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October 27, 2017 7:23 pm

Air Quality Advisory Issued for Prince George

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 @ 8:04 AM

Prince George, B.C. – High concentrations of fine particulate in the Prince George airshed  have prompted  an Air Quality Advisory for  P.G.

The Ministry of the Environment  says poor dispersion because of calm winds,  will  likely to keep  levels of PM2.5  concentrations elevated until  the weather conditions change.

 The Provincial Ambient Air Quality Objective for PM2.5 is 25 micrograms per cubic metre(mg m-3 ), averaged over 24 hours. As of 7  this morning,  the  24-hour average PM2.5 concentration for Prince George  was  25.6 micrograms per cubic meter.

Air Quality Advisory remains in effect for Vanderhoof  where this morning, the  concentration of fine particulates was 45.1  micrograms per cubic meter.



Sure, fine particulate??? Whoever the spin doctor is on this term should go bounce off the Frozen river a few times! POLLUTION, plain and simple! I get a kick out of this mathematical fairy tale that only 1 in 50 actually understand. You breathe pollution in it is not healthy, these ‘guidelines’ are inane.

    You should check with Northern Health and see how many people die from repertory ailments in PG annually.

    The finer the particulates, the deeper they will go into the lungs. There is a difference as far as the health effect.

    Of course, you are free to form your own opinion. There is no reason to believe anyone other than yourself. So you are one of the 49 majority in a group of 50. ;-)

You should check with fraser valley health to see how many people die analee in abby yearly.

    No doubt, we are a rose compared to this area. I ride a motorcycle, and when I go through the valley I wish I had a SCBA attached to my helmet. ROTTEN or what!!

O2 comment coming from a guy who probably worked in the pulpmill here most of his life

What would Jane Fonda say?

    Wonder how much carbon her broomstick emits?

      She probably produces more methane out of her big mouth than most furnaces do in a year.

Fossil burning cars , trucks and fossil methane burning in the furnaces all day all night . Let’s keep it real .

    Fossil methane burning furnaces, as opposed to thousands upon thousands of smoke belching wood burning stoves perhaps?

    How will our forests absorb so much atmospheric CO2 if we cut them down to heat our homes?

    Fossil burning cars and trucks sure work better than an EV in today’s cold weather! I sure do like the heat that my gas guzzling big iron block V-8 puts out in this cold weather!

    Oops, feeling a bit of a chill! I think I’ll go kick the furnace up a notch!

    Mmmmm, much better now!

    Hey Ataloss still waiting, hello. Hello?

      Lure tossed out into the meandering stream! Waiting for the bait to be swallowed hook line and sinker! Give it a few more minutes….

It’s called geoengineering. As I write this you can see the plane flying over our City laying aerosol in the skies. It produces a silvery-white sky – have seen plenty of those the last few months, no wind and it traps pollution beneath.
“the obvious ongoing aerosol spraying being done by jet aircraft day in and day out all over the world. Climate engineering is of course not the only source of particle pollution in our skies, but it is likely the largest single source by far (mathematically speaking). ALL weather is affected by unprecedented aerosol levels in the atmosphere.” Geoengineeringwatch.org

    Say what? Sorry dude that is water vapour from combustion in the engines. The same vapour you can see coming out of your vehicles tail pipe. Nothing insidious going on.

    Having said that when 9/11 took place with all aircraft grounded over North America and no vapour trails there was actually a cooling effect.

      Seamutt, ALL military and commercial jet aircraft are fit with high bypass turbofan jet engines which are incapable of producing a condensation trail.
      ht tp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-contrail-lie/

      Filtered you contradicted yourself by saying those engines are jet engines. They are jet engines producing jet exhaust and driving the fans. The fans are an innovation to make the engines more efficient and quieter.

      I suggest you google how a fan ducted jet engine works.

      What you see in the sky is the same as exiting your car exhaust and ones mouth for that matter.

      Seamutt, I included a link. Do the research and stop distracting with BS. Skin in the game to hide this information from the public?

      Filtered,chill out. I guess you don’t like getting called out. Look up how a jet engine works, easy peezy.

      I have read those sci-fi reports and found them quite humorous how anyone can believe that stuff. I guess the same people who voted trudeau.

And out of the other side of your mouth . Us Humans have no effect on climate at all ! What happen to your underachiever gene today . Did you forget to put them on . What a loon .

    So Ataloss no one says humans have no effect, what you seem to have a hard time understanding is, how much, how little if any at all humans affect climate on a global scale. Ataloss the rentseeking scientists don’t even have a clue in understanding natural climate and that understanding is required before any anthropogenic effect can be separated from natural.

    Parts of Siberia hit 80 below, blame it on AGW I guess.

    hey still waiting, hello?

I offer my comments not to slight Prince George; I was born there and lived there for 40 years before I had to move do to health issues. Prince George was very good to my family and me.

Fine particulate is a concern for Prince George; it is certainly measurable and it’s affects have been studied scientifically by the BC Centre for Disease Control. Statistically, Prince George has a disproportionate number of deaths that are directly attributed to respiratory issues than other parts of the province. However, because of my personal respiratory health issue I would offer that there are significant issues in addition to fine particulate in the air shed.

My health issue was diagnosed as idiopathic midline destructive disease. Over the course of a few months I went from having a heathy upper respiratory system to a complete destruction of my nasal septum. It was determined by a leading ear, most, and throat specialist from Vancouver (I was very fortunate to be referred to) that this disease would continue to spread and make its way to my brain, and it would be fatal within a year. The year before I was diagnosed, the specialist had another Prince George patient with the same health issue and it proved to be fatal for him. This was the catalyst to move, and quickly. We came to Kelowna due to the dry air and no industrial pollution; this was identified by the specialist as the best climatic and environmental location for my health. However, I left a municipal career and my family and I moved without employment secured or even the prospect of employment; time was of the essence. As a result of the move, the disease stopped spreading and my upper respiratory tract is as healthy as it can be, notwithstanding the damage. And everything worked out as far as employment and we are enjoying our new lives here (been here six years now).

Again, this is not to slight Prince George as it was very good to us and we still have family and friends there. However, that air shed is compromised by more than fine particulate that elevates due to inversion events; there are unknown (only because they have not been scientifically studied) contaminants of concern as a result of the multiple, large industrial facilities. Prince George was founded on industry and industry has been a major positive economic contributor to the city, but it also has an unfortunate negative effect especially when coupled with the geography of the city.

Many, many cities have air quality issues, Prince George is not alone. But, I think it is important, from my personal experience, that there be an awareness of the other air shed issues so that people can do whatever they need to do to help themselves.

Look after one another Prince George…and go Cougars!

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