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October 27, 2017 6:58 pm

Friday Free for All – Feb. 10th, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It’s a long  weekend, but  it’s also time for your thoughts on issues that matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You  pick the topic, but please,  keep the comments brief  and  obey  our three simple rules:

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Which charities benefit from the PG Cougars 50/50 draws?? The theme nights with mega 50/50s are well noted. but which organizations benefit the other nights?? Do any 250 readers know the answer??

    Lots of minor hockey, Big Brothers and the list goes on. They are all local though.

    Depends..each night potions go to minor hockey, some go to what ever group is helping at the game that night.

      Portions as well…lol

Just when you think our BC Liberal Government could not be more of an embarrassment, along comes a news story that completely exposes the wild, wild, west mentality for resource extraction in BC! Anyone want to stake a mining claim?

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/former-first-nations-chief-stakes-claim-on-b-c-mining-minister-s-property-1.3952584

Yup, I got a hankering to try my hand at mining, can anyone give me the physical residential addresses for Shirley Bond and Mike Morris? Time to stake my mining claims… yee-haw! LOL, when it comes to oversight and management of any resource industry in BC, whether it be; mining, forestry, or natural gas, this Liberal Government has been completely absent without leave (AWOL)!

    Anyone can stake a nuisance claim, doesn’t mean they can do anything with it other than waste their money. Still can’t trespass on private property, you can’t enter any land in use as a residence, you can’t enter any land being cultivated or farmed, to enter any private or FN land not encumbered by the “you cannot enter” rule you must contact them in writing 8 days in advance and if they do not agree you cannot enter period until you have an agreement. You even need an agreement to cross private land to a claim on the other side. Staking a claim means nothing, she just did it to show it can be done. I can stake a claim on your rental property but what point would that serve except to prove a fool and his/her money are soon parted

    You own the land not the ground under or the air above, it is true everywhere in Canada.

    Feel free to stake all of PG with your visa card, more money for the ministry or mines

      ministry of (energy and) mines

    Clever lady!

    BH this just shows how completely out of touch you are. You quote things without any knowledge of the laws or procedures. Who sends you these stories? Huffington Post?

    BH getting sucked in by fake news again.

    BH, you should check out the regulations for staking claims. It’s always been that way.

    You’re an idiot. If you knew anything about mineral claims or placer claims you would know the limitations that come with staking them. When you own property you don’t own the mineral rights unless you stake them yourself. This isn’t something knew with the liberal gov’t, even though would like to think it is.

      In BHs defense, since 2005 you haven’t had to go put the stakes with aluminum cards on them in the field anymore, it is all computerized now. The GPS system now makes it more accurate, some drawing on a piece of paper is how it used to be and you had to go find the markers to know the exact location in the past. It saved this lady having to go down to his house and staking the area. I do wonder if she will pay the renewal fee or let the claim go?

      Bev Sellars could setup a Go Fund Me account, and I can guarantee you; she would receive enough money to renew her mining claim on Bill Bennett’s property for the rest of her living life!

      lol, and do what with it other than pay fees into the ministry? All the lots in the area have houses on them so she can’t even set foot on her “claim” except to walk down Celia Road. More than his lot there too, I bet it isn’t long before one of them files a “nuisance claim”

      Not sure what she thinks this accomplishes, does nothing to change placer mine sites. Somehow staking a placer claim on a residential property shows the world… what exactly? That you can do it?

      If the placer miner (gold miner with a sluice box usually) makes a mess on someone’s property he can be charged for damages, why does she not go after damages from placer mining for her FN if it affects them? Oh right, easier to complain

      You ever watch those gold mining shows on OLN? That one cannot believe is happening, but hey it is the Yukon so no big deal.

      Is this all going over your head slinky? Bev Sellars staked a mining claim on Minister of Energy and Mines; Bill Bennett’s personal residential property to prove a point!

      Bonus marks to you if you can get that point!

      “n BHs defense, since 2005 you haven’t had to go put the stakes with aluminum cards on them in the field anymore” .. don’t really know why that is in his defense? “Staking a claim” is a term still used regardless of how it is done. I have my FMC so I do know the new system and use it regularly. Also the cells you stake are now all the same size whereas in the past they were measured 1000′ of of the northeast stake corner. As far as fees, it would take about 10 hours work on your claim over the course of an entire year to be able to renew it free of charge, using work in lieu of a money renewal.

      @BH to prove what point? That you can stake a claim in BC? Don’t need to spend 150 bucks to do that

Well Pine Center I think is in a very real danger of becoming another half boarded up failed resource industry gone bust small town mall. Indoors malls everywhere are failing, and a lot after they loose their main tenants.

Sears closed 2300 of their 3500 stores last round of closures. Now comes word the whole company might be shut down and bankrupted. How will Pine Center do without a Sears or any other big retailer as an anchor? I don’t think Lowes is a big draw that can anchor a mall.

For a mall to survive today they need to offer more than just shopping, they need to also be a service centre as well offering entertainment as a draw.

I was wondering if PG building a new pool could partner with private industry in building a pool at the mall as part of an entertainment draw to the mall… If it would be feasible?

Maybe off the West side entrance to the mall add on a pool, maybe a movie theatre complex with in IMAX screen, a few children’s rides, and possibly an indoor alley of restaurants and pubs. Maybe make it part of a second loop and have venues partnered with other organizations like the pool with the city and the hotel industry, or the IMAX with Exploration place for membership discounts on educational movies….

Lots of ideas we might have to start thinking about if word of Sears demise comes to pass…..

    Very true! I much prefer shopping in the indoor mall than the out door malls. The mall lacks diversity, who many jewelry stores does on center need? How about a sit down restaurant, as popular as the food court is, the quality is low grade fast food (thanks but no thanks). A theater is a great idea

      IKEA, bass pro sports, pier one and several other big names have all expressed interest in opening stores in PG.

      As to Sears it has been known for several years that sales have been declining and stores are slowly closing so no surprise there if sears closes its doors in town

    I expected Sears to fold January of 2016, the fact they lasted this long is a miracle.

    Maybe put a hotel and amusement park too? How about a pirate ship with dolphins? I have an idea the mini golf or an ice rink. Call it West west Edmonton mall.
    I’m sure they have never had any financial problems before!
    Why should “we” think of ideas to save pine centre? It’s just a mall

      That escalated quickly…. consumers should be the ones determining the profile of the shopping center. When retailers don’t listen, they fail.

    How about a Nordstrom store ? ;-D

      LOL… it would give the Trump supporters on this site, and living in the area, something to protest against. Wait a minute? Who would want to publicly out themselves as a Trump supporter?

      BH, do you blame anyone for not admitting to be a Trump supporter? Who would want to get beat up or their house torched?

      BH has a one-track mind, can’t help diverting all discussions to that one track.

      In case any of you haven’t noticed, it was DI’s comment that inferred a link to Donald Trump, more specifically his daughter’s clothing line being dropped by Nordstrom’s, and him having a Twitter hissy-fit about it… so “Presidential” of him!

      I liked DI’s comment and replied to it, what’s the problem? Perhaps the rest of you should just scroll past this small section of the Friday-Free-For-All discussion thread, if the topic annoys you so much. But then again, this topic (Donald Trump) annoys me and the rest of the world a lot, so why don’t you join in?

      DI”s comment was funny but you didn’t just respond, you turned it into a slur and a diversion from the topic under discussion.

      Go ahead, start a new conversation thread about Trump. People may well join in. But don’t pretend you didn’t do what you did.

    Both Sears and the mall are private businesses. Let the private sector sort it all out. When government gets involved, it usually just creates much bigger problems and costs the taxpayer lots of money. The best thing any government can do to support the economy is get out of the way. A certain level of regulation is good, but over-regulation is more destructive than over-taxation and government participation is the worst of all.

    How about a Grocery store in the mall again? Yeah, I know– Jimmy has this town by the short hairs.
    But Sears–(a former employee here!) your days are numbered. Current employees – better start asking for pay cheques in cash.

      It would be nice to have Safeway back again but the profit margin is around 2% so they likely won’t be in a rush to return.

    Welll Sears started going downhill when they heard Target was coming in. Since then, they changed their inventory to higher end. I know I stopped going there for that reason. Bay did the same thing… but now I see their prices are coming down.. good for them..

Enjoy the last day of winter folks… And thanks for coming out for the road crews. It’s been a short season for them this year.

    15 cm of snow called for today then rain and +8 by Wednesday! Love it.

      I wasn’t going to bother shovelling the driveway because it would all melt by the middle of next week, but then we got this dump. Oh well, the exercise is good for me.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Little Caesars pizza junk for leaving College Heights! The littering done by CHSS students down will at least be cut down and we should be free of pizza boxes for awhile. Good news is that Salted Cracker will be there in thexSpring!

    I travel Domano every day and have never noticed these pizza boxes. I guess that’s why I never have any distracted driving problems. However, my better half and my mother have been commenting quite regularly about all the pizza boxes all over the place. It sure says a lot about the people attending College Heights Secondary and their parents.

      Up and coming snowflakes.

Be careful out there people..roads are ugly.. don’t make us look a bad as Vancouver drivers …lol

You can tell your age when you watch all the vancoverites bashing and crashing and in the first breath you laugh and the second one you know it’s going to cause an increase in insurance….

    I found the roads to be ok even though most city roads aren’t plowed people just need to learn to drive accordingly which seems to be a tall order at times

      Hope so..have to make a run to the Hoof later today.

      I came in from the west this morning around 0615 and the highways hadn’t been touched yet. Goat trail in and out of town. Not horrible if taking your time though.

      Yess it seemed YRB only went as far as Petro on 2oth this morning. Not sure where they disappeared to. Usually they go all the way to Victoria and up First

      stillsmoking YRB clears to the lights by the Nissan dealership but turns around at 20th the city looks after the road from that point forward.

I’m constantly astounded by the arrogance of our PM.

“Do you think that Kellie Leitch should have her own party?” Trudeau told a voter Thursday during his visit to Iqaluit. “Because if you have a party that represents the fringe voices … or the periphery of our perspectives and they hold 10, 15, 20 seats in the House, they end up holding the balance of power.”

    Experience elsewhere, and here, has shown that ‘fringe Parties’ can only hold the ‘balance of power’ so long as they subscribe to the same overall POLICY as all the other Parties.

    In the early 1960’s the old Social Credit Party of Canada briefly became the party with the third largest number of seats in the House of Commons. That should have given them the balance of power when the Diefenbaker government went into a minority government situation ~ philosophically they were largely aligned with the PC’s.

    But anytime they tried to introduce any proposals calling for an examination and reform of the financial system, the PC’s, Liberals, and NDP closed ranks and vetoed those proposals. So much for their ‘balance of power’.

    Those who think that some kind of proportional representation or other electoral reform like a numbered ballot with preference of choice on it are better than first past the post, are deluding themselves if they think anything like that will lead to meaningful change.

      All polls and the mail-out the liberals did indicated that the majority of those Canadians who expressed their preference wanted no change right now.

      No, that is the Liberal spin on it, the consensus was for a system the Liberals did not want, thus it was scrapped

i thought winter tires are law this time of year so are we going see a increase in auto insurance. with so many vehicles without the proper tires involved in accidents in the 604 area they should pay for the WHOLE cost of repair. i’m tired of paying for others who too stupid or saying i didn’t know, give your head a shake. one more thing with the population growth here a whole 2 percent.we can now afford to build both fire hall and swimming pool.ha ha not

    Winter tires are only required on certain highways in BC, not the whole of the province. All seasons are still good depending on where you drive

    ht tp://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/driving-and-cycling/traveller-information/seasonal/winter-driving/winter-tires-and-chains/winter-tire-and-chain-up-routes

    It is suggested you have winter tires but they are only mandatory where you see the big yellow signs stating winters or chains beyond this point which Peden hill has winter tires and/or chains are mandatory going up or down the hill same with mud river hill

A funny thing happens when governments put “free energy” into an electricity grid. Wind turbines force down wholesale prices, but everyone’s electricity bill goes up.

The Australian, Jan 18:

Chris Monaghan, Armada’s managing director [said]…costs for purchasing electricity for shopping centres in South Australia had increased by 87 per cent during peak times last year and 101 per cent in off-peak periods. Costs would increase again this year a further 57 per cent at peak periods and 15 per cent off-peak.

The total extra cost to landlords could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nino Pilaia, who has been running Meats-N-More Carvery & Spuds … His business was among those ­affected by power blackouts last year and ever-increasing energy costs. “For this little place here of about 30sq m, it is about $1200 a month, which is ridiculous,” Mr Pil­aia said. “The rising cost of power has hit us hard, but you can’t keep on passing on the costs to consumers — you have to try and absorb it. It’s money out of my pocket, it’s as simple as that.

“I employ one other part-time person. I can’t afford to employ anyone else… The power costs are a business killer.”

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/01/if-sa-gets-any-more-free-energy-everyone-will-go-broke/

    Funny that Russia’s largest nuclear company is going into wind farms in a dramatic way . Why ? Because it is now the cheapest energy source in the world .

      Wind is the cheapest energy in the world????


      There are dozens of examples of how costly green electricity is. Here are 3.

      “Germany has been paying over $26 billion per year for electricity that has a wholesale market value of just $5 billion (see here).”

      That’s $21 billion that could have been spent on health or education that was used instead to feed the Green Machine.”

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2015/12/green-electricity-in-denmark-germany-costs-three-times-as-much-as-us/#more-47127

      British people are slowly waking up to the cost of green energy. For the British middle class energy costs are a serious annoyance. For the poor, rising energy prices are an unmitigated disaster. Adding to this burden, in the name of saving the environment, must be contributing to the ongoing surge in poverty related illnesses. One can only imagine the quiet suffering of British parents and grandparents, growing numbers of whom are going without, destroying their own health, to ensure their children get the warmth and nutrition they need.

      ht tp://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/12/24/1800s-poverty-diseases-malnutrition-surge-in-green-britain/

      For Ontario provides, as it were, a case-study of what happens to reason and policy when a government truly gives itself over to the new Meditations. Ontario as all the world knows went Green with fervour, with former premier Dalton McGuinty and his successor, Premier Kathleen Wynne, fancying themselves something of the Copernicus and Tycho Brahe of the New Green Learning. And was it not learned from the auditor general that their great dive into a solar and wind powered future has cost the innocent citizens of Ontario a mere $37 billion more than it should have, which could give rise to another, extra $133 billion by 2032?

      If one wishes to learn the true value of what a commitment to the New Learning actually involved, then Ontario is both laboratory and experiment. By what fraction of a degree did the world’s temperature actually lower itself — was it 0.01 per cent, 0.001 per cent or any fractional mite in between? — for that $37 billion?

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-the-high-church-of-global-warming

      Rosatom’s deputy chief, Kirill Komarov, said the goal was not only to build turbines, but to shape regulations for the sector and train specialists.

      The venture aims for initial capacity of 610 megawatts between 2018 and 2020.

      Rosatom estimates that wind generation could eventually produce 3.6 gigawatts a year for annual revenue of some 200 billion rubles (3.1 billion euros, $3.3 billion).

      The agency operates 10 nuclear plants in Russia, and has built several dozen others in Russia and for export.

      Ataloss name me one democratic country that invested into expensive, inefficient, non dispatchable wind and solar electrical power that did not have fast rising electrical costs. People in Ontario, now Alberta, Germany, Denmark, England are having to decide between heat or eat.

      You ignore the health and environmental issues surrounding wind and environmental issues of solar. You seem to have such a narrow focus blocking you from seeing the bigger picture or changing your beliefs with mounting evidence of irrational wind and solar.

      Ataloss here is a must read for you. Please read then comment. If you will not read then don’t waste time commenting.

      ht tp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/09/delingpole-renewables-doomed-fossil-fuels-future/

      Everyone should read this then have a hard look at what governments are doing with your lives.

      Of course it is not going to be cheap and without side effects to switch from fossil fuels to green energy! In China over a million people die every year from the effects of air pollution from fossil fuels. The rest of the world’s population is also suffering from air, soil and water pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion! And the global population and industrialization is still increasing relentlessly!

      To ignore these deadly statistics does not make any sense either!

      PG, emissions from old plants without proper scrubbers and such.

      New super critical coal plants virtually no pollution.

      So what about all the health effects and deaths by cooking over dung and open wood fires by 1.5 billion people with no electricity. Outfits like Greenpeace block the building of coal fired plants thus are directly responsible for the deaths of millions every year.

      China has that horrible pollution, not because they use fossil fuels, but because they use old, cheap, dirty technology to burn them. London used to get pea-souper fogs because of burning fossil fuel. They burn multiple times as much now but no more pea-soupers. In the poorest parts of the world, millions die young from breathing pollution from renewables, namely wood and dung. It puts so much particulate in the air, it’s been dubbed the “Asian brown cloud”.

      Abundant, inexpensive energy gives us long life, good health, technological progress, affordable services, freedom of mobility (you can be here and then there when you want to or your products can) abundant food, natural landscapes, clean air and water. The world’s energy comes from fossil fuels 87%, nuclear 9%, hydro electric 3%.

      Solar and wind together add up to less than .5%. You think they’re going to replace fossils? Dream on.

      Let’s not forget to factor in the decommissioning costs.

      ht tps://www.wind-watch.org/documents/wind-decommissioning-costs-lessons-learned/

      More than 92,000 wind turbines have been built across the country, capable of generating 145 gigawatts of electricity, nearly double the capacity of wind farms in the United States. One out of every three turbines in the world is now in China, and the government is adding them at a rate of more than one per hour.

      But some of its most ambitious wind projects are underused. Many are grappling with a nationwide economic slowdown that has dampened demand for electricity. Others are stymied by persistent favoritism toward the coal industry by local officials and a dearth of transmission lines to carry electricity from rural areas in the north and west to China’s fastest-growing cities.

      Apparently the wind farms are not well connected to the cities that need the power (not to mention that the wind probably doesn’t power them at peak times, always needs back up, is unreliable, and unpredictable.) The transmission lines are just not good enough. A friend from Switzerland writes: “When I studied Communist Economic planning 1978, we called these type of investments Economic Bermuda Triangles.”

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/01/china-has-giant-unused-wind-farms-thousands-of-spinning-white-elephants/

    The wind power debacle in Australia is an example of poor planning.

    Where they located the wind turbines they tested for wind and its near a place that has lots of wind but they messed up. They have them along cliffs facing the ocean… off the ocean they have tremendous wind, but the wind hits the cliffs and pushed upwards and over where they placed the wind turbines. The end result is the turbines are only getting less than 40% of the wind they expected to receive.

      The wind power debacle in Australia is an example what happens when you believe the global warming scam.

For a laugh your butt off time . #everysecondcounts or everysecondcounts.eu

Well…you know what ppl.. I was all for giving our new PM a chance…but…omg..what is he doing?

    I willing defended Justin and the Liberals during the first year, and it wasn’t hard to defend him and his government against the Conservative rants about his “hair” and “selfies”. Yet even I have to admit Justin has been giving the opposition more ammunition lately… as we have not had a “hair” or “selfies” comment on here in a while.

    Unlike ideologically drive Conservatives, I am willing to change my mind when presented with enough evidence to do so. At this stage, Justin and the Liberals are making me question my judgement, and my support.

    A big issue with me is; their breaking of the electoral reform promise. They should smarten up, and do the right thing!

      Or peeps, you could be coming around to what Conservatives have been saying all along: “He’s just not ready.”

      Staked any claims yet?

      crickets chirping.

      He did smarten up and do the right thing. For the wrong reason mind you, but at least it was the right thing to do.

      He is more ready than Trump!! :-)

      Nice pivot once again gus from Trudeau to Trump. I wouldn’t wsnt to discuss Trudeau’s abysmal record either.

Conservatives are not the only people driven by ideology.

    I am a conservative (noticed the small c) which means I adhere to conservative philosophy. That would make me an ideologue. The NDP adhere to a socialist philosophy, meaning they are ideologues of a different sort. Greens too, are ideologues. When it comes to Conservatives, NDP or Greens, you know where they stand, what they believe in. Federal Liberals (note the large L) are not ideologues, and therein lies the problem. The only thing they believe is that they should rule, and they will do whatever is required to achieve that end. You never know what you get with them, and corruption is always a temptation.

      “You never know what you get with them (Liberals), and corruption is always a temptation.”

      Oh that’s right Dirtman, its not like the Conservatives are tempted at all!!!

      ht tp://wpmedia.ottawacitizen.com/2015/06/former-mp-dean-del-mastro-is-led-away-in-handcuffs-and-shack2-e1435265882372.jpg?quality=55&strip=all

      Anyone and everyone can be tempted, and probably most are. But with the attitude that they deserve to rule, Liberals find it harder to resist. Have you forgotten the corruption scandals of the Chretien government?

      Haven’t forgotten the corruption scandals of the Mulroney government either.

      Refresh my memory.

      Seriously ? The Air Bus fiasco….then Mulroney sues the people of Canada, settles for a million something, then in his book admits that he lied on the stand. What a total jerk !

      I’d forgotten about Airbus. As for his lawsuit, I seem to recall he was slandered.

      By the way, I never voted for lyin’ Brian, couldn’t trust him right from the start. I didn’t like the way he back-stabbed that embarrassment of a PM, Joe Clarke (who was heavy on the “progressive” part of the PC’s – couldn’t vote for him either). I voted for Liberal John Turner the first time. I admired him when he was finance minister (until Trudeau pushed him out). By the time Trudeau was gone and Turner got back into politics, he had lost it, seemed to be stoned all the time. But better him than Mulroney, I thought. Can’t remember who I voted for the second time, can’t even remember who was Liberal leader.

      Because of Mulroney, the conservatives split from the party and became Reform, and they had my support from then on.

Well there you go! Voters turned out for change without thinking of the consequences. An old phrase comes to mind! better off with the devil you know than the devil you don’t!!

    Very good comment! It has been like that for more years than I can remember: when I voted it was always voting for a party that I did not REALLY like – just to keep the other party (the greater devil) out!

    Let’s not get carried away here, the Conservatives “promised” senate reform, how did that work out? The truth is, I voted “Anyone But Conservative” (ABE) last election, there is no way I want to go back to an undemocratic, dictatorship style of government that tried to get re-elected, using hate, fear, and division in it’s political campaign.

    Everyone now knows the Conservatives in Canada are way more hard right than the previous “Progressive Conservatives”. Would have considered voting for the Conservatives, before the Western Reformers and Alt Rights merged with them to form, what consider today to be, some kind of Donald Trump Jr. political party.

      How’s ‘Anyone but Harper’ working out for you? I think we can all agtee it’s been a disaster barely a year in. Low information voters will never learn.

      Define “disaster”? I think, all in all, things are going fairly well for Canada. At least it is still a Canada that is open, accepting, tolerant and consistent with the majority of Canadian’s values.

      If the Harper Conservatives got elected, we would be no different from a Donald Trump United States; fear the Muslims, fear the Niqab, spy on your neighbour and report barbaric cultural practices. Fear terrorism, hide in a closet, etc, etc, etc.

      No, most of us are happy were are staying Canadian and Canada is still Canada!

      Rusty, so true!

      Peeps I would define ‘disaster’ by looking at the long list of broken promises, runaway deficits and general entitled attitude (free vacations on billionaire’s private islands). Remember we are barely a year in.

      Singing kumbaya is great but it’s not getting the job done. Trudeau better enjoy himself, because he’s going to get punted in 2019.

      BH, Conservatives did not promise Senate reform. They advocated Senate reform but they well knew it was nigh on impossible. They tried to get the provinces to work with them but except for Alberta, they all refused.

      An undemocratic, dictatorship style of government that got re-elected, using hate, fear, and division in it’s political campaign? Sounds like the Liberals, yeah I wouldn’t want more of that either. But you would, actually, considering the hate emanating from your post.

      BH can’t handle the facts. BH got your claim yet?

    Good comment.

    “better off with the devil you know than the devil you don’t!!” .. definitely not the case in the last election.

I see that the Donald has raised the ire of the media by pointing out that many Islamic terror attacks go unreported by the mainstream media. The media asked the Press Secretary Sean Spicer to back that up, and he gave them a list of 78 attacks … what a piker. The number is far higher.

ht tps://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/does-the-media-report-all-muslim-attacks/

Love him or hate have to admit Trump sure has trumped the media.

Bill O’Reilly: But Putin’s a killer!

President Trump: There’s a lot of killers. We got a lot of killers. What, do you think America is so innocent?

“To take one example among far too many, Obama just attacked and smashed Libya and killed Muammar Khadafi, who was no threat of any kind to us. We were not at war with Libya, Obama didn’t have authorization from the Senate, no Declaration of War, there was no reason to do it, and yet he just went and bombed the sh*t out of them. I guess it’s the best part of having a Nobel Peace Prize, you never have to say you’re sorry …

Hillary Clinton was a major force behind the destruction of Libya, and she famously commented “We came, we saw, he died.” A charming expression of compassion for a fellow human being.”

h ttps://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/guilt-innocence-and-vladimir/

The irreversible momentum of clean energy
by Barack Obama
17 Jan 2017
It’s a good read . Too long to cut and paste here .

    Obama are you serious? really?

    Hey Ataloss how do you think that Leaf is fairing in the snow today?

    Still waiting? How come no information on your free energy system?

    How come if solar is so good our green uni isn’t plastered with solar? Why are they not taking advantage of all that free energy. A little light on sun today and they could get all those green undergrads to brush the snow off the panels.

    Every day a new development . The worlds fourth richest man, Carlos Slim . Two days ago announced he and Giant Motors will produce electric vehicles in Mexico for Mexico . Delivery is expected 2018 . First targeted market , Taxis for Mexico City .

      Hahahahaha omg, just imagine the safety features the cars will have, maybe you will have to hold the battery as a passenger. thanks for the knee slapper!

      According to Mexican Automobile Industry Association the list of vehicles destinations of Mexico’s exports in the first quarter 2015 were 70% to the United States, 1.8% to Canada, 2.6% Germany, 2.4% Brazil, 2.1% Colombia, 2% to China, 1.3% Saudi Arabia, 0.9% Argentina and 0.5% to Italy.. Wouldn’t be ironic if you were driving around in one ,slinky ? It’s actually canada that is an auto manufacturers joke . Not Mexico .

      Building vehicles in Mexico for export means they have to be built to meet the regulations of the countries they go to. Freightliner trucks are built (assembled) in Mexico. Nothing wrong with them.

      But if they’re built in Mexico for Mexico, well what are the regulations there?

      China builds their own cars but they can’t export to us because they don’t meet our regulations.

      To that end Nissan builds cars in other countries that fold up like the coke cans they are made of. The only reason the “big 3” went to Mexico is for cheap labour, not to build a better car or truck.

      Can you imagine what a Mexican made Chinese developed car is going to look like? They already make trucks that have a phenomenal range of 45 miles per charge. World changing tech

      Here is an example the Nissan Tsuru. Can you say zero star rating on a 2015 model car?

      ht tp://autoweek.com/article/wait-theres-more/nissan-versa-vs-tsuru-crash-test-most-horrifying-thing-we-saw-halloween

    The irreversible momentum of clean energy? Yeah, until you take the massive government subsidies away. Then it reverses real quick.

WHY does the Gov’T want to add another axle to logging trucks.. What happened on hyway 27 should serve as a good example.. These trucks already have a hard time stopping..

    Gov’t doesn’t want to. Industry does. Gov’t only has to approve it. It’s been under consideration for a couple years.

    They don’t have any more trouble stopping than 5 axle trucks. It’s only when they run into something that all that mass makes a difference. That hwy 27 accident was horrific, looked like a loaded truck rear-ended the other one at highway speed. I doubt one more or less axle would have made a noticeable difference.

    For myself, I liked it better when all they allowed was 5 axles.

GOPG just wanted to say thanks for your very informative comments on helicopter ambulances, good info.

Seamutt, Ataloss, enough already, get a room! LOL!

    You got something to add?

    So don’t look.

    Seamutt/Dirtman and Ataloss are like an old married couple that don’t talk to each other all week except to fight about the very same thing each and every Friday. HaHa

      Ain’t it fun though? I get a chuckle out of it, and, it’s informative. Sorry Dirtman, forgot you in my post.

      I knew it was just an oversight.

      PM, you left out Hart Guy and BeingHuman.

    Griz and PM is that it, really that’s it?

      No it’s not. I’m gonna try solar on the chicken coop. In the city. In my back yard.

This may not be the place for this, but I have heard a rumour through someone who works for BC Ambulance, that they are carting off at least 1 overdose fatality a week from places like College Heights. The cause of death is being marked as heart attack or stroke, presumably out of kindness to the surviving family members, either to avoid them embarrassment, or maintain life insurance policies. Perhaps it is time to stop worrying about this ISIS nonsense and concentrate on what is really killing our fellow citizens? The official numbers are bad enough- but perhaps it is even more serious than we suspected?

    Rumormill 250?

    Sorry, but do you really think someone is going to jeopardize their job to fake a report a week or more? Won’t take long for that to catch up to them, EI here we come… I am sure any reporter would like to hear from the “leak” and run the story if it were true

Interesting how those expensive fancy bridges and skytrain have to be shutdown in lala land when the weather gets slightly ugly. Notice how the second narrows does not seem to be bothered by the same weather. Might be a lesson there. Also since the climate is entering a cooling phase no more overhead suspension cable bridges and they might have to build a roof over the skytrain.

    Seamutt, it IS crazy down there when it snows. I lived there for 12 years and you can’t get me back there. Those drivers have no sense of speed and distance, but then they don’t have the experience except for a few days in winter. I feel sad for some of them but it is to laugh at.

Here is how those super expensive, inefficient wind farms work in South Australia, another blackout.

ht tp://www.heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-bolt/sa-loses-power-in-another-wind-farm-fail/news-story/8e5db34f658a3153f7f0a8d91a077b82

Again interesting how the liberals in BC seem to hide generation output. They rail on about wind power but never report its output. Hiding something maybe, naw.

Real time generation is reported in England, Alberta, Ontario, Germany, Australia for some examples but not in BC. Like I said hiding something?

The PM spent time with the Aga Khan, an old family friend, at his invitation. Rona Ambrose apparently spent many days relaxing on the super yacht of a billionaire at his invitation. No use to throw stones while living in a glass house!

    Of course one is being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner and the other is not. Could it be one broke the rules while the other did not?

    “she is not a minister or parliamentary secretary, broke no rules under the MP conflict of interest code for her January trip, the Ethics Commissioner’s office said”

    Oops, if I get invited to my partner’s long time friends yacht it makes no difference because I do not control any purse strings – but if I control the very purse strings for contracts they were vying for that would be a conflict of interest. Lousy optics for her is all, as you cleverly point out. But a wrong and a right don’t make two wrongs?

      Ambrose cleared it with the ethics commissioner before she went. Trudeau tried to hide what he did.

      There is a difference.


      The optics are bad for Ambrose. Considering how it would look, she should not have attacked the PM for what he did.

      The Liberals will come out ahead on this one.

      After a few days on the luxury yacht she apparently remembered to contact the ethics commissioner’s office, not before she went! Quite a difference between during and before.

      The main difference is she feels bad and hangs her head in shame even though she wasn’t in conflict, he on the other hand says to you what he said to the NDP “get out of the f***ing way” and feels zero remorse as the conflict of interest commissioner investigates.

Turn your damn Xmas lights off.


A Foot of Nice White Fluffy Snow and Christmas Lights look so Good
at any Time of Year.

I see the usual low information Con crows are out in force here.

    Yes, and attempting to carry on an intelligent conversation / debate with them can be “murder”!

    I see that the best Hahaha can do is sling ad hominems. As usual.

When are the liberals going to fire the minister of children and families? Have you heard who they hire to care for our children in this province? It’s one scandal after another in this ministry. How many children are they going to allow to die before they wake up?

    As I have stated numerous times before; “British Columbia is the worst place to live in Canada if you are a child.”

      Didn’t Christy say she would end child poverty in BC under her watch? Perhaps, if she can keep them breathing.

      There are no poor children, only poor parents.

      So the parents are that bad here???

      What are the indicators you use to make that determination?

      One of the primary responsibility a parent and their government support mechanisms have is to raise children to lead a happy and productive life.

      So, does money buy happiness??

      If one looks at how well children do in school to learn how to think and eventually fend for themselves one might look at the result of the knowledge and skills one develops from their educational experiences.

      This site has one such indicator = conferenceboard.ca/hcp/provincial/education.aspx
      Top performers in 2014:
      1. Japan
      2. Finland
      3. BC
      4. Ontario
      5. Alberta
      6. Canada
      7. Australia
      8. Switzerland
      9. Netherlands
      10. Quebec
      11. Germany
      12. Nova Scotia
      13. UK
      14. Belgium
      15. Sweden
      16. Norway
      17. Manitoba
      18. Ireland
      19. Denmark
      20. Austria

      Go through those and tell us the correlation between poverty and success in school, and give us some insight why you make such a statement.

      It is one thing to make a value statement, it is another thing to clearly justify that statement.

      It is the difference been science and swpeculation.

      gopg2015 nice of you to wait until the 11th hour to attempt a rebuttal- debate. Highest death rate in Canada among youth for drug overdoses; highest child poverty rate in Canada; very high suicide and death rate for children under government care; worst child labour laws in the country; second lowest per child public education funding in Canada, need I go on?

Well, it’s beginning to look like the taxpayers of Ontario, courtesy of the left-wing Kathleen Wynne Ontario Liberal Government, are about to be handed their own version our very own BC NDP BCTF “sweetheart deal”!

Wynne is getting just a bit worried about her re-election chances and seems more than willing to buy the Union vote in her attempt to get re-elected. It looks like the next party to form office in Ontario will be struck with the unaffordable mess that Kathleen Wynne is creating! Her new sweetheart deal contracts will last well beyond the next election date!

Sound like deja vu, or what!

“Buying labour peace with Ontario’s teachers”

“Winning in the 2018 election, despite being the least popular premier in Canada, seems to be at the root of the lavish two-year contract extensions signed with at least two teachers unions to date — ones that end in August of 2019.

And taxpayers be damned.”

ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2017/02/09/buying-labour-piece-with-ontarios-teachers?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=recommend-button&utm_campaign=Buying

Thankfully, we in BC have a Liberal Government that isn’t worried about being re-elected as they have about a 100% chance of being re-elected, and they are spending because we can afford it, unlike Ontario!

    No actually, we can’t afford it. They’ve balanced the operating budget but the provincial debt still keeps going up because of capital project spending, which tells me we’re living beyond our means. Nothing near as outrageous as Ontario, but still, all governments should spend frugally, something that’s not easy to do when it’s someone else’s money.

    “Her new sweetheart deal contracts will last well beyond the next election date!”

    Not if Ontario elects a Trump clone. Any contract can be broken, especially if the bank of good will is broke.

      Trump clone would be a good idea for Ontario, someone who works in reality and not receiving a paycheck for just participating.

Literacy good , illiteracy bad . Science good , superstition bad . Teachers teaching young good . Children learning good for future . Have you seen everysecondcounts.eu or #everysecondcounts ? You’re gonna love it . It’s true . It’s great .

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