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October 27, 2017 7:05 pm

Budget Enhancements Approved

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 6:46 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The requested  enhancement for the Prince George RCMP has been approved.

Superintendent Warren Brown  asked for two more officers although those  officers would not  be expected to arrive  until September of this year. The cost of the enhancement for 2017 would be $113,273.  It will add an  additional 0.12% to the tax requisition,  pushing the overall increase in  dollars needed from  taxation  to 2.84%

“It is difficult” says Mayor Lyn Hall,  “But what really concerns me is that we can’t fill these positions.”  Although   the detachment  had the approval to add three officers last year,   those three  didn’t arrive until December.  “As I look at it and consider what is happening in the community,  I will be supporting this.”

Councillor  Jillian Merrick  could not support the  addition of two officers,  saying she would like to see  those dollars used for  other projects that are underfunded.

The next  enhancement  request   was to add  more lifeguards to the Aquatic Centre.  The latest safety audit indicates there is a need to increase the number of  lifeguards  to meet current  safety standards.  The cost of this enhancement is $247,478  and boosts the  tax requisition by 0.26%.  Councillor Albert Koehler  could not  support the  increase,  partly because  it pushes the overall boost  over the 3% mark,  “It’s going too high for me”  adding   he doesn’t want to be the “Lone Wolf” on Council  in the effort to keep  tax increases lower.  Councillor Koehler was the lone wolf in opposing the enhancement.

Two   enhancements  that  will eventually  have an impact on the  tax levy  have been approved.  The  budget calls for two  projects, “The Collective Impact” and  “MyPG Community Grants”  and both are covered  for 2017 and 2018  through grants that have been secured.  The financial  impact of the two  won’t be  part of the City’s budget until  2019.  The two enhancements have been  approved unanimously.

Parks services called for an increase to its budget in order to carry out  improved  weed control  from  medians, boulevards and hard surfaces in the  City.  The enhancement would add $81,051 dollars to the  budget   and boost the tax levy by a further .08% .

The final enhancement  request   is for a Student Mentorship program.  The request is for  $6 thousand dollars,  and allowing for rounding,  the  total additions of all  enhancements to the  tax levy  will  see  the levy increase by  3.18%





Merrick probably had other plans for the RCMP money, like more bike lanes to inconvenient more motorists????

Bend over PG.

Oh goody, scratch the bike lane painting entirely! But I do agree that the tax increase for the RCMP also be scratched. Every year this issue is raised and every year the increase is granted. I would be curious as to the price of our own PG city force and if it is worth it or not. Axman pretty well said it!

They can’t fill the positions so where does the money go? Overtime?

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