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October 27, 2017 7:04 pm

Friday Free for All – Feb. 3rd, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Here it is, your opportunity to speak up on the issues that matter to  you.

It is time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick  the topic,  but please,  obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep  it legal

No Bullying.


Anyone remember the BC Liberal’s campaign slogan from the last 2013 election? It was; “Debt-Free BC”, and they actually drew us a road map on how they would get us there:

Roadmap for a Debt-Free B.C.
» Debt Paydown Plan for government debt, BC Ferries and BC Hydro *Not happening
» Dedicating LNG revenues to the B.C. Prosperity Fund *Not happening
» Controlling spending while growing the economy *Not happening

Guess they couldn’t even follow their own road map!!!

Yup, these BC Liberals were so committed to their campaign slogan, they painted their fantasy of a “Debt-Free BC” on their 2013 campaign bus! So, if they want to use the same bus for this campaign, they might want to give it a paint job, wouldn’t want to remind the BC voters of promises they made and then broke! Oh, and here is a snap-shot of that bus… this time round, just picture it with new paint and a new “slogan”… hmmm… I wonder what the BC Liberal’s slogan will be this time around. “Change we CAN’T believe in”?

ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ci8N_zrUgAA3ouu.jpg

    NDP slogan? Were smrt, smrt, s.m.r.t, smrt smrt smrt.

    Well she was refreshingly honest about her family coming first policy.

      yeahhh wherever she can take her kid, she can have a drink now… The booze lines starting to show on her face…lol

    I love it.

I would like to know why with the natural resource forum in town, and with Trudeau’s planned trip to Washington, that our local leaders are not calling for Trump to make his first foreign trip here to PG to negotiate some resolution to the softwood lumber crisis.

Canada is America’s biggest export market; we have the worlds largest trading partnership; yet the softwood lumber issue is the biggest complaint in the relationship… and the city most effected by the softwood lumber issue is Prince George. So of any place if Trump wants to negotiate eye ball to eye ball on this major irritant to cross border trade then Trump needs to come to Prince George as his first foreign trade trip.

We need to ask ourselves would we rather the negotiations take place in Washington with lobbyists running the show? or in Atlanta were all the media has to talk to are plantation owners and self interested American talking heads? Good luck at getting a fair hearing, and showing Trump the importance of the softwood lumber issue to small rural Canadian towns if he doesn’t see it first hand.

Trump is supposed to be the ultimate negotiator… the softwood file is the most unsolvable trade irritant over the last 40-years… Trump needs to come to Prince George himself IMO.

We need to show him as a trade partner and America’s greatest ally that we deserve a fair hearing on the issues where we can show the importance of public crown forests and the jobs they mean for small rural towns; and we need to be willing to negotiate access to timber to any company that wants to invest in plants in Canada. I would say we should never have gotten away from auprenticy and local milling because it undercuts future negotiations with the Americans, and that should be brought back in tandem with open markets access to the timber.

But most importantly, why isn’t our mayor asking if not demanding this… where is council, or local MLA’s and MP’s? I would be willing to bet if Trudeau brought this up on his visit to Trump… an invitation to come and learn more and maybe mediate a fair softwood lumber outcome as part of his first visit to Canada, then we would see him here by the end of the month.

    This week your hero tRump has flip flopped on illegal Israeli settlements and his UN ambassador has condemned Russia for aggression in eastern Ukraine. Interesting times in the art of the deal world.

    As much as I would love to see the POTUS come here I don’t think PG is very high on his list of priorities. The SLA will always be a thorn in our side and no matter which governing party is power the POTUS will always back their interests first. Time and energy will be better spent marketing our lumber to other international markets. Have a good weekend..

    That’s the last thing we need, IMO. Maybe dt could be the first man on Mars? Would make the whole world a bit safer– Just my opinion.

I think Trudeau’s big fail on his main election platform of electoral reform is an analogy to how his government operates.

Make a big promise and then scuttle it by appointing a person to head it that had no history of interest in electoral reform issues… give no direction to the parliament, his own party, or media in general as to what electoral reform means… then make a web page poll on the issues that fails to identify any concrete options, fails to compare the two main electoral options (preferential verse proportional)… and most importantly a web page that takes completely unrelated answers to electoral reform and puts them through a matrix of computer code algorithms to tell those polled how they voted, which had no relation to how one would really vote. Then he scuttles the whole electoral reform based not on the inputs from those polled, but rather on the algorithms from his computer programmers that generated the failed code with the intended outputs.

Its how Trudeau governs, whether it be climate change or electoral reform or any other issue. I would say one can’t govern good and be the all and everything to everyone; when one makes political decisions based on outcomes of biased algorithm popularity. Democracy becomes a voodoo science of computer programmers feeding us the outcomes that their code is intended to produce; at the expense of real clear political thought.


As for the provincial election… I would like to make a shout out again for planning to be put in place for an eventual over/underpass at the main Northern BC highway hub where highway 97 meets with highway 16.

Even if they have no plans to build in the next decade or two, we should have a plan in place as to how that corner will be developed in the future. I think it is essential that before we tear down the old roller dome and build hotels and malls and such on the undeveloped land around that intersection, that we need to know where future on/off ramps would be located prior to any commercial development of the surrounding area.

We know the intersection is at capacity now. In fact it is already over capacity for left turns from highway 97 north to 16 west… and that this spill over onto the residential areas around Ferry Avenue should be unacceptable to the city of PG.

We know that with any further growth of the Pacific Gateway in trade, an airport logistics park, or any extra oil and gas related activity based from the BCR site… will put that whole corridor from highway 97 all through to Domano into over capacity and that the biggest pinch points will be the 97/16 intersections with its over flow at Ferry even passing capacity, as well as Peden Hill.

I would like to see the provincial government at minimum do a detailed study of what an over/underpass at 97/16 would look like in its final layout so any developments in the area could work around those plans not compromising future infrastructure needs on that corner. What the costs would be to relocate the cell phone tower maybe to the cutbanks, and the water tower, and moving the hill on the Northeast side of the intersection into the hole on the Northwest side of the intersection.

Then we would know where we are at when and if it ever comes time to upgrading that part of our Northern BC highway infrastructure. We could plan and work around what ever the over/underpass plan comes up with.

All roads in Northern BC leads to the intersection of 97/16. It is the focal point and hub to Northern infrastructure and should be treated as such.

    If by moving the hill to make room for the on and off ramps takes place it opens up huge economic opportunities for PG. At minimum we could gain 12-acres on either side of highway 16 north of 97. This would be prime real estate for hotels and residential high-rise condo’s with the absolute best view of PG sunrises, prime access to shopping, and close proximity to a whole host of sporting venues.

    It would likely generate a half million in new property taxes for the city per acre of developed land for an additional $12 million a year in property tax revenue once fully developed. The additional revenue to the city would go a long way to funding a new Tourism building and tourism related infrastructure in the area making it a destination must go place to be in Northern BC.

    Once the area was developed it would almost add no extra infrastructure maintenance costs to the city being a fill in project rather than a building outwards project.

    Time will tell….

      I totally agree, out with the old and in with the new. We are supposed to be progressive, so this is a good place to,stRt!

      Holy cow are you ever long winded.

      Yes….Eagleone posts all kinds of tin-foil hat tRump chit but disappears when he asked to defend it…..

    Except East, 16E never makes it there. Some thought of transport corridors should have been made when the new bridge was built to replace the railway bridge, such a mishmosh to send it to 1st Ave again. 20th would have made more sense and a nice foot bridge for park goers to gaze the river

    Why don’t you run for office, then you could preach to the whole riding and not waste space with your overlong posts here.

Well, its been a nice week and I hope its a good weekend for everyone. Be kind, consider others and help those you can when you see a need. Its really a mood lifter for everyone.

    How dare you make a positive comment like that one? Thanks, very refreshing!

    “Be kind, consider others and help those you can when you see a need.” Excellent thoughts Give More, sad that for some on here they don’t consider Syrian refugees, or Muslim refugees as needing help! The Alt Right get to pick and choose.

      It makes me sad that people would take an encouraging thought and use it to bash others.

      It seems that some people can’t hide who they are no matter what they do.

      Sad that your comment about “being kind, consider others and help those you can when you see a need.” should apply to EVERYONE in need, but I have to point out the fact that religion, race, etc. play a part in “who in need” gets helped and who doesn’t.

      It’s the reality of the situation, we just have to look south of the border to see it, and from some of the Alt Right comments on this Friday-Free-For-All. For the record, I believe everyone in need should be helped regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. Some of us are fair minded, open, inclusive, and accepting, others not so much.

      You fitting into the “not so much” category.

      Peeps, I consider myself to be right-wing and I am of the opinion that many others on this site also consider themselves to be right-wing!

      I consider you and several others on this site to be left-wing or as I often put it, “lefties” and I don’t believe that I have ever referred to any of you “lefties” as Alt-Left!

      For some reason, I suspect that your definition of Alt-Right is anybody that disagrees with you or has a differing opinion than you!

      So, I’m curious as to what your definition of Alt-Left is and what your definition of Alt-Right is?

Why is it that anything to do with aboriginal issues, the comment boxes are always closed as soon as they hit 250? Just a curious question.

    My question exactly…

    Why is one person running for Chief AND councillor??

      The same person running for both positions? Sounds about right.

    It has been our experience that whenever we post a story about First Nations, the haters and racists flock to their keyboards. There are laws against inciting hate. So in an effort to protect you and our site, the comments are closed on such stories.
    Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

      Now I get it, everyone disagreeing with some native issue is a hater and racist.

      Our dear leader would be proud. Hate, the word used to muzzle speech and democracy. Hate, the word is becomming over used.

      OR, you can treat people like adults and let them have free open discussion about issues in and around PG. I find a lot of opinions that differ from the PC norm are classified as racist. If you truly were a news site that allowed freedom of expression you could simply take the time to warn those you think are saying inappropriate things and remove their comments. IF they persist then cancel their accounts. I just think you don’t want to bother having to do that and find it much easier to just blanket virtually an entire subject with the “not open for comments” clause. You could even post a warning or info heading (such as you have on the Friday Free For All) telling anyone who makes inappropriate comments they will have their accounts cancelled. I challenge you to open this comment section to ALL subject matter instead of taking the PC way out.

      Thank you for your thoughts, but our decision is not about being politically correct, it is about being legally responsible. Sorry if you can’t grasp that concept.
      Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

      You can also add , disinformation, and out and out lies about Metis , Natives , and Inuit . Why don’t the haters just stay @ the rebel . Ezra loves you and your ilk .

      Thanks Elaine, totally understand. But on the other hand these are the people that, I guess, should be removed. Anyways, you enlightened me. Appreciated an answer.

      In fairness, the CBC did the same thing because critical comments or questions are denounced as racist.
      It appears that we are not ready in this Country to speak honestly about FN issues. At this rate, nothing will ever change for FN.

      Speaking of disinformation, stories, personal insults ataloss you have nerve to comment.

      Still waiting.

      Nice to know that you know who you are .

      Ataloss – “You can also add , disinformation, and out and out lies about Metis , Natives , and Inuit. Why don’t the haters just stay @ the rebel . Ezra loves you and your ilk .”

      And there you have it! That’s always the case with politically correct lefties, anyone who disagrees with you is automatically labeled a racist and hater. I guess that relieves you of the necessity to have to actually defend your position.

      There wasn’t a doubt that 250’s resident Breitbart hillbillies shut a comments section down…..

      Agreed DI, without a doubt it was the Alt Right posters on here that forced the closure of some subjects in this comments section. Now they are complaining that their intolerant and racist opinions (they are calling Conservative views and values) are not being allowed to be expressed… their freedom of speech is being violated, I say that’s a good thing!!!

What’s with the story on CBC about moving Mr PG .

Sorry don’t have the link.

    Jillian wants to sell that Mr G corner lot for her bike routes apparently.. Crazy.. Selling off all green spaces…who wants to see more car lots along that corridor??

    Councillor Susan Scott made a suggestion at budget meeting that Mr. P.G. be moved to in front of the library. The suggestion went nowhere and no such move is planned.

      There is no better place for Mr. PG than at the junction of 16 and 97!

      Thank you for the update .

So the uni is going to instal a high school for Chinese. Wonder how the facilities, equipment, instruction will compare to a regular high school?

Smells rather elitist to me.

    The power of ‘money’, Seamutt. Every dollar a Chinese parent forks over to send their kid here to be educated is dollar of pure profit to the Canadian economy. Without that influx of profit, which comes in ‘debt-free’ to the Canadian economy, it would be just that much harder to liquidate existing debts from other, domestically generated profits. Which are, overall, increasingly inadequate to do the job.

      “Pure profit”? Are you claiming taxpayers will not spend a dime for it?

    Sounds discriminatory to me. Imagine if we had a ‘Caucasian’ school? LOL

      Lien, you would be labelled a racist just for the mere mention of a “Caucasian” school.

    Foreign students pay big bucks to attend here, it would be a cash cow for the Uni.

    They running out of applicants to attend University??? Think the space can be better used by Canadian students. I can understand the money aspect… but really??? A High school in a University???

      I don’t think you do understand the “money aspect”. Not only do Chinese parents spend a lot more money to send their kids over here for a ‘high school’ education in English using the BC curriculum before they go on to university here, those dollars are more valuable to our economy as it presently functions than dollars paid by BC taxpayers to fund high schools here, and then tuition collected from those here who go on to university. It all has to do with how our financial system works. Kind of like why, when it comes to something like BC lumber, for instance, we always export the best. And sell the locals the rest.

      Canadian students are in declining numbers. Haven’t you noticed the number of schools in the local area that have been closed over the last few decades. We seem to have opted out of having children, so there’s lots of room for paying customers.

I saw a snow crew out last night in College Heights removing about an inch and a half of fine powdery snow of the roads. I thought it had to snow a certain amount before crews were mobilized? Or were they trying to use the $2.6M surplus in the snow budget?

    I live up there and we had not had the plows in a while, so the snow from the last couple of weeks had turned to large, bumpy, icy pits (best way I can describe it). I think it was more about scraping the road, than it was about moving that small amount of fresh snow. St. Laurence might have been different though, that road seemed to be plowed more frequently.

      I guess there may have been an inch or two of ice under the snow but the roads were perfectly passable. We do live in PG after all.

    They have to keep up a certain level of work so the contractors can survive and still be around for next year when there might be more snow.

Yesterday Mexican produce laden trucks were denied entry into the USA. They were turned back and after a while had to sell their merchandise at a huge discount to prevent it from spoiling! What’s next?

    And the guys hiding within the trucks had to find another way in.

      All trucks pass through very high intensity X-Ray scanners, just like shipping containers. I don’t think they would take a chance on hiding, especially since the trucks are unloaded in U.S. owned storage warehouses and any stowaways immediately arrested. It is just another method of border harassment. NAFTA style.

There is a new school bus on the market . The elion bus . It saves in the U.S. $13,000 in fuel and $3,000 in maintance with an ROI of six years . It’s a beauty . Very unlike the fossil burners who’s costs never stops and only get worse .

    Had a look if so good why an incentive to buy? 100 mile range, wonder what the range would be with heaters and wipers going? Heck the Leaf can hardly make it from downtown to the uni in the winter and that is needing to have the wipers and heater off. Now why would the city renew the lease on that thing. Oh right a taxpayer funded toy.

That’s 13k and 3k savings per year . Why the city would buy fossil burning city buses is beyond reason .

    The bc gov has upped the incentives for buying electric vehicles . 11K for some . I wonder if these incentives are avalible for gov , city , municipalities fleets ? Why are the incentives there in the first place ? The carbon tax money at work making our skies cleaner one vehicle at a time .

      Substitute the word ‘incentive’ for ‘taxpayer subsidy’. Or is ‘incentive’ the feelgood term designed to make everybody forget where the money comes from?

      This carbon tax is just a tax using an unproven science for just another tax grab. All the government is doing is capitalizing on peoples ignorance and unjustified fears perpetuated by fake scientists just for a tax grab. Notice there is no proven end result for the tax grab. Bend over folks.

      Pretty funny bunch that would turn their noses up at 11K of free money . I can hardly wait for mine . Just imagine how big a laugh a guy could have driving by gas stations . I bet it feels like back in the day driving a VW when everyone else was getting 10 miles to the gallon , only better .

      Where did that ‘free money’ come from, Ataloss? Please don’t tell me you’re that clueless.

Speaking of hatred and racism at CBC the liberal left progressives taxpayer funded propaganda outlet is this head line

After mosque attack, calls to clean up Quebec City’s radio waves

Basically it is a call to shut down conservative views.

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-city-radio-poubelle-mosque-attack-1.3964005?cmp=rss

Who gets to decide? Yes the mosque shooting was horrible instigated by some nut case, but to use it as an excuse to muzzle conservative views is a slippery slope. Hey the left has their share of wackos.

Speaking of shutting down conservative views how about those snowflake riots at Berkley.

    Agreed, it was a horrible incident. I wonder though where all the outrage was when 5 people were stabbed to death in Calgary about a year and a half ago by one person? Sure there were candle light vigils and sadness but no outrage. Maybe someone can explain why the murders of 6 people this week is any more or less tragic than the 5 people murdered in Calgary? Is it the timing because Trump got elected? I don’t know.

      I can only speak for myself, but I personally find that certain types of crime evoke elevated feeling of anger in me. Those would be crimes against children, crimes against elderly people, crimes against those who are incapacitated somehow, or hate crimes.

      I’ve found that others can share similar sentiments. Perhaps that’s part of it.

      It is media incited outrage. When I turn off my sources of media I feel relaxed.

    Some stories fit the narrative that the MSM and the CBC likes to push, and some don’t.

Cannot hurt Canadians feelings, they have thin skin.
No real constructive free speech allowed in this country
Sure not like the old days

Agreed, NMG. Some of the comments posted on here are from the Alt. Right who call themselves Conservatives, yet they are anything but Conservative, just like Donald Trump is anything but a Republican. The Alt. Right movement in the USA does not care about politics, they care about seizing power!

What is happening in the United States, we cannot let happen in Canada, we are better than that! I still cannot believe the festering hate, fear, and division, in that country pushed nearly half of its people to vote for a monster like Trump. Media has a responsibility not to propagate that fear, hatred, and division. Good for 250News, and the CBC, for closing Aboriginal stories to racist and hate filled comments… sad that it even has to be done! Too bad the distorted and twisted hate and fear filled views of the few on here, would ruin the opportunity for the rest of us to have civilized and mature discourse on some subjects.

    Media is having a field day propagating that fear, hatred, and division.

    That’s an awful lot of hate emanating from your post, careful that you don’t get shut down for the same reason. Yes, it would be nice if you could refrain from all your distorted and twisted hate and fear filled views here, you could well be ruining the opportunity for the rest of us to have civilized and mature discourse on all subjects.

      That is so true! People who believe that some comments come from sociopaths, lunatics and promote fear, division, hatred and racism just becsuse they are diferent can do themselves a favour by avoiding exposure to such matters by checking out.

    Do you know the definition of Alt. Right?
    It is a loose movement, mostly online, that includes people who are dedicated to “white identity,
    White nationalist Richard Spencer coined the term in 2010 to define a movement centered on white nationalism.
    You have called some commenters on here, Psychopaths, and, “Reading some of these comments, one begins to wonder whether Prince George has a local chapter of the KKK. “White guilt” and “White Christian Prosecution”
    What do you call these comments, if they don’t incite hate?

      Richard Spencer is a nazi. Alt right is simply a term to hide behind. Anyone whi celebrates Trump with “Hail Trump” and a Nazi salute has lost his right to free speech.

    I post factual and truthful comments to the best of my ability. When I see trigger words and phrases like; “White Guilt” or “White Christian Persecution” or “Globalist Elites” I immediately associate them with the Alternative Right Movement. The handful of Alt. Righties on here are not going to like the link I am posting below, but it contains irrefutable evidence that links, the phrases some use in their comments on here, to the Alt. Right.

    Warning, the following link is to the “Official Alternative Right” site, some of the ideas and dialogue contained in it could be offensive, but you need to look for the “trigger” words that reveals who the Alternative Right posters are on this 250News site. Sorry for outing you, but as a public service, this needs to be done!

    ht tp://alternative -right.blogspot.com/2015/07/dear-white-christian-america-i-told-you.html

    please copy and paste the link, and eliminate the space between ht tp and between alternative -right

    I am having problems posting this comment with the link.

      I’ve seen insults and sarcasm coming from all sides on this forum, but when it comes to distorted and twisted hate and fear filled views, the left takes the cake. On their good days they get by with ad hominems, smears, straw-men, name calling and false accusations rather than attempt rational discourse.

      For example: Ataloss – “Why don’t the haters just stay @ the rebel . Ezra loves you and your ilk .”

      I’m not a subscriber to The Rebel, neither was I a subscriber to Sun News but I’ve come across quite a few of Ezra’s comments over the past couple decades. Not once have I ever heard anything from him that could be even remotely construed as hate. Since I haven’t seen most of what he’s put out over the years, it’s possible that I missed the hate. If so, show me. Post or link to a comment from him unambiguously hateful. If you can’t do that then you need to withdraw that comment.

      Um….without doing any research, Ezra is currently asking his readers (followers) to donate to his , I lost a law suit for shooting my hatefull mouth off, cause !!

      Here is more details on his lost law suit: In his blogging about Canada’s hate speech laws, right-wing personality Ezra Levant defamed a young law student as a serial liar, a bigot and a Jew-hating “illiberal Islamic fascist,” bent on destroying Canada’s tradition of free expression, a judge has found.

      For these unfair, false and “extremely serious” written comments, which were motivated by “ill will,” and showed a “reckless disregard for the truth,” Mr. Levant must pay Khurrum Awan $80,000, Judge Wendy Matheson of Ontario Superior Court ruled Thursday.

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/ezra-levant-loses-hate-speech-case-must-pay-80000-to-man-he-defamed-as-illiberal-islamic-fascist

      In other words Dirtman, Ezera Levant was found GUILTY of hate speech!!!

      I’m aware of that case. No, he wasn’t found guilty of hate speech. He lost a lawsuit and is appealing. To make your case, try posting the exact words he said. (I have heard them, they are not hate speech.)

      something factual BH is how violent and hateful the left are, Berkley riots just being one example. With your rants you seem close to that precipice. Take some deep breathes and go walk a dog or something you need to settledown and relax.

      Oh c’mon seamutt, you threatened me with violence 7 dats ago . If I wasn’t a wasn’t a mellow centriast….you wouldn’t have internet access….

    BH you do have hateful rants. Go Trump go!

How do you pick up an Item over 100 kg and 6 Feet long from PG and drive it 100km home at -20 in your Nissan Leaf or any other of that kind ? You take your Pickup and drive home in Comfort ! Electric Cars give me a Break.

    If I had a Leaf, I wouldn’t. I’d just rent a truck for the day, LOL.

      If I had a Leaf I would sell it and get my man card back.

Just watching CKPG news first story about a family trying to raise money so their husband father and grandfather can get medical attention for a heart problem. Next story our Liberal government rep, Shirley Bond announces a 1.5 million contribution to the SPCA. Families first? Apparently not.

    Oh come on . If you wanted another term you’d spend 1.5 million for a photo op with puppies , wouldn’t you ? I mean what better than puppies ? She’s gonna win for sure . This must be the cinch .

    Link? Because that makes no sense as you word it. If you need medical attention for a heart problem, go see a Doctor. Isn’t that how it works?

I think Christy and her crew should maybe buy a selfie stick to keep the costs down with all these photo ops.

    Why buy one? I’m sure that Justin has several that he could lend her!

“If I had a Leaf I would sell it and get my man card back.”

Now that is funny.


Funny, but also sorta true too.

Snow in Vancouver. Idiots that can’t drive wth snow tires and more idiots using summer tires. I just love having my ICBC rates going up because of it.

    Get your optional insurance privately. Unless you have a bad driving record, you’ll save money.

    The fact that the BC Liberal Government has been raiding ICBC and transferring 100’s of millions of dollars from ICBC into the government’s general revenue account, so the Liberals can “balance the budget” might have something to do with ICBC insurance rate increases to us a well.

    BC will have the highest insurance rates in Canada, as we will soon be surpassing Ontario’s insurance rates (they are currently #1).

    ht tps://www.arcinsurance.ca/blog/average-car-insurance-rates-across-canadian-provinces/

    Just posting the facts!

      The NDP for a whole decade apparently raided BCRAIL, ICBC and others. BCRAIL ended up carrying a debt of hundreds of millions and no money for new rolling stock and rail and bridge maintenance and repair. The rest of the story is well known. Who created the cash cow ICBC ?

      So, BH, it looks like it’s obviously time to get rid of this government insurance company and open up the market, completely open up the market to private insurance companies, right?

      That is what your suggesting, right BH?

More fake science out of the uni on climate with no proof or testable evidence. Fake climate scientists have been ranting doom and gloom for thirty years now. All prediction, FAIL.

Rate of sea level rise is atually decreasing and hey the fake scientists conviently do not mention sea levels were higher during Holocene optimum. Now why is that? Follow the money.

    So….ah….you watched today’s news on Greenland ? Of course not. You get your news from a weather forecaster in Chico California. Whats up Doc…..Greenland is not melting…..its a lefty conspiracy. Feed your dogs well seamutt … they might bite the hand that feeds them……

Ya I watched the fake Greenland report, scary stuff send money. Did you notice no proof supplied, but hey in the future. What melt by 2050 well since the sea level rate of rise is decreasing, something smells.

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