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October 27, 2017 6:55 pm

NDP Announce Candidate in PG-Mackenzie

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 @ 6:03 AM

Prince George, B.C. – With less than three months to go until the May 9 provincial election in British Columbia, the NDP has finally announced a candidate in one of the two Prince George ridings.

For the second time in as many elections, labour lawyer Bobby Deepak will be the NDP’s standard-bearer in Prince George-Mackenzie.

Originally from Fort St. James, the married father of three has lived in Prince George for over 20 years.

During that time, he’s been very active in the community as a volunteer. For example, he was a founding member of the Stand Up For the North Committee where he had a hand in organizing public forums on issues like forestry including the “Save Our Community” rally in Mackenzie in 2008.

In the 2013 election, Liberal candidate Mike Morris won the riding with 56 per cent of the vote. Deepak placed second, with 34 per cent.

So, why run again?

“I don’t give up. That’s how I will represent the constituents in my riding. Our riding has so much potential and so much to offer,” says Deepak.

“I’m running to be a strong and effective voice for the North and to make Prince George-Mackenzie a better place to live, work, do business and raise families.”

He adds he doesn’t think Morris has been up for the job.

“I don’t think anybody knows who he is,” says Deepak. He’s not been engaged in the community and that’s what I’ve been hearing from people.”

He says the biggest issues of concern for him are (1) providing a strong and effective northern voice, (2) creating jobs for northerners (for example he says Christy Clark has agreed to allow up to 70 per cent temporary foreign workers in some phases of the Petronas project), and (3) creating an inclusive economy where everyone – not “just the well-connected” succeed.

Deepak says his office, which is located near the Spruceland Shopping Centre – next to M & M Meats and Subway – will become operational later this month and isn’t concerned Morris and neighbouring MLA Shirley Bond opened theirs early last month.

“I think that shows. The B.C. Liberals are worried and they have to open their campaign office in January. We’re not worried, we’ve been organizing for months now.”

Deepak will be officially acclaimed at a nomination meeting March 4 at the Coast Inn of the North.

He says he doesn’t know exactly when the NDP nomination will take place in Prince George-Valemount but says it will take place “shortly.”


This is some refreshing news in a dreary time. A strong voice for us in Victoria is what I can predict if Bobby is elected. Not only is he active in volunteer opportunities in our area, he is very active in his own practice as a lawyer. I believe he understands the issues we face here in the north. Some of these are that we are ignored in many ways by the current government in job creation, there is a slow response on health care issues and public education. We don’t deserve to be treated as second class citizens. With Bobby and NDP leader John Horgan, I feel confident we will be better off than with who we have now.

    The only thing the NDP is capable of doing is putting us further in debt. They’re great if you have a tax payer funded position but if you’re one of those working stiffs stuck paying the bills you’re in for a rough time.

    A much as I dislike politicians of all stripes, give me the devil I know any day.

      People who work for the government pay the bills too. They have to pay all of the same taxes on their income that you poor old downtrodden Cons do, but always seem to forget when it comes to referring to the “taxpayer”.

      Whether the government is Lib-Con or NDP isn’t going to affect the debt; it will continue to grow, because that is the system governments at every level chose to become suborned to when the sovereign right to create money was given up to the private banking sector.

      Never mind the debt how about the economy?

      “People who work for the government pay the bills too. They have to pay all of the same taxes on their income that you poor old downtrodden Cons do, but always seem to forget when it comes to referring to the “taxpayer”.”

      Big difference being is that 100% of their salary is funded by the taxpayers. It takes what, 5 – 10 taxpayers to fund each one of them? And the kicker is, it takes a hell of a lot of effort to get rid of one of them if they’re incompetent or the economy has tanked and we can no longer afford them.

      Hahaha:-“Whether the government is Lib-Con or NDP isn’t going to affect the debt; it will continue to grow, because that is the system governments at every level chose to become suborned to when the sovereign right to create money was given up to the private banking sector.”
      Actually, “the sovereign right to create money”, as in printing banknotes, was given up long ago to the Bank of Canada. Which is a government owned entity. Prior to its creation in 1934, both the Dominion government and the private chartered banks issued their own paper currency.

      Aside from that, every chartered bank has the right to create ‘credit’. Which they do every time they lend or spend for any purpose. Most of what we call ‘money’ exist only in this form ~ as deposit balances in various bank accounts.

      The problem isn’t in them having this power, which is actually quite well regulated in Canada. Rather it’s in the fact that they claim this credit as THEIR property. Which it very clearly isn’t. It is created on behalf of the community, who actually ‘owns’ this credit, since it’s only through the co-operative actions of the community in using it as money that it has any value whatsoever.

      I only mention this, Hahaha, because there are currently some groups of monetary reformers who would remove the ability of the private banks to create credit and vest that ability solely in the hands of government or some agency of same. Some of these people believe that governments then could just create money at will, to pay for anything or everything said governments think we should have. This is a vary naïve notion. Since there really are TWO separate sides of the money creation ‘coin’, so to speak. The first is ‘credit issue’, which these people would vest solely in government. But the second is ‘price making’, which is the alter ego to ‘credit issue’. For what’s created ‘financially’ in credit issue as COSTS, is always taken back in PRICES (or taxes, which are involuntary prices). So if they were to have their way, we would either be priced and taxed to death to try to control the level of inflation that would attend their proposals. In short, what they want to do won’t work. There is a far better way. ACTUAL Social Credit.

      PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #1: The BC Liberals claim that thousands of people left BC in the 1990s under the NDP government because there were no jobs is a Liberal fabrication, its fake made up news!
      CBC’s Reality Check team started digging deeper into the stats, all the way back to 1991 — the year the NDP took office — they found people were flooding into B.C. from other provinces. The trend continued for most of the NDP years in power. In fact so many Canadians came to B.C. during the NDP years, it more than compensated for a drain that began in 1997. During the NDP decade from 1991 to 2001 B.C. had a net gain of 126,000 people.
      According to Statistics Canada, that’s double number of people who moved to B.C. during the last decade of BC Liberal government. The figures show under the Liberals from 2001 to 2012, B.C. had a net gain of only 54,510 from other provinces.

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/reality-check-who-s-leaving-b-c-1.1369211

      The fact is; we can no longer afford this BC Liberal Government. The BC Liberals have a long record of wasting taxpayers’ money.

      Here is the top ten list of Liberal waste:

      1. Vancouver Convention Centre: $341 million over budget
      2. BC Place Roof: $414 million over budget
      3. South Fraser Perimeter Road exceeded the initial projections by $469 million
      4. Port Mann/Highway 1: Final costs exceeded initial projections by $1.8 billion
      5. Basi/Virk Legal Fees: $6 million in legal fees for guilty BC Liberals, paid for by taxpayers
      6. BCeSIS: $97 million computer system doesn’t work, replacement will cost $84 million more
      7. Integrated Case Management: $182-million computer system “a colossal failure” and likely to be scrapped according to the Representative for Children and Youth
      8. BC Carbon Trust: Took approximately $60 million from schools and hospitals and other public sector bodies over the last three years and gave it to polluters to pay for projects the Auditor General says haven’t cut carbon emissions as they were meant to
      9. Vancouver’s Diamond Centre Hospital: Cost $28 million more than it should have and the BC Liberal government used questionable accounting practices to hide the real $123 million cost
      10. BC Hydro Deferral Account: $4.1 billion in losses hidden away in accounts until after the election at which time the Liberals will whack hydro ratepayers with huge rate increases

      Add those up and what do you get? A $7.2 BILLION record of BC Liberal government waste.

Bobby is not in a tax payer funded position, he is an independent business person. I personally know 3 small business owners in Prince George who all support the NDP, the Liberals have little use for a business their size. The LIberals are too busy getting huge handouts from their Liberal croonies to put in Christy Clark’s pocket. I want representation from someone who understands the issues of small business in BC. That is the NDP, Bobby Deepak and leader John Horgan.

    Welcome HAS, I expect we all will see much more of your BS pro dipper posts in the future. Elections bring out all the party trolls.

Axeman who are you trying to kid you all ways been Pro Christy Clarke.
I have read your comments over the years.
Times are changing.

    I think you’ll have a difficult time proving that I have “all ways been Pro Christy Clarke”.

    Axeman is correct. For some reason Government workers who are unionized seem to think they are separate from the rest of the Government.

    From a taxpayers point of view it matters little whether you are the Premier, or a member of the BCGEU, the taxpayer has to pay everyone’s salary, and they also have to pay their taxes.

What’s he going to run on? Definitely not their record but maybe on the Sayanythingjohn jargon. Yes, we are the top province but we can do worse, vote in the party that can bring us to the bottom the quickest

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #2: BC’s credit rating remained stable throughout the 1990s under the NDP. In 1990, BC’s credit rating was AA a rating that remained in place right through to 1999, when it dropped to AA- under circumstances beyond the provincial government’s control; namely the Asian Market collapse.

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/reality-check-b-c-s-credit-rating-1.1400605

      Wow, you’re posting this again?

      Wasn’t it only a few days ago, that you posted this crap to which I replied with information, ie: “FACTS ADN TRUTHS” that completed discredited your statement?

      I suppose you believe that if you keep posting false information, somebody might actually believe you!

      In case anybody missed it, here is my entire reply to Peep’s post:

      Peeps, do you even bother to read the articles that you link to, or do you just google until you find a headline that you like from the CBC, the HuffPost or the Tyee?

      You state that BC’s credit rating remained stable throughout the 1990s under the NDP, while your article states that “rating agency Moody’s downgraded B.C.’s long-term foreign currency credit rating once in the 1990s, in May of 1997.”

      Your article also states that “at the same time, Standard and Poor’s dropped B.C. to AA from AA+”.

      It then states that “a year later, The Canadian Bond Rating Service followed suit.”

      And the it states “In April 1999, the CBRS, Standard and Poor’s and the Dominion Bond rating service all downgraded B.C. to AA- after the NDP delivered its eighth deficit budget.”

      Finally your article states “In other words, four separate agencies lowered B.C.’s credit rating on three occasions”.
      And yet Peeps, you state “BC’s credit rating remained stable throughout the 1990s under the NDP”!

      Once again, Thanks for the laugh Peeps, thanks for the laugh!

      I like this factual statement contained in the CBC fact checking news article; “In the first half of the 1990s, B.C.’s NDP government boasted the highest credit rating in Canada at a time when no province rated above AA.”

      Wow!!! for half a decade BC’s NDP had our province at the HIGHEST CREDIT RATING IN CANADA! Now that is sound fiscal management, folks!

      I am actually looking forward to an NDP government, because during their nine full years in power, BC had it’s best economic performance in the last 30 years!

      Let’s compare GDP growth over the last three decades. Under the Social Credit government, B.C.’s economy expanded from 1982 to 1991 by an average of 1.9 per cent annually. (The low number is largely a result of 1982’s devastating decline of 6.1 per cent.)

      From 1992 through to 2000, during the New Democrats’ nine full years in power (which excludes the last two months of 1991, and the first four months of 2001), B.C.’s GDP grew by an annual average of three per cent.

      Under Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals, provincial GDP from 2001 through 2008 rose by an annual average of 2.8 per cent. In 2009 and 2010, that number slipped to 2.4 per cent.

      Lets face it, the NDP was and is good for BC’s economy!

      Total hogwash, the NDP was riding the high left to them by the Socreds people were so eager to vote out. You get what you pay for as when their policies boasted the eighth deficit budget in a row they lost BC its high credit rating. Now that we have the best rating in Canada time to vote in the party that can lower that for us with eight more deficit budgets in a row

      Nice that Mike de Jong and the BC Liberals are banging the drum on the government’s consecutive years of balanced budgets and managed debt, yet they forgot to mention one important point in Moody’s credit assessment, namely that; “BC Hydro’s total reported debt has risen considerably since 2008, increasing from $8.1 Billion as of March 31, 2008 to an estimated $18.1 Billion as of March 31, 2016, and is expected to continue to rise over the medium-term as the utility moves forward on the construction of a $8.8 Billion hydroelectric dam (Site C) as part of its Integrated Resources Plan. The anticipated increase in debt continues to pressure the province’s rating since it raises the contingent liabilities of British Columbia.”

      Moody’s goes on the state; “BC Hydro has flexibility to increase utility rates” (NO KIDDING) “to ensure that its own revenues will continue to support its operations and debt payments. However, once adjusting net income to take into consideration the extensive use of largely debt financed regulatory asset accounts, BC HYDRO posts some metrics that are among the “WEAKEST” of Canadian provincial utilities.”

      What a peanut and shell game these Liberals are playing, BC Hydro is borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to meet the provincial government’s demands for an annual dividend. “The Crown power corporation owes around $852 million to the government over the next three fiscal years in mandatory annual dividend payments. But it doesn’t have the cash, and so it will have to borrow the funds”, said Energy Minister Bill Bennett. Oh and don’t forget raising our Hydro rates as well.


      You forgot to mention that Moody”s and other credit rating services gave BC top marks, better than lowering them like they did during the NDP’s terms running the province. Oh wait, that was just like when the NDP took over from the Socreds, BC was on top then too only to be dragged to the bottom by the dippers

I’ve met Bobby Deepak and I like him but I cannot nor will not support his party all three times the NDP have held power in this province the party has done its best to destroy the provincial economy and yes there is plenty of evidence to back this up

    Bingo! Overwhelming evidence of that!

    Where have you been over the past month? I have been posting evidence almost daily on how badly this Christy Clark government has been destroying our province. At this stage I would vote for a pile of rocks, sure a pile of rocks would take no action and do nothing, but that’s better than putting us a further $20 BILLION dollars in debt!

      Evidence, haha, you sound like the lawyer. Evidence trumped by fact you mean.

      BH.. don’t you get it? Your posts and opinions are exactly why rational people will not vote NDP. Your daily posts are a constant reminder of how delusional the left really is. Keep them coming. Voters need to see you for what you are.

So the ndp’s master plan to form government is to run the same candidate that lost by 20 points in the last election in one of northern BC’s highest profile ridings. Really?

Why no nomination meeting? No people willing to throw their hat in the ring?

Quite a change from a January news250 story when Bobby stated:

“Deepak thinks the PG-Mackenzie New Democrats have a strong candidate pool to select from. “I believe so”, he says “and we’ll see what happens once the nomination meeting is called. We’ve got a lot of interest but when the nomination is set we’ll see which names come forward.”

What happened to the “strong candidate pool” that he speaks of?

Looking back a bit further in the news250 archive from July 2016:

“Oh yes, we’ve had a number of people interested in running to be the candidate for the BC NDP,” he says. “So far – until the nomination date is set – I think that everyone is being a bit quiet and you’ll probably see some news releases in the near future.

He expects the party to have a candidate in place by late fall or early next year.”

In this article he does not rule out running again but a one man race?

A glance at the other local riding sees a similar story. Last summer the PG-Valemount riding ndp candidate chair Trent Derrick said:

“We’ve been searching for the last several months. We’ve been in contact with some great potential candidates that I’m pretty happy with.

He says there are three or four serious candidates considering a run but isn’t naming names quite yet.”

So 7 months later how are things going and how many candidates have stepped forward? Big secret?

“Derrick says the goal is to have a nomination meeting by late fall which he notes will give the candidate plenty of time to prepare for the election next May.”

So if the goal was to have a person in place by year end they not only missed the goal but did not even set foot on the ice.

They want to run the province but can’t even properly organize a riding association x2. Just over two months from election day and they are still bumbling and stumbling around! Not ready for prime time!

I’m looking forward to the great changes Bobby will bring when he’s elected.

    Won’t happen even if you change your u/n from hope to pray:P

    Best of luck Bobby. I’m pulling for you.

    Great changes like maybe going from the top province in Canada to number 10, yay!

    Same here, I am looking forward to an NDP government putting us back to work like they did during most of the 1990’s when BC lead the country in job growth!

    ht tp://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/archive/budget97/bcleads.gif

      How can you post this swill with a straight face BH. I lived the last NDP reign. It sucked hard. You can post all the endless links showing they didn’t, but I and many others lived it. I don’t love the Liberals, but I definitely hate the NDP.

people talk about our debt ,libs have increased it to 168 Billion that’s good management over 16 years. They are not builders except the dept.Time to send the Libs to the corner.

    Yeah, people are sick of being the top province and surplus budgets. We have to get back to hard times of the NDP to see what we lost. I get your point

      PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #6: The NDP left a surplus topping $1.5 billion to the BC Liberals when they were first elected to government in 2001, this according to the figures in the binder recorded for the fiscal year 2000-01, the last full fiscal year of NDP government!

      ht tps://thetyee.ca/Views/2005/04/20/CampbellMisledPublic/

      and yet another comment repeated by you Peeps! And once again, I’ll post the FACTS AND TRUTHS!

      Oh, come on BeingHuman, this is just another example of the crap that you posted only a few days ago! For those that missed both it and my reply from a few days ago, here’s my reply ie, the FACTS AND TRUTHS!:

      Once again, here are the facts! The NDP held the reigns from 1991 to 2001. As this report shows, they ran deficits in their first 9 years with only one surplus budget, in their last year in power, 2000-2001.

      1 surplus and 9 deficit in 10 years!

      The Liberals have followed up with 7 deficits and 8 surpluses in the following 15 years and are again on track for a surplus!

      Let’s be sure not to forget that the NDP also left the Liberals with the BCTF contract, the one that even NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh and School Trustee and former NDP leader Carole James both called clearly unaffordable!

      ht tp://www.rbc.com/economics/economic-reports/pdf/provincial-forecasts/prov_fiscal.pdf

      How superficial, the BC Liberals have posted balanced budgets at our expense, raiding from ICBC, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, all the while these government corporation raise their fees to us the taxpayer.

      Sure the BC Liberals have posted balanced budgets, while transferring that debt to BC Hydro! “BC Hydro’s total reported debt has risen considerably since 2008, increasing from $8.1 billion as of March 31, 2008 to an estimated $18.1 billion as of March 31, 2016,” wrote Moody’s.”

      How is that for presenting the “facts and the truth”!

      NDP’S budget surpluses and deficits 19


      oops, touched the screen in the wrong place!

      So Peeps, here’s the “Facts and Truths” for the 10 years that your NDP last held the purse strings:

      1991-92 $2.339 Billion Deficit
      1992-03 $1.476 Billion Deficit
      1993-94 $899 Million Deficit
      1994-95 $228 Million Deficit
      1995-96 $317 Million Deficit
      1996-97 $753 Million Deficit
      1997-98 $167 Million Deficit
      1998-99 $961 Million Deficit
      1999-00 $13 Million Deficit
      2000-01 $1.198 Billion Surplus

      …and I’d be willing to bet that the NDP was also raiding the coffers of ICBC, BC Hydro, BC Ferries et al, just as the Liberals have done!

      10 years! 9 Deficits, 1 surplus!

      Think I’ll still with Christy Clark!

      Thank you Hart Guy! 9 deficit budgets and two fudge-it budgets!

      If it wasn’t for the Christy Clark government taking hundreds of millions dollars from BC HYdro, ICBC, and BC Ferries, every year so that they can balance the books, the BC Liberals probably would have posted deficits in every single year since 2001.

      Instead, us taxpayers get to balance their budgets through increased Hydro Rates, increased ICBC rates, and higher BC Ferry fares!!! Yup the BC Liberals keep hitting those 3 government corporations for money, and those same 3 government corporation s keep hitting us with higher fees!

    And elect who? The friggin NDP? Give your head a shake. They did nothing but run us right into the ground the LAST time they were in power.

      These folks who have not lived through the NDP governments don’t seem to understand the crap that we had to deal with. They handed off the teachers issues to the Liberals because they knew that contributions from Unions would dry up, as they are now.
      Don’t know where they will get money for a campaign, the BCTF couldn’t even pay strike pay last I heard.

Good news! Bobby will be a strong and ethical voice for Prince George! Small business man, lawyer, sits on the economic advisory committee for the city, college instructor and does tons of volunteer work to make life better for his community.

BC Liberals have done nothing for the North – 8+ % unemployment (10.5% in the Northeast) and not one would stand against Christy Clark’s lies!

Say anything Christy is the “diva of deflection” – another scathing report on a child dying in care – oh, look, the NDP hacked our website…

Wrongful dismissal of health researchers – RCMP has the file – RCMP says we never had the file – oh, look LNG will bring trillions of dollars and lots of jobs…

The party doesn’t pay me anything, okay the $50k is for expenses, its a stipend, its not pay for play – New York Times carries a the story, oh look, people don’t really care about this – the economy, jobs, the economy…

    Hahaha, gotta laugh at that one sorry. Being on the economic advisory commitee of the city of PG – so much economic activity in the region BH states we are in the toilet and having a mass exodus. Anyone associated with a council that believes the populous is required to pay 3 percent more every year to infinity is not one we need in higher office, the reason everyone worked so hard to keep a certain mayor out of the seat

      @slinky – are you saying that working with the Provincial government and business people to get more business to Prince George and trying to develop plans for making our city better is a bad idea because it associated with this council and therefore its tainted?

      Don’t we need people who are willing to step up with his qualifications?

      If we don’t have a growing tax base we shoulder more of the burden, so are you hoping this council fails? SMH

      It’s time to give high school Christy the boot!

    It is a year almost to the day that the mayor named the economic development committee. I cannot recall reports of any meetings or recommendation that have come out of this group since being formed. Enlighten me if they have met and what if anything they have accomplished in the last year.

    Membership in a group that does nothing is pointless other than being a resume fluffer.

    Below is a link from a year ago. Glancing over the comments find it interesting how people were concerned how many members are employed in the public sector and concerns of what they would have to bring to the table. Seems those concerns were valid.


    I am a little tired of crappy people saddling poor kids on the government over and over again and then expecting some miraculous outcome. How about holding these lousy parents to some sort of accountability for the well being of these poor kids?

No I am saying even NDP loving BH confirms our economic advisory panel is a joke, we need more economic activity in the north. Seems Deepak has brought a ton of that here lately. Maybe he owns a hotel, is that the economic activity you are referring to?

lawyers are usually full of ethics too

    Ethical politicians and government would be a welcome change! With so many other BC Liberal Government scandals on the books; the question needs to be asked; is Christy Clark’s government the most ethically challenged in Canada? Now that the Harper Government is gone, my opinion is yes!!! Read the following article and decide for yourself.

    www .pressprogress.ca/is_christy_clark_s_government_the_most_ethically_challenged_in_canada

      Would be a welcome change but where you going to find one? From a labour lawyer? Last place one would look

Bobby Depak is sort of a lawyer. He does mostly labour law. I know him indirectly because every time we did something the Steelworkers didn’t like Bobby would send us a letter threatening to take us to the labour board. He was a good advocate for making sure you kept on employees who otherwise should’ve been fired.

So most business people in a unionized environment probably have negative feelings about him. But then again, Mike Morris arrested a lot of people.

The NDP’s biggest problem – IMHO – is they can’t find a leader than the majority of citizens feel comfortable with. They’re a party that is the home to labour and environmentalist and Social Justice Warriors – all whom can be at odds with each other. So, they always go for the bland compromise leader who no one can quite figure out what he stands for.

They should decide who they want to be, and stick with it. Let the Greens be the voice for the environment. If you want to be the working woman/man’s party, represent them. That might mean supporting the odd pipeline or mine, or mill so people have jobs, but at least in power, you can make sure development is done responsibly, vs being perpetually in the peanut gallery yapping away but being tuned out.

“BeingHuman with a score of 0

It’s time to give high school Christy the boot!”

“When people start hurling insults, you know their minds are closed and there’s no point in debating. And so you disengage yourself as quickly as possible from the situation.” ~ Judith Martin

    The only thing Christy Clark can nail to her office wall, that shows her “completed” level of education is her high school diploma. Sure she attended Simon Fraser University, but dropped out before getting any degree. Sure she attended the Sorbonne University in Paris, France but again dropped out without attaining any degree. These are the facts, this is the truth!

      So what your saying is unless you have a post secondary education, your not worthy of anything more than a labourer or simple clerk.

      hmmmm, not the Canada, I was brought up in. Some of the smartest people I know, have a grade 8 education. Some of the dumbest people I know have PHD’s

      She was elected to a majority government overcoming a 20+ point the ndp had in a 28 day campaign. Leadership is something that is not taught in a college or university. Many university degrees lead directly to a green Starbucks apron.

      You would have a leg to stand on if she had hung out a DR’s shingle and was in the process of giving you a prostate exam.

      You used to hurl insults her way on her marital status but no longer do. Hits too close to home these days?

      The BC Liberal Government spent $182 Million on a computer system that doesn’t work.


      Fortunately they have been able to track the problem down to BC Liberal government user error!

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcN08Tg3PWw

      Yes, education is important folks!

      Dang, the Vancouver Sun news article link isn’t working because it extends out past the dialogue box. Here is the Tiny Url version:

      ht tps://tinyurl.com/hujgynh

      And the NDP spent 450 million on Fast Ferries that didn’t work. What’s your point BH?

      And the BC Liberal’s have BC Fast Ferries sized cost over runs on the following projects, so what’s your point?

      The B.C. government’s $182-million computer system just won’t work. Fast Ferry size cost overrun for the Port Mann Bridge costing an additional $423 Million dollars… but that is nothing compared to the BC Place Stadium Roof with an original cost estimate of $100 Million, but came in at five (5) times over that amount totaling $515 Million dollars. Yup this BC Liberal Government has at least a couple of Fast Ferry sized cash give-aways!

      ht tp://bc.ctvnews.ca/fast-ferries-sized-cost-overrun-for-port-mann-construction-watchdog-1.2902374

      ht tps://www.biv.com/article/2013/1/exclusive-bc-place-renovation-final-costs-were-fiv/

      There is absolutely no comparison, the BC Liberal’s fiscal incompetence puts the NDP to shame!!!

      Was in the lower mainland recently…..I saw the Prt Mann bridge…..I saw BC Place….Did not see any fast ferries last time I did see them they were on the north shore wrapped in plastic wrap.No longer there.

      I suspect the computer systems are researched by staff in the ministries and recommendations brought forward to the deputy minister or minister for approval.

      There should be some assurance from the vendor that the system will work as promised before full paymant is made. Holdbacks are common in private sector so I would hope the pubic sector would follow the example.

      BC Liberals can’t build anything right! But they sure know how to spend our money!

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-place-s-multi-million-dollar-new-roof-leaks-again-1.2752514

      Mercenary is right. I lived on the Sunshine coast when those ferries were brought in, it was supposed to be Clarks legacy.
      They couldn’t dock at Horseshoe Bay until the ramps were re and re’d for them, they couldn’t speed because they were swamping docks. We ended up selling them finally and good riddance.
      I was also on strike down there. The NDP were not very nice to their provincial government employees.

As a husband of an educator in BC, I have every right to be mad at Christy Clark for the debacle of the education portfolio as a minister and ultimately as the premier but I also realize that a socialist NDP government will once again ruin this province. They have done it before and they will do it again. They will have the old union cronies running the show. It will be the same. Gravy for a select few and dog doo for the rest of us working stiffs. We can not afford an NDP government just as we are slowly realizing once again that we can’t afford a Trudeau federal government.

    Like the Libs don’t aren’t running the province with, and for the benefit, of their cronies in the corporate sector. I guess you don’t mind government gravy just as long as it is the 1% in this province that gets it, instead of labour. You a “working stiff”? I hardly think so, considering you have no problem with this government working only for the benefit of people like Jimmy Patterson, or selling off BC Rail to CN for a song in a shady deal.

Pgguy1234 states; “It will be the same. Gravy for a select few and dog doo for the rest of us working stiffs.”

Now that is ironic! Here is a story about how the BC Liberals let a handful of rich elites take over our province.

ht tp://commonsensecanadian.ca/rich-elites-took-bc-liberals-welcomed/

Peeps its quite a world you live in. Unable to answer Hart Guy, hows your mining claim coming along. Did ya get on under Christie’s house?

BH you are living in a fantasy world. The Liberals have their problems but if you think the NDP are getting into power you are delusional. The SJW and the dippers may be vocal but at the end of the day the people who work for a living know that the NDP are a bad joke and will ruin any chance of prosperity in the province. Deepak will lose again as badly as he did last time. Deepak seems like a nice guy with some things going for him but at the end of the day he is a paid mouth piece for unions. Not exactly progressive thinking there. All of the quotes from Deepak leading up to his “nomination” sure read like he wanted nothing to do with this “sinking” NDP ship.

    But, which fantasy world??? LOL

BH, Christy may not have any post secondary degrees, but she has more intelligence in her little finger than you have in your tiny little brain…and you get to write MD after your name!

    Oh ya Christy is really smart – smart enough to know she can lie and lie and be the diva of deflection and some people will vote for her anyway. Christy is smart enough to know if she spends $32 million our tax money to advertise how every night on Global News about how good the Libs are, you’ll buy it. Now after years of raising poverty levels and food bank usage, cuts to education, health care, senior care, raising fees – they have no plan in the Throne speech just more patting themselves on the back and you’ll buy it. Smart enough to know she’s got it made with her $200k a year and $50k “stipend” for pay-to-play dinners with the rich and connected.

      You are behind the times annie, time to get caught up in the news

      She could lie and it will still be more truth than comes out of SayAnythingHorgan’s mouth

      dippers just gotta hate

The conversation has shifted away from the subject of the article- the total and complete ineptitude displayed by the two local ndp ridings who dispite claims last summer saying they would have candidates in place by late last fall or early this year still have done squat.

Dream last summer- a number of viable candidates will step forward
Reality today- Run tired old retread who lost in a landslide in 2013


Dream last summer- Ditto to PG-Mc
Reality today- No candidates-No nomination meeting-No Plan-No Hope-Wither-Die

Have they conceeded both ridings to Shirley & Mike? Sure seems like it.

Restraining order likely keeps peeps away from CC’s property:D

I always find the high school Christy remark humorous. Because what it means, is the NDP were so inept in running their campaign they were beaten by a woman who only has a “high school education” Boy, if the Liberals ever had a leader with a university degree the NDP could never win.

The comment is akin to being a professional fighter and getting knocked out by an amateur.

And besides, the last Prime Minster that they hated, had a Masters Degree in Economics, and the current Prime Minister they like, only has a bachelors degree and in literature and education. Wow, that’s the guy you want as CEO of your company.

My point is you can’t have it both ways. If level and type of education is the key indicator, you should’ve kept Harper.

But in my experience, I meet more clueless university grads that high school grads. But then again, high school grads usually end up in the world and learning a thing or to, whereas university grads get to learn in their “safe place” and often move from the bosom of the university to the sheltered life of government and quasi government service.

    Ski, good comments, thanks.

16 years, 30,000 forest jobs lost, 68 billion more in the hole the list is long and pain full then they spend $178 million on PR, then is near back to the corner.

When Forest Practices Board auditors visited a cutblock near Chetwynd to check on seedlings replanted by logging company Canfor, instead of a healthy young forest, they found a gravel pit. A mining company was operating the gravel pit. And the seedlings, of course, were gone.

The board auditors found everything from wind farms, mines, and natural gas wells, to pipelines, power lines and mineral exploration. Roads de-activated by the forest company had been re-activated in an improvised manner to explore for coal. Drill sites had been built on existing cutblocks, permanently removing the forest cover.

It’s a problem that is occurring time after time on forest land throughout the province as global demand grows for B.C. resources and the province issues more and more resource development permits on lands that used to be dedicated primarily to forestry.

And there is no way of telling if the land can sustain all of these new uses, the board warns. Throughout B.C., there are 250,000 active permits authorizing activity on the land. “Yet their cumulative impacts remain UNKOWN and UNMANAGED, the board warns.”


When Forest Practices Board auditors visited a cutblock near Chetwynd to check on seedlings replanted by logging company Canfor, instead of a healthy young forest, they found a gravel pit. A mining company was operating the gravel pit. And the seedlings, of course, were gone.

The board auditors found everything from wind farms, mines, and natural gas wells, to pipelines, power lines and mineral exploration. Roads de-activated by the forest company had been re-activated in an improvised manner to explore for coal. Drill sites had been built on existing cutblocks, permanently removing the forest cover.

It’s a problem that is occurring time after time on forest land throughout the province as global demand grows for B.C. resources and the province issues more and more resource development permits on lands that used to be dedicated primarily to forestry.

And there is no way of telling if the land can sustain all of these new uses, the board warns. Throughout B.C., there are 250,000 active permits authorizing activity on the land. “Yet their cumulative impacts remain UNKOWN and UNMANAGED, the board warns.”


    No worries of any ministries stepping on other ministries if the NDP get in office as resource development will all but stop… bada boom

      Responsible and managed resource development went full speed ahead during the 1990’s when the NDP was in power, how else would you explain job growth in BC being the highest in Canada?

      ht tp://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/archive/budget97/bcleads.gif

      bada bing!

Again it just amazes me how anyone can support the BC liberals when there has been so much corruption and lies being told. The way this premier has been acting I don’t think she really cares about the struggles a lot of people in this province. Min. wage to low and welfare rate for a single person $610.00. I think she has bigger plans for herself like maybe follow in Gordons footsteps over to England. Maybe she could send us some TFW’s because we do not have anyone Qualified to work in BC.

    Still higher than the 520 at tge end of tge NDP reign. What did it start at 10 years before when they took office, like 510?

Keep em coming BH. Another non NDP vote with every post.

WOW, I’m not sure if I should use the word “desperate”, but up until this post, this story had 86 comments and 21, yes 21, I repeat, twenty one of them are from BeingHuman!

Peeps, where did you say that you worked and does your boss have any idea how much of the work day you spend on this site!

Man, if you worked for me, I’d fire your sorry ass, even if your Union said that I couldn’t!!

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