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October 27, 2017 7:02 pm


Monday, February 6, 2017 @ 5:44 AM


This is what poor leadership looks like when it governs itself by polls and crappy defined algarythms in an even more confusing and irrelevant polling web sites…..

While I have been somewhat satisfied by our “Federal” Liberal government’s performance, I am disappointed that they broke this big election promise. First-past-the-post where governments are elected by 30% of the total people who voting not fair. There are better, more democratic electoral systems out there.

    Is this really important. Checked a survey by the Tyee And its unbelievable that people think our world will come to an end. We have many more important thing to work on then stupid electoral rehome.

    Its the opposition that thinks electoral reform could get them elected is where the problem lies

    This is important to me Retired 02, being able to trust and believe in what our government promised it would do is a big deal.

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KONCXcpFEXg

    I will never liked an electoral system where only 30% of voters get to decide who forms government and leads our country!

      It works for them now, so why change it

      Next time you will hear about electoral reform from Trudeau and the Liberals is when they lose an election and no longer hold power in Ottawa.

Why would any party in power want to change it. They are in power because of the old system. Only way it has a chance for it to change is if it is a coalition government.

Alot of fuss over a low priority issue . We need to get the economy going and major projects started now. There,s alot of the oil patch still shut down, and 50,000 desperate immigrants who want to get to work, besides those who lost their jobs in Alberta in the last 2 years.
Give them time to work on this issue.

What do you really expect will be any better with some alternate voting set-up? EVERY Party currently in Parliament or the Legislature ALL subscribe to exactly the SAME Policy. Their only differences are in how it will be imposed on us. Which Method will prevail. It’s like giving a condemned prisoner, who’s really innocent of anything, his choice of execution. Hanged, shot, electrocuted, gassed, etc. Look closely at ALL the current Parties. They ALL make promises at election time to do various things for us. How many of those promises are subsequently sidetracked or dispensed with completely after election when they ALL use the same excuse….”We know we promised to do this, or that, and we still intend to, but we JUST HAVEN’T GOT THE MONEY.” That’s as much as telling you that whoever HAS the ‘money’ dictates what will or won’t be done. Regardless of whether every other factor necessary for its doing exists and sits idle while we’re waiting for this ‘money’ to magically appear. Imagine if that had been the case in 1939, when Hitler was overrunning Europe? Or even later, in Mulroney’s time, when our National Debt was in the stratosphere, and there was a horrific ice storm that knocked down power lines all over eastern Canada. Din anyone say we couldn’t go help take out Hitler because “…we haven’t got the money”? How about putting those power lines back up again? Are they still down, “….because we haven’t got the money’? Wake up people. Look where the REAL problem lies. It’s not with the voting system.

    Socredible, regarding your statement:

    “They ALL make promises at election time to do various things for us. How many of those promises are subsequently sidetracked or dispensed with completely after election when they ALL use the same excuse….”We know we promised to do this, or that, and we still intend to, but we JUST HAVEN’T GOT THE MONEY.”

    Looks like we are about to see another broken promise from Justin and Co. Here’s one for you, hot off the presses this morning. Remember how the Harper Government raised the retirement age from 65 to 67? Remember how Justin and Co. rolled that back to 65? Now it looks like Justin and Co. are considering raising it back to 67!

    “Morneau’s growth council calls for higher retirement age”

    ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/morneaus-growth-council-calls-for-higher-retirement-age/article33908384/

      Yes, Hart Guy, there’s another perfect example of it. Raising the retirement age was one of the very few things the Harper government did that I disagreed with. Most everything else they did they got right, or at least put us in a better position to get right later on.

      And conversely, putting it back to 65 is perhaps one of the only things Trudeau’s done so far, (aside from scrapping that looney promise of electoral reform), that he’s got right ~ and maybe now is about to get wrong again. And that, unfortunately, is likely just the start of it. Wonder how long it’ll be before we see the GST go back up to 7%? Or higher? Maybe it’ll be hidden in the price, like it is elsewhere? Then it can be raised and extended much easier, step by step. And the sad thing is, the more we’re taxed, the deeper we see each sector of the economy slip into debt.

Not everybody of those entitled to vote actually voted, so one ought not include them. They passed up on their opportunity to cast the vote! The people that bothered to vote won the majority of available ridings from coast to coast to coast. that is how it works here in Canada and many other countries in all federal, provincial and municipal elections. Counting *potential* voters is nonsense! The 30% figure mentioned is nonsense!

    Liberals and Conservatives were virtually tied in popular vote, and yes that is how the ball bounces in this electoral system

    The problem here is, this was one of his -key- promises to his party faithful and all those smaller parties that now had a chance to have a voice in the house. They all whole heartedly and maybe foolishly chose to “trust in me” as the snake said in Jungle Book. We will never know how many voters changed or based their vote on this promise, but we shouldn’t discount them either.

    The promise that “every vote counts” and “the last election decided by first past the post” is dead in the water unless Cullen and May can get a rise out of them.

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