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October 27, 2017 7:14 pm

Council to Dive Into Four Seasons Pool Issue

Monday, January 23, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Four Seasons pool  in downtown Prince George   is  nearly 50 years old,  and  the facility has many issues.

This evening Council will  be asked to receive a report on the facility which  lays out three options:

  1. Replacement of Four Seasons Leisure Pool (Est. Capital cost 33M) 
  2. Replacement of Four Seasons Leisure Pool (Option 1) and Repair and Additions to Aquatic Centre (Est. Capital cost 63M) 
  3. Leave Four Seasons Leisure Pool as-is and large expansion to Aquatic Centre (Est. Capital cost 37M)

In its report to Council, Administration is  calling on Council to  approve option one with  the proposed replacement to be located within the downtown.

The approval  at this stage   would still need to be finalized when  Administration presents its 2017-2021 Capital plan for consideration,   That  presentation is set for the February 1st Budget meeting.

Also on the agenda for this evening’s regular meeting of Council  is  a proposed sports tourism  strategy.   Sport tourism  has proven to  be  an economic  boost   and  the request calls for annual  funding of $50 thousand dollars ( from the Major Events Reserve funds).

Bylaw Services will  be presenting a report to Council, calling  for approval to  change the  current animal control bylaw .  The change would change the focus from  targeting certain breeds of dogs, to focusing on  responsible  pet ownership for those who own  dogs and cats. According to the report,   labeling certain breeds of dogs as “dangerous” has  had  little effect in protecting  residents,  that  the identified  “dangerous” dogs  were  respondible for about one in four reported dog bite incidents.

Council will be asked to deny an application to make a change to the zoning for  a property on  Preston Road  from residential to “commercial conversion”.   The applicant  is  currently  operating a  business  under a Temporary Use  Permit  to provide behavioural counseling and life skills training for children with developmental disabilities . That temporary use permit will expire on February 1st of this year.


Water slides for the kids!!!!

Whatever the decision, I feel that the most important part is keeping the pool downtown.

    I agree, they want people to live and work in the core, keep the pool there.

      Yes I certainly agree with Summit and Grizzly.

      Yes, I also agree. Pick #1 & fix the downtown pool. We’re try to improve & grow downtown.

“The change would change the focus from targeting certain breeds of dogs, to focusing on responsible pet ownership for those who own dogs and cats.”

Responsible cat ownership should include keeping one’s fluffy from climbing over the neighbour’s fence to use the raised vegetable beds as a convenient litter box! Happens usually at night when fluffy is allowed to roam!

And crawls on people vehicles to stay warm. And one cat sprays are vehicles to mark it’s territory

Harder to get a handle on cats but certainly not impossible. I have seen them on leashes before. Good thing they will focus on ownership now.

I think Four Seasons is good as is. I see no reason for its replacement other than real estate dreams of the administration at city hall. If I had to pick an option it would be number 3 or none of the above.

I think for half that cost the city could build a couple of smaller pools in the Hart and college Heights with partnership to the high schools in those areas.

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