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October 27, 2017 7:18 pm

O’Leary Joins Conservative Leadership Race

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 9:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Another contender has joined the race to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.


O’Leary discussed his candidacy this morning on Facebook

Businessman, writer and media personality Kevin O’Leary is now one of 14 candidates looking to succeed interim leader Rona Ambrose.

O’Leary – who doesn’t speak French – made it official today, one day after the party’s French language debate in Quebec City.

He said he decided to take the plunge out of concern for the country’s economic fortunes.

“He (PM Trudeau) doesn’t know what he’s doing and that feeling of failure is permeating everything in this country as it slowly grinds to a halt economically,” said O’Leary in a Facebook post.

O’Leary added his goal was to achieve three per cent economic growth annually to help pay for things important to Canadians – like health care, education and the military.

He also said it’s important Canada “pivot” politically considering Donald Trump’s election as president-elect of the United States.

“He’s told us that he wants to take America in a brand-new direction and it means that we have to pivot, we have to be competitive. While he’s lowering taxes, we’re raising them. While he’s eliminating carbon taxation, we’re making it even more expensive to operate businesses.”

The Conservative Party will choose their next leader May 27.


And we take another shaky step towards the American way of politics….we have our pompous windbag now…

    Trudeau the First was elected in 1968.

    The first shaky step was the election of Justin Trudeau. People voted for him primarily because he was the “rock star” candidate, just as Obama was the “rock star” candidate in the US.

      In my opinion, Trudeau got elected because he was not Harper. Party politics and loyalties got put aside solely becsuse many Canadians were sick of Harper’s “My way or nothing” style of leadership. He openly showed disdain for any input/ideas from his own MP’s. If the Cons had forced Harper out and put anybody else forward as their party head…. I dont think Trudeau would have had a chance.

      I am no fan of O’Leary, but I would rather have his version of a Canadian economy than the child we have steering the boat right now.

      Trump will walk all over JT. O’Leary will make an interesting fight of it.

      The shaky step started with the Little Prince being named the Liberal leader. His only qualification, the fact that his father was once the leader.

      Trudeau the second got elected because he’s who those that control finance and the media wanted elected.

    Kevin O’Leary makes an appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy, once you get to the site, just click on the video and prepare to be entertained.

    ht tps://www.facebook.com/pressprogress/videos/594940627362422/

    Could this man possibly become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? Well, Trump showed us anything is possible when right wing loonies choose their leaders.

Trump number two.

Although abrasive and blunt by Canadian standards, It is hard to competently argue his economic policy proposals. The obvious response from
the left is comparing him as Trump 2.0. Debate his economic vision. It’s the economy stupid. The silent majority, particularly in Ontario, are more concerned with staying solvent than transgendered bathrooms. Clinton found that out the hard way.

    He has NO ‘economic policy proposals’ that will do anything except make hard times for more people harder still. O’Leary is the epitome of the failings of the Conservatives and other right-of-centre politicians. Instead of offering a clear rebuttal to the ridiculous assertion of the left that, “The poor are poor because the rich are rich, ” he sets out to prove it’s true!

    You can’t govern long, nor very successfully, trying to continually fight a staged retreat against the advance of socialism. At some point you have to offer a VIABLE alternative, not ones that are based on proven fallacies that have been tried before numerous times and have been continually found wanting.

      Wake up Socredible, He most definitely has economic proposals. Your meandering views on most topics is the “proven Fallacy”.
      Is his dislike of carbon taxes and the green movement at all costs a fallacy? Is being competitive with your largest trading partner a fallacy? Is importing oil from third world countries when we have ample a Fallacy? Is dismantling bizarre inter-provincial trade barriers a fallacy?

      Whats your rebuttal to the “ridiculous assertion of the left”?

      No, Dow, it’s YOU and other Conservative supporters like you who need to wake up. O’Leary offers NOTHING that will change anything for the better. I, like him, detest carbon taxes, and the Green movement as it is, which is so muddled it’s at odds with itself. Just as the Green Party and all the other Parties are. You can’t be ‘green’ and want ‘full employment’ ~ the two are completely incompatible. The Greens make the same mistake all the other parties do. They see the PRIMARY purpose of the economy as creating jobs. It isn’t. The primary purpose is the production and provision of goods and service, first as needed, and then as desired, IN THE MOST EFFICIENT MANNER POSSIBLE. Which means, and can only mean, an equal or greater product output for ever the LESS labor input. By and large we’ve solved the ‘production’ problem long ago. We are not in a world of scarcity, but one of nearly limitless glut. For our problem today is a ‘distribution’ problem. And the agency of distribution is ‘money’. And at ‘money’ itself is where we need to look for a solution. You can’t solve the real problem simply by trying ever the harder to be competitive with your largest, or any, trading partner. Not for long, if even at all.

O’Leary has my vote!

Mine too! He shoots from the mouth too, but at least he says something,LOL

    Same here..Now that Trump is in we need a PM with some balls..

      Hey, Sophie has some balls!

      Oops, sorry I forgot, she’s not the Prime Minister! But she definitely has more balls that the PM. After all, she thinks that she is the First Lady, haha!

If O’Leary wins the Conservative leadership, Trudeau will be guaranteed another majority in the next election. Why? Because it is impossible these days to elect a candidate to the prime minister’s position who does not speak both official languages comfortably. Having an accent is OK, as long as he/she is fluent. Lester B. Pearson said that he would be the last unilingual prime minister, and he was right.

    No way, pretty darn sure I heard him say “Bonjer,juh maplee Kevin” the other day.

Our dear leader, aka the trillion dollars man, while at a town hall meeting in quebec refused to speak English.

Dear leader will say anything and suck up to which ever audience he is in front of.

O’Leary says he will be fluent in french before the next election,. He is learning the language as we speak, so we can forget the french speaking argument.

As a matter of interest Harper had a majority Government in the last election without any significant support from Quebec. So, contrary to popular believe you can form a majority Government without Quebec. Having support from Quebec of course makes the job easier.

    Yes, Harper only had 5 seats in Quebec in the 2011 election. He didn’t even need those to form a majority. In fact, he got 12 Quebec seats in the election he lost.

    I think politicians are beginning to realize you can suck up to Quebec all you want, but they still won’t vote for you unless it’s in their interest. So while you suck up to Quebec, you lose support in the ROC.

    I actually think O’Leary is the only one who has a shot against Trudeau. The rest of the candidates appear dull and unimaginative and just look like a reboot of the guy before them. O’Leary – much like Trump – if anything, is different, and is definitely not dull like Harper was.

    I suspect Trudeau could kick his butt in a boxing match, but not so sure in a one on one debate.

So what if he doesn’t speak french! Quebec does not want to speak english if they had their way as their separatist movement is alive and well, good for him.

    Interesting opinion. I can’t say as though that’s been my experience with the people I know from Quebec.

    Heck, I don’t speak a lick of French and I have no issue at all visiting Quebec. For the most part, I’ve found the people of Quebec to be incredibly accommodating of my inability to speak French. On average, I think they’re far more accommodating than westerners are of Quebecers who don’t speak English.

      I have had some bad experiences, if I can I will avoid Quebec if I travel to the east coast. I found some to be quite arrogant. At least we can voice our opinions eh! LOL

O’Leary is a flake, clueless and thinks he can run on the shirt tales of Trump…. really. Harper was a dictator and proved it.At least our PM is getting out talking to people more than others ever did. O’ Leary made his money off the backs of others and just an other cooperate jack ass.

    Did Harper run off on a secret vacation to run shoulders with a billionaire who is picking Canada’s pockets you would not care?

      Millman, judging from your post, you are the flake. O’leary is a lot of things, but clueless isn’t one of them. That is the sole domain of PM Zoolander.

    And interestingly last night in Sherbrooke Trudeau refused to answer questions asked in English, in English because he said they were in Quebec. And yet Federal civil servants must offer services in both languages no matter where in Canada you are, but apparently their boss, not so much.

    Didn’t matter to him the citizen who asked the question didn’t understand French. He’s starting to show some of that arrogance of his father. Trudeau knows best, just ask him, he’ll tell you.

      He sure is staring lots of fires where ever he goes..I never thought it would be this bad.

      Northman he hasn’t even started yet.

    You got that right. The big problem is PG is in the dumper with all the PC that live there. It is unbelievable That Prince George is a working person town and they support the right wing. They don’t seem to realize that the richer get richer and the poor get poorer.

    And were does the one percent that have all the cash get their money from,the middle class.

      PG isn’t in the dumper Retierd and I consider myself a working person and yet I am in disbelief that your Marxist class warfare way of thinking still thrives. Do you not know anything of history? How’s Venezuela working out?

      Here are the top 10 most socialist countries in the world, and they seem to be doing fairly well: China, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway,
      Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium.

      Sometimes right wing ideology just doesn’t match with reality.

      All those countries have capitalist economies that provide the wealth that the socialists re-distribute. China used to be a socialist country and its peoples were among the poorest in the world – except for the ruling elite of course, who lived like royalty. Another socialist utopia is Venezuela which degraded to its current state from a well functioning and prosperous capitalist state under the loving care of Hugo Chavez. Now while the people go hungry, his daughter lives in absolute luxury, having inherited her father’s $4 billion estate. It’s always that way with socialists, the rulers get stinking rich while the people just keep getting poorer.

      Oops, forgot to mention that the wealth of China only started to grow after the rulers saw the light and allowed capitalism to flourish. Thanks to that decision, capitalism raises 1 million people per month out of the poverty where socialism kept them.

Be leery of O’Leary. The Conservatives would be really scraping the bottom of a nearly empty barrel, considering those they already have to choose from, if they elect him their leader.

    What’s your thoughts on Max Biernier socred? Do you support the dairy and poultry marketing boards?

      No, Dow7501, as a general principle I do not support marketing boards of any kind. But so long as our financial system is as it is, they’re better than the alternative. I happen to like my dairy products and eggs to be a little more ‘farm fresh’ than they’re going to be when they come from the other side of this country. Or some other country. Not only that but the people that raise such products here in BC, spend their money here in BC, and they’re my customers.

      I’m not impressed by Max Biernier, or really any of those in the running. I liked Harper, I didn’t agree with everything he did, but he got far more things right than wrong. With Flaherty in the Finance Ministry they made a good team, and if that could have continued I think they would have eventually seen where they were wrong in the direction they were pursuing with international trade, and made the necessary corrections.

Who cares if O’Leary does not speak French? I bet he does not speak, Chinese, Punjabi, Mandarin, Japanese or Cree either for that matter. It is stupid having two official languages anyway when only one Province speaks it. O’Leary for PM!!

    The really stupid part of that statement is that only one province speaks French . I guess in your little world the Swiss are even stoopider with three official languages and we are as stoooopid as Belgium with two official languages. I say Vive la differance . Long live our multi culture . Hard to imagine that some want us all to be the same .

      I certainly agree with you.

      Ataloss, what other Province is predominantly French? I have been to them all and actually lived in Montreal for a period of time and Quebec was the only Province that I heard French. If Canada is so multicultural why are there only two official languages then? When is the last time you heard French in BC anywhere?

      There sure seems to be a lot of French Immersion schools in Prince George. And isn’t New Brunswick half French speaking, half English speaking ?

      Ataloss, good comment that I as well agree with… and DI your observations are correct.

      New Brunswick has official bilingualism.

      New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada

      The political reality in Canada is that in order to be prime minister, a candidate must be fluent in both official languages. It doesn’t matter how many Quebec people speak English. How would western voters like a leader who spoke no English, only French?

News says he is number 14 running

I speak english and french fluently. It is not a big issue that we have a Prime Minister who doesn’t speak french. I have been to Quebec on several occasions and found it amazing how many french people spoke english very well. In fact when I tried to speak to them in french and then relate to my husband in english, they would say ” I can speak english”
Kevin O’Leary will be getting my vote, it is time that we get a Prime Minister who is on the ball and can get things done. I say “Go Kevin”
people with stamina are too few!

    I hope you fall on your sword.

He has my vote. Enough of the unqualified, entitled officials. Get someone in there who knows and understands business first.

    Running a country is in no way the same as running a business; however, that simple fact is just lost on right wingers.

      The problem is the accounting is different. A business, unless it’s a bank, can only “get” money. By borrowing it or earning it. It’s not self-financing. A sovereign country, even though it may have assigned the power to its central bank, as we have done, is self-financing. It can actually create money.

      How it does this is of the utmost importance. For it determines whether we’ll be genuinely ‘prosperous’, where our cost of living falls relative to our standard of living; or operating under the guise of a prosperity that’s really just inflation ~ where our standard of living, on average anyways, may be rising, but our cost of living is always rising faster and faster. And as it does, more and more of us slip into a financial poverty in the midst of a physical plenty.

Statistics came out about the richest 85 people in the world having the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.5 Billion in the world, here is what Kevin OLeary had to say about that. Take a look at the number of thumbs up compared to thumbs down, no surprise there!

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuqemytQ5QA

I hope OLeary becomes the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, they deserve each other!

    Those kind of statistics are highly deceptive, BH. Wealth may indeed be mal-distributed. But that isn’t the main problem. While attempts at trying to re-distribute it is liable to make a bad situation worse.

    What people using those statistics fail to take into account is that there is a huge difference between having wealth VALUED in ‘money’ and ‘money’ itself. Those values can change radically.

    For instance, Bill Gates is said by some to be the world’s richest man. Whether he is or not, he’s up near the top in that distinction, if not at it.

    But what would Bill Gates holdings of Microsoft stock be worth if he tried to sell it all tomorrow? A lot less in ‘money’ itself at that point than its current ‘value’ in money today, I’ll bet. Same with the wealth held by others of the super rich. It’s ‘valued’ in money, but it ISN’T ‘money’ itself.

    Now keeping that in mind, just tell me how would this wealth be re-distributed? It would end up being like trying to re-distribute Imelda Marcos’s thousands of pairs of shoes equally amongst all the shoeless Philippinos. Impossible. At best they all might get a small piece of one shoe! And what good would that do them?

Not sure what to think of O’Leary to be honest. I suspect that much of his bravado on TV was purely for show. It seemed almost too over the top at times. I don’t know too much about his personal background, but unlike Trump, he doesn’t seem to have a trail of slime following him around all over the place.

It will be interesting to hear his thoughts on things other than business and finance, as I’m not sure I rank those as being the most important thing for a PM. Maybe if he was running the Bank of Canada or being chosen to be Minister of Finance it would be a different situation.

    Actually I used to watch him way back in the BNN days with Amanda Lange..There was bit of bravado back then but for the most part he was pretty bang on and level headed with what he was brought on to talk about. If you gauge him on what you see on Dragons Den your pretty much seeing a scripted “made for tv” business man. He has even said this himself and he uses it to his advantage for exposure..

    If you want the real deal with O’Leary check out some youtube videos where is giving lectures on business, entrepreneurship and personal mentoring. There are even a couple business/commodities related interviews where he has given excellent platforms on.

GO KEVEN GO , we need a big wake up in this country.. you got my vote…

I like Kevin. He seems like an honest straight shooter. I think he should have a French side kick that takes point on Quebec based issues and this would limit his negatives on the French speaking issues.

The rest of the conservative line up carries baggage or has shown no original policy ideas worthy of a second look.

My concern with Kevin O’Leary is his position on free trade and globalism? Trump is a nationalist, but I’m not sure I know where O’Leary stands? I think free trade is anti free enterprise and pro monopoly capitalism and as far as I can tell the major flaw with frankly all three main political parties is their pro free trade policies.

As for Twiteau and his government… A guy that appoints his foreign minister someone that is banned from traveling to Russia because she is on their terror watch list for supporting the Ukranian coup and the bandar nazi movement… Seeing as Russia is one of only three neighbouring countries to Canada one would think we would have a foreign minister that was able to travel there to do the business of Camada. It’s a bad signal that Trudeau looks to take up the Russia bashing of the Clinton NWO type supporters and against the new relationship Trump is looking to move towards.

    Russia offered to lift the travel ban on foreign minister Freeland if Canada would lift the visa travel ban on Russians wanting to travel to Canada, but Freeland said she can do her job without traveling to Russia. Ukranian being her first tongue she is obviously very partisan on the foreign policy issues relating to Russia and Ukraine… compared as Canada’s version of neocon Victoria Nuland in the US.

    So what does Canada do if we have a international conference in Russia on issues of the day like Syria, or Ukraine, or the UN settlement on the Arctic borders… Many issues where she would have to send someone in her place?

    I am sure Canada could have had someone not so controversial and compromised by personal bias for such an important position. Trudeau showing he has no skills in picking the right people for the job having never hired anyone prior to becoming PM. At least with a guy like O’Leary one has a guy that knows how to pick talent, which is one of the most important aspects of a PM.

      Well said.

      You would have thought Trudeau was a hero if he had appointed a someone who’s only qualification was to grovel and kiss Putin’s a**. Much like his “Manchurian” candidate, soon to sitting in the Oval Office, will be doing.

      You really have a hate for Ukrainians and Jews, don’t you Eagleone? What happened did one of them rip you off on a bag of perogies or do you just not like Kosher? Are you Russian by blood? Because you sure sound like one with your overweening desire for us to fall within the orbit of Vladimir Putin.

      I stand for a Canada the upholds the rule of law and the dignity of man. This whole support for the Ukranian coup thing is just disgusting for anyone with an ounce of moral fiber. It is treasonous to the whole notion of democracy when legitimate elections were only months away.

      What we had was Zionist neo con plots for regime change for any country that wouldn’t bow to their demands. Their regime change in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine using proxy armies to terrorize civilian populations and justify it with angry zealots in the media and our government should be a war crime not something that is lauded with moral equivocating and scape gloating Putin as the evil behind it all. Putin was on the right side of history in all these stupid conflicts.

      Sure Putin has done some strongman things against those that oppose him in a country that has shown capabilities to spawn real political evil, but nothing that raises to the occasion of a need for war. we don’t need zealots driving us to war with Russia when we have a very real war threat coming from China. The only hope of containing China peacefully involves splitting Russia from China in matters of war and in this Trump is the only adult in the room.

      In WW2 we had the stupid Polish leadership with their war guarantees from the west that brought catastrophe to Europe with their uncompromising zealotry. Today we have the Ukranians with their unaccountable oligarchic government and their private nazi sympathizer militias killing anyone that opposes them brought to power by an illegal coup and supported by the zealots in our government with war guarantees no different than what the Poles got to start WW2.

      I gave no Russian or Ukranian background. I am Canadian 100%. My moms side goes back to 1600’s New France and my dads side has been in Western Canada for 150 or more years since before the RCMP, and before the civil war America before that. My ancestors fought for Canada in both world wars and they fought for a Canada that respects the dignity of man and the rule of law. My only interest is for Canada to maintain its dignity and to stay out of enabling wars that we have no moral obligation to take part in.

      I am outraged that the Ukranian zealots have influence over our government, much less setting our foreign policy driving us to war for their own zionist project that uses our good name and reputation for their disgusting regime changes and strong arm illegal empire building and vendetta’s that go back centuries.

      The amount of atrocious and false information that you spouted in that post was astounding. The Poles were the zealots? They started the war? Putin has just done a few little “strongman” things? You believe in the “rule of law” and “dignity of man”?

      The sewage you post is incredible.

      The ignorance that you post haha is astounding. I will recommend a good book to begin the process of getting a real world perspective and not the Zionist world view you have been programmed with.

      It’s called ‘Churchill, hitler, and the Unneccissary War’ by Patrick J Buchanan.

      htt p://buchanan.org/blog/did-hitler-want-war-2068

      Maybe after you educate yourself a little bit you will have a better understanding of what you are talking about.

      Subletting a nations policy in war to another nation with war intention never ends well as history proves.

      I don’t need, want or ever intend to take the advice to “educate myself” from a Jew hating, Slav hating, Nazi sympathizer.

“Russia is one of only three neighbouring countries to Canada”

Who is the third ? Saint Pierre and Miquelon, where France meets North America ?


      Four !! Denmark/Greenland.canada and Denmark are actually squabaling about an island that is obviously part of Denmark .

      Yes I guess if one includes Saint Pierre and Miquelon that makes four… Denmark, Russia and America being the other nations we share a border with.

I see Eagleone has anointed Kevin O’Leary as his chosen one, and how is his other anointed and chosen one (Trump) doing south of the border?

ht tp://business.financialpost.com/news/energy/its-blindsided-everybody-new-u-s-border-tax-could-shut-out-canadian-oil

If Trump gets so protectionist that he imposes a US border tax on all Canadian goods and services, more than Canada’s oil industry will be hurting. Things like this tend to happen when right wing idiots support their ideology over their own country’s best interests.

    Trump is a nationalist. I wish we had a nationalist leader in Canada. He will do good for America and American rule of law. In the long run that is good for Canada. Globalism is the enemy of the middle class and sovereign democracy in both countries.

    Trump is also a protectionist and that is bad for Canada. We need a leader that knows how to get to yes, and not a leader that is picking ideological fights with Trump at the expense of our national relationship and good will. Trudeau is going to be a disaster for Canada in a Trump administration. Trudeau has no skills at negotiation and compromise and will only make matters worse by challenging Trump with identity type politics. Our next election is a long way off, do things don’t look good for Canafa I am afraid. With the right leadership I think the issues could be worked out mutually beneficially, but we can’t fix stupid so we can only hope Trump goes easy on us.

    I think we will know our fate within months. Trump promises a trade deal with Britain within his first two months. That trade deal will be full of signals for Canada. Canada would be smart to get involved as a third party in those trade talks IMO but I don’t think Trudeau is smart enough. He still thinks Britain should be punished for leaving the EU.

Ya, Ya BH, If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle. Watch and learn snowflake.

Looking at recent events in North America, I think of that supposed Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”
These are certainly interesting times.

Hope i’leary can take on the liberal left media. That is the war to be fought next election. Harper lost to the media not dear leader.

Just look at how Trump keeps doing end runs around the liberal left biased media. Hope he can keep it up, a beautiful thing.

Kevin O’Leary makes an appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy, once you get to the site, just click on the video and prepare to be entertained.

ht tps://www.facebook.com/pressprogress/videos/594940627362422/

Could this man possibly become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? Well, Trump showed us anything is possible when right wing loonies choose their leaders.

    So why do you think insulting people who don’t share your marxist outlook will win them over?

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