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October 27, 2017 7:21 pm

PG New Democrats Prepare for Nomination Meetings

Saturday, January 14, 2017 @ 6:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – You won’t be seeing any long, drawn-out campaign by Prince George New Democrats in the run up to the May 9th British Columbia General Election.

The president of the Prince George-Mackenzie BC NDP constituency association, Bobby Deepak, says although a candidate selection meeting is not officially set yet “we are planning to have a nomination meeting either late February or early March, around that time.”

Asked whether that might be cutting it close in terms of campaigning time Deepak says “no I think it gives us ample time to put on a really good campaign.  We have about three months roughly and we’ll put on a good campaign.”

Deepak thinks the PG-Mackenzie New Democrats have a strong candidate pool to select from.  “I believe so”, he says “and we’ll see what happens once the nomination meeting is called.  We’ve got a lot of interest but when the nomination is set we’ll see which names come forward.”

Meantime, New Democrats in Prince George-Valemount are also gearing up for their nomination meeting.  A spokesperson for the NDP’s constituency association in that riding says work surrounding candidate selection, including the setting of a nomination date, is progressing with an anticipation the nomination will be contested.


Now lets see.. The Party says the candidate in this riding has to be a female trans-gendered aboriginal atheist with a visible handicap.

    That smells like false news to me …….

    That is a mouthful, but politically correct, LOL

      With all those handicaps, the main one, which is also visible, will be the fact that the person will be visible as an NDP candidate ….

      The others are all easily overcome …. :-)

“I think it gives us ample time to put on a really good campaign. We have about three months roughly and we’ll put on a good campaign.”

May 9 is three months from February 9.

“we are planning to have a nomination meeting either late February or early March, around that time”

So Deepack can’t count …. what else is new?

    I’m confused as to why you say he cannot count. He said “we have about three months” and as you pointed out May 9th is three months from Feb 9th. Please explain?

      Math is hard.

      Yes, what I should have made you aware of is that it is difficult to start a serious election campaign without having the nominee in place.

      It is the nominee and his or her key team members who will run the campaign. It is useless to have a surrogate in place to speak on behalf of a yet-to-be-named individual.

      Of course, if the person selected is merely a puppet of the riding association and/or party, then it should work very well.

      I know how to count and I know the standard as well as best practices of running a campaign. I was on the campaign team in at least 4 provincial campaigns and two municipal campaigns.

      My count starts from the day the nominee has been named. Everything else leading up to that meeting is a campaign within the party.

      Early March to May 9 is two months.

    Ummm… his last name is Deepak, so gopg2015 can’t spell… what else is new?

The NDP have lots of time to prepare, none of them are working.

    Speaking of no one working, who would vote for a government where no one wants to work?

    ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/bc-legislature-sits-36-of-579-days-is-this-responsible-government/article14245947/

      Don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for the entitled substitute teacher

      That article is from the Globe and Mail, a national newspaper, to the rest of Canada, BC is a political joke!

      No BH, Alberta holds that distinction hands down.

      A person would have to be insane or just not paying attention to vote NDP with what is going on in Alberta.

      So I hear it takes more than a couple of years for an NDP government to fix all the screwn ups the Conservatives made in that province over the past 42 years. But why are we talking about Alberta?

      Did Notley shut down the Alberta porn industry or something ?

      BY>>> “screwn ups”???…….what is that??

      Can’t spell, eh??

We are talking about the NDP destroying a Province, why would anyone expect anything different from the Dippers in BC? There is a reason they have never been in power Federally.

    Because Canadians on mass vote against their own self interest .

      Oh, like Trudeau for example.

    Seems to me we have a great economy, this government appears to promote small businesses as well as big ones, NDP seem to be for unions and dipp’in.

If the NDP nominated a rock, I would vote for it, because even a rock can be carried to our legislature, where it is guaranteed to show up for work! Unlike our current bunch of government MLA’s.

    Sounds like you’ve never had a sit down with our MLA’s.

    You are the first one to admit you would vote NDP, nobody else would ever admit that, especially in Alberta. I give you credit for that.

      Yah, but, but, he’s gonna vote for a rock….coal? LOL
      And BH, when they’re sitting on their butts in Victoria for facetime in the legislature,with, when it come down to it, no one to talk to, they’re not working on my issues, on issues that impact everyone. Had a chat with my MLA last year, and guess what?
      They have increased organ donorship in the central interior and the north, I’m very pleased with the progress made. We have great MLA’s working for us.

    Thanks for confirming what most of us already knew BH. You are a partisan troll, paid for by some NDP proxy who’s sole mission is to spam 250 with the hope that PG’ers are stupid and your efforts will convert that to votes. Keep it coming, every post of yours will do nothing but galvanize your reputation as a goof and your efforts as part of a spam campaign by the left.

    Your going to have to, a rock is probably better than the candidate you will field.

    Only someone completely ignorant would think that sitting in the legislature is the only work and MP does.

No, I would rather vote in a government that is willing to govern in a responsible, ethic and legal manner, something our current provincial government does not know how to do!

Christy Clark and her BC Liberals just made the NY Times yesterday, and you won’t believe what they had to say about this joke of a government! “Much of what is considered business as usual in British Columbia is illegal elsewhere in Canada.” Their news coverage of Christy and her Liberals was scathing, and when that kind of criticism comes from south of the border, you know it has to be pretty bad up here.

ht tps://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/13/world/canada/british-columbia-christy-clark.html

Sorry, but this joke of a government has to go!

    The New York Times should stsrt reporting about the gigantic domestic messes in its own country before trying to throw stones at others in another country! No, and I will not visit the links that you keep posting! How about coming up with words of wisdom that are your own personal views?

Do you believe everything you read in the media? In my profession, I was told never to talk to a certain guy in media down south, because he had a habit of twisting, exaggerating, embellishing everything you told him.He was in the business of selling news and he didn’t care how. There’s a lot of them out there. In B.C. we have a strong economy, and we’re doing well.
Go ahead and spew news items, most of us know a lot of it is B.S.
Sort of like a lot of lawyers I know, very few I trust.
Opinion 250 tends to report, with a lot of integrity, in others words, facts. They don’t make up garbage as other media outlets sometimes do.
Keep posting these articles, only if you can back it up with truth.

    Grizzly2…are you denying that BC doesn’t have limits on political contributions as many other jurisdictions do ?

      Only two provinces allow the Premier to pocket money from political contributions, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Christy Clark pockets $50,000 and her predecessor Gordon Campbell topped up his salary by $90,000 from political contributions.

    Please stop embarrassing yourself Grizzly2, the New York Times is among the most reputable in the world, since the year 1910 it was won a total 72 Pulitzer Prizes for its excellence in journalism. While I appreciate 250News solid coverage of local, provincial, national, and international news, you simply cannot compare 250news to the New York Times.

    While I appreciate your efforts to defend, what really is, a joke government, perhaps they can find, and pay for, a “digital influencer” to try and cast themselves in a better light… it would be a difficult task; trying to polish a turd… but the TV series Myth Busters showed us it can be done.

    ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_litzer_Prizes_awarded_to_The_New_York_Times

    Well said! What are the motives of the foreign press? Down south many think of us as their retarded country cousins! Once they have brought in universal health care and controls on their ridiculous government spending excesses they may have some achievement that might give them a bit of liberty to point a finger at others! The joke is on them!

      My reply was to BH, not to the impudent finget, just to clarify!

Reputable??? They’re in the business of selling news, that’s hilarious.
Have you had a sit down with our MLA’s? Then don’t spew bull.

BH, if things are so bad here in BC, why are you still here? Surely Alberta’s NDP train wreck or Ontario’s Liberal train wreck would be more to your liking!

Pray tell, what’s keeping you here in beautiful, and wonderful, BC?

    Trees can not move, but people can! To some folks things are always greener on the other side of the fence!

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