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October 27, 2017 6:54 pm

City of Prince George Details Approach to Poverty with Federal Committee

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall and manager of social development Chris Bone outlined the city’s approach to tackling poverty in a video presentation Tuesday.

They made their presentation to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) – a federal committee vice-chaired by Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer.

“The City of Prince George has taken the unique approach of looking for ways to eliminate poverty rather than simply sustaining it,” says Zimmer. “I appreciate the aggressive approach that they have taken regarding seniors housing and the success that they’ve had in that area.”

He says he invited Prince George to share its experiences because the city has requested that it be selected to participate in the federal government’s Tackling Poverty Together Program.

“And I fully support this as Prince George represents many communities who have struggled with getting out of poverty.”

The HUMA Committee studies and reports to the House of Commons on a wide range of matters including income security programs, the Canadian Labour Code, post-secondary education and training and skills development in remote rural communities.



There you go Bob, this is more in line with your assigned responsibilities, rather than traipsing off to Washington for some Prayer Breakfast to promote pipeline expansion through the USA, and Softwood Lumber Negotiations.

Along the poverty issue, perhaps you might want to give Prince Rupert a visit, something is truly out of sorts when child poverty in that city is approaching 40%. Also may I suggest you meet with, and encourage, the Christy Clark government to develop a Poverty Reduction Plan, as this would go a long way in helping BC lower one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada.

    Nathan Cullen is the NDP MP for the Skeena Bulkley Valley riding, as far as I can recall. So why are you asking Zimmer to go to Prince Rupert? Cullen should be already on the job there!

    As a chair you would be upset if he didn’t attend the committee functions. Where is the Liberal chair of this committee? Leave PG its MP, not that we are much of a big deal on the national stage. His card is pretty full but he would give you the time to chat if you wanted to discuss PG issues with him

      Jennifer Rice is the NDP MLA for the North Coast riding! Why ask Bob Zimmer to travel up there when Rice and Cullen are already there?

      BTW, your comment – which I presume was addressed to me – completely ignores the questions I raised! I am not surprised.

      @Prince George

      Last time I checked, Prince Rupert was still part of BC, so the welfare of the town is a responsibility of the Provincial government in power.

      While Cullen and the provincial NDP representative can raise concerns, the only ones who can do anything about them is the party in power. Under our present dysfunctional political system any riding that doesn’t have a representative from the party in power can expect to be given short shrift, even though they pay taxes to support the very government that screws them.

      In any case, Zimmer is not responsible for that area, so I agree that there is no reason for him to go there. It is also just a waste of time and our money for him to come here to discuss a municipal poverty strategy. His party was in power and did nothing to help with poverty reduction in this area. Exactly, what can he accomplish sitting in opposition? Under the present s**t system in this country? Absolutely nothing.

      I read the article again. It appears that he is not here, in person, but that CPG has sent a video presentation to the committee he vice-chairs. So he is just wasting our money in Ottawa. At least the amount he wastes will be smaller, since he isn’t coming out here.

      If voters had elected Liberal MPs in our two ridings and in the North Coast riding they could be, being MPs of the party that is in power, influential in Parliament.

      However, people in some ridings prefer to be represented by opposition MPs who are practically confined to a role of relentless criticism of anything that the government is doing or proposing.

      Oh, you mean like both Prince George federal ridings electing Conservative “opposition” members who are practically confined to a role of relentless criticism of anything that the government is doing or proposing?

Why should he do that?? He’d rather sit on facebook stirring up ****

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