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October 27, 2017 7:24 pm

UNBC Prof Weighs in on Federal Cabinet Shuffle

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced his first major cabinet shuffle.

It comes the same month U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is set to succeed outgoing President Barack Obama.

The changes include:

  • Chrystia Freeland leaves her post as minister of international trade to replace Stephane Dion as minister of foreign affairs (she will also be responsible for Canada-U.S. trade).
  • Immigration Minister John McCallum is leaving politics to become Canada’s ambassador to China.
  • Francois-Phillip Champagne takes over from Freeland as minister of international trade.
  • Maryam Monsef moves from democratic institutions to the minister of status of women.
  • Karina Gould replaces Monsef as minister of democratic institutions.
  • Patty Hajdu leaves post as minister of status of women to become labour minister.
  • Ahmed Hussen becomes minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship.

UNBC political science prof. Dr. Gary Wilson sees Freeland’s move “as a promotion” following her recent hard work in securing Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union.

He notes she’ll have her work cut out for her dealing with the new Trump administration but figures she’s up for the task.

“She has proven herself, at least in the last year dealing with those very difficult negotiations with the European Union on free trade,” says Wilson.

“The other thing about Freeland not many people know about is that she actually has a very intimate knowledge of Russia. She worked as a journalist and an editor in Russia in the 1990s for the Financial Times.

“We know that Russia is kind of an emerging power in the world today and that Donald Trump and various people in his cabinet he’s appointed have strong links with Russia so it will be very helpful that Freeland has that intimate knowledge and background.”

Wilson says one of her biggest tasks will be dealing with the Softwood Lumber file.

“Absolutely. And being the trade minister prior to this gives her a good knowledge of the politics of that. So, I think that’s a good sign for Canada.”

He says John McCallum’s move to China show’s the importance Canada is placing on making sure it diversifies in the face of Trump protectionism.

“China and Asia in general are becoming very important trade partners, especially for B.C. McCalllum has been around a long time so having a very strong, influential and experienced person taking up this diplomatic post is a good sign in terms of expanding our trading relationship with that country.”

Also of note says Wilson was the transfer of Maryam Monsef from democratic institutions to the status of women ministry.

“An interesting move. If you recall she had a little bit of trouble. When the committee report came out on how to change the electoral system she was quite critical of that committee and its work,” he says.

“And she got a bit of flack for that so possibly that’s just a way to take her out of that portfolio and put her somewhere else.”


“UNBC political science prof. Dr. Gary Wilson sees Freeland’s move “as a promotion” following her recent hard work in securing Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union”

Isn’t she the one that ran away crying during those talks?

    Makes one wonder if her tears will flow during the negotiating for a new SLA, or after the countervailing duties have been imposed?

      Maybe Trudeau will hold her hand and we’ll have a cry-in?


So Chrystia Freeland leaves her post as minister of international trade to replace Stephane Dion as minister of foreign affairs (she will also be responsible for Canada-U.S. trade), and she’ll have her work cut out for her dealing with the new Trump administration.

Don’t know what to make of this, on the one hand I would be tempted to keep a man in that position, as we wouldn’t want Trump grabbing her by her (you know what), on the other hand she could simply flirt with that nimrod and Canada could get its way!

    Canada won’t get its way. Already there’s disunity, with some independent coastal BC lumber mills seeking their own exemption from what’s coming because they buy their logs in an open market in direct competition with US log buyers. Not a good omen, they can see what’s going to happen, and it isn’t going to favour Canada. There’ll be a lot of tears shed, and not just by Ms. Freeland during these negotiations, but afterwards.

If I remember the past news correctly, the “running away crying” was a case of withdrawing from an impasse that was caused by the EU and Belgium being unable to agree. Caused by a particular issue in Belgium where each province had to agree to the wording before that country could agree to the EU deal.
What a few people characterize as “running away crying” turns out to have been a pretty good maneuver to let the EU know we wouldn’t keep playing their game, resulting in huge pressure on Belgium to get their province to get their act together. The result was the EU soon settled pretty much what Canada was looking for. “Running away crying” turns out to have been a pretty astute negotiation maneuver. Hope she is equally clever and effective in her new position.
(And kind of glad that instead of her, the [possibly partisan] armchair experts aren’t negotiating on our behalf instead.)

Trudeau loves China, Trump doesn’t, that’ll be interesting.


    Trudeau is a feminist, Trump is the complete opposite; misogynist, that should also be interesting.

      They can examine each other’s public hairs.

    What bearing has that on anything? The only thing Trump loves is his own image in the mirror.

      Who is it that’s so fond of taking selfies?

Who is it that’s so fond of taking selfies? Canadians that like their Prime Minister and want to have a picture of themselves and their prime minister . I would like one myself for my desendents . How about you ?

    And , he doesn’t charge for them . And , he smiles every time .

    No, thanks. Perhaps sometime when we actually have a real Prime Minister again, not a prima donna who’s just a frontman for those who’d indebt us further.

    Interesting read on our dear leader

    ht tps://thepointman.wordpress.com/2016/12/23/climate-prat-of-2016-we-have-a-winnah/

    Still waiting?

    Looks like pretty boy Justin might be spending some time, or more and more and more time with the Ethics Commissioner! Perhaps Justin might suggest some selfies as a way to deflect attention away from the reasons why he is there?

    Pay for play! Secret vacations, or at least attempted secret vacations in the Caribbean with billionaire Aga Khan!

    Justin, Justin, Justin, it seems like a new screw up every day! Sunny ways indeed!

Watched the debate between Chrystia Freeland and Bill Maher regards Islamic sharia law beliefs. Never thought a representative of Canada could be so stupid. We need a lot of luck with her speaking for Canada.

I suspect the end result of this cabinet shuffle will be visitor visa requirements for any Canadian visiting the United States.

Lets face it Trump is going to ban all immigration from Muslim countries that have extremism problems. America has a huge problem with extremism in the Somali community in places like Minnesota and more recently the terror attack in Ohio.

So Trudeau figures the best way to ensure we have boarder freedom under a Trump administration is to appoint a Somali born refugee as the immigration minister responsible for Canada’s immigration policy and who gets let in. If Trump sees this appointment as opening a back door around his immigration policy then he will simply shut the door to Canadians as well.

I am sure MP Ahmed Hussen is a great guy, but appearance is everything and having a more Canadian image for such an important post would go a long way to ensure a more balanced policy. As it is everything out of that office will now face far more scrutiny.

Myself I don’t think anyone other than a born in Canada Canadian should ever hold a cabinet position. I think handing out these posts to people that didn’t grow up in Canada…to meet rations of liberal politically correct classifications of Canadians… disrespects the idea of nationhood in favor of promoting a post nation globalization take over of national sovereignty.

Sadly this is the Trudeau pattern… one of a spoiled upbringing that doesn’t respect the national character of the country and is all to willing to sell out Canadian sovereignty and national integrity for globalist interests as if his job is to facilitate a post national country as he is lauded for in Europe. In Europe Trudeau is all the rage for his making Canada into the ‘world’s first post-national country’.

Appointing a Muslim refugee as the new immigration minister obviously entails a massive increase in Muslim immigration. The Muslim religion is not a religion that is compatible with democracy, freedom of speech, dignity for women and children, or I would argue Canadian national values.

Massively increasing Muslim immigration is what Trudeau and Soros meet about only a couple of weeks ago. Trudeau is taking his marching orders on immigration from Soros.

The agreement George Soros and Justine Trudeau reached was that foreign governments and organizations can now sponsor Canadian refugees, paying their costs for immigration and their first year as Canadians.

Trudeau lauded the agreement as a way to bring more refugees to Canada because, ‘obviously George Soros has a lot of money and we expect that he can help to pay for the cost of a lot of refugees coming to Canada’.

Soros wants to immigrate to Canada the refugees from war torn Somalia, Syria, Yeman, Afghanistan, and Sub Saharan Africa. All the places Trump doesn’t want immigrants coming from without extreme vetting.

Soros new agreement with Trudeau allows for countries in Europe to sponsor their refugee problems to Canada. It also allows companies to bring refugees with them to Canada as a work force so long as they have their first year sponsored financially.

Essentially the new immigration for Canada will do away with national vetting, and subcontracts the immigration vetting to foreign third parties associated with George Soros.

    The joint initiative between the government of Canada, the UN High Commission on Refugees and Soros’s Open Society Foundations is exactly what it says it is… open borders policy for Canada.

    Trudeau will be updating Soros on his progress at the Davos summit in Switzerland in a couple of weeks from now. He will be happy to announce he has appointed a Muslim refugee to carry out the Soros open borders plan in Canada.

    Soros agenda is not for Canada to benefit from immigration through bringing in family and people with skills that contribute to the economy, but rather to bring in turmoil and factions that will not blend into the Canadian fabric… this will lead to a society that is unbalanced and at war with itself, which is exactly what Soros does best with when it comes to profiteering.

    Soros is a guy that sold out his Jewish relatives to work with the nazi’s in confiscating Jewish belongings and pointing out those that hid from the nazi’s conniving to confiscate their belongings. Soros then went on to become one of the richest guys in the world destroying societies the world over from the British pound, to the Asian flu, through to his operations in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria, as well as toppling governments throughout Eastern Europe and funding the Black Lives Matter hate group in the US.

    So a great guy to partner with on immigration policy and refugee sponsorship?

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