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October 27, 2017 7:28 pm

Friday Free For All – Jan. 6, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It is the first  opportunity  of the new  year  to speak  your mind on issues that matter to you.

It is the Friday Free for All.

250’s resolution  for the New Year is to crack down on  bullying, so ,  before you hit post on your comment,   make sure  you remove any personal  attacks on others.  Stick  to the issue presented.  While you may not agree with  the opinion of  others,  name calling will not be tolerated.

So,  remember the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Don’t know if anyone is aware of this, but you might want to be extra careful when you are up in the BC Northeast, particularly during the Christmas – New Year holidays. There might not be any surgeons available to perform lifesaving surgery if you are in an accident, or have a medical emergency, as this is what happened in Fort St. John over the last couple of weeks. Fort St. John is a sizable city with 21,000 people living there, so I was surprised.

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/fort-st-john-surgeon-holiday-no-service-lawrence-ravanelli-1.3915558

    I think that surgeons (like some other professionals) have a choice in respect to where they wish to be working. That would mean that they cannot be forced to go there (regardless of who is in charge in Victoria) against their wishes.

      In Peep’s world, we are all equal and like good little socialists we will go wherever we’re told to.

      I think he missed the part in the story where the guy endangered his own life by checking himself out of the Hospital.

      Most of us would have checked ourselves out of that hospital and have family transport us down to Prince George for life saving surgery, only the clueless (axman) would have stayed at a hospital where there was NO CHANCE of getting emergency surgery in a timely manner.

      You didn’t read the article you posted. He was flown in an air ambulance and had the operation in PG. Then he checked himself out early to get back to FSJ for Christmas which he had to sign a release to do.

    Who would you want working on you if you needed life saving surgery? Someone who has done hundreds of operations like the one you need, or somebody who saw it done once as an intern, and finally has someone ~you~ to practice on? Rural hospitals have difficulty keeping surgeons because they don’t get enough call for their services, many of which are now highly specialised in various areas. It would be nice if it were otherwise, but it isn’t.

      Ain’t that the truth!

      Socredible, the frustration I have knowing we have a very good Doctor here who has performed many Angiograms, yet isn’t given the time to do them here.
      We have people dying on their way to the hospital in an ambulance, when we could have helicopters saving lives. Vancouver gobbles up the budget, and leaves us in the Interior and north with nothing.
      Try and bring some of the talent north and you’re fighting the Vancouver Health Authority.
      If BC has to pay more for competent surgeons and specialists up here, then so be it. I’ll look to the parties to make up their minds who wants to start focusing on the interior and north before elections.
      Granted, this government has done more than any others in getting people from the Interior and North up to speed on donating for transplants, but they’ve got along way to go.

      Yes, that’s another part of the story, Grizzly2, what you’re saying about angiograms. Seems a lot of competent doctors in outlying hospitals can’t get the time in hospitals to perform those services.

      I had my appendix taken out when I was 12 in a large city called Ottawa in the largest and best hospital there.

      The surgery was done by my family doctor. That is the way it used to be. There is nothing special for that type of surgery.

      Since medicine has changed to be over specialized in some cases, this is bound to happen.

      Perhaps someone needs to review what healthcare in smaller communities should look like.

      What does one do when one lives in Burns Lake, the weather is closed in and copters can’t fly, and the highway is shut down due to a major car crash but they need a simple, life-saving operation that a medical doctor can do in an EMERGENCY!!!!

      “Someone who has done hundreds of operations like the one you need, or somebody who saw it done once as an intern”
      That is almost word for word what a bureaucrat said to my neighbor a few months ago. They told him where to go and where to put it.

    If the ministry of health had the intestinal fortitude and had not been told no by Vancouver Coast Health Authority, they would have flown a couple surgeons to FSJ for a couple weeks to look after this in the interim.

I recently attended a safety conference at the behest of a friend and I learned something new which I never even thought about

A good many of the servers at restaurants and sales staff in many stores are not up to WOrkSafe standards with the wearing of footwear.

Serving staff are supposed to wear comfortable fully enclosed shoes that offer protection up to the ankle this is in case a knife or fork or hot liquid is spilled your foot will be protected from cuts, scrapes and burns amoung other injuries.

As to store sales staff where there is a cart, shelving unit or mobile unit on wheels staff are required to wear fully enclosed shoes that will protect them from their feet being run over by the wheels of the cart.

I never knew …always learn something new every day.

The borrowing and spending binge by Canadian households, businesses and governments (all levels) continues unabated.

Growing the debt in the economy significantly faster than the economy itself grows seems to have developed into a way of life in Canada.

At the end of September, 2016 the total debt outstanding in Canada (bottom line of the Statistics Canada credit market summary data table) was $7.18 trillion.

At the end of September, 2015 the total debt outstanding was $6.83 trillion. In the one year period from the end of September, 2015 to the end of September, 2016 it increased by $355 billion. This is an increase of 5.2%.

The approximate beginning of the global financial crisis was June, 2007. At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding was $3.99 trillion. In the last 9-1/4 years it has increased by $3.19 trillion. This is an increase of 80%.

Looking at the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors (17th line up from the bottom of the credit market summary data table):

At the end of September, 2016 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $5.1 trillion.
At the end of September, 2015 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $4.85 trillion. In the one year period from the end of September, 2015 to the end of September, 2016 it increased by $250 billion. This is an increase of 5.1%.

At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $2.84 trillion. In the last 9-1/4 years it has increased by $2.26 trillion. This is an increase of 79.5%.

The start date of this Statistics Canada data table can be changed by clicking on the “add/remove data” tab at the top of the page.


    Charles T:-“Growing the debt in the economy significantly faster than the economy itself grows seems to have developed into a way of life in Canada.”

    What would you expect if the overall flow of costs into prices at the point of final retail constantly exceeds the overall flow of incomes distributed to consumers over EVERY one and the same given time period?

    If ‘consumers’ CAN NOT fully buy ALL that they’ve just been paid for as ‘workers’ in any, say, two week pay period, how then are they going to fully buy the unsold surplus, PLUS the further unsold surplus, in the NEXT two week pay period? And so on?

    Right now the ONLY two ways that’s possible is to ALWAYS have a so-called ‘favourable’ trade balance internationally, which NO country can ALWAYS have; or ALWAYS engage in an ever increasing amount of Capital spending. And NO country can ALWAYS do that either. The Capital spending is financed from debt. And debts have an annoying habit of coming due. Plus there’s always interest on them while they’re outstanding.

    But don’t worry, be happy. Sunny days, you know. For those who deal in debts anyways.

      Actually, Charles, there is a ‘third way’. Sort of. We can have escalating ‘inflation’. We can go back to those heady days of double-digit interest rates on home mortgages, on top of the ever escalating costs of the home itself. And everything else, too. But we’ll be repaying those debts in dollars that only buy a fraction of what they bought when we incurred them. Of course, any ‘savings’ become worthless, those on fixed incomes are wiped out financially, and we get to be taxed to death more than we already are, and eventually the whole mess just collapses into a depression. THEN, when everyone’s desperate, we can have that war.

    Another symptom of the decline and fall of western civilization. We’ve had it too good, nobody’s been through anything like the “dirty thirties” like our parents and grandparents were. We’re inundated with consumer goodies that we don’t need, but want to have. Having had it so good, few people save the way they used to and it’s easy for retailers to sell to them…except without a savings habit, they don’t have the cash on hand. So easy credit was introduced and became a way of life.

    Governments are no better and set a bad example, spending, spending, spending the taxpayer’s money (and when that runs out, the taxpayer’s credit card)to buy their votes, all the while denigrating fiscal conservatives who have warned for decades that it can’t go on forever.

    It is inevitable that at some point it won’t go on, government won’t be able to borrow more and will have to make major spending cuts, sending shock waves through the economy. That is when all that consumer debt will come home to roost.

    Seems the Libs might be waking up to reality. not that they’ll ever consider actually living within their means.

      Oops, forgot the article.


      A shocking new report quietly released by the federal government admits that their finances could collapse in the coming decades if politicians don’t make responsible choices.

      Two days before Christmas, when most politicians and their staffers had long left their offices for the holiday break, the finance department released — without fanfare or wide notice — a surprising update on long-term economic and fiscal projections.

      ht tp://cnews.canoe.com/CNEWS/Canada/2017/01/04/22694759.html

      Now, I’ve seen everything when I read someone complaining that not having to live through a depression is a bad thing, since supposedly experiencing a depression builds financial discipline. And Righties call Lefties loopy?

      Dirtman, further to your post and link, the following link is from Canadian Business. It also discusses this issue and it contains some graphs illustrating the whopping deficit projections and other information. Pretty scary stuff!

      “Canada isn’t projected to run a balanced budget until at least 2050”

      ht tp://www.canadianbusiness.com/economy/canada-isnt-projected-to-run-a-balanced-budget-until-at-least-2050/

      With all of these dire predictions coming out, even when attempts are made to hide them or sneak them out, we can all take comfort in knowing that the idiot controlling the purse strings is merrily handing out our money to other countries in his feeble attempt to win himself a seat at the UN, that is when he’s not on yet another taxpayer funded vacation!

      Oh well, not to despair! After all, Justin says that the budget will balance itself!

      Sunny ways, my friends! Sunny ways indeed!

      Did I say not having to live through a depression is a bad thing? No, I don’t believe I did. Why then, Hahaha, would you suggest I did? One can only surmise that it’s because you can’t find anything to disagree with in my post.


      This thing of assuming I’m agreeing with your comments, because I’m surmising a different conclusion from your fevered musings must be some sort of new right wing thing. A lot of you Cons have been using it lately. The “I didn’t exactly say what you claim I said therefore you agree with me” argument has to be one of the most juvenile, Grade 5 level tactics ever. It doesn’t surprise me that it would be used by you right wingers.

      I’m not assuming you agree with my comments, I’m pointing out that you didn’t manage to posit one single argument against anything I said. Your not being able to mount a challenge, yet still finding it necessary to disparage me somehow, is tantamount to an admission that I’m right. In this instance, instead of discussing the matter at hand, you used something akin to a straw-man argument – attributing a position to me that you invented. One can only conclude that you find no fault in my words.

      Dirtman, I seldom agree with anyone on the ‘left’ side of the political spectrum as I’m sure Hahaha is presently so inclined. But I, too, got the same initial reaction from reading your comments on the Depression ~ that it’s not good for anyone to have it “too good”. That may not be what you meant at all, as you’ve explained, but that’s what it sounded like to me when I read it.

      Now Hahaha might not take exception to anything else you wrote, but I’m afraid I do. On an individual basis the advice to not “live beyond one’s means”, and be fiscally prudent and ‘save’ rather than go in debt can be considered sage advice indeed. Considering the economy as a whole however, if EVERYONE attempted to follow that advice we’d quickly have a Depression that made the one of the 1930’s look like a minor recession!

      Now the ‘disparagement’. You wrote (Dirtman, that is), “Having had it so good, few people save the way they used to and it’s easy for retailers to sell to them…except without a savings habit, they don’t have the cash on hand. So easy credit was introduced and became a way of life.”

      EVERY dollar ‘saved’ is a dollar that has already been ‘costed’ into the price of some good or service somewhere in the economy. ‘Saving’ that dollar, as in a straight abstention from spending it, means that good can’t be sold for the cost of its making. Unless someone BORROWS another dollar, which comes from the same place the ‘saved’ dollar came from. As a creation of credit by a bank. So debt is increased by saving. Not, perhaps to the individual saver, but overall in the economy as a whole.

      Now many people not only ‘save’ their dollars, they ‘invest’ them. The investment creates ANOTHER ‘cost’, while the original ‘cost’ that same dollar appeared in remains unliquidated, and unliquidatable. Unless, you guessed it, I hope, still another dollar is again created. And it’s created as another DEBT.


      So again we see, savings create MORE debt.

      Now you wrote,”Governments are no better and set a bad example, spending, spending, spending the taxpayer’s money (and when that runs out, the taxpayer’s credit card)to buy their votes, all the while denigrating fiscal conservatives who have warned for decades that it can’t go on forever.”

      First of all, governments do NOT ‘tax and spend’. They ‘BORROW, spend, and tax’. What they ‘borrow’ is again created by the banks, as the saying goes, “out of nothing.” ‘Nothing’ because the terms of the loan that created the ‘money’ didn’t exist before they were drawn up and agreed to by banker and borrower. Money is by nature, contractual. It is all CREDIT. There is NO SUCH THING as ‘money’ in nature, because there is no such thing as a ‘debt’ in nature. It is entirely a man made construct. CREDIT itself is merely ‘belief’. The ‘belief’ in the beneficial outcome of some line of action.

      Now it may come as some surprise to you that none of us as individuals actually “make” money. But governments, sovereign governments do. They are ‘self financing’. We are not. So we and they are on opposite sides of the ledger. Our government has assigned its power to create money to the Bank of Canada. An institution that has an unlimited overdraft facility with itself. It had good reason to do this, or at least reasons that seemed so at the time (1934).

Dearth you really need to get out more. That is about the most boring piece of information I have ever read. Servers and retail staff are amongst the lowest earners in the labour force, lets start making them buy several different styles of shoes for every circumstance they may encounter during their work duties. Good to see Worksafe using some common sense when applying their regulations.

    Well considering you took the time to read it then reply to the comment I’d say you just contradicted yourself saying it was the most boring thing you read and it probably took you longer to type out the reply than read it so it couldn’t of been that boring for you to read and reply ….

      here here!!

    Sorry Dearth but I have to agree with Ryder on the boring aspect of your post. Thanks for making me laugh this morning Ryder :)

I just think the city needs to hire a traffic specialist to figure out how to program the traffic lights especially along 16 west from 97 up to Peden Hill.

The left turn at 97 onto 16 west is ridiculous. At best it will let through 3-4 cars at a time. This causes 90% of the left turn traffic to take the underpass at the bridge and turn left onto 16 west at Ferry… driving through residential areas and right by an elementary school full of kids out on recess.

To compound this bottleneck in the traffic flow; the west bound straight through light at Ferry only holds for 30-seconds, while it holds for twice that for traffic going east. The end result is highway traffic from the 97 side of the intersection often has to wait for 2-3 cycles of the lights to get through during the daytime hours. Forcing ever more traffic past the elementary school on Ferry.

Clearly when traffic is backed up all the way from Ferry to 97 this bottleneck should be dealt with by extending the hold for the highway traffic for an addition 30-seconds per cycle at the expense of the Ferry traffic.

Also a big concern in winter months is the trigger for the highway lights at locations such as Peden Hill, 22nd Avenue, and the Brewery overpass off ramp. Each of these triggers a light change the second a car pulls up to the light… this can cause highway traffic to make sudden unexpected stops.

On days like today with heavy blowing snow the rear lights on most highway trucks are covered in snow making them almost invisible in the blowing snownado behind the big units… when people can’t even see the rear end of the highway truck in front of them through the blowing snow, what chance to they have if said truck has to make a sudden stop because a random car pulls up to the lights? Its how people get killed. The simple solution is to have a 10-second delay for any light that gives green light traffic an extra few seconds to prep not only their own vehicle for the potential stop but the traffic in the snow votex as well.

I can see how the light programmer would want the light to start to change immediately for the convenience of those that trigger those lights… they probably face pressure from the public for this… on days like today its a huge danger that does cause accidents which has a heavy cost in ICBC rates as well as potential lives.

What is ten seconds to save a life? Why can’t the light change wait for 10-seconds before the light begins to change? I don’t understand what the big rush is when it increase the danger so much.

    I don’t see how a ten second delay would improve anything. The light is going to change regardless of whether it is triggered immediately or 10 sec later. What about traffic that is getting to the intersection 10 secs later? To them the light change would be the same as an immediate change. The thing I think that should be required on ALL intersection lights that cross a major thoroughfare where traffic routinely drives 60-80+ kph towards it, is flashing warning lights telling the driver there is a signal change ahead. As for lights like the Brewery offramp light, that traffic should be going at an exit speed and shouldn’t have to worry about any “sudden” stops.

      A ten second delay is light a warning light. When one sees a car pull up to the intersection then one knows it can change anytime rather than having it trigger immediately. Ten seconds isn’t a lot to have to wait but it gives the green traffic a few seconds to adjust for a potential stop.

      If more traffic arrives then they all go when the light turns green it makes no difference. The ten second delay is only from the first car that triggers the light change.

      As for the Brewery overpass off ramp light. It’s not the off ramp traffic that is the concern it’s the east bound traffic from the underpass that can’t see vehicles approaching the off ramp light which changes immediately. A ten second delay allows for the traffic to be seen before the light change starts.

      Why should cars feel entitled to have an immediate light change accessing or crossing a highway at random? Why the immediate priority rather than a ten second wait for a drastic increase in safety?

      And maybe go drive behind a highway truck in blowing snow to get a better perspective I would suggest.

      If you are driving so fast in those areas where blowing snow from a truck in front of you is an issue then you are too close or both speeding. The speed limit by the brewery is 50 kmh is it not? the bypass is 60 kmh.

      The real issue driving through town is the fact that none of the lights are synchronized in any way, if you drive just under the speed limit you should hit all the lights green through town. This would eliminate the chip and logging truck races from one light to another we have now

      I am convinced that the programming of the traffic lights also has inputs from motion sensors which are monitoring the traffic in both directions. It appears that as soon as there is a long enough gap in traffic the lights are triggered to start the switching program.

    So why should the city hire the traffic specialist when every intersection you just mentioned are the responsibility of the Ministry of Holidays (er highways). The City has enough people doing nothing, get somebody from the province on it, or their contractor, Westcana.

    Eagle, I think there is supposed to be a news conference today about possible Russian hacking. President elect DJ Tweeter’s biggest issue today is the lousy ratings the Apprentice is getting with Arnold as host instead of possible national security issues. Wow !

      Russian hacking turns out has nothing to do with tampering with the vote or voting machines… Turns out Russian hacking is RT and Sputnik doing stories on the CIA and Syria from a Russian perspective that caused Americans to vote Trump. They are calling it fake news because they don’t agree with the perspective that sees the ‘free Syrian’ army as terrorists too.

      The rest is just innuendo politics. The Russians celebrated Trump winning rather than Clinton, and Ukrainian melware was used to access Podestas emails he had on a private server with password used as the password. I guess a coincidence makes a conspiracy, but it falls short of the Russians hacking the election to get Atrump elected as the globalists in Washington want us to believe.

      Trump should call them out and disband the CIA. An agency designed for the deep state to kill and control presidents and politicians for the Iikes of globalist banksters. If I was Trump I would announce an investigation of the investigators of the Russian hacker meme including all their phone calls and emails to be conducted by the military intelligence… and anyone that refuses to cooperates looses their security clearance and pensions.

      Time will tell

      I haven’t heard anyone say the Russians tampered with voting machines, that would be one heck of a story.

      People were extremely fed up with politics as usual (Hillary) and instead voted for something different (the Donald). The hacking thing is just a political attempt at shifting the blame and a face saving move.

      The US Intelligence Service conducted an investigation into the allegations of Russia tampering in the US elections. These are their findings; “We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election,” the report said “We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. We have high confidence in these judgments.”

      Of course only the “dimwitted” would question these finding because after all it comes from an “intelligence” agency.

      h ttp://www.cbc.ca/news/world/russia-hacking-trump-intelligence-report-1.3925210

      Well, most of them believe in a supreme being living in the sky, and now they think they have a supreme being moving on to Pennsylvania Avenue. Buckle up and hang on.


      Keep that GRU/FSB disinformation campaign rolling, comrade.

      With all this talk about the Russian hacking, nobody seems to notice that neither the Democrats nor Hillary have denied that what was exposed in her emails was true. Lots of noise to divert attention away from her.

      Also not mentioned is the fact that Obama was aware of the hacking in 2014 and didn’t care enough to say or do anything about it for 2 years.

    By law every driver on the road including big rigs are responsible for keeping rear lights free and clear of snow. If the cops and the cvse started handing out tickets for tail lights covered in snow the situation might change. If a truck is travelling at a speed to match road conditions stopping for a red light should not be a problem.

      With blowing snow a truck can travel 50km and the tail lights are no longer visible. Not as much and issue during daylight hours but at night one can’t see some of them from ten feet back.

      It use to be everyone had incidesent light bulbs for marker lights and brake lights and these would melt through the snow build up. Nowadays everyone has switched to led lights that have no heat, so as soon as it snows you can’t see them after they drive across town. Apparently it’s an environmental concern because led lights use less power so less thicker wire and better fuel efficiencies they claim.

      I think if LEDs are legal then what is the point of even having marker lights and break lights if they are not visible in snowy conditions? Clearly safety was not top of mind when regulators approved of led lights on commercial transport vehicles. What good are tail lights that only work for part of the year.

      It is time the minimum standard for truck tail lights be upgraded as has been done for every passenger car. The same little 2″ lights have been used since who know when and it is no wonder they cannot be seen if there is even a bit of snow.

      Eagle,You just gave auto manufacturers another option for vehicles.
      Heated headlights and tailights. This will only last for 3 years, or when your warranty runs out, then it’s 957.00 plus tax to replace one. Thanks a lot! LOL!

Had a great Christmas and New Years..got to spend it with family and friends.. hope you all did too… looking forward to see what us in store for 2017.

Eagleone, all the lights you mention are under the control of the MOH, Wescana, not the City. Just FYI.

    Sorry JLS, I didn’t read your post before I replied to Eagleone.

    Yes you bet. I should forward my complaint to them too. It just doesn’t make any sense to me why they have it the way it is. One would think the city would be concerned though about the use of Ferry for highway traffic for example as a result purely of dumb light programming on the highway. I’ve seen the 97 turn lane backed up to the Carmel, and the 16 through lanes at Ferry backed up into the intersection at 97… Clearly that is a problem with the lights programming at this point.

    As for the spike lights one would think icbc has spent enough on those related accidents to do something, but I guess they pick their battles and the lights programmer is way down their list.

      Please don’t complain about them. Every single time we did that in the past, they came out and messed it up worse than it was before. We finally stopped and lived with a system that we could predict at least somewhat.
      The idea for the flashing amber before it changes to steady amber, eliminates the need for stand alone warning lights at intersections where visibility is good. I can’t remember if it was in one of the prairie provinces or the states that I saw them and they worked really well. For whoever to say that it would confuse drivers, well maybe they are speaking for themselves.

more snow expected in Vancouver and lower mainland. Well, welcome to what we have to contend with in the north. Plus on top of that we are the ones working in the mud, rain and snow, getting resources to market, while their lilly white *** are sitting at a desk pushing buttons and feeling stressed.

    AND the city of Vancouver does not have a snowplow! I didn’t know that!

      Sure they do.

      They fergot where they put it!

    Couple weeks ago Global trotted out a lawyer saying if the City of Vancouver can’t clean the ice and snow from the sidewalks, he can see a number of lawsuits coming. I spent a couple months down there last year, 2 outa 3 people walking along staring at their cell phones.
    Now, add to that, ice and slush on the sidewalks, fashionable footwear,(you HAVE to be fashion conscious), highheeled boots, shiny leather soles etc., people down there are fuming at the audacity of the City not keeping them there sidewalks clean, can’t text worth a darn!
    Then you got folks fighting over salt at the firehalls? You got the City warning people they’re not allowed to steal sand off the beach?
    Granted, when it snows down there, it’s like driving on goose poop, very slick. Heard a lady got her high heeled boots studded and then wasn’t allowed to wear them in the building where she worked.
    Yes we in the interior look to the south for our humor, but I would not want to be caught in a vehicle down there now, it’s a crazy world.

      Actually Vancouver does not clear sidewalks, the homeowners, businesses are required to clear them under threat of fines if not done. Road clearing priorities in Vancouver, main roads, transit routes then bicycle lanes the rest be dammed. Hope a certain councillor does not get any ideas.

      Seamutt, jeebuzz! Quiet!
      I am surprised Mayor Robertson doesn’t have everyone down there with mini plows on the front of their bikes……….

    more snow expected in Vancouver and lower mainland. Well, welcome to what we have to contend with in the north


    LOL. Pretty sure PG has never had to contend with trying to manage snowfall in an urban area with 2.5 million people living in it. Heck, PG can’t even properly manage snowfall in a city of 75,000!

      I think they’ve done a dang fine job in the past 2 years, thankyou very much?!!!!!


Yes we all need to pitch in and clean this up, but I’m referring to ALL around the world. Not just us Canadians and especially not through another tax grab. This cannot be done over night or in the next 20 years, no matter what the Feds and Alta governments are trying to do. Canada needs to continue using their knowledge to utilize all our natural resources and selling them (if we have to) at this time to:

#1 – make money and keep all Canadians afloat

#2 – start using profit monies from these sales to start developing new ways of producing the various clean energy that we need in the future to become a clean country

#3 – mitigate the need to shutdown ALL offending polluters in the next 5 years, creating huge unemployment

Please read below article from the Edmonton Sun Mr Trudeau


Edmonton Sun, by Mark Bonokoski.

According to his sources Canada has 990-million acres of forests,
370-million acres of wetlands and167-million acres of crop yielding
These are known as “carbon sinks”. Biologists tell us that trees absorb
about 2.6 tones of carbon per acre.
So if you do the math 990-million acres x 2.6 tones per acre = 2.574
billion tones of carbon being absorbed every year.

Now if you do more math: 36-trillion tones {the amount of world
emission}x 0.0167 (1.67%) = 601.2-million tones.
— This is the amount of carbon that Canada contributes to the world

In the forests alone, Canada absorbs almost four times the amount of
carbon that it emits.
This means that the other three quarters of our forests are being
sustained by carbon being emitted by the rest of the world.
This calculation does not take into account the wetland or farmland
that also absorb carbon.

Canada really couldn’t get any greener, so why are our politicians hell
bent on punishing us with these ridicules carbon taxes? If the media were
honest this information would be made public.

Considering the fact that Canada is given no credit for absorbing much
more carbon than it emits I think there is a good case for some lawyer to
charge our governments with a”class action lawsuit”.

Herman Schwentner (ECA REVIEW)

    Environmentalists don’t want facts man, they want solar panels NOW!

      Great business opportunity to produce those solar panels! Let us put Canadians to work designing and making them NOW!

      So if it’s such a great business opportunity, why haven’t entrepreneurs already started such factories? If there’s a buck to be made, you can bet someone will do it.

      Oops, guess maybe manufacturing solar panels it isn’t such a good idea after all., especially now that China makes most of them. How we gonna compete with China?

    “Canada really couldn’t get any greener, so why are our politicians hell bent on punishing us with these ridicules carbon taxes?”

    That’s what their financial overlords want them to do. It keeps money scarce, then we have to borrow more of it. And pay for the privilege. Great if you’re able to have a monopoly on creating money. Not so great if you have to go earn it. Especially if you’re earning it, more of it, that is, involves doing more of the carbon emitting things they’re taxing you on! Just about as close to a perpetual motion machine as you could ever get, financially speaking that is.

      You seem to think the only way of making money is to work for it through a job . This is not the only way in which to generate income . I haven’t worked for money for over a decade , yet my income grows . Not sure but it seems that the investors income in canada could very closely match income from employment . And cap gain is taxed at a much lower rate than is employment . Maybe that is a pie of the pie you are missing ?

      Ataloss still waiting.

I went for a walk at Ginter’s dog park this week and was dismayed to see the City had removed all the beautiful rock a man had one at the main entrance. Granted it was done with approval from the City but this man keeps the dog park looking good. I have seen him picking up dog poop that lazy dog owners have left behind and making the little foot bridge and stairs look nice by using the rock left behind by the trail makers. The worst part of the City removing the beautifying rock work at the entrance is that I heard that it was done so the contractor who clears the trail could pass through without having to get out if his/her vehicle. And…the City spent time and money on having workers remove the rock work. Seems silly to me.

    Good grief, sorry for the lousy typing. The first section should read “I went for a walk at Ginter’s dog park this week and was dismayed to see the City had removed all the beautiful rock WORK ONE MAN HAD DONE at the main entrance. Granted it was done WITHOUT approval from the City but …”

Everyday Trump does something stupid…he either doesn’t understand the impacts of his “tweets or outbursts ” or he doesn’t care… either way it’s going to get ugly…..

    Trump stupid, beat out all the republican nominees, beat out the republican party, beat out the DNC, beat out the media, made Megyn Kelly and most of Hollywood cry, and best of all beat out the Clinton mafia.

    PVal I think you should rethink your statement.

    Me I have lots of popcorn ready for the show once he is in.

    Disclaimer I do not endorse anyone especially our dear leader.


      Sure you don’t endorse Trump. Riiiiggghtt. You are right, though. Trump wasn’t stupid. It was all the people that voted for him. No wonder Vlado wanted his “Manchurian” candidate in the White House. He knows the Right Wing lunatic will do maximum damage to the US both domestically and abroad, especially abroad.

    I think he’s doing a fine job………of turning the snobbery elite of Washington politicians on their so called lily white heads. He’s looking to treat running a country as a business which hasn’t been done in decades, if ever. Clinton’s crowd is scared spitless and throwing anything they can at him to discredit. The Elite are scared.
    It’s going to be a real interesting few years. Let’s sit back, enjoy the popcorn and Famous Grouse and watch.

      Running a country isn’t like running a business.

    So tRump is going to get the ‘merican tax payer to build the wall and send the bill to Mexico later. Yup…this is going to get bizarre.

      It’s been bizarre from the time he started running as a Presidential nominee.

The numbers for global EV sales for 2016 are in . EV sales as of dec 2016 grew exponentially (doubled) in the prior 21 months and excellerating. And that doesn’t include buses , trucks , bikes , tuktuks , scooters or EV bicycles.

I loved watching all the Asians trying to kill one another trying to get free salt from the fire stations in Vancouver.

    I love watching bigots make asses of themselves.

      I love big mouths that flap their lips behind their keyboards.


      Does that include you?

    Pretty stupid on the part of the City to give it away for free. Charge a couple of bucks per bucket and you’d cut the chaos in half.

Who is it here at 250 NEWS that decides if comments are open or closed on stories published? And how do you come up with that decision?

    I bet you it’s a lot to do with historical comments posted on like stories, and they just cut down their moderator time by closing comments. Then there are those that are before the court where comments can inflame or create biases.

    They didn’t want us laughing at the woman texting on the Hart who drove into the back of a fully stopped semi.

      Ax, was she? Seriously?

      or maybe she was cutoff by some other braindead driver and it forced her off the road, or maybe……….?

    From my time here I have noticed comments are closed or not allowed when..

    It’s about a court case pending
    It’s get nasty so they stop and delete comments
    It gets racist..

      Trump tweets would typically be deleted primarily because of the “No Bullying” nature, such as the one against Schwarzenegger. ;-)

About traffic lights, notice the intersections that have traffic light warning lights traffic generally comes to an easy stop. Also notice less skid marks on the pavement.

Now I understand these free standing warning lights are expensive and cannot be everywhere. In many areas in Europe the traffic lights go from green, flashing yellow, steady yellow then red. With this system traffic is given lots of warning of a light change and traffic comes to a nice non panic stop.

I asked the highways dept. about this and their response was it would be confusing for drivers. So there you have it, European drivers are smarter than Canadian deplorables.

    The amber warning lights are only there in speed limits of 70 kph or over. 60 kph or under is slow enough that they don’t think we need them.

Wsetech.com solar street lights on sale at $1100.00 apiece . Just mount it , never pay hydro , change the battery about every five years . And , when the power goes out they just keep on shining . I’d love to see the bill for the resent hart highway lighting project . The solar ones are guaranteed for twenty five years .

    Still waiting.

Phone call this morning from someone with an Asian accent telling me my credit card was used for $400.00 this morning. Told the dick to F off and hung up on him.

    Thanks for the tv :). Lol

Unbelievable hoe many dough heads drive on the highway in snowy and blowing conditions with their headlights off, no tailights obviously go along with that.

    Don’t forget the bobble heads too.

Hey Vancouver it’s winter, take a deep breath and settle down. With evidence of a cooling climate get used to it.

    But they are the “Entitled”, they are paying for “Climate Change”, but they are really paying a lot for gas, LMAO!

Are we all ready for the minus 35 weather next week??


    Yeah, got my long johns hanging inside to dry this time, LOL!

      Maybe next time you should drop them along with your pants to your ankles when you pee, then you wouldn’t need to dry them out all the time?

“It is genuinely possible most of the members of groups like Greenpeace and Germanwatch really didn’t know where all the money was coming from. Sounds crazy, but think about it – all greens had to do in the past is make a lot of noise, and bundles of cash turned up. They never had any reason to question where the cash was coming from.

I suspect climate activists are only now waking to the horrible possibility that after years of partying on the US taxpayer’s dime, they really don’t have that many friends anymore.”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/11/19/cop22-green-groups-wheres-the-money/

“Greens have requested that Private Businesses step in and top up an anticipated funding shortfall of in excess of ten billion dollars per annum, when Trump cancels US government funding of climate programmes.”

LOL! Dream on!

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/12/17/greens-request-private-sector-keep-the-cash-flowing/

In 2016 the UK made more electricity from wind than they did from burning coal . Amazing eh!

    Interesting, do you have a link I can have some fun with?

    This from the British renewables chief,
    But he said this would “almost certainly” not be in England, as the wind speeds were not high enough to make the projects economically viable without subsidy.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/06/05/british-renewables-chief-england-is-not-windy-enough/

      “The gigantic Hornsea scheme off the Yorkshire coast will be made up of more than 300 turbines and generate low carbon electricity to power some 1.8 million homes.”

      ht tp://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/hornsea-windfarm-climate-change-global-warming-biggest-offshore-planning-where-a7193576.html

    “In England, we learned this week from the head of the wind energy lobby group Renewable UK, the wind levels are so puny and unreliable that turbines cannot generate economically viable quantities of energy.”

    “they kill birds and bats, hurt the environment, cause sleeplessness and sickness in humans, drive up fuel prices, enrich toughing rent-seeking crony capitalist scumbags, blight views, cause people to die in fuel poverty, harm property values, destabilise the grid, and inflate the cost of living – all while signally failing at the one thing they’re supposed to be good at, viz supplying us with the clean, abundant, eco-friendly energy which is going to save us all from “global warming.”

    For anyone prepared to do their research – as opposed to take back handers from the renewable industry, mouth green platitudes or get frightened off by the wind industry’s super-aggressive lawyers – all this has been obvious for years.”

    ht tp://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/06/11/great-british-wind-farm-scandal/

    Oh another thing British electrical costs have skyrocketed and many now live in energy poverty trying to decide whether to eat or heat.

    Ataloss still waiting.

“Fuel poverty Britain: 24,000 will die from cold this winter and 6m fear they cannot heat their home

Read more: ht tp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2478114/Fuel-poverty-Britain-24k-die-winter-rising-energy-prices.html#ixzz4V3KiygLE
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook”

This is happening from skyrocketing costs directly realed the huge cost of unreliable, inefficient renewable scam.

Atalos still waiting.

Nice to see so much progress on Britain’s largest wind farm project, they are already into phase two. excellent news for 1.8 million home owners who will be supplied with electricity from this massive wind farm.


Because it’s out at sea, no bats fly out there, no home owners being inconvenienced, no property value issues, etc. I have done my research, and the sources seamutt uses are not credible, nor accurate!

Nice to see so much progress on Britain’s largest wind farm project, they are already into phase two. excellent news for 1.8 million home owners who will be supplied with electricity from this massive wind farm.

ht tps://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/16/hornsea-project-two-windfarm-second-phase-grimsby

Because it’s out at sea, no bats fly out there, no home owners being inconvenienced, no property value issues, etc. I have done my research, and the sources seamutt uses are not credible, nor accurate!

    “Here’s a few examples of how well “green” energy generation works.

    The South Australian Government, the world’s green energy crash test dummy, appears to have thrown in the towel. In the wake of economically damaging outages and vigorous complaints from major employers, the South Australian government are now attempting to reassure industry and domestic users that there is sufficient fossil fuel capacity to cover their needs, and claim to have stepped up efforts to secure more gas supplies.”

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/12/05/dash-for-gas-green-south-australian-government-throws-in-the-towel-on-renewables/
    90% of SA windfarms were producing no electricity when the state needed it

    TonyFromOz points out that wind farms were only generating at 6% of their rated capacity when the fault hit.

    Wind power in South Australia was delivering 100MW of its (almost) 1600MW Nameplate, around 6.25% of total Capacity*. So, one turbine in every sixteen with it’s blades actually moving. Total Demand for South Australia at that time, even with almost everyone tucked up in bed asleep was 1150MW. Lucky this outage from Victoria (South Australia’s main electricity supplier) happened when it did, and not during the day with Total Demand up around 1500MW.

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/12/parts-of-south-australia-blackout-again-bhp-chief-warns-of-jobs-and-investment-cuts/

    There are very few, if any, fossil fuel specific subsidies in the United States. The most recent and well researched study of energy subsidies in the US is by the EIA, it was completed in 2015. According to this EIA report total federal energy subsides for energy in the US declined from $38B in 2010 to $29B in 2013. So The Economist mixed up total energy subsidies in 2010 with fossil fuel subsidies and got the date wrong. Of the $29B, the EIA claims 12% went to fossil fuels and 68% went to renewables, including hydropower, nuclear, solar and wind.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/08/the-economist-fossil-fuel-subsidies-and-climate-disaster/

    The EU this week: Germany gives up on hard targets, Turkey plans 80 coal stations, EU dithers on Paris.

    Greens are angry that Germany dropped real targets in Climate Action Plan — call new plan a “Toothless-tiger-skin-rug”:

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/09/the-eu-this-week-germany-gives-up-on-hard-targets-turkey-plans-80-coal-stations-eu-dithers-on-paris/#more-50745

    After Germany’s nuclear phase-out in 2022 Bavaria will face a base load shortfall of up to 4 gigawatts, but existing gas pipelines in the North could offer an alternative to new electricity lines.

    “In 2022, if not before, Bavaria will face difficulties with its electricity supply,” Mario Mehren, Chairman of the board of Wintershall, said at the German Energy Congress in Munich. “At this time, when the last German nuclear power plants in Bavaria are taken off the grid, there will be an electricity generation shortfall of up to 4 gigawatts. Renewable energies cannot replace that, at least not at affordable and responsible prices.”

    Mehren, whose company produces natural gas and oil, called for gas-fired power plants to stabilize the electricity grid.

    ht tp://www.oilandgas360.com/bavaria-will-short-4-gigawatts-electricity-nuke-plants-shut/

    Germany has abandoned plans to set out a timetable to exit coal-fired power production and scrapped C02 emissions reduction goals for individual sectors, according to the latest draft of an environment ministry document seen by Reuters on Wednesday

    ht tp://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-environment-idUSKCN0ZF1MM

    Bh did you even read my posts? Hey the information was put out by the renewable energy guru. Don’t be so restricted, open up.

The judge says 4 black suspects who allegedly beat a disabled white man are dangers to society. These are the four who live streamed on facebook their kidnapping and beating of a white disabled man in Chicago, Illinois.

“The video also showed the suspects taunting the victim with profanities against white people and president-elect Donald Trump.”

Anyone pick up on the racism? It takes a special kind of president elect to bring that kind of racism and hatred out in his country’s citizenship… doesn’t it?

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/world/facebook-live-beating-chicago-suspects-bail-judge-1.3925516

    More likely the special kind of president currently in the White House who’s number one domestic tactic is race baiting. That and the hatred and racism of BLM inspired these thugs.

    So it’s Trumps fault! Yes you are a special type of person.

    Who was the biggest race baiter in the US election campaign? Why did these four specifically bring up, and mention, him by name?

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