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October 27, 2017 7:26 pm

Crime Spree Ends with Arrest

Sunday, January 8, 2017 @ 2:55 PM

policecarnewPrince George, B.C.- A 35 year old  Dawson Creek man is in custody and  facing multiple charges following a string of thefts in Prince George.

It all started Saturday afternoon when Prince George RCMP  were advised a flat deck trailer,  worth about $10 thousand dollars, had been stolen from  a property  on Highway 97  in the Hart area of the City.

Around 7:15 last evening,  Prince George RCMP were  advised the trailer was being towed southbound on  Highway 97  approaching the John Hart bridge.  There was a  side by side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) on the trailer,  which was being towed by a blue Ford  F-350 pick up.

The truck and trailer pulled off the highway and onto Commercial Crescent where police attempted to stop the vehicle.   The driver of the vehicle collided with a police car and fled east on 10th Avenue running a red light at Highway 97.  The officers were not  injured.  For the safety of the public, police did not pursue.

Shortly after, the suspect was observed driving into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of 15th Avenue from Freeman Street.

Just after 8:00 PM, police attempted to stop a white Ford F-350 pick-up without licence plates on Highway 16 approximately 100 metres west of the junction with Highway 97. The driver failed to stop and collided with a police vehicle, causing the pick-up to get stuck on a snow bank.  The officers were not hurt,  and the male driver of the pick up  fled on foot towards the Prince George Playhouse, where an event was taking place.  A Police Service Dog was deployed to assist with the arrest.  The suspect continued to resist police efforts to arrest him, but was subsequently taken into custody.  According to police,  the  suspect  was in possession of pepper spray and edged weapons at the time of his arrest.

At about the same time, police located what’s believed to be the UTV in an alley adjacent to Farrell Street, off Queensway in Prince George.   While investigating, police were advised by a local resident that his Ford F-350 pick-up had been stolen.  His pick-up was confirmed to be the pick-up that was recovered on Highway 16 minutes earlier.

The first Ford F-350 pick-up and the stolen trailer were located and recovered on La Salle Avenue, a few blocks away from the UTV.   That pick-up was found to have been stolen from Dawson Creek on Friday January 6th, 2017.

Police believe the same suspect is responsible for all of these thefts.

The 35 year old male suspect from Dawson Creek will likely be held in custody at least until he makes his first appearance in Provincial Court on Monday. At the time of his arrest  he was wanted  on multiple warrants  in Dawson Creek.

The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries as a result of bite wounds.

Although the UTV has not yet been reported stolen, police believe it to be. It is described as a red & white Polaris RZR.  Police are asking the owners of similar UTVs to check to see if it has been stolen.  If it has, please immediately call the Prince George RCMP at 250-561-3300.

This investigation is continuing.   Anyone with any information  on this case is asked to contact the Prince George RCMP at  (250)561-3300 or anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at 1(800)222-8477.



This menace to society should have been arrested in Dawson Creek. Instead he was at large on a crime spree!

    I’m sure the RCMP would of liked to have locked him up. But it must be pretty frustrating for them to know after all they did to capture this guy. That the justice system will only give him a wag of their finger and give him a light sentence. If he promises never to do it again

waste of skin…hang him

What a mess of a life this guy has. Parents must be real proud.
Isn’t it great we have a Police Dog Service? Saved a lot of injuries.
Solid handlers and solid dogs. Remembering Doug Wiebe.

These F-350’s seem to be free for the taking.

Go ahead, try stealing mine. digit !!

    If I stole a truck it would be a GM bobla !

Told long ago, by them what steal, use a club, they really don’t like it.

    Clubs are useless. All they do is saw through the steering wheel and remove them.

      Speaking from experience hey Hahaha.

S10 digit??

    F- flip
    O- over
    R- read
    D- directions

      Ford , gmc , etc. . It’s all the same . If one really listens to the billions of dollars ever on going ad champagns, they never really tell you anything . Except how much your going to get off or colour . They never really tell you anything about the car or truck . The closer one listens , the more hilarious .

      Ataloss I am still waiting?

      Oh Ataloss does your comment also apply to their electric whiz bangs?

      Who would steal an electric car anyway? Can’t haul anything, can’t go very far and sure as heck ain’t going to out run the cops!!

      There are no EV ads . So no . It does not apply to EVs . The fastest production EVs can out perform any and all production gas cars . The faraday is the fastest in the world with the longest range . The modelX can tow a boat or trailer or what have you . The tell you nothing ad champaigns were pointed out for me by musk in his book . They are hilarious if one really listens . The advertisers have NO respect for the public . Reading some of these comments , I understand why .

The topic already got hijacked again. Ataloss, can you resist taking the bait? You are being played with, obviously!

Back to the topic:

Are these Ford 350 trucks older models which do not have the latest factory installed engine immmobilizer systems? If so, the owners should at least use steering wheel clubs! The cost to ICBC (us) to repair all the damage to the RCMP vehicles alone must be very substantial! What if a police officer had been injured?

had some issues out where I live and the cop said f350 is the truck of choice right now. I think its 2009 and older not sure though. I did mention using a club and his reply it had one on…so the little bastards stole it anyways??

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