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October 27, 2017 7:01 pm

New Affordable Housing Project Gets Rezoning

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The  way has been cleared for the construction of  up to 35  new affordable homes  in Prince George.

Council has approved a change to the Official Community Plan and rezoning to allow a strip of land  behind  Studio 2880 on 15th Avenue,  to be used for multiple family residential construction.

The approval should come as  no surprise, as the land in question was  part of last fall’s  announcement  that the Province was making $1.6 million available for the project.

The parcel of land has been  designated as Neighbourhood Corridor,  and the piece where the  housing project will  be built has been rezoned  as multiple residential

It is expected construction will start in the spring, now that the rezoning has been dealt with.  The housing development will be similar to the Elizabeth Fry townhouse  development which is to the west of the property  which  has just been rezoned.

Manager of  Development and Planning, Ian Wells,  says the City   will continue  to  work with  Studio 2880  and other user  groups of the building  that fronts  15th Avenue to find a new home for them in the downtown core,  but  there is no move for those groups on the radar at the moment.



Is “Affordable housing” the politically correct way of saying “Low income housing”?

    Yes it is. Kind of like “Insensitive” is a politically correct way of saying “Redneck”

What makes them “affordable”? Are they inexpensive or is the taxpayer footing the bill?

    If it is BC Housing, yes the joe public is paying for some of the bill. It is one of the social networks of our province, which provides housing for people that needs the assistance, For example a single mom with kids needs affordable housing. So what happens is a percentage of their income goes to rent.

    Until, you have actually had to use it, or your friends or family members have used it, you really can not appreciate it. The idea of this is to provide shelter for those people trying to improve themselves and or trying to get out of the cycle.

    It is money well spent. Not everyone is lucky and gets to go thru life with out falling or knocked down

      Thanks Tony robbins, like we needed you to point out what low income housing is.

      So this is short term housing?

      No BC Housing is long term housing, just like any other rental unit. The only difference is you have to qualify as low income to apply for the units.

May I point out that it can be for single parents, single seniors etc. and is badly needed. Been there, appreciated the hand up.

    I would also like to point out, someone I know who was a single mother needed this kind of housing for a while. Yes single seniors need affordable housing as well, but also persons with disabilities because most cannot work and their disability cheques are not enough to cover housing and food, but also Aboriginals, most of who use the Prince George Aboriginal Housing Society (formerly known as the Prince George Metis Housing Society). Yes, people from all walks of life, and demographics, may need affordable (subsidized) housing at some stage in their lives… after all… poverty is an equal opportunity problem!

      Someone you know? Let me guess. People#1? Jgalt? Sssophie Sssage?

      Everyone else can now read my comment and then your comment sparrow, and they can ask themselves; which comment adds to the “mature” discussion of affordable housing, and which does not?

      BeingHuman, when it comes to the matter of adding to the “mature” discussion, I can’t help but think of your comment yesterday, the comment where you referred to other posters as “the kind that would side with the KKK, and the American Nazi Party”!

      How is that comment in any way, shape or form a comment that might be considered even remotely “mature”?

      Hart, glad you didn’t mention cats…….LMAO

      Grizzly2, thanks for the laugh! You’ll notice the complete lack of a response from Peeps!

What bothers me is how once again the “Official Community Plan” is put aside. This happens so often the plan should be renamed to the “Official lets do one-off changes plan” or something like that.

    Official Community Plans have got to be one of the biggest wastes of money governments engage in. I’ve lost count of the number we’ve had where we are, except I know none of them have ever been followed. They seem to be an effort to curtail the activities of ‘ordinary’ people to choose what they can do with their own land. Because every time someone with a pot full of money waltzes into an area and wants something that’s counter to the OCP the plan is immediately changed. Seems big money talks, and it gets listened to, too. So why, pray tell, even have these stupid things?

So, if a family member was leaving an abusive marriage, widowed with only 1 pension, handicapped, sarting from scratch after many years of unemployment etc– you would look down on them for needing housing such as this?! Really?

starting=spell check!

Generally these kinds of projects take grant money to get started, but then they are self sustaining non profits after that. I think it’s the best money a government spends for utility per dollar spent for society as a whole.

It’s usually a mix of those that can pay very little with those that can afford the going rate (which subsidizes the lower rental units). Most of these will be quality three or four bedroom townhouses that will be good housing stock for young families, an area of housing that is lacking in PG. With two elementary schools only a block away and walking distance to lots of low income jobs this is an ideal location for a project like this.

I think in the future this is the kind of project we should also be looking at for the Ospika connector to Walmart when it goes ahead.

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