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October 27, 2017 7:05 pm

Trudeau Abandons Electoral Reform

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Although it was an election promise,  Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau  says  his government will not be moving forward with electoral reform.

The  decision is  made clear in  the mandate letter provided to the newly appointed  Minister of Democratic Institutions.  In the letter, which outlines  the  expectations and responsibilities for  the Ministry ,Trudeau  says ““Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate.”

A committee examining  electoral reform has spent  the better part of a year  working on taking the pulse of  voters in the country  to see what kind of electoral system they would like.  The Committee  submitted its report in December   and  among its highlights:

  • 88 per cent of expert witnesses and 87 per cent of the public testimony before the committee called for the government to adopt a proportional voting system.
  • The committee also recommended that the government should implement financial incentives for political parties to nominate more women.
  • The committee held close to 50 meetings, in every province and territory, and heard from nearly 200 expert witnesses. Tens of thousands of Canadians participated in the consultation process.
  • The committee recommended not going forward with mandatory or online voting at this time.




Trudeau used the promise of electoral reform to pull in the NDP votes. Now that he’s in power (absolute) he sees no need to change the process. He lied to get elected and this is another major election promise he’s broken.

A politician lied ?

oh look a pig with wings ….

I wonder how much all that cost? Sure would be a shame if Justin never intended to do it anyway, and this was all window dressing. I mean, with all the under funding of everything, it would seem irresponsible for a Prime Minister to spend millions examining something he has no intention of doing – but maybe I’m too cynical.

I’m surprised BH isn’t on here to condemn this waste of money. BH has no shortage of words when it comes to the millions Christy Clark wasted on court challenges with the BCTF. Could it be BH that only right of center politicians deserve your wrath?

    Maybe BH’s internet is still down.

    Trudeau doesn’t seem to mind spending our money.

      Neither did Harper, Christy Clark or any other politician elected since Confederation.

      That’s true, but this is a story about Trudeau. Try to keep up.


      @ Hahaha,

      I thought that all of you “lefties” were supposed to be kind, gentle, loving, accepting and respectful of everyone!

      A comment such as your “GFY” comment certainly goes against anything that might be reasonably be considered kind, gentle, loving, accepting and of course RESPECTFUL!

      Shame on you!

      Oh dear hahaha is having a snowflake temper tantrum.

      @Hart Guy

      When you and your ilk practice what you preach then you can give me a sermon on respect. You people would try even the patience of Job.

      @ Hahaha,

      Please show me where I have ever told anybody on this site to “GFY”!

      While you are at it, where have I ever called anyone a POS?

      You and some of your left wing ilk hold yourselves out as somehow intellectually and morally superior than us redneck right wing nuts, but the funny thing is, the derogatory and personal insults more often than not come from your side of the political spectrum! Why is that?

      @Hart Guy

      Get off your High Horse. You have made plenty of snarky, smart ass, ignorant comments of your own on this site. Quit acting like you are some sort of Saint and that you have never taken the low road in any of your comments.

      You and others in your right wing cohort have taken cheap shots, called people stupid, used immature insults and generally carried on like know-it-alls with the blissful attitude that anything you post is the only correct way to view the world.

      Someone who posts a line such as “Try to keep up” is insinuating that a person is mentally slow, but I see that you, in your self-righteous posturing, aren’t saying a word about that cheap shot; however, I guess that is okay with you because it is coming from someone on your side of the spectrum.

      @ Hahaha,

      I have certainly used the term “idiot” or “clown” or some other similar term, especially when commenting about Justin and his merry band of clowns, but please tell me where I have dropped down to your level by telling someone to “GFY” or by calling someone a “POS”!

      I’m just a redneck right wing nut and I’m expected to be a little rough around the edges, a distinction that I proudly wear! But you “lefties” seem to think that you are above the rest of us and yet you and some of your brethren come out with some of the most derogatory comments!

      I think that there is a difference between referring to someone as an idiot or a clown compared to someone telling someone to “GFY” or by calling them a “POS”! I’m rather surprised that you don’t agree!

      @Hart Guy

      I guess you have made a lot of wrong assumptions about all “Lefties” being “hearts and flowers” and engaging in “hug-a-thons”. Sorry, to have busted your bubble; although, I do find it humorous to be referred to as a “Leftie”. I never thought I would ever see myself referred to as that.

      As for Trump, I call ’em as I see ’em. His actions send a loud enough signal to identify what he is, even beyond his politics. If Trudeau was acting like Trump does, I’d call him the same thing whether I voted Liberal or not. Of course, if Trudeau had acted like Trump during our election I wouldn’t have voted Liberal to begin with.

Trudeau and the Federal Liberals came to the realization that many knew a long time ago… you can’t just change the established electoral system which has served us well for decades, and just change it on a whim to something unknown.

This was the right decision. I just hope as ski51 said, made the promise as a way to get votes.

The Liberals lost interest in Electoral Reform the minute they got a majority Government. So no surprises here. Trudeau was hedging his bets during the election. Being in third party status gave him a somewhat different view of politics in Canada. If we had come up with a minority Government in the last election, then of course the Liberals and NDP would have pushed through electoral reform.

So one more promise by a Liberal Government down the drain. Reminds me of the **Red Book** and the promise to recind the HST. Hmmmm.

People are now starting to see what they actually voted for, however it is to late, we are stuck with this lame duck Government for a minimum of 4 years, and perhaps more.

Anyway good to see first past the post still in effect. Contrary to some opinions, FPP, is a good system.

After an election a proportional voting system requires co-operation and give and take between the parties when the outcome calls for negotiations to form a minority government. I can not visualize any co-operation given the intense animosity that exists in politics and between the parties. Changing the system would lead to endless stalemates. Changing the system was an idealistic wish! The time will come some day when politics are more sophisticated than they are now. Well done Trudeau!

You have to know when to hold them, you have to know when to fold them….

    PG. Thats the biggest bunch of hooey I have heard in a long time.

    Trudeau did an end run of those who voted for him, and on the NDP. Lets not try to defend the indefensible.

      There you go! You helped me make my point!

I can hardly wait for Nathan to get his Ace reporter Mr Fry on the Story………….

Just wait for the reaction after he backs off of legalizing marijuana.

    Or they’ll wait and use it to try and get re-elected in 2019.

So another politician promised something then went about face and is now gong off in another direction. On the other hand, you have an American President who seems to be keeping every stupid promis he made to get elected and he is not better then any other politician (I’m going to say worse). Not sure what to think anymore.

    Trump is doing everything he said he would while Justin does the opposite.

      It’s just all the wrong stuff. Or at least pandering to the lowest common denominator.

For the US, it is nice to see an alpha male back in the saddle. I look forward to watching him crack the whip. As for what is unfolding in Europe, It will be interesting to see who the people chose for their leaders.

    An alpha male? Is that modern speak for a neanderthal?

    Who was the last “alpha male” in the saddle ?

    An Alpha Male? Is that what you call a man who sexually assaults women? Yup, Alpha Males need a lot of p*ssy to grab… yeesh!!! This man is a joke.

      You read too much MSM

In the upcoming Netherlands and French elections especially.

Can anyone tell me what dear leader has accomplished since elected? I know he is rocketing up our debt giving money away to despot counnyries, the world as an entitled elitist for the ultimate selfie. How many ele tion promises has he broken so far?

Mean while Trump is instigating every election promise at a mercuric rate. Liberal left progressive heads exploding. Oh also it’s a mistake to call a politician, politicians like car salesmen lie.

    Signing an executive order doesn’t mean he gets what he wants. People like you just love it when a POS like Trump dumps all over the Constitution that he swore to uphold just a few days ago.

      @ Hahaha, so first you tell axman to “GFY”, and now you refer to Trump as a “POS”!

      Is such a “potty mouth” a requirement to be a gentle, accepting and of course RESPECTFUL “leftie”?

      Shame on you!

      Actually you are wrong he did not dump all over the constitution and he only continued what your hero Obama started out but sleazily left to Trump.

      Just where do you lefties get your fake information?

      Hart guys its okay for the lefty language used, hahaha is just trying to stop head from exploding. Pain can get one irritable.

      @ Seamutt

      I know you are trying to channel your boyfriend Trump, but you stating that your boyfriend isn’t dumping on the US Constitution doesn’t make it fact. Also, parroting out your boyfriend’s “fake news” litany doesn’t actually make news fake.

      Don’t be surprised at hahaha’s comments. Pretty typical from the alt left.


      You are an example of why I have no respect for you right wing plebes. You people are so intellectually bankrupt that you have to resort to the use of fictional movements in your “arguments”. There is no such thing as the alt-Left. Alt_right is an entirely right wing construct as the extremist elements of your political spectrum attempted to rebrand themselves for mainstream political appeal. All-night sounds so much more friendly than Neo-nazis.

      Should have been Alt-Right, not All-night.

      Hahaha such maturity. You really are the hahaha on this site.

      Think Hahaha is coming to realize what everyone else with big boy pants on knew all along and can no longer defend his choice as leader. Denial being over by today’s electoral reform announcement what stage comes after anger? When you get to the depression stage I am sure there will be a lot of other wet shoulders to cry on.

      Trumps EO was just directing the relevant agencies to follow the US Visa Waver Program law as was enacted by congress and signed by Obama after the GAO vetted it for constitutionality. So his EO has already passed the vetting process of constructionallity to become law. Even had it not been, the US president has sole constitutional authority over immigration and protecting the borders so Trump has the constitution backing his EO authority on this issue.


      Wow. Now you are an expert on American Constitutional law.

      Three A-G’s down in the States suing Trump’s administration over his EO have nothing on you in terms of knowledge when it comes to American law. /s

      They are only the first ones. It sounds like there are going to be plenty more following behind.


      What are you talking about? I have never expressed an opinion on electoral reform, either for it or against it, other than to say that First Past the Post is a flawed system. I’m certainly not depressed or angry over Trudeau’s flip-flop on electoral reform. Maybe that is because I don’t expect much from our politicians, except the certainty that every time they open their mouths another lie comes out.

      I will say one thing for Trump. He is attempting to carry his promises, no matter how moronic, alienating, chaos inducing and racist his promises are.

      Hart Guy, I called him a POS, because that is what he is as a human being. Anybody who would try to use a government to expropriate another person’s land for his use is a POS. Anybody, who would build a berm around someone’s land in order to destroy their views and the value of their land, because they wouldn’t sell to him, is a POS on the most basic human level. Politics doesn’t even enter into it.

      If you want to admire a vile human being like that, be my guest. I’ll call him exactly what he is and I really couldn’t careless what you and your right wing friends think of it. Donald Trump doesn’t deserve any respect, because he is incapable of giving any of it.

      Well then they should be fired as well for inciting violence and making false claims. Trump fired the interm AG for falsely claiming his EO was unconstitutional.

      I did make a mistake last night though. Turns out the EO was actually an order to enforce the terrorism prevention act of 2015. Not the US waver program. The terrorism prevention act of 2015 was fully vetted for constitutional standards when passed by the none partisan branch of congress that vets laws for constitutionality so any AG making the claim otherwise has no business being in their job of upholding standing legislation.

      All it does is show which politicians put petty partisanship ahead of national security. When Mosul falls in a few weeks time and the terrorists of Isis go supernova and flee in every direction dressed as refugees to fight another day than this EO will be what stands between our civilization and the mad atrocities of isis.

      Try to keep up will you.


      Nobody could keep up with the fantasies that you manufacture in what passes for your mind. Pulling up legal titles in a Google search, putting them into a sentence, then trying to act like you know what you are talking about is laughable.

      Your rants, fantasies and incoherent conspiracy theories are just beyond pathetic. Seek help or someday we’ll be reading about you in the news.

the system as it sits probably favors the ruling government party, so why would they want to change it.


Its snowing out. Justin has done ……nothing except give away millions. and be a nice fellow.
Obamma has done well nothing much, but he is a nice fellow,
President Trump has broken all records with kicking asses all over.
Cnn needs to be closed down.

    And the CBC can go as well.

      At least you can go to the CBC and not every story is about what they think of Trump. Used to have CNN playing most of the day for world news, their new format is sickening and can’t be watched for more than a few seconds. Started to get bad after BLM but has slid entirely to the dark side lately, I hope they get back on track soon

Even a fool can do the right thing once in a while. Electoral reform was a bad idea and I’m glad he killed it. Also have to agree with his decision on approving the pipelines. Still won’t vote for him but have to give credit where credit is due.

Zoolander had no mandate to change our electoral system. His governments majority could have been won on the basis of legalizing pot as for electoral reform. They fought any suggestion of a referendum on the issue for some reason. So a change in how we have been governed for the last 150 years wasn’t worthy of a vote by citizens. A cynic might say they had other motives.

good. don’t need it. glad he listened to the people. but, again, nobody asked me.

It doesn’t surprise me that Trudeau is dropping electoral reform. He is smart and politically savvy enough to have gauged that people are not particularly interested in getting rid of the flawed First Past the Post system. By breaking the promise now, he expects there will be a short-lived backlash; however, he is counting on the electorate forgetting all about his electoral reform promise by the time he is up for re-election. Even most of the comments here confirm he has guessed right as far as electoral reform goes.

He is just the typical Canadian politician.

He broke a big election promise; “I guarantee, this will be the last first-past-the-post federal election in Canada”. Empty words, with no meaning… and everyone wonders why Canadians become cynical when it comes to politics and politicians?

Not the first government to break a promise, Harper won a majority with an election promise to reform the senate, how did that go?

    Harper was fought by the other parties on reform.

    I find it funny that you base your other whinings on parties not doing what the “people” want. Even your old moniker “people1st” is kind of lost when as the “news” from MSM has shown more than 80% of the respondents wanted some type of proportional representation. Your lackey does not want to lose a majority which is a kind of cushy job so he says “meh” and you defend it with all your heart and soul.

    I think you just have a follow the leader mentality and whatever stance certain people here have you need to obligated to exhibit the polar opposite instead of actually having a voice of your own. But that is my opinion based on postings

    I personally thought his promise was stupid, but it did contribute to getting his party elected, now he bails on his supporters. Typical but so many thought he was the “change” they so wanted in politics. Turns out maybe they want an overhaul that only someone like Trump can bring and Trudeau was as close as they could get at the time. O’Leary may have a chance after all.

      slinky, I honestly don’t think that Justin had any expectation of winning the election! It’s really easy to promise the moon when you have little to no expectation of actually being in a position where you now have to make good on your promises!

      I suspect that the broken promises that we have already seen (electoral reform, marijuana, small deficits, etc) won’t be the last promises to be broken!

      Sunny ways! Sunny ways indeed!

Big fail by Trudeau. The guy has no integrity.

He said he supported the ranked preferential ballot so all mp’s would require a majority consensus to get elected. It would be the last election where MP’s would get elected with a minority of the vote. Many people believed him and trusted him with their vote. His betrayal was sinister from the start.

First the flawed process that was run by people that wanted to destroy Canadian representative democracy with their proportional representative solution that would make parliament a decisive partisan outfit of appointed politicians from party lists and not direct vote from riding constituencies.

Then a flawed poll that made no sense at all and had no direct information on the policy considerations or how one feels about specific policy options. Right then i knew this was dead because he was obviously playing games with the process.

If Trudea ment what he said he could have just tabled a bill to require all MPs must need a majority to get elected and provide for the transferable ballot as the process to enable that. Then put it up for a referendum and let the voters decide if his promise was what they wanted. Problem is that takes power from the party insiders and gives it to voters and the middle class of the political spectrum… So he just couldn’t support that in the end now that he has power.

I would call him a hypocrit for this kind of political opportunism. I think he will be a one term PM as a result.

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