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October 27, 2017 7:06 pm

Shaw Outage – Update

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 8:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Shaw has finally restored its internet, cable and home telephone service.

The outage started early this morning and stretched from Williams Lake up to Prince George.

The company says it was caused by a cut fibre.



Just another day for us shaw customers. For you Telus users we’re thinking of switching to Shaw don’t do it. Shaw Internet is down at least once or twice a month and the speeds are nowhere near as advertised. I made the mistake of switching to Shaw and regret the decision ever cents especially if you rely on Internet for work.

    Stating shaw is down once or twice a month is not even close to being a true statement. Once or twice a year would be closer to the truth.

      Exactly! Once or twice a year, that’s all! Who cut the fibre? Vehicle accident again?

      It was down 2x in December

It is back up and running

Took me until 10:15 to be able to get online. Phone was working earlier, but Shaw internet was not. So, their statement was, well premature at best.

Shaw does have some outages. Their eggs are in one basket. One fiber trunk line up the Cariboo. It is not an optimal solution as they have no back up. Having said that if your speeds are nowhere near what they should be let them know. They will send people out to see what can be done. A recent study by a third party for the CRTC did not find that internet speeds were wildly off in any of the major providers.

The single trunk up the Cariboo is becoming an issue for me. If a vehicle takes out a pole anywhere from Cache Creek north, the entire system is wiped out until it can all be spliced back together. There needs to be some redundancy built into the system. It doesn’t happen every month like currently stated but it shouldn’t happen at all considering the amount of money the average Canadian household pays for data.

We left Telus due to ongoing, almost weekly problems. We went over to Shaw, and except for those outage still was better than Telus.

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