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October 27, 2017 7:35 pm

Wolverine Mine Preps to Re-open

Thursday, December 29, 2016 @ 8:50 AM

Tumbler Ridge, B.C. –  In just  a few days, the Wolverine  Mine,  15 kms west of Tumbler Ridge will  be reopening and that’s great news for the  community of Tumbler Ridge.Now owned by  Conuma Coal Resources,   Wolverine  will create  220 jobs.
Conuma Coal already has started the hiring process to fill the 220 jobs at the Wolverine mine site and is taking steps to transition the mine from care and maintenance back to production. Conuma Coal plans to have
the mine fully staffed and operating at full production levels by April 1, 2017. The company estimates it will produce 1.5 million tonnes of metallurgical coal annually from the Wolverine Mine.

“The opening of the Wolverine Mine by Conuma Coal is the best Christmas present Tumbler Ridge could have asked for,” said Tumbler Ridge Mayor Don McPherson. “We have had a tough three years, and this will put people
back to work and improve our economic outlook. Although we have diversified our economy, this town was built to service coal mining and we are glad to see it back. ”

Conuma Coal  recently restarted the Brule  mine as well,  and the Ministry of Energy and Mines is also reviewing Conuma Coal’s proposal to possibly restart production at the Willow Creek Mine in July 2017.

Timing for the restart of the Willow Creek Mine is dependent upon Conuma Coal’s ability to complete the necessary work to satisfy all its permit requirements, as well as its internal planning work and decisions to proceed with the future operations expansion.


Wow, restarting coal mines when the price of coal has flat lined at $40 per tonne, it used to be $80 per tonne 5 years ago. Take a good look at the 5 year price of coal, no one is buying or selling it on the market, which is why it has “flat lined”.

ht tp://www.infomine.com/investment/metal-prices/coal/5-year/

Get used to this folks, because oil and gas is heading to where coal is now, why? Because the future is renewable clean alternative energy.

ht tps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-06/wind-and-solar-are-crushing-fossil-fuels

Argue and deny all you want, the facts are still the facts!

    pssst, do your home work. This is Met coal. it hit $300/tone in November. I think it is settling in around the $250 mark right now.

      Unlike the AGW deniers on here, I am not afraid to admit to being in error. Metallurgical (Coke) coal is trading over $200 per tonne… yet you might want to read this:

      ht tp://www.mining.com/6-reasons-coking-coal-price-will-tank/

      BH, surely you don’t believe everything that you read on the internet?

I think oil and gas production isn’t going away any time soon. One just has to look at the current infrastructure to see that. The world still runs on oil.

    Your observations are based on the conditions in backwards North America, watch oil and gas price demand worldwide drop by 2025. Why? Because of this:

    ht tps://pedestrianobservations.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/several-european-countries-to-follow-norways-lead-ban-fuel-powered-cars/

    You are looking at North American infrastructure, the rest of the world is moving towards cheaper, less expensive, alternative energy sources in a BIG way.

Bh you need facts to prove me wrong which you have never done.

Yes hydro electric is clean renewable, glad you agree. Maybe hope for you yet.

    Hydro is renewable. If you factor in the GHGs that are generated during the construction and the GHGs and toxins that are released for years into the environment from rotting vegetation, plus the destruction of an entire valley’s ecostructure, hydro isn’t clean, no matter how much you want to parrot the electricity industry’s propaganda that it is.

Bill Bennett made the announcement not Conuma coal. Will have to wait and see if this is a good news story.

Tom Clarke is president and CEO of the ERP Environmental Fund and Kissito Healthcare Inc. a company that runs seniors citizens homes in Virginia. They have been buying up bankrupt companies in the US and Canada including Walter Energy that previously owned the three coal mines mentioned above.

They now own three steelmaking coal mines in BC four in the US, one thermal coal mine and one coking facility in Alabama, and employ about 2000 workers.

In the U.S,. ERP is using some of its coal mine profits to invest in reforestation, for which it earns compliance carbon credits – hence the name, ERP Compliant Fuels.

They actually expect the rate per ton to drop to a much lower level, however they can make money at the lower price. These mills in and around Tumbler Ridge will operate with significantly less people than previously, and it seems they will also get into Long Wall Mining.

    How wonderful. The Americans will be extracting even more of our natural resources while providing even less jobs and economic benefits to the regions they are raping. Fantastic. /s

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