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October 27, 2017 7:00 pm

BC Hydro Demolishing Sub Station

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 @ 12:00 PM


Skeleton of building all that remains -photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  A BC Hydro substation  at the  bottom of Pickering Road in Prince George, is being torn down.

The building has not been in use by BC Hydro  since 2013 says B.C.Hydro Spokesperson Bob Gammer:


Despite security measures,  locked gates, fences and security patrols,  Gammer says  the  site became  a  magnet for illegal activity..

In July of  2015, one  person was arrested  following a police investigation at the site. When police entered the building,  they  discovered  discarded hypodermic needles,  discarded cable casings and two  burning barrels with a  length of  cable, looking like a string of burned spaghetti, draped  across both,


Burning barrel discovered in sub station in July 2015 – photo 250News archive

( photo at right- 250News archive)

“We realized it was better for the community   and  ourselves to deal with this” says Gammer  “So we  decommissioned the building and we will demolish the building and we are  in the process of doing that now.”

The project is in a break  right now says Gammer because there is asbestos in the roof, ” So we have a plan in place,  and a contractor, Napp Enterprises of Prince George,  is going to deal with the asbestos abatement,  so we’ll have the  roof safely removed and complete the demolition of the building.”

The pan for the property for the long term has not yet been determined  says Gammer “We will continue to clean up the site, remediate the site  so it’s ready to be used in some other capacity or disposed of, we have those options in front of us.”

The final demolition  is set for March.



That building used to house diesel generators that powered Prince George decades back.

I always wondered what Hydro used that building for. Interesting.

Was there not a diesel generating power station at the far west end of 1st avenue long ago? There’s a small pumping station there now, more or less on the same spot.

I remember a building there, early to mid 1960s.


    Yes here was the one on 1st Ave it was used as the cities generating station long before the 60’s. When the Pr Geo Generating Station was built it held four diesel generators, 1st Ave was shut down and sat vacant for years. When the generators were dismantled the building was used for a workshop housing a carpenter shop, machine shop, welding and fabricating etc. That was all closed down in the late 80’s early 90’s.

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