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October 27, 2017 6:55 pm

Extra Long Weekend For Sacred Heart Students

Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 4:07 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  There is no school on Tuesday  for students at Sacred Heart School on Patricia Boulevard in Prince George.

A water main break on Ingledew  is the reason behind the  school closure for Tuesday.  City crews are expected to have the repairs made  in order to have classes resume as normal  on  Wednesday.

This is the third  water issue in Prince George in as many days.  On Saturday,  a  break in a line to a fire hydrant in the Hart sent thousands of  litres of water  to  a number of  properties ( see previous story).

Later the same day,  a line burst on Hemlock Street,   just one block  from  the break today.  While there wasn’t much water released in that break  crews decided to deal with it immediately.



I’m starting to see a trend here.

    I agree. Time to get serious about our REAL infrastructure problems.

    Called no snow, so no insulation against cold. It hasn’t been that cold to freeze underground has it? Thought underground was built to -40, not -20. But yup, old enough to be replaced soon.

    As far as being a trend, I would say yes and no. With 250 we get the luxury of having every water main break reported. That hasn’t always been the case.

You are right Palopu, 35 million for a swimming pool and 15 million for a new fire hall would go along way to assess and replace water-mains; and not a convenient way to remodel downtown.

What are we supposed to do people ? dig up every street older than 30 years old and replace pipes ? .When it breaks it will get fixed. Just like everything else that gets old. Just like all other community do. People need to find more important things to gripe about and expend their energy on.

    It would be a lot cheaper in the long wrong to be proactive instead of reactive and start cataloguing and repairing the worst of the bunch before too it’s too late.

      If they are not recording the breaks and the cause of the break to the best of their ability, then they are not dealing with the issue in a competent way.

      I suspect in Chester Jeffries’ days as City Manager, a reporter would have asked him to expand on the reasons for the seemingly increasing number of water pipe breaks and how the City deals with them not only as they happen, but also from a preventative point of view to keep maintenance costs as low as possible over the long stretch.

      As Chester often did in the newspaper, he would have responded in enough detail to warrant an informative article in the daily paper. On top of that, if the reporter had not asked him the question, he would have sensed the citizens were not happy about the situation and would have initiated the discussion with a media release to explain the situation.

      I am relatively sure that every break is recorded and someone is responsible for piecing the puzzle together to come up with a plausible explanation as well as plan of attack. Likely, that plan of action, or seeming inaction, will be as ‘msmd’ has already mentioned, deal with each case as it happens.

      But, Chester Jeffries is not our City Manager and the City very rarely, if ever, responds more directly to the increasing concern of the citizens with such emerging issues.

Now as the climate cycles around with 40 below temperatures to make a comeback, imagine the issues.

    Huh? -40’s won’t be making a comeback until we stop our reliance on fossil fuels.

      Good, I hope -40 never comes back.

      What do fossil fuels have to do with 40 below. So lets say fossil fuels have something to do with climate, no proof they do, you want to ban fossil fuels to bring back 40 below?

How sure are we that the water mains are breaking and not the service from the main to the buildings. That was the recent case on our street when they ended up digging up the street 4 times to access leaks in service pipes from the main to the houses.

The water main on Ingledew is a 200mm pipe. Is that what broke? It is more likely that the 25mm service pipe broke, possibly at the watermain.

This is the type of detail that would be nice to have. It is only the City who can provide this detail.

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