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October 27, 2017 7:16 pm

P.G. Ready To Party

Thursday, January 19, 2017 @ 12:20 PM


MP Todd Doherty and Mayor Lyn Hall  pose with  leaders of organizations who have received Canada 150 funding – photo 250News

Prince George BC – Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday this year and Prince George is  helping  with the celebrations.

Three projects are sharing in  $276 thousand dollars  in funding from  the Federal Government.

One is called Canada 150 Patchwork  and will see artists, students and public  design a “patchwork” mosaic wall  which will be displayed at the CN Centre.

Canada 150 Heatwave will  take place  July 1st through the 8th  and  will be an eight day concert series in Canada Games Plaza.

The third project is called  Canada 150 Mosaic and will have local residents work together during the Two Rivers Art Gallery’s KidzArt Days in  July.  The complete work will be displayed in the Kin Centre Atrium.

Mayor Lyn Hall says  there will be more  opportunities to celebrate  which will be  announced later this spring “We’re going to be looking at  various activities in conjunction with the Community Arts Foundation,  plus  doing a couple of things on our  own as the City of Prince George and we will be announcing those in the coming months.”

A party is part of the plan says Mayor Hall “Absolutely,  we want to utilize the Plaza, the front of City Hall,  all the locations throughout the City.  We’re hoping to have dance festivals, we’re hoping to   have music  like we had   during the (Canada Winter) Games here in the plaza,  so  yes,  we  hope to have a party  to celebrate our birthday.  We might have fireworks, who knows.”

And of course,  Mayor Hall says there will be cake “You can’t have a party without a cake, and I have  a suspicion  we will probably have more than one cake over the summer celebrating the birthday.”



I along with others regularly show skepticism at the plight of low income people when we see them lined up at the food bank, iphone in one hand, cigarette in the other, and the eyes a little red from drinking. And I think I have to apologize because you’re really only behaving the way the government behaves.

We are billions in debt. Every social program is crying that it is underfunded. And yet, here we are, taking hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to throw a feel good party. So what Canada is 150 years old – there’s about 3.6 million Canadians who wish it was never born – bet you they don’t feel like celebrating.

    Skepticism ??? I have a few more apt, descriptive words for these ‘individuals’! Way too many social programs for these lazy slugs. They eat better than some of our seniors and have more electronic gadgets! I know for a fact if I was a political type guy lot of these programs would be canceled!cancel this party, waste of time!

I can see celebrating 100 years and 200 years, but why 150 years?? Why not 125, 132,175, 163, 187.???

A celebration cannot even be announce without negativity. Move on people, the rest of us, the majority of us, would like to enjoy life!

People of all financial circumstances will be welcome at these events. Together, all will be able to have a good time and celebrate. Togetherness, connection and happiness… Thank you!

I find it shameful when people use others “hardship” as a means to suggest a government decision is wrong. Especially when that individual would typically offer zero support to the “hard done by” individual.

    I find it shameful people keep blaming the government for everything wrong in the world, expect it to fund everything, then jump up and down clapping their hands with glee when the government tosses some bread into the crowd and throws a party, forgetting it wasn’t that long ago they were complaining about fentanyl underfunding, child poverty, not letting in enough refugees. And if you think this is chump change.

    The Wapekeka FN just had two 12 years commit suicide. This is on CBC. Just cut back on some parties and voila, the funding is there.

    “The community had requested $376,706 to hire and train four mental health workers to help establish counseling sessions for young people on the remote fly-in reserve.

    “We just didn’t have the funding to support the program,” he told CBC News. “We don’t have necessarily a flexible fund that we hold back for different projects.”

    Hardship??? I see a lot of laziness. I know for a fact that a lot of these people that show hardships scoff at our system! They think it is great to milk all the avenues that they can get free medical, free housing, free meals all over town, and sometimes even cheques . Then you have the pensioners who helped lay our foundation eking out a living which is not as good as the loafers! Don’t tell me about hardships when I see some bums making a mockery of our system! Not blaming the gov’t, just the too many services created by ALL facets of gov’t!

      That’s an interesting perspective Lien. To state these people are “milking all the avenues” implies to me that they are getting ahead and doing well. Have you seen where these people sleep at night, have you felt what it feels like to spend all day every day outside regardless of the weather, have you experienced even a 1/4 of what they go through? Sure, there is a factor of choice, but please do not state that they are “milking all avenues” when the avenues are minimal and fair.

      There is no need for us and them. Of course seniors could benefit from more, but there is no need to take from one to benefit the other. Besides, one could argue that seniors were lazy and did not appropriately plan for the days they knew their entire lives were coming.

It will have booze so I guess we know why council is so into this.

What the hell, is there free beer?

Great to see all these wonderful events planned for Canada’s 150th birthday, will definitely take in some of the 8 day concert series at the Canada Games Plaza. May I suggest some extra fireworks for an even bigger light show Canada Day evening?

Why not a huge glowing red maple leaf while they’re at it? Maybe on the cutbanks or university way? Have a big fireworks light up show for it.

Something iconic like the Hollywood sign that acts to identify PG for the tourists.

    PG has tourists?

    Name was changed to Hollyweed a week or two ago.

We missed the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Colony of British Columbia which existed from 1866, prior to the Canadian Federation, to 1871.

So, this year we should be celebrating the 146th year of joining thew Dominion of Canada. ;-)

    The Crown Colony of British Columbia was founded in 1858, gopg2015. In 1866 its government was officially united with that of the Crown Colony of Vancouver Island, which dated from 1849. Somewhat of an administrative formality, since both colonies already had the same Governor. I suppose if we’re still a part of Canada in 2021 some people will want to celebrate the 150th anniversary of that. Others will remember that we got conned into Confederation in 1871 with the promise of a transcontinental railway, (which we later had to threaten to leave to ever get built), and the Dominion government taking over the Colonial debt. When we finally got the railway differential freight rates in favour of those shipping west acted as a hidden tariff on BC goods shipped east. And it didn’t take long for the new Province to be back in a deeper debt than it had when its politicians sold us out to Ottawa.

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