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October 27, 2017 7:03 pm

RCMP Respond to ‘Gun’ Complaint

Friday, February 3, 2017 @ 8:30 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Prince George RCMP  responded quickly to a report of  person with a gun in the  Tabor/ Parker   area  of Prince George evening.As a safety measure, officers quickly cordoned off the area to ensure there was no threat to the public.

They soon discovered  the ‘gun’ was  “an air soft”  gun ,  meaning it was a  toy.

The area has since been cleared,  and life is returning to normal.

Given the recent shooting deaths of two people and wounding of another,  it is understandable that members of the public may be a little on edge  and quick to  call police if they spot anything that even remotely resembles a firearm.  Police  are reminding  those who have  such toys  that  using them  in  highly public areas  can  result in the type of response that occurred this evening.



40 years ago we drove around in pickups with rifles on a rack in the back window. nobody batted an eye. What happened?

    40 years happened dude…..

    Mass shootings, and huge amounts of criminal activity, happened.

    Libs happened. The same Libs that are running this country. Lets hope it ends at the next election.

    Times changed, like they always do. Not unusual. In fact, it’s quite predictable that much of what is normal now will not be normal in 40 years.

A mass shooting, and the liberals managed to convince a majority of Canadians that anyone with a gun was a potential criminal.

We knew something was going on when we saw the City bus going down Corless. Quick reaction by the RCMP. I find that comforting

When we were 12 years old we walked across Ospika BLVD carrying rifles to hunt rabbits at what is now called Forests for the World. We were stopped by an RCMP officer. He asked if the 22’s were loaded. When we showed him they were not and told him they wouldn’t be until we were up the hill behind Ginter’s he said be safe and drove off. That was 1976. How times have changed.
Roughly 10 years ago one of us came upon an RCMP officer wrestling with a thug by the Hart Bridge. He stopped and helped the officer . I wonder how many of the snowflakes we’re raising now would do anything other than call 911.

    The same snowflakes are protesting in the USA right now, treading the CBC and huffington post, looking for offer sanctuary for Muslims

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