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October 27, 2017 7:09 pm

Telus Cup Receives Additional Provincial Funding

Saturday, January 28, 2017 @ 3:52 PM

Telus Cup organizers, sponsors and Cariboo Cougars join MLA Shirley Bond at funding announcement Saturday. Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The provincial government is kicking in more money for the hosting of the 2017 Telus Cup, the 44th National Midget Hockey Championship, in Prince George April 24th to 30th.

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Minister Responsible for Labour, Shirley Bond, made the announcement at the Kin 1 Arena Saturday afternoon prior to the Cariboo Cougars league game against the Thompson Blazers.

With tournament organizers and sponsors, Mayor Lyn Hall and Councillor Susan Scott, members of the Cariboo Cougars and Thompson Blazers and other guests on hand, Bond said “we in Prince George are very, very proud that we are going to host, yet again, another national competition, and at the rate these young men behind us are playing right now I think all of us have every reason to believe that they’re going to earn their way into that tournament, not just be the hosts.”

With that Bond noted that “early last year we recognized the importance of hosting the Telus Cup here in Prince George and the government at that time provided $30,000 through our hosting program to help our organizing committee do the job that they want to do.”

She added “but we have a program called the Tourism Events program and what it does is it recognizes fantastic national events that bring visitors and competitors to our province.”  She said the organizing committee made an application to that program “and today I am very proud to tell you that the organizing committee was successful in their application for funding from the Tourism Events Program.”

“So, in addition to the $30.000 that’s been provided, today we’re pleased to add another $55,000 to the funding.  So in total it’ll be $86,000 from the Province of British Columbia to ensure that the tournament is a success.”

As the host team the Cariboo Cougars will compete against regional champions from the Atlantic, Quebec, Central, West and Pacific regions in the national championship tournament.  The gold medal game will be broadcast nationally on TSN.


I in no way thing this is a bad thing but it is amazing how much money the government now has , that is hasn’t had for almost 4 years, when election is looming in the near future.

    wow, I didn’t proof read that very well

They have been coming out contributing to these incredible events every few months for the last 4 years, nothing different.
I agree, the government has money and they’ve been contributing to things like this, money well spent. We finally have a province that can, compared to many years ago.

    “We finally have a province that can, compared to many years ago”

    The province “can” because they keep emptying taxpayers wallets.

Spending more money in the north is always a good thing, it is great that we can host such an event.

There is a lot of money needed to host these events as the host must pay for a lot of things including the ground transport costs for all the teams once they land at the airport and all costs for the ice officials. Host team must also have a video score clock and a bilingual announcer. The more ways PG gets recognized as being able to host events the better nationally and locally, most of these team players bring along their families to spectate, eat at restaurants, stay in hotels, shop in the mall, etc

You guys are just to funny, they give us crumbs and you jump for joy. The reality is we still only receive 1/3rd of what we give. Rip off is an understatement.

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