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October 27, 2017 7:05 pm

Snow, Road Lines and Lighting Issues Addressed by Council

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 4:10 PM

Prince George, B.C.- 2016  was a good year for  saving dollars  when it comes to snow control.  It was with that good news that the second night of budget discussions got underway at Prince George City Council.

The snow control budget allows for $7 million dollars,  but last year,  just $4.3 million  was used.  That means, the balance, $2.7 million  can be held in a snow control reserve and available to use should there be a significant  snow event in the future.

Councillor Albert Koehler would have liked to have seen the snow control levy reduced,  but said it would  be  in  the City’s best interests to  keep the levy at the current 1% amount  to ensure there are enough funds available  in the future.

As for  the roads operation budget, Mayor Lyn Hall wanted  more information on line painting.  Pilot studies are being done on the types of paints being used  to  mark lines on the roads.  While some residents  have complained about  the  lines being  applied to roadways late in the year,  the  explanation  has three parts. First,  there was,   as Mayor Hall  called it,  a “line painting fiasco” which saw  less than acceptable results from one contractor.  The job had to be  put to tender  again  and a new contractor hired. Then,   there  is the weather, as paint can’t be applied in inclement weather.  The third factor is the  paving schedule,  so the lines  can’t be applied until after the  paving  has been completed.

The paving projects and road rehabilitation plan   will be up for discussion  during this evening’s  discussion on capital projects.

There is some good news on  street lighting.  It was a key  issue  raised by a number of neighbourhoods  during the TalkTober  neighbourhood discussions.  Engineering Manager, Dave Dyer says there is already work underway to extend  lighting  on Foothills Boulevard from  Highland Drive to Chief Lake road  and there is work underway to improve  lighting in Blackburn.

” I think its really important that people who attended TalkTober know that  we heard, and we are acting on their concerns” said Councillor Frank Everitt .




The new lights on Foothills make a big difference, money well spent.

I find that the street lights are far too dim in many areas. What’s with that?

    The city is replacing our standard street lights with LED lights. The LED’s are really bright and they make the old ones appear really dim.

what about using paint that will stand up to a bit of wear and tear?

How long will it take for the City to admit that painted dedicated bike lanes are a huge waste of money?

    not as long as Jillian Merrick has anything to say about it.

Great news for Blackburn!!!!!

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