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October 27, 2017 7:22 pm

Beer Weekend Coming Up

Thursday, January 12, 2017 @ 10:22 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  There’s a new option available for those unable to secure tickets to Kiwanis AleFest later this month.beer tw0

Organizers have put together what they’re billing as ‘the first Cask Beer Weekend’ on Jan. 27 and 28 – the same weekend as AleFest. 

This after AleFest sold-out in just 10 minutes in October (see previous story here).

“We were looking for a way to expand the event and offer other things for people to get involved in,” says breweries and beer chair Bjorn Butow.

“So, we approached some of the downtown restaurants and the northern breweries and put together a cask weekend for people to come downtown and do an almost mini pub/restaurant crawl of craft beer.”

What is cask beer?

“What basically happens is the beer is made, then it’s fermented through a secondary cycle in the cask. Then the breweries add different elements to the beer to give it some unique flavouring so you can make these one-off beers that they’re playing with,” he says.

“Think of it as a test kitchen where they’re trying different dishes but they’re trying different beers and sometimes these cask beers turn out to be main beers for them if it goes off really well.”

Downtown establishments participating in the event are: Betulla Burning Pizzeria, The Black Clover, The Copper Pig Bbq House, The Twisted Cork Restaurant, Kask Restaurant and Nancy O’s.

To take part, you simply pick-up your tour map/entry form at one of the above restaurants or at Downtown Prince George (1406, Second Ave).

You can tour these establishments (tickets aren’t necessary), collect stamps and enter to win a prize.

There are several breweries taking part including: Barkerville Brewing, Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse, Wheelhouse Brewing and Three Ranges Brewing (CrossRoads Brewing is still under construction).

For more information click here.


I’ve long felt that PG has a drinking problem…..Hope lots of police are on duty that evening.

    As in Fun Police? Grow up.

      It is fun…..and its probably peeps like you who aren’t grown up that cause the problems

Obviously, you must be speaking from experience! Get a life.

    Yes, tomyd it is from experience – of dealing with the problematic drunks downtown and jugging them for the night. My life is just fine. Piss off.

      Maybe it’s anger issues!

      So many memories of them there drunks, some of them down right funny, but, we can’t talk about them other than to say they were a pain in the butt to deal with most of the time. Can’t remember how many the drunk tank held but fairly spacious until Friday and Saturday night.

I have been to Vegas many times and just recently was in New Orleans on Bourbon street where the alcohol flows freely everyday. I did not see any rioting, cars burning or chaos in the street, all I saw was a bunch of adults enjoying themselves. I stopped at a Walgreens and paid a buck for a beer then walked down the street, too bad we citizens in Canada can’t do the same thing without being treated like a common criminal.

    I feel like I’m in grade 10 when I have to hide my open beer when I’m chilling out on the beach.

      I know how you feel, when I was walking down the street in New Orleans I saw a cop car and automatically hid my beer.

      Maybe when grownups can be trusted not to start acting like grade 10 then the rules can be loosened up a bit. Rules and laws are generally put in place because of the least intelligent people, not for the intelligent ones, but unfortunately it affects everyone.

    Have any idea how busy the police are in NO on nights like you describe? Or how many actually do get jugged for drunk and disorderly? not talking about a riot of course.

    “I did not see any rioting, cars burning or chaos in the street”

    New Orleans doesn’t have the Canucks.

      Ha, now that is funny right there!

Isn’t every weekend “Beer Weekend”?

Beer is good (it isn’t just for breakfast anymore)
but a few people take the fun too far.
As usual, the actions of the few cause additional restrictions and rules for the many.

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