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October 27, 2017 7:37 pm

Shoppers Line Up for Boxing Day Deals

Monday, December 26, 2016 @ 10:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Dozens of Prince George residents braved sub-zero temperatures early this morning for their chance at some good deals at Best Buy.


The scene at Best Buy at 6 this morning – image courtesy Best Buy

General manager Matthew Emke says customers started lining up around 3 a.m. when staff members arrived to set-up for their 6 a.m. store opening.

“We had a lot of fun this morning. I looked around at a couple of the other retailers close by and they didn’t have a line-up like we did,” he says. “And what we did was applaud all the customers coming in.”

So, what’s the biggest selling item?

“The big item this year as it is every year are the TV’s. But everything is on sale pretty much.”

One of Best Buys’ biggest competitors in town is Andre’s Electronics where general manager Ed Jang is expecting a busy day too.

“We didn’t have a line-up this morning. One of the reasons why I think is we’re all promoting the business ahead of time. Sales have been pre-sold, probably a couple of days in advance, so that sort of softened up the sales a bit too but we’re still expecting to see huge sales today.”

He notes people don’t line-up like they used to years ago, for a couple of good reasons.

“Online has affected a lot of stores, including ourselves. But we still have a lot of online purchases with customers coming into our stores to pick up the products.”

And then there’s the advent of Black Friday in November.

“Black Friday is something the Canadian market has taken advantage of. In November, our sales have been increasingly fantastic which then softens up the sales in the first part of December but then it picks up tremendously the end of December as well too.”



We had a lot of fun this morning. I looked around at a couple of the other retailers close by and they didn’t have a line-up like we did,” – That says more about your customers, and their lower IQ, than your prices.

    All I can say is that you comment is very strange……

      What’s strange about stupid?

isthreallife–I would not be talking about someone’s lower IQ when you still think the pine beetle infestation was caused by the NDP not logging Tweedsmuir Park.

    Check your IQ, and reading retention. I never said it was ’caused’ by the NDP. Also, if that’s all your can pick on in my NDP list of failures, I suspect you are an NDP’er, and you aren’t worth my time.

      The Alberta government took immediate decisive measures when the pine beetle crossed the Alberta border. It cut down every infested tree in the park, burned everything on site without spreading the problem by trucking the infected logs out. That stopped the menace from spreading all over the province.

      You can sure shoot your mouth off about the cost overruns on the fast ferries. But you are entirely silent on the massive 400+ million plus cost overruns by your pals, The “Liberals”, for the Vancouver convention centre. But, then again, the waste and mismanagement on that worthless project wasn’t covered very well by the news media in BC, unlike the fast ferry project. Must have been all those “left leaning” media outlets giving a pass to a pack of right wing bunglers.

I might go and check out the new Great White toy store at Spuceland this afternoon and see if they have any deals. My kids always talk about traveling to the big cities so we can go to Toys R Us… So maybe Great White can fill that void in PG if the price is right?

Also speaking of new establishments in PG. That new broiled burger outlet near Pine Center I find has the most awful drive through set up. I have been their twice and sat in the drive through line up a half hour each time, and never will again. The first time it was opening week so I figured learning pains, but the food was good. Then again last week, so it’s a systemic part of their process. They need to move the order menu and speaker back another 50-feet, so that one can order earlier and have beter flow through. As is one gets stuck in the drive through for 20 minutes before you can even order. The order window is only two truck lengths from the pick up and pay window, and then people spend 5-10 minutes looking at the menu before even ordering. An atrocious set up for failure. Not sure why anyone would pay franchise fees for that level of organization. If I ever eat there again I would skip the drive through. The food is delicious though.

    Hi Eagleone,

    Great White has been a toy store in Prince George for as long as I can remember. It was in Parkwood long ago, and recently moved out of Pine Centre. I’ts considerably more expensive than Toys R Us, and you are supporting one of Prince George’s greasiest City Councillors in recent memory. Enjoy!

It’s unbelievable how many customers fall for the Boxing Day “sales”. The Best Buy Boxing Day flyer is almost identical to their weekly flyer with the addition of a handful of door crashers on the front page to get customers into their store.

Also, I recall a manager of a women’s clothing store in Pine Centre Mall telling me how sales increased by nearly 40% after she put red stickers on the tags of select items throughout the store which indicated to customers that the items were on sale when actually the prices remained the same.

Stay disciplined and spend wisely Prince George!

isthisreallife — Maybe you should check your comment you made on —Remember the less fortunate.

Carl’s best burgers in town no doubt. Never went through the drive thru. But service inside is pretty good.

My hat is off for the troopers on the front line . Braving the iron fist of PGs winter at 3 o’clock in the morning . They were not only tough but on pay . If they spent lots they could have been making/saving hundreds per hour . For three hours of waiting in the cold of the centre of BC that’s good coin .

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