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October 27, 2017 7:31 pm

CounterAttack Campaign Nabs 25 Impaired Drivers

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 @ 2:22 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Impaired drivers kept Mounties in Prince George busy over the holidays.policecarnew

The six-weekend CounterAttack campaign wrapped up Saturday and here are the totals for all six weekends:

  • 25 impaired drivers which included:
  • Six 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions (IRP) with 30-day impoundment.
  • One seven-day IRP with vehicle impoundment
  • Five three-day IRP’s with vehicle impoundment
  • Three 24-hour suspensions for alcohol
  • Nine 24-hour suspensions for drugs
  • One 12-hour suspension for a new driver with alcohol

Check stops and roving patrols also yielded the following offences:

  • 66 speeding violations
  • 15 intersection-related violations
  • Five distracted driving violations (cell phones)
  • Two no seatbelt violations
  • Four driving without due care and attention
  • Two driving without consideration
  • Four stunting violations with seven-day vehicle impoundment
  • Six driving without a license, some with vehicle impoundments
  • 11 no insurance violations
  • 44 administrative violations
  • Two vehicle equipment infractions
  • Eight vehicle inspection orders for non-compliance
  • Four drug seizures (no charges)

Police say a variety of tools helped them to detect and apprehend impaired drivers, including approved screening devices, physical coordination testing and a drug recognition expert.

Specially trained officers conducted three standardized field sobriety tests to suspend two drug-affected drivers.

“Between 2007 and 2015, the Prince George RCMP responded to six fatal and 11 impaired causing bodily harm collisions over the same six-week period,” says Cpl. Craig Douglass. “This year the Prince George RCMP responded to no fatalities and no impaired causing bodily harm collisions.The detachment would like to thank the many drivers and their passengers for their patience while going through police road checks this past six weeks.”


That’s 25 drunks off the road, great job! Only 5 cell phone tickets though? I am sure I could catch 5 an hour, or maybe all those people sitting at the traffic lights are fascinated with their crotch.

    Typical Liberal comment. How do you know a guy didn’t blow .083 ? Is that a ‘drunk’? How many times have you had 3 drinks and wondered if you were just a little bit over the legal amount, but not ‘impaired’?

      That’s hilarious LJ, I have been called a lot of things on this site, Redneck, trash, but never a liberal!!

      It’s even worse than that LJ. It would be good to see an outline of exactly what triggers 24 hr suspension etc. it’s alot less than .08!!

      LJ, it’s all about physiology, metabolism etc. I can drink 10 beer and be .05, you drink 2, you can be .09. People exhibit different behaviors when drinking some more some less. There are a lot of little things that add up in an officers mind to conclude a persons been drinking or using drugs.

Only a 12 hour suspension for a new driver with alcohol??? I thought for that, they had to start over again.

    He/she will get a letter in the mail very shortly revoking their license.

Now I know why some keep the Plates hidden by Snow or Dirt, No INSURANCE!
Only 11, I bet many more are driving without it , anyone knows how much the Fine would be ?

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