to settle in PG. By doing this you will drive your citizens away, businesses sometimes stay in PG for 5, 10 and 20 years but the people are made up of generations. Wake up.

First Nations, a number of opportunities await you both financial and service oriented. Take that hand and move forward. With the influx of new Canadians, this may be your final chance to reach your full potential. Let’s be honest no one from Asia, South Asia or India will feel the least bit of duty to accommodate your cultural needs in the years to come. No offense it’s a reality.

Trump it will be an eye opening 4 years where the people have spoken.

Best wishes in the New Year and keep the dialogue going.

In the States, they have the black and white.. In Canada they still have cowboys and Indians.. Things haven’t changed much, have they??/ Just more civil and arm wrestling now

Last night, in the dark and during the snowfall, we drove down Foothills to go out for dinner. We returned home later, again using Foothills and while it was still snowing.

I must say that the new lights are certainly appreciated, by me, by my family and probably by everybody else that uses Foothills! It will be even better when they are extended further up Foothills in the new year!

This should have been done years ago, and certainly before Jillian’s bike lanes! Hundreds if not thousands of vehicle trips occur every day on Foothills. In the past week or so, I’ve only seen one dedicated rider out on his bike downtown!

Obama your side lost the election, get over it, man up and walk away gracefully. You are sure showing your true colors. maybe not right in the head. The democrats seem all nuts.

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